Heirs of Ravenscar

Heirs of Ravenscar By Barbara Taylor Bradford, Heirs of Ravenscar As the First World War draws to a close all seems golden for Edward Deravenel charismatic head of the house of Deravenel His wife and young family are safe ensconced in the family seat of Ravenscar
  • Title: Heirs of Ravenscar
  • Author: Barbara Taylor Bradford
  • ISBN: 9780007197644
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • Heirs of Ravenscar By Barbara Taylor Bradford, As the First World War draws to a close, all seems golden for Edward Deravenel, charismatic head of the house of Deravenel His wife and young family are safe, ensconced in the family seat of Ravenscar, and his business empire has survived But the fortunes of the house of Deravenel suffer a terrible reversal.
    Heirs of Ravenscar By Barbara Taylor Bradford,
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      Barbara Taylor Bradford

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      Barbara Taylor Bradford is the author of 30 bestselling novels, including The Cavendon Women, Cavendon Hall, and The Ravenscar Dynasty She was born in Leeds, England, and from an early age, she was a voracious reader at age 12, she had already read all of Dickens and the Bront sisters By the age of twenty, she was an editor and columnist on Fleet Street She published her first novel, A Woman of Substance, in 1979, and it has become an enduring bestseller.Barbara Taylor Bradford s books are published in over 90 countries in 40 languages, with sales figures in excess of 88 million Ten of her novels have been adapted into television mini series starring actors including Sir Anthony Hopkins, Liam Neeson, Deborah Kerr and Elizabeth Hurley She has been inducted into the Writers Hall of Fame of America, and in June of 2007, Barbara was awarded an OBE Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II for her contributions to Literature.She lives in New York City with her husband, television producer Robert Bradford, to whom all her novels are dedicated uscmillan author barbar

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    1. This was a very long, drawn out book There was a whole lot of talk, and a lot of plans to do something but nothing ever happens When something does happen, it s over in a blink of an eye You don t even realize most of it has happened until months or even years later It s like, oh by the way, his wife died What Almost all of the main characters die all at early ages You never find out why, or who took the children, who killed Richard.hing For so many pages, I think some questions should be answer [...]

    2. Don t read the review unless you have already read the book or don t mind being spoiled I love Bradford, and A Woman of Substance and its early follow ups remain some of my favorite books ever.Yet with The Heir Bradford takes what could have been a 2 3 additional books and condenses plots in ridiculous fashion, killing off characters left and right, and one we don t even know is dead until a mention, had died six years before Bradford always reads well, but this could have been such a much bette [...]

    3. I was at the library over the weekend, waiting while my kids took their fill of browsing, checking out the new, post remodel amenities I grabbed a book called The Heir off a nearby table to pass the time Within the first two chapters, I knew that the dialogue was stilted and awkward I knew the characters were poorly developed I also knew that the author was attempting to create a modern day version of the story of Henry VIII with an enormous prologue I was amused and thought I d ride the doomed [...]

    4. Quite possibly one of the worst books I ve ever read I use the term read loosely, as I could not, under penalty of death, bring myself to finish this crap fest This book tries to follow the DeRavenel dynasty through three generations, which goes briskly than expected because the DeRavenels are killed off at a pace that far outstrips actual 1920 1940 life expectancy We re talking corpses than the Killing Fields, and I didn t give a damn about one of them The patriarch is praised every paragraph [...]

    5. It s a very long story about the Dravenals I don t think I spelled it right family How they became rich and they have to have a male heir to continue on the family business Well, the father changed history saying if his two sons cannot claim the business the eldest daughter will Something happends to the two sons and she had to marry a man that she doesn t know Well, her son needs an heir, but there is no son only daughters He s really worried about giving the business to a daughter Which I don [...]

    6. It is so long and drawn out and keeps trying to put you on the edge of your seat by alluding to great disasters and deaths ahead, but when those finally come they are glossed over and talked about as in the past Main characters are set up, then upon mian character 2 s death 17 years ago Really, you can t set up their death and explain it and how it affects the other characters They go from alive on one page to 17 years dead on the next No mystery to this book other than how someone can get throu [...]

