Calming a Demon Heart

Calming a Demon Heart By Charlie Richards, Calming a Demon Heart Matthew Beakman s life just got turned upside down His brother Marty stumbled across something strange and fascinating and amazing Gargoyles exist Matthew wants to know everything about them First
  • Title: Calming a Demon Heart
  • Author: Charlie Richards
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Calming a Demon Heart By Charlie Richards, Matthew Beakman s life just got turned upside down His brother, Marty, stumbled across something strange and fascinating and amazing Gargoyles exist Matthew wants to know everything about them First, though, he wants to find the gargoyle that saved his brother s life and thank him Their people s leader, Maelgwn, points out a blood red, behemoth of a gargoyle named VanMatthew Beakman s life just got turned upside down His brother, Marty, stumbled across something strange and fascinating and amazing Gargoyles exist Matthew wants to know everything about them First, though, he wants to find the gargoyle that saved his brother s life and thank him Their people s leader, Maelgwn, points out a blood red, behemoth of a gargoyle named Vane, then warns Matthew away from him Never good at following orders and because he can t help but find himself intrigued by the huge creature across the room Matthew tracks Vane down anyway At first, he s confused by the way his body responds every time Vane growls at him, until a conversation with Logan makes him suspect that he and Vane are mates Unfortunately, he also learns Vane went through some extreme torture in the hands of humans How can he convince the stubborn gargoyle that not all humans are the same
    Calming a Demon Heart By Charlie Richards,
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      Charlie Richards Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Calming a Demon Heart book, this is one of the most wanted Charlie Richards author readers around the world.

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    1. What do you get when you mix a humongous, red, grumpy, virgin gargoyle named Vane,an 11 inchsome bitingand very steamy smexy time Well, you get this hot little guilty pleasure of a read It was fun, entertaining, and the writing was pretty damn good And I definitely have a soft spot for damaged men Vane has never known love in his life and doesn t really know how to socialize with others But when he meets his mate, Matthew, Vane has no problem hitting the sheets and getting all possessive and gro [...]

    2. A pretty average offering for these series As most of the time, I d have loved to see of the actual plot, especially the rescue mission at the end, but I wasn t holding my breath.And sex really isn t a replacement for emotional development It could be worse in this story, but yeah.I found Vane kind of cute in a traumatized, simple mindedly focused way Matt, though Eh, at least he s not the type to give up stupidly.It s funny how all these unmated gargoyles rooms appear to feature beds when they [...]

    3. Read in reverse order again Never helps when the story s kind of a dud Going to try the first part to get a better feel for this series Will see how it goes from there.

    4. Quick and easy.Too bad these stories are so short The premise is interesting, but there is no room for character depth and certainly no character development I think that is a putty because a little would only add to the entertainment value.

    5. Vance ptsd Vance had been tortured by humans He finds his mate a human and regains his memories of years of torture He helps a friend and others.

    6. I was really looking forward to Vane s story because of the glimpses of his character we saw in the other books However, this book didn t do him justice I appreciate giving a character depth that we only get to see once we dig deeper but Vane was so different in this book compared to how we saw him in the others Although I found his fumbling and uncertainty with his mate cute, it was still weird having his character act so different from what I was led to expect Also, there was so much unneeded [...]

    7. Matthew gets his mate, and he was so adorable while he was seducing his gargoyle, Vane Vane doesn t like humans much since he was caged and abused by people who owned a freak show After mating with Matthew, Vane remembers that he had a friend who is still there, and since he couldn t save his friend in the past, Roland, he decides to do it during a time when he should be getting to know Matthew However, they work on getting the shifters out of the freak show This was entertaining, Vane was cute [...]

    8. Seeing as it s been a few hours since I finished this not totally still fresh in the mind I m not sure HOW I feel about this installment Vane s previous bad ass description as the red devil just got totally blown out of the water Not always a bad thing but I had a hard time reconciling it to the real him traumatized tortured soul that feels inept and unsure in social settings While I wouldn t consider it the best of the series at this point I m not willing to say it is totally the worst either.O [...]

    9. His earliest memories are of pain, of being caged, chained and whipped at the hands of humans Until he was rescued some years later Vane didn t even know the first thing about being a gargoyle Understandably surly, he has managed to mellow somewhat over time by living with the clutch in Durango among his kind.It absolutely blows Matthew Beakman s mind that gargoyle s exist He can t ignore the proof right before his eyes however when his brother Marty mates one of them Later when he meets Vane fo [...]

