Fireproof By Hollis Shiloh, Fireproof Jett used to be a firefighter He gave it up when he developed the terrifying ability to make fire with his mind Panicked he fled also leaving behind his best friend and secret crush Levi Two years l
  • Title: Fireproof
  • Author: Hollis Shiloh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fireproof By Hollis Shiloh, Jett used to be a firefighter He gave it up when he developed the terrifying ability to make fire with his mind Panicked, he fled also leaving behind his best friend and secret crush, Levi.Two years later, they meet again And somehow, Levi can forgive Jett for leaving and never saying goodbye But now Levi s getting married, and that hurts than Jett thought anythinJett used to be a firefighter He gave it up when he developed the terrifying ability to make fire with his mind Panicked, he fled also leaving behind his best friend and secret crush, Levi.Two years later, they meet again And somehow, Levi can forgive Jett for leaving and never saying goodbye But now Levi s getting married, and that hurts than Jett thought anything could.How will Levi take the news of Jett s weird fire magic or the news that he s gay Two men navigate the waters of magic, changing relationships, and danger in this contemporary, sweet and slightly angsty paranormal gay firefighter themed romance.Sexiness level Low mediumLength approx 40,000 wordsThemes paranormal, contemporary, gay bi romance, firefighters, friends to lovers, sweet, emotional, angst, comfort, firemen
    Fireproof By Hollis Shiloh,
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    1. This story did not work for me I can see how it might work for other readers but I didn t find the main characters believable as men, and as a result I couldn t buy into the relationship I think chicks with a dick is the applicable term And while the magic power is an important aspect of the backstory, it seems random and inexplicable.

    2. OK, I really enjoyed the romance of this story The sexual tension and the gay for you plot The intense friendship between Jett and Levi For that alone I can give this book 5 stars But I had to knock a star off my rating because of the hooky paranormal fire starter aspect of the story It was never fleshed out or explained and really didn t serve much of a purpose at all And the female villain of the book was comically cliche.So, there you have it If you can handle the hooky parts and concentrate [...]

    3. This review can be found at The Blogger Girls review site.3.5 starsFirst, I just want to say that gay for you is a subjective phrase By definition Levi is along the lines of bi sexual because he s been attracted to other men before and appreciates their looks BUT my feeling after reading the book was that he would never be gay for anyone but Jett Therefore, while Levi might not exactly fall under the GFY term to some, I firmly believe that, in this context, he does P Now, onto the review Jett d [...]

    4. Fizzled I was really bored by this book I hate to write a negative review, but this book is boring Some books you don t want to end, this one I couldn t wait til it was finished The characters are strangely motivated, the sex scenes were tame at best An antagonist that is ignored to some degree A plot twist that is never really set up is resolved most unsatisfactory way Worst was the fire magic which is never explained Overall, I m just glad I m done reading this charred remnants of a fiery roma [...]

    5. Just 3 stars I think.I liked this but I think I could ve liked it without the paranormal element It was a plot device and that s about all it furthered scene elements but was sort of intrusive and fake view spoiler Jett could ve gone awol simply for being gay and scared cos he s in love with his best friend Jess could still blackmail them with accusations either still regarding arson Jett could still walk about at night, insomnia etc, or being outed as gay at work, or anything hide spoiler It w [...]

    6. Really of a 2.5 star but I ll up it because some parts were so sweet So Jett left his best friend Levi after discovering he could start fire with his mind but he couldn t control it Then they meet again 2 years later and Levi is all over him Like ALL over him He didn t read like any man I ve ever met Very I love you and teary and needy but of course he s a big musclebound firefighter And I kept thinking Jett must be this little guy the way Levi practically smooshed him all the time but I guess [...]

    7. I found myself drawn into this book very quickly I really felt for Jett You could feel his confusion and pain It was emotional reading about him and how much he loved Levi.Sure, there were things I didn t like about the book I started to get irritated with Levi about half way through I also thought there was way too much crying Even with this, I had a lot of fun reading this.I m happy to see that this has a sequel I am curious about what else happens.

    8. Three and half stars A mostly sweet love story between two fairly clueless guys Jett is in love with his ostensible straight buddy, Levi But considering that Levi greets Jett who hasn t seen in two years like a long lost lover, can t keep his hand off of him for a moment, and constantly presses Jett to promise to never leave him again and repeatedly tells him I love you , it is hard to view Levi as anything other then head over heels in love with Jett Jett for his part is bizarrely oblivious to [...]

    9. An adventurous romance with elemental chemistry Another fun, sweet and entertaining story with just a hint of sexual heat to add spice up the mix Fireproof s sexy lead characters have been separated for years due to Jett s developing an unexpected affinity with the elemental fire Levi tried to move on with his life after Jett disappeared, but his unexpected return overwhelms him with confusing emotions Unwilling to lose their friendship a second time the two struggle to define their new relation [...]

