The Forbidden Tomb

The Forbidden Tomb By Chris Kuzneski, The Forbidden Tomb The Hunters are back for an exhilarating new adventure in their quest to recover the lost treasure of the modern world What will they find this time
  • Title: The Forbidden Tomb
  • Author: Chris Kuzneski
  • ISBN: 9780755386567
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Forbidden Tomb By Chris Kuzneski, The Hunters are back for an exhilarating new adventure in their quest to recover the lost treasure of the modern world What will they find this time
    The Forbidden Tomb By Chris Kuzneski,
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      124 Chris Kuzneski
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    1. Chris Kuzneski

      Chris Kuzneski is a New York Times and Sunday Times UK bestselling author His thrillers have been translated into than 20 languages and have been released in than 40 countries His latest book, The Prisoner s Gold, won the ITW Thriller award for 2016 Book of the Year He is the first adventure writer to win a prestigious Thriller Award His works have also been featured by the Literary Guild and honored by the Florida Book Awards The first novel The Hunters in his new series is currently being made into a major motion picture It will be released in 2017.Chris just launched a new series called The Hunters Origins, which will detail the backstories of the major characters in the Hunters in advance of the Hunters movie His first novella in Origins is called Before The Storm.Chris grew up in Indiana, PA, where he was voted Class Clown of his senior class and anchored the offensive line on a team that won back to back CENPAC championships He continued his football career at the University of Pittsburgh playing with future NFL stars Tony Siragusa, Craig Ironhead Heyward, and many others Unfortunately, a freak foot injury ended his sports career That, and a severe lack of athletic ability While at Pitt, he worked for the Pitt News, the Indiana Gazette, and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, eventually earning his B.A in writing and his M.A in teaching For six years, he taught English and coached football in western Pennsylvania and was selected to Who s Who Among America s Teachers But in his mind, he still wasn t doing what he wanted to do He wanted to be a writer So he quit his job and took a leap of faith.After being rejected by every agent and publisher on the planet, he self published his first novel, The Plantation Most experts thought it was a bad decision that would ruin his writing career before it even started Thankfully, the experts were wrong The novel was praised by James Patterson, Nelson DeMille, Lee Child, James Rollins, Douglas Preston, and several of the top authors in his genre Their endorsements gave him the confidence to continue writing The praise also caught the attention of a young literary agent named Scott Miller, who was just starting at Trident Media He asked to represent Chris, and the two have been together ever since.Over the past decade, Chris has written ten novels and has hit bestseller lists around the globe To learn , please visit CHRISKUZNESKI.

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    1. ReviewMy first taste of Chris Kuzneski s work was last years The Hunters , I m always on the lookout for another great thriller writer, James Rollins, Andy McDermott and co can only turn out so many books a year, after that its the cheesy end of the market, the Dan Brows etc So finding that the Hunters was not just good, but brilliant was as much a relief as it was a revelation.In book two The Forbidden Tomb we see the return of the excellent, multi layered and utterly human characters created i [...]

    2. The Forbidden Tomb is the second book in The Hunters, a series featuring an elite group of people with special skills We have the leader, Jack Cobb Josh McNutt, former Marine sniper ex CIA spy, Sarah Ellis computer specialist and renowned hacker, Hector Garcia and historian, Jasmine Park People have searched for the legendary tomb of Alexander the Great for centuries but the Hunters are hired by someone who believes they have a real chance of solving the mystery They base themselves in Alexandri [...]

    3. This book was about the search for the tomb of Alexander the Great It was packed with action, history, mystery and suspense Although the book started out slowly, it turned into a fast paced story that was hard to put down The characters were engaging and very relatable The tension kept building and the pages kept turning until a cliffhanger of an ending which makes you crave the next in the series This was the second book and I liked it better then the first Hopefully, the third will be even bet [...]

    4. Couldn t finish this book I like the Payne and Jones characters in his other books but have struggled to get into the Hunter series characters The blurb on the cover sounds like I should like the book but I find the characters too irritating.

    5. The Forbidden Tomb by Chris KuzneskiThe Hunters series Book 2 4 starsFrom The Book For nearly two thousand years, the legendary tomb of Alexander the Great and the extraordinary riches concealed within has remained undiscovered, but recent events may hold the key to locating the fabled vault Only one team has what it takes to solve the mystery that has plagued historians for centuries he Hunters an elite group assembled by an enigmatic billionaire to locate the world s greatest treasures are tas [...]

