Measured Doses (Their Circumstances)

Measured Doses (Their Circumstances) By T.T. Kove, Measured Doses Their Circumstances This book is out of print After his father beats him Chad escapes to the only safe haven he can think his former teacher Dion But when he arrives at Dion s door it s opened by a stranger who prompt
  • Title: Measured Doses (Their Circumstances)
  • Author: T.T. Kove
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Measured Doses (Their Circumstances) By T.T. Kove, This book is out of print.After his father beats him, Chad escapes to the only safe haven he can think his former teacher, Dion But when he arrives at Dion s door, it s opened by a stranger who promptly finds himself catching an unconscious man Unable to turn away the broken, battered Chad, Jeremy takes him in and tends his wounds, even if he would much rather have nothThis book is out of print.After his father beats him, Chad escapes to the only safe haven he can think his former teacher, Dion But when he arrives at Dion s door, it s opened by a stranger who promptly finds himself catching an unconscious man Unable to turn away the broken, battered Chad, Jeremy takes him in and tends his wounds, even if he would much rather have nothing to do with the student that his ex, Dion, cheated on him with Warning this story contains subjects that may be triggers for some abuse.
    Measured Doses (Their Circumstances) By T.T. Kove,
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    1. Posted at Outlaw ReviewsAfter a vicious beating, Chad leaves the home of his violent alcoholic father Short on options, he drops in at the home of his former English teacher, Dion, and falls unconscious into the arms of Dion s partner, Jeremy.Even though Jeremy and Dion have been together a little over two years, the last four months have been difficult with the couple living like strangers and sleeping in separate beds because Dion admitted to having a fling with a former student.Now that stude [...]

    2. 3.5 Hearts Psstc mere.I m a reader that likes trashy, angst ridden complicated reads, at times So when I read this premise, oh baby, was it my kind of read cheaters love reading about it , teacher student affair yup and menage Mmmunds like a recipe for trash, trouble and lust aka a must read for me One man s trash is another man s treasure And I can find treasure in hot messes And this story was decent hot mess If abuse and or cheating are a trigger, step away from the book.Chad a ginger twink a [...]

    3. When I read the blurb I wasn t quite sure what awaited me in this story I saw cheating with a student, beatings and and an ex, and thought, do I want to read this Yes, I did want to Ok, I ll admit it, the threesome warning totally sold me on it The hurt comfort theme, second chances, reconciliation of love and a m nage, it s like Mandy Heaven Chad is nineteen and has no prospects He didn t finish school, loses himself in drugs and alcohol just to escape the sad state of his life.He lives with hi [...]

    4. So this was how Mandy introduced this story to me via whatsapp , when I asked for her help to list down some m m m titles to read for this month s personal challenge Mandy How do you feel about cheating Is that an absolute no go Me Is the cheating on page Mandy No it happened before the couples still together but not really talking or sleeping together Then the kid he cheated w shows up I thought of you since it s not too long and almost no sex Yes, I admit, the cheating part makes me cringe a l [...]

    5. I was very conflicted about reading this book after skimming through the blurb that makes it pretty clear it contains cheating and m nage According to my previous experience I knew I could either end up liking it or hating it with passion that usually leads to that furious book moving to a bin while fighting the notice that I really can t do that since the book is still opened on my screen In the end a curiosity and temptation were too strong and I don t regret giving in at all The first charact [...]

    6. I m a little under the weather so I m doing a reread, and this story deserves the reread.I ve reviewed this one already, but I figured it can t hurt to say a little something about it.Chad, abused by his dad, no self esteem and he self medicates his problems with drugs and alcohol.His bright spot was Dion, he fell for him, but Dion called it off because he loves his partner Jeremy.It leaves Chad reeling and since he can t stand school any grrr so mad at school systems failing these kids When he [...]

    7. Chad lives in fear of angering his father, an abusive alcoholic who has mistreated him for years He barely remembers his mother and is desperate for someone to love him Burying his emotions under a fog of drugs and alcohol, he does the best he can to succeed at school and find work so he can escape his father s home While his private pain should be obvious to those around him, life rarely works out the way it should and it s easy to ignore the young man in the shadows.When he falls in love with [...]

    8. I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book and I really enjoyed it But, I do recommend reading the previous books in this series to get the full enjoyment out of the story although this can be read alone I personally got out of the story when I read the previous books I will also say if you hate cheating, you probably wont enjoy the book.

    9. Slight inconsistency during the bulk of the book, Chad is 19, turning 20 in December Yet, in the epilogue he s 18.There were also some editing issues, mostly a missed word in a sentence or a word that doesn t belong or a verb in the wrong tense.Other than the above 2 things this was a very sweet story with three loveable characters

    10. Book provided by the author What an emotional read It had an interesting plot that kept me hooked and some well developed characters I couldn t help becoming invested in Chad s future, he had a very hard life and I shed a few tears with him through some of it.I ll definitely read from this author.

    11. between 3.5 and 4A quick, angsty read.Both Mandy reads obsessively and SheReadsALot have great reviews on it.

    12. I was given the book Measured Doses by the author through the M M Romance Group s Don t Buy My Love program for an honest review This story is told in third person through the eyes of Jeremy and Chad view spoiler Where do I begin I liked this story, but it read almost like a YA or New Adult story with sex Chad seemed like a young boy instead of someone who was turning twenty in a few months Here s the first inconsistency, at the end of the book, his age is eighteen We don t know if he s really e [...]

    13. I was provided a copy of this book as part of the M M Romance Group s DBML program on GoodReads in exchange for an honest review.I have found that there is always a delicate balancing act you have to perform when writing m m m type stories Especially when you want it to come out as a balanced relationship, and not just a couple that is having a fling with another man not that that is badI m all for a little hot and heavy three way action I do think that the way this was written, in regards to th [...]