    10. This book would should be something you can find on fanfiction com or AO3 Its a decent attempt at writing an interesting story, but I think the author needs practice or a much bettor editor before asking for money for this book The problem I mainly had was that the story was all over the map, and sort of unbelievable This is my impression of the book up to 90% in at which I could no longer bare to read it view spoiler Man 1 HI I haven t seen you in 2 years I m STILL inlove you and not over thin [...]

    11. This story could have used some time with an editor or a beta reader with proofreading experience I thought it read like a YA story than a contemporary Levi definitely gave off a lot of mixed signals didn t act any way like I imagine someone of his description acting He s described as being very blunt in your face, but at times he was clingy weepy It was weird.I didn t feel the love triangle plot was well done, I didn t like how the ex fiancee was portrayed as having very few redeeming qualiti [...]

    12. Interesting, however under developed, premise This could have been really good, but fell flat in a few ways 1 The backstory of the two leads is not fully explained What happened two years ago Don t keep alluding to it without telling us.2 What s up with the two of them Don t tell us how much they love each other.ow us And while I m on that subject I have never seen two adults as affectionate as these two The author tries to show how big and masculine they are but then makes them out as weepy as [...]

    13. When I began reading Fireproof, I had little hope of really loving it I hated the cover, and the theme of gay for you is so overdone, but I was completely and utterly wrong Yeah, I still hate the cover, but the story inside totally won me over While the overall story is still quite predictable, how Hollis goes about telling it is so unique and well written, it makes it fresh and exciting I prefer story and romance to sex for the sake of erotica, and that s what I have gotten from all of the book [...]

    14. Not very well written, but excellent sexual tension if a bit predictable My least favorite part was when they hated a dog and kicked it because it was chasing them It was either doing its job they were trespassing or chasing because it wanted to play Bleah.Lots of angst, thought, which I of course love They cried a hell of a lot and were way to physically intimate for straight guys in the US.The end want on a long time but I loved how Jett got control of his fire I also loved Levi s family, espe [...]

    15. This is the description on Two men navigate the waters of magic, changing relationships, and danger in this contemporary, sweet and slightly angsty paranormal gay firefighter themed romance How could I resist It had the bones of a good potential story, but could have done with character development in their early backstory, and maybe of a resolution and explanation about the weird magic stuff Could have even tied in the arsonist bad guy with the mysterious birth familywould have made it inter [...]

    16. Really liked this book Jett is a fireman who has the power to start fires Because he doesn t know how to deal with this newfound ability, Jett ends up leaving both his job and his best friend, fellow firefighter Levi Two years later in another town, he runs into Levi and renews the friendship Levi, who Jett has crushed on, is getting married and Levi doesn t know what to do with the unresolved feelings.This is another sweet HEA short story from Hollis Shiloh Nicely done Received an ARC for an ho [...]

    17. I was hoping the author would explain a bit about Jett s situation I understand that as a foundling he doesn t know why or how he has this ability, but Levi doesn t seem freaked out at all Is this something not unheard of in this author s world I think if someone should be such an ability I d be a little freaked out Maybe accepting too, but the freaked out part would still be there.Maybe it s something she ll cover in future work, but I m not so in love with Jeff and Levi to continue reading I [...]

    18. Fireproof had been on my shelf for a while, sorry Hollis Now I am glad I got to read it when I did Fabulous conception I liked it a lot Levi Jett, the perfect non couple whom were meant to be together Former firefighter with fire making abilities, Jett ran away when he feared his new powers and his attraction for his best friend and fellow firefighter Now he s back and Levi is not letting him run again Throw in a jealous fianc e, an attack down and fire than should be acceptable in one book and [...]

    19. I really liked the book I loved Levi and Jett I think the book could have been longer and the mystery of the arsonist a bit explained I want to know about Jett and his superpowers I lo ed how gentle Levi was and there were times when Jetts longing was so powerful All in all an enjoyable read.

    20. In the opening chapters I found it hard to take the narrator seriously as he did not come across as the sort of character who would have worked as a firefighter, but the storytelling and the narrator improved The urban fantasy aspect was interesting, although it is not too prominent a feature of the story, which is primarily about romance.

    21. I like the idea of this book but because it was so short, it just felt rushed I would have like if it had gone into Jett s background, or tried to find out I found Levi just far too selfish for my liking.

    22. Fireproof Once you start reading this book you won t be able to stop until the end Very well written story, Levi and Jett character s are Intense, funny, and loveable I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to all who wants a good read.

    23. I never got the vibe of these main characters until the last quarter of the book and by then I was done.

    24. Excellent readWell written and sensitive to the characters needs and insecurities I couldn t put it down On my way to becoming a serious fan

    25. I believe this is the first book I ve read by this author Lots of feels, seriously sweet It was exactly what I needed to read yesterday today I m looking at their backlist.

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