    6. In this 2nd book in The Hunters series by Chris Kuzneski, we return to the team of treasure hunters preparing for another missionis time they are hunting for Alexander the Great s Tomb.The story takes us from Florida the home base to Egypt, specifically Alexandria, as the team follows the clues obtained from an ancient map that Cobb received at the end of the first book During the hunt, the team acquires new allies and loses some as they battle a very formidable foe who will stop at nothing to p [...]

    7. Chris Kuzneski has written another action packed, fast paced treasure hunting thriller that will keep you reading all night There was one moment that I didn t see coming, and I m still not sure how I feel about it, but needless to say, it was a surprise The epilogue really makes you wonder what the heck is really going on.A great read and I look forward to the further adventures of The Hunters, and am excited to see where they end up.Originally read 5 May 2014 re read 23 July 2017

    8. This is the second book of the series and it does not disappoint the reader This particular story line covers a lot of history on Alexander the Great and it is composed in the story very well There is one issue that I did not like and that is that one of the main characters is no longer with the team.

    9. I do enjoy this series For much of the novel, it proceeds just as you d expect from a mystery thriller but there are surprises in store, not only for the characters but also for the reader.

    10. 4.25 Stars This is the second book in the Hunters series and was much better than the first, and the overarching theme across the series became clearer The Group grew on me in this one, and the humour was less in your face If you like historical action books set here and now I think you will enjoy these The author certainly pulled no punches in one or two places, and there was some shocks that I didn t see coming I am keen to continue this series.

    11. It s one of the worlds biggest mysteries, where is Alexander the Great s tomb located For two thousand years his tomb s location has remained unknown, many have looked, but none have found it, there s many a theory but none have been proven right Now, there s new information, information that has given a huge lead on the location of the tomb There s only one team that can follow the clues and find the location of the tomb, solving the mystery that has plagued Historians and History buffs for cen [...]

    12. The Hunters by Chris Kuzneski3.5 sTHE TEAM Financed by a billionaire philanthropist, this elite team a soldier, an historian, a computer whiz, a weapons expert, and a thief is tasked with finding the world s most legendary treasuresE MISSION Fearing a German victory in WWI, the Romanian government signed a deal with Russia to protect the country s treasures In 1916, two trains full of gold and the most precious possessions of the Romanian state paintings, jewelry, and ancient artifacts were sent [...]

    13. Second instalment in Chris Kuzneski s The Hunters series and this time the team has been set the task of locating the long lost tomb of Alexander the Great There are a host of bad guys on their tail and one of the hunters will not survive their particularly nasty attentions which was a plot twist that I did not see coming Overall the book was an enjoyable, fast paced read that will really please Alexander the Great buffs as well as those interested in the tumultuous history of Cairo.

    14. Having read the first in this new series i was really looking forward ti this sequel and I was certainly not disappointed This time we see the team given a ancient map to enable the search for Alexanders Lost Tomb.The action is non stop with a number of twists and turns and a few shocks on the way Great to see mention of Payne and Jones and their associates, I have a feeling we could witness a fantastic crossover novel in the future Please hurry on the next in this fantastic series

    15. The book builds on the first and CK takes a risk at the end The team grow and shrink at the same time We learn a little of the puppet master and the probable sequels If you enjoy reading some action spun with historical mystery then jump in.

    16. Chris continues to prove that this world he s created has room for everyone With Petr Ulster now firmly entrenched with Cobb can Nick Dial be far behind The book reads fast and that s good because once your adrenaline starts pumping you don t want to put this down Full of surprises and revelations this new series is going to be among your favourites

    17. Movie forthcoming stay tunedA great read for Individuals whose world revolves with Professor Jones and his adventurous skills keeping you spellbound with spellbinding adventures and cobwebs

    18. Good adventure in the Hunter series as the search of Alexander s tomb goes from Alexandria to the Western Egyptian desert As usual Kuzneski sprinkles history with action.

    19. sorry while I love Chris kuzneski books I couldn t get into this and I had to do something that I do not like doing that was give up Sorry Chris this one not for me.

    20. Good readThis is a great book that has some really big surprises I can t wait to start reading the third book in this series.

    21. Can t wait to read the third one Loved it It s a page turner for me and I really want to check out the other series as well now.

    22. Riveting to the end Twisting plot Good vs evil Evil vs evil Tales of glory and doom Great book Can t wait for the next one, and hopefully, to come

    23. Great read I love this first book of the series So much history and mystery, action and humor I highly recommend this book to other.

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