    7. The second book of this series was a good read, and it was entertaining for sure Edward is the king of his company and he seems to be dealing with all in his life modestly well Then tragedy seems to afflict him and there are giant changes everywhere he looks whether to his marriage, siblings, company, etc I was reading this book, and then about 200 pages in it hit me This series is a parallel to King Edward IV reign in 1464 And his wife Elizabeth Woodville Everything is pretty much the same down [...]

    8. Just like the first book, this was excellent once again full of drama Well done BTB absolutely loved it Just started the third, being Elizabeth hope it s just as good.

    9. I m not sure why I am such a fan of Barbara Taylor Bradford s writing Several years ago I read A Woman of Substance, which was the beginning of the Emma Harte family saga I thoroughly enjoyed it because it was about a strong woman struggling against incredible odds to overcome poverty to start a successful department store chain in London in the 1800 s I read and enjoyed all the other books in this series.I picked up this book one day when I was working at the library used bookstore because I li [...]

    10. As head of the vast empire of Deravenels, Edward is in a very powerful position But the politics of inheritance involves a lot of treachery And sometimes the treachery comes from within the family.Constantly watching his back, Edward is also torn between his wife Elizabeth and his mistress Jane In their world, mistresses are quite common The fact that Edward only has one mistress is something he is quite proud of.An heir is always uppermost in his mind as the outside forces of influenza, tragic [...]

    11. At the age of thirty three, Edward Deravenel, having survived harrowing years of betrayal, threats from ruthless enemies, countless lovers, and a war that ravaged his country, is finally king of his company It s 1918, an influenza pandemic is sweeping the country, and Edward has a family and a business to protect He must thread his way between his loyal brother, Richard, and his treacherous middle brother, George, an alcoholic bent on self destruction but not before he tries to ruin Edward and [...]

    12. This book continued exactly where The Ravenscar Dynasty left off If I could sum up this book in some way, it would be having people who either predicted their death dying, or if they are not needed any, then they will die For example, Edward continuously getting paperwork and his affairs in order George in a way did kill him like he wanted to with all the stress he put Edward under And it was no surprise how George was killedThanks to Alfredo mentioning how the wine barrels were stacked It was n [...]

    13. I m a fan of BTB, and her through time sagas, and I loved the first book in this series Ravenscar Dynasty As a continuation, Heirs of Ravenscar is okay It s worth reading, but I feel the author over explains a lot I know this maybe for the benefit of readers who have not read the first book but I don t know many who would pick up half way through a trilogy It became a little annoying, particularly when the characters are speaking as it just makes them sound silly, and like they don t know eachot [...]

    14. This book had potential The first two thirds showed promise, and the last third shot the entire story line and history of this family out of reality I realize this is supposed to be historical fiction, but that doesn t mean you can take an entirely true account King Henry VIII and his wives and children and just tell that same story with the same character names and same story and just set it in the 1970s Ridiculous Had great potential and then like she ran out of time before he book was due and [...]

    15. Somewhat simplistic writing Edward Ravenscar is the perfect man gorgeous, rich, owns the company, perfect family, loyal friends, and a mistress His brother George wants to take over the company After causing problems over and over again, he is finally sent to France to work where he dies Edward dies in his 40s of a heart attack His other brother, Richard, then is in charge of the company until Edward s eldest son is old enough to take over He begins firing everyone He accidentally causes the dea [...]

    16. Also known as The heirs of RavenscarThe Deravenel family is loosely based on the York branch of Plantagenets and follows some of the key stories of the War of the Roses into 20th century.The names are the same, but here the bad guy is brother George, while brother Richard is loyal to Edward.Edward s two sons mysteriously disappear, leaving only his daughters.Most of the book takes place between 1918 1928, and then jumps to 1970s This part is no Plantagenet, it s pure Henry VIII with his wives an [...]

    17. This is the second book in the Ravenscar series of books I have to be honest, the first half of the book was somewhat repetitive of the first book in the series, The Ravenscar Dynasty Because of this, I found it somewhat plodding, but I hung in there, as I knew from previous books by Ms Bradford, that good things usually start happening, and boy, did they It really picked up in the second half of the book I m not going into any detail as I don t want to spoil it , and it was worth sticking it ou [...]

    18. I read Woman of Substance and Hold the Dream many years ago and enjoyed them immensely So over the years, I ve tried Barbara s books sporadically and haven t been impressed When I came into possession of The Heir, I didn t realize it was the sequel to The Ravenscar Dynasty But with both books I felt the same.at I wanted my time as well as my money back Okay, I didn t pay for themey were donations but still.Ms Bradford spends a great deal of time creating plots and deceptions and shady characters [...]