    10. I was so excited to get Vane s story I knew his past had to be pretty awful the way he acted around humans and even other gargoyles It was so neat that he got a mate who as a human taught him to love himself and to see the good in humans I m always fascinated by the pairings and the connections to the group of family and friends in Charlie Richard s stories I love that and this was no exception Seeing the big red demon looking gargoyle get his chance at happiness was satisfying It was fun catchi [...]

    11. Book six.Ah this is Vane s story So far he is my favorite gargoyle He s a tortured soul with an abusive past who no longer trusts humans.Matthew has learned about gargoyles and the paranormal world due to his brother Marty s bond with Raymond Matthew knows a little about the mate bond, and when he finds himself instantly fascinated with the loner gargoyle he begins to wonder if they are mates.Due to Vane s appearance, he has never sought out the company of another and is unsure of his attraction [...]

    12. I simply loved this one When I started the book I thought Hey, big scary gargoyle and sweet little human Easy thing But nooo, not with Charlie What we get here is an incredibly cute, insecure virgin gargoyle and a bratty human who knows exactly what he wants Vane.Their journey to happiness isn t an easy one, but the story isn t angsty either Makes me a happy bunny Vane is just so used to being alone and doing what he wants, that Matty needs to kick his butt time and time again Loved that he wasn [...]

    13. Even though I read everything this author puts out I feel like the work runs hot and coldhit or miss.but this time id have to say it was a hit My only issue was that the couple s reunion was quite boring and a bit of a disappointment After a whirlwind mating Vane takes off on a mission which provided some conflict and drama but when reunited there was no groveling I love a good groveling session in a book Matt could have at least pretended to consider leaving Vane Hello Drama I loved loVed loved [...]

    14. We met Matthew in book 5, he s Marty s brother He s already out and proud, but he hasn t learned about paranormals yet Vane is the gargoyle who kidnaps Marty and he s known for his anti social behavior and his distrust of humans.Matthew is his perfect mate because he s so open and honest and welcoming Vane doesn t do right by him, not for awhile, but he eventually learns his way around to being a good mate.We also get to see Raymond s molt I liked this one because Vane has so much to learn He s [...]

    15. The only thing I can say that was wrong with this story was had to end grrrrrr This series has quickly become one of my favorites and I try to be understanding while waiting for the next book to come outI know genius takes time it is always worth the wait Matt was the perfect mate for Vanehe was experienced in life in the many ways that Vane wasn t it was easier for him to slowly show Vane what it meant to be a true mate As always the writing was wonderful and the storyough shortabbed you right [...]

    16. I ve been waiting for Vane and Matt s story Boy oh boy did I really like Vane However, he was dumber than a box of rocks when it came to mating I loved his protectiveness, even from his own clan I really liked Matt, too He wasn t some dumb human and wasn t going to sit around and mope It was nice to see Is Logan going to find himself a mate HmmmI m going to be waiting for the rescued shifters stories now

    17. I reread APL 5 Removing the Gargoyle s Mask before reading APL 6 Calming a Demon Heart It was good to get reaquainted with the Beakman brothers and their friend Logan.In APL 6 we find out about the reclusive gargoyle Vane Resolving issues from his past opens up options for future stories.

    18. After the last book I read I knew I wanted a little dose of mycrack books.These books are sweet, light, growly mate, and low on angst Just what I wanted.It was nice to catch up with everyone and they already introduced a few new shifters for the next booksbut seriously, we all knowgargoyles do it better

    19. Is it just me or is there less and less story each time I seem to remember the first few CR books I read having a little bit plot than the most recent onesLikable, but only 2.5 because I really wanted to read about Vane and not just about Vane having sex sigh

    20. I ve read some of the other books in this series and enjoyed them, but this one I just never warmed up to I felt like this wasn t the strongest quality of work that I have read from this author either.

    21. I ve been waiting for Vane s story for a long while and I loved it, it was nice to see a softer personal side of Vane Great pairing Now, I m waiting on Logan s or Tobias story or maybe one book of both

    22. PizzyGirl s 5 Sweet Pea Review of Calming a Demon by Charlie Richards Cover Scott Carpenter mrsconditreadsbooks p

    23. I wish they were a tad longer for the price but at least this one ended on sort of a cliffhanger at the very least with a new slew of characters.

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