Number Thirteen

Number Thirteen By Bella Jewel, Number Thirteen AUTHOR NOTE This is NOT a BDSM Romance We re thirteen girls captive slave to our master A master we ve never seen Obedience will become all we know in our shallow existence It is the only emotion we
  • Title: Number Thirteen
  • Author: Bella Jewel
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number Thirteen By Bella Jewel, AUTHOR NOTE This is NOT a BDSM Romance We re thirteen girls, captive, slave to our master A master we ve never seen.Obedience will become all we know in our shallow existence It is the only emotion we re permitted to feel.When we re bad, we re punished When we re good, we re rewarded Our scars run deep Yet we survive, because we have to because HE teaches us t AUTHOR NOTE This is NOT a BDSM Romance We re thirteen girls, captive, slave to our master A master we ve never seen.Obedience will become all we know in our shallow existence It is the only emotion we re permitted to feel.When we re bad, we re punished When we re good, we re rewarded Our scars run deep Yet we survive, because we have to because HE teaches us to.All of us are special, we feel it with everything we are.He has us for a reason, but it s a reason we don t know.We ve never seen his face, but we know that something deeply broken lies beneath the darkness With every touch, with every punishment, we know it Then something changed He showed me who he truly is.Now I want him.I ll go against everything I know to be with him A monster My monster Loving him is a sin, but a sinner I am I won t stop until I see every part of him Even the parts he keeps locked deep down inside I am Number Thirteen, and this is my story.
    Number Thirteen By Bella Jewel,
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    1. 1 pointless starWarning Fans of this book and author watch out Negative opinion here Also this is not a dark romance.Why is it so hard to find quality books these days Once again, here s another book where the blurb vastly exceeds the content Now this next thing I m about to say is not meant to put down the author or book even okay It s just my honest, very first reaction to the book and that is there was no point to this story.It all boils down to the REASONING and though William s intentions [...]

    2. I tried and now Why did I quit you ask Good question Becaauuussee I found the story to be FRUSTRATING CONSISTENT and NOTHINGlike the synopsis suggest.I present to you some possible spoilerish rambling on my part Read at your own risk Number Thirteen didn t work for me mainly becauseWilliamgave me the Willies, and that s saying something as I ve read some real creepers He gave off a molesty vibe Yes,thatSanta has us sit on his lap so we can tell him what we want for Christmas What s your excuse W [...]

    3. DNF 30%I m sorry but I can t.I want to start by saying that I adore this author I have enjoyed all her books prior to this one All of them So, it truly pains me to state that Number Thirteen by Bella Jewel was not the book for me I found it weird, disturbing and and I simply could not see the point to it all Frankly, I started to get a little angry while reading the book When this happens it is best that I cut my losses and move on I will refrain from rating this book seeing that I could not fin [...]

    4. This book Oh damn, this book It deserves 10 stars.So beautiful written with an edgy, gritty, unique plot.This is NOT a BDSM novel It is different from anything I have ever read Whatever you have set in your mind what you think this book will be, I can tell youyou are wrong It is nothing you could imagine It is So much .That ending Gah EPIC I FLoved this book.I urge you to add it to your TBR and give it a try It will be released on March 20th Five days til you meet William 3

    5. 2.5 stars WARNING Review contains minor spoilers Number Thirteen is a very hard book for me to review, because I had a lot of conflicting emotions about it and if you asked me to describe what this book was about my response would be Okay, that s not entirely true I do get the point of the story and the general message behind it, I just don t really understand the execution At the beginning of the story we have thirteen girls who have been captured by a man named William They don t know how they [...]

    6. 2.5 3 Stars I am the darkness in the shadows I m the one no one wants to see I m the faded man Honestly, some of this story s plot felt really similar to Tears for Tess By Pepper Winters, minus the sexy Q.Let s start off with the positves I liked the idea of 13 girls, the bonds and the relationships amongst the girls, Ben, William s HOT brother and the girls lack of memory and slow restorations was creative William was a pretty weak main character and his referring to himself as a hideous beast [...]