    19. This book continues the tale of the Deravenel dynasty The beginning of the book is well written that shows the intrigues inside the family with Edward the oldest son who wants to push out his disloyal and irresponsible brother from being able to take over Deravenel s which is the family business The book jumps from the 1920 s to the 1970 s and doesn t include the World War II era At the end of the book Edwards grandson, Harry desperately wants a male heir to take over the company because the dir [...]

    20. I picked this one up because it was described as Wars of the Roses with business magnates set during the Spanish flu pandemic, but I had to give up about 80 pages in The dialogue was uninteresting and I had no attachment to any of the characters they appeared to have no thoughts of their own, as all of their thoughts were occupied with telling us about the other characters I get the sense that the reader is intended to feel sorry for Ned because everyone he s ever loved is dead and his brothers [...]

    21. Eh This wasn t nearly as good as the first one, which was good, but not great This one was far too big in scope, and many of the characters became nastier than necessary, in my opinion Also, it ranged in time from 1918 to the 1970s, which was just too much of a gap in time Newer characters were underdeveloped, and the names were the same, or nearly the same, so it made distinguishing between them difficult I know that was somewhat intentional based on the idea of the War of the Roses the story w [...]

    22. The book seemed like it was all over the place There were quite a few sections of the story that sort of just happened, with no follow through, such as the kidnapping of the two boys from the beach, or even Richard s murder Then you get to the final section with Harry and it was very similar to Henry VIII life story starting with the wives names and down to the children and their names Not overly impressed with this story It just was like a bunch of different plots were thrown together, with non [...]

    23. Finally, I finished this book Anybody who s read Bradford knows that this book over 500 pages could easily have been about 150 pages shorter she gives so much detail However, I did like it A lot of characters and some history too I was just amazed at how many convenient deaths there were If a character got in the way, they died Didn t matter if they were young and healthy, they died.

    24. Entertaining, not particularly riveting, soap opera like story with a lot of characters It was a bit difficult to remember who was related and how Parts were choppy making it seem as though chunks of the story were edited out to keep this book under 500 pages Using the names of Henry VIII s wives, friends and family and his desire for a male heir does not make this historical fiction so I am classifying it as chic lit.

    25. The story of a dynasty, but really the modernized version of the British Monarchy, which in this book starts with the story with Edward V I think, not an expert of British History AKA Edward Deravenal and goes on from there I only actually got the tie in at the end of the book with Edward Deravenal s Grandson, Harry Henry VIII At any rate, I found the story stuffy and boring and I had to skim through several paragraphs to get through this book Just wasn t my cup of tea.

    26. Follow your own dreams Don t put them aside for anyone or anything Because sometimes people and events will betray you Be your own person, go your own way, and always be true to yourself.When grown men wept so openly and without a hint of shame, the depth of their love showed.Everything is possible in this world.Money must make money, and it should be used, not just left to sit gathering dust.

    27. Awful, horrible and just plain bad bad bad Yikes The saga goes on and on through the damn ages, never reaching any conclusion through the endless plots that are crawling through this terrible book The are murders, disappearances, and a lot of woman bashing but No Damn Conclusions God almighty How the hell did this thing end up on a best sellers list In conclusion, this book sucks.Big time Yuck.

    28. The on the nose, transported to the Edwardian era for some reason retelling of the Plantaget Tudor drama that nobody asked for.Seriously, it s kind of hard to convince a reader that the absolute most important thing for a captain of industry is an heir to take over the family business We all know captains of industry just groom the best underling for the job and makes sure their last name stays in the company title somewhere so their egos are assauged.

    29. I only forced myself to finish this one because it was a birthday present really, this is NOT my type of book at all I was so bored with most of it that it s pitiful And I really don t know what the author was doing with the last third of the book, but the people events were an exact parallel of Henry VIII and his wives mistresses and children I thought that was pretty pathetic.

    30. Enjoy this sequel to The Ravenscar Dynasty very much Loved seeing the strength and love of Edward toward the women in his life, his children and his friends There were times when he was faced with difficult challenges, but the one thing that seemed apparent to me was his love for his family The decisions he made were made not only to protect his company but his family as well.

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