    14. Chad s homelife is horrible beyond measure and has no one to turn to After Chad father beats him again ends up at his ex teacher Dion s home only to collapse into Dion s boyfriend Jeremy s arms Jeremy is stunned by Chad s youthful appearance and obvious hurts Jeremy is unsure of his feelings but Chad stirs something in him that even he can t explain to himself Dion feels like he s being pulled into direction especially now that Chad is living with them Will Jeremy get over his hurt Will Dion acc [...]

    15. I liked this book and will probably buy by this author The writing and the story are both good but there s a little too much melodrama However, I appreciate the slow buildup to the menage and enjoyed the read.

    16. Although this book is part of a series it still reads well as a standalone My only problem is that it ended when they all get together I think their relationship should have been further explored, like how do they manage to get along as a threesome.

    17. Loved this book So much emotion adding to the mystery, suspense, thriller, romance that is all in this one story Totally awesome.

    18. I received a copy of this book via Don t buy My Love program in exchange for an honest review.Chad is a nineteen y o gay man whose father is an abusive drunk He escapes the torment of his daily life detached, depressed, unemployed, no boyfriend with drugs and alcohol One day his father beats him into unconsciousness When he awakes, Chad needs to escape and can t turn to any of his few supports knowing they will turn in his father so he stumbles to the apartment of his former teacher and lover on [...]

    19. This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review, as part of M M Romance Group s Don t Buy My Love event.When I nominated myself to review T.T Kove s Measured Doses , I expected a sweet love story with endearing characters, yet no remarkable than any of the thousands of m m romance novels I ve read in the past And to be honest, in some ways that is exactly what I got Measured Doses tells the story of Chad, a troubled and abused young man at the cusp of adulthood wh [...]

    20. 3 3.5 starsI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a short an easy read in spite of the fact that it deals with heavy topics.Chad has not had an easy life His mother died when he was 11 and his father is an alcoholic who uses him as a punching back He is not booksmart and had trouble with the workload at school, so he ends up having an affair with a teacher, Dion, who is kind to him.When the teacher breaks up with him due to the fact that he has a boyfriend [...]

    21. I got a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through the M M Romance group This was an enjoyable short story Please note that when I say enjoyable I don t mean fluff and happy thoughts going all through the installment Actually, Measured Doses has LOTS of angst But since I LOVE angst, then I was perfectly fine with it.In this book we get to know Chad He s a 19 year old guy who has TONS of troubles His father is an alcoholic who s been abusing him for a long time Hitting him co [...]

    22. 4 14 2004, London, England Chad 19 , gay Dad beat him profusely on a daily basis.Chad had had enough 1st stop was Dion gay, 24 , Chad former college teacher He was not at his flat Jeremy chef, gay, 24, Dion partner, Jem greeted him He doctored him up, Chad showered got all cleaned up.In the morning Chad was gone.Jeremy went to speak with Aunt Harriet Chad, Lesbian, Angie partner who owns Harriet s Caf in Soho Chad 19 showed up for group therapy Josh, Damian med student , Mal, Quinn, Noelle, Rayn [...]

    23. This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review through Don t Buy My Love.This is a short and very promising readChad an abused teenager, out of desperation, turns to his old teacher for help and safety However, Dion was not just his teacher but had also had a short fling with him Dion left Chad because he didn t want to continue cheating on his lover Jeremy Jeremy and Dion are still coping with the fact that Dion cheated and things are not really great between the [...]

    24. I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.More like 3.5 starsI m not sure where to begin or even how to explain how I felt about this book For me it was a very interesting and sometimes hard read and I m glad I read this book If you have issues with cheating or abuse this might not be for you.I felt torn a lot reading this book between feeling sorry for Chad to not really liking Chad Chad is a very broken young man, who in my opinion is looking for a rea [...]

    25. I received a copy of this book free in return for an honest review Measured Doses is an alternating POV story about a physically abused teen, an ex teacher lover and the ex s boyfriend Chad, is nineteen and is repeated beat by his alcoholic father One day, the abuse is so severe that he goes to the only person who he thinks can help him, his former professor and ex lover, Dion Yet, it s Dion s estranged although still living together boyfriend, Jeremy who takes in Chad and nurses his injuries ev [...]

    26. Review also posted on wodfreviewAfter a particularly horrendous beating from his father Chad runs to the only person he can think of that may be able to help him, his former teacher and ex lover Dion He makes his way to Dion s but it s not Dion that answers the door but Jeremy, Dion s boyfriend Jeremy catches Chad as he s about to pass out and does the only thing he can do, he helps Chad into the apartment and takes care of him Surprising all of them feelings develop between Chad and Jeremy whil [...]

    27. Chad is looking for somewhere to escape too but he can only think of one place he will be safe After his father beats him, he finds himself on the doorstep of his former teacher, Dion However the man who opened the door to the nearly unconscious Chad was not Dion, but his boyfriend Jeremy Jeremy decides to help Chad and take care of him but soon comes to the realization that this student of Dion s is also the one that Dion cheated on him with What will become of Dion and Jeremy How will the pres [...]

    28. I received a copy of this book free in return for an honest review Chad is abused by his father and goes to the home of an ex teacher,Dion, with whom he had a one night stand, only for the door to be opened by Dion s boyfriend Jeremy.Jeremy takes Chad in and cares for him Things have not been right between Dion and him in the 3 months since the one night stand.The next day, Chad leaves and attends a party where he ends up with alcohol poisoning and is admitted to the ER Dion and Jeremy go to the [...]

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