    7. I know I know.I m the minority here that really liked this bookDon t stone me NO NO NONOT THAT KIND OF STONED Geez s not 4 20 yet Sorrybut this book would have been a 5 Star for me if not for the ending.Book Number ThirteenAuthor Bella JewelPublication Date March 19, 2014Type Stand AloneGenre Romance, New AdultRating 4 out of 5 StarsComplimentary copy kindly provided by author Blog Tour in exchange for an honest review.ReviewI feel that I keep writing these reviews stating that I am the only one [...]

    8. 1.5 2StarsLet me begin by saying that I have really enjoyed Bella Jewel s other books Angels in Leather and Heaven s Sinners to name a couple So when I saw the blurb for this book, I jumped at the chance to read it Then I read the prologue, and I thought, HOLY SHIT that sounds promising Well, the prologue was the only part of the book I liked I felt that the book was nothing like the blurb suggested, and the hero He was just plain creepy Sorry I couldn t connect to him at all.I get what the auth [...]

    9. EDITED REVIEW Spoler alert Read at your fucking risk I didn t even know how to rate this Those gifs are what I felt during and after I read the book.I finally found out this book was different, but not totally different.I felt like I was reading Sherri Hayes s books, Slave series which I gave all 5 excellent stars And at some point, I felt like I read again, about that Bluebeard guy, remember him I think William was sick, he need therapy instead of playing a Seikh and his harem I felt sorry for [...]

    10. This book is getting nowhere, I don t think I can continue further So sad.But the prologue had me, I was so interested with William but then I lose interest so fast Happy readingD xoxo

    11. The synopsis and prologue hooked me but unfortunately that was the only think I liked about this book I had quite a few problems with the plot, characters and overall quality of this story The whole premise and reasoning for why William enslaves 13 girls is ridiculous His intentions are supposedly honorable but his methods are disgusting and make no sense SPOILERS When William was thirteen he was disfigured by a bully that poured acid in his eye face because the bully s girlfriend expressed her [...]

    12. The one star is for the blurb which was interesting and the prologue which was also good I stopped reading around 56% and skipped to 94% to read the ending So view spoiler Our hero, William, had a horrific encounter as a youth with bullies and as a result his eye and part of his face is damaged him to wear an eye patch Our hero then kidnaps 13 girls to save them He takes them from horrible situations and saves them byping them of their memories the girls don t even know their names , lashing whi [...]

    13. 3.5 just don t know stars When she is lucid enough she doesn t know where she is, she knows she s in a crate She knows she is being taken, but from where and by whom is unknown She knows she s not alone and she knows that she is scared She allow knows that she has to stay alert and collected if she s going to survive.Master William has taken thirteen girls The reason is cloaked in mystery, but there is something about his actions that lack malice Staying in the shadows he places the thirteen gir [...]

    14. 4 Surprising StarsYes this story was a surprise for meThirteen women are kidnappedeir Master has brought them to his mansion He has his reasons.Each women is given a number from one to thirteen, tattooed on their hands, these women have no idea how they got here nor do they remember anything of their life before they arrived.There is no escape they are told this on arrival, but if they are good they will be rewarded if not they will be punished.Is the man holding them a monster why Number Thirte [...]

    15. SPOILERSMy initial plan as a new member was to stay far, far away from review writing, butwell, I think a one star review should be explainedright Yes, rightTHOR S NOTE This is NOT a BDSM romance.I honestly would have preferred it was I can t even explain what the hell was going on here At first, I was confused, but thought to myself this is going somewhere, I know it Well, I hate to admit it, but I was wrong shakes head, sadly William would have been likeable, like if he never ever said the wor [...]

    16. 3 3.5 stars First and foremost, this is my first ever Bella Jewel book that I read When I first read the blurb of Number Thirteen, I was excited to read this It was described as dark but there was nothing dark about this book I wished this book went that route Number Thirteen by Bella Jewel is one of those stories that left me with mixed feelings I didn t love the book but I didn t hate it The one thing I can for sure say is that I normally love epilogues but for Number Thirteen, I didn t like i [...]

    17. DAMN RIGHT 5 FREAKING STARS It is a different kind of book for Bella but you know what she delivered once again I did not dislike this book one bit I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK Prologue here thebookbella 2014 02 2

    18. It s terrible I wanted to DNF a few times, but I HAVE TO finish every book I start, so I kept going This is one of the most horrible books I ve ever read Maybe it s even worse than 50 Shades of Grey From it s pointless reasoning to shallow characters, it turned out to be such disappointment.When William was 13, he was disfigured when a bully poured hydrochloric acid into his eye As he said, that was the day when he turned into a monster He almost never goes out of the house, drowning himself in [...]

    19. HOLY MONKEY BALLS ON A STICK BEST READ OF 2014 When I first read the synopsis for this book I was hooked I had to own this, read this, and breathe this book So it came to no surprise when I received the email about getting to review this book there was only one thing running through my mind.The pull this book had on me was instant by the end of the first page I was already pulled into this storyline and after reading up to chapter 2 I was hooked I couldn t pull my eyes away, there was utter exci [...]

    20. DNF 45 fore reading this book I saw one review saying this book was black and white I didn t understand it until I read it myself honestly this book wasn t me at all I can not read no its not what I expected to be so I m gonna stop reading it.

    21. Number Thirteen is about Thirteen girls who are thrown into a world of confusion, hurt, pain and salvation.For me this book was about The Thirteen GirlsSaving Them Rebuilding Them And Bringing Them Home Number Thirteen She is intelligent, kind and strong.Thirteen is in a group of 5 women, with Three, Four, Seven and Twelve They have all lost their memories Thirteen is the strongest of the group She knows she just has to wait and be patient to find a way to escape I loved Number Thirteen s guts, [...]

    22. 3.5 Disturbing Stars This is me after I ve read this It is one of those, I thought I had it figured out but there was to it and I didn t see that coming If the blurb alone don t get your attention, the epilogue certainly will the whole book definitely got my attention though I may have cringed a lot throughout the story Trying to figure out how I feel about it after and honestly, I still haven t figured that out yet.The characters alone are intriguing I didn t know what William was really tryin [...]

    23. Huhn t know what to say about this one, but I ll give it a go I don t think this was dark necessarily, but it does qualify as a dark romance for me, since the H and h met under dark circumstances Cryptic I know thoughts are following the same cryptic nature of this book It was mystery than erotica for the first 60% and when the schmexy parts started finally, I just wasn t emotionally along for the ride I felt too sorry for the H and h maybe I dunno.I didn t get William, the supposed H I felt li [...]

    24. What a waste of two hours that was Me almost the entire time I did not even manage to finish it, I got to 60ish % and called it a day.Without spoilers I cannot really explain but honestly This book seemed like a poor remake of tears of tess A seriously crappy rip off, one with plot holes a load of fucking nonsense thrown in.

    25. MY RATING NUMBER THIRTEEN by Bella Jewel 4 Twisted as Fuck StarsComplimentary copy provided by the authors Bella Jewel in exchange for an honest review.A disfigured monsters sadistic way of finding loveImagine waking up, you have been kidnapped, drugged, you have no memory and no recollection of your name, but you soon learn that you are girl number thirteen Don t move, you move, you get punished, you will learn very quickly that the best way to survive is to do as you re told The rules are rath [...]

    26. 2.5 stars Sometimes memories are best left forgotten It seems that everybody is talking about this book these days, so of course we on Way Too Hot Books had to get it, especially after the synopsis cover like this I didn t read anything by this author before, so I was really excited when I got the chance to read it No one deserves to die But I did die, that day.And in my place a monster was born The story started out dark, emotional, steamy, a mystery and ended upppy confusing The few first page [...]

    27. but after reading this I was likeObviously, this was not the book for me This started off pretty promising with the prologue and I like the ideea of 13 girls and the lack of memory I guess that s all The idea of the story was not so bad, but for me sometimes it was confusing, with to many pointless facts and situations like William is rich, but he can t afford a plastic surgery, Number Six disappearance we don t know what happened with her , the police can t find out where did he bought the girl [...]

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