Varmints By Helen Ward Marc Craste, Varmints The most overlooked threat in the world is that of the loss of peace and quiet The Varmints come and build their city where once was grass Before they realise what they have done there is nothing but
  • Title: Varmints
  • Author: Helen Ward Marc Craste
  • ISBN: 9781848775053
  • Page: 372
  • Format: paperback
  • Varmints By Helen Ward Marc Craste, The most overlooked threat in the world is that of the loss of peace and quiet The Varmints come and build their city where once was grass Before they realise what they have done, there is nothing but a huge dark city Can someone find the time and space to stop, think and plant seeds of change
    Varmints By Helen Ward Marc Craste,
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      372 Helen Ward Marc Craste
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    1. Helen Ward Marc Craste

      Helen Ward won the first Walker Prize for Children s Illustration and twice won the British National Art Library Award She has also been short listed for the 2003 Kate Greenaway Medal She lives in Gloucestershire, England.

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    1. I picked this one up in 2008 and have been meaning to read it again for a while now It s an amazing picture book, very mature in subject matter, a book that you ll need to revisit again and again and ponder endlessly It s also the type of book I would have absolutely loved as a small child I love it now, too, of course at five, six years of age, The Dark Crystal was my favourite movie and it was a dark, menacing tale with sinister creatures, death, violence and adventure So don t rush to think t [...]

    2. Absolutely heart wrenchingly stunning Every pages is an absolute delight I only wish that the words had been hand written the fact that this is even noticable is only because of how perfect every other little detail is The story is as old as industrialisation but I m sure it has never been told so succinctly and beautifully as here.

    3. Varmints by Helen Ward, I really enjoyed reading this book with a very powerful message However, I did have to read it than once to know what the message was I love the cover which first attracted me to the book with the character that looks like a bunny in the centre of the page, dark looking, with all the plants around also dark but has a light background behind him.This book is very dark but thinks it has to be to give the right message on how important it is to look after the environment ar [...]

    4. This beautifully illustrated book begins with a description of a Varmint, which means an irritating or obnoxious animal However, the character on the cover is just the opposite Peace and quiet are the most important things in the world but the darkness of the buildings cast a shadow over these sacred things There is however, one varmint determined to reinstate nature the way it was intended to be Will he succeed

    5. Varmints, written by Helen Ward and illustrated by Marc Craste, is a simple yet powerful picture book for older readers Grades 4 and up This story is told in three sections that include three diverse worlds, where each is indicated by a vellum page that reminded me a bit of the start of old film footage The story begins in a beautiful sun filled meadow full of the sound of buzzing bees There are varmints working in the field, which look a bit like rabbits Suddenly, there is a transformation of t [...]

    6. This beautifully illustrated book by Marc Craste made the text by Helen Ward seem meaningful The words were few, yet intense and in my opinion, easy enough for young children to comprehend The text on some of the illustrations were hardly noticed you had to look with a keen eye, which I think made them meaningful and connected to the dark scenes in this story The idea that life is becoming over run with buildings, noises, and all kinds of extra STUFF is a concern of mine There seems to be few [...]

    7. I was blown away to find a children s picture book with dark striking art like a graphic novel, and a message as much me as anything I could ever write It immediately became my favorite picture book, and I ran out on my lunch break to buy a copy for my best friend This book is as much him as it is me, and for our perspective to be found in such a tidy package is well worth sharing I couldn t actually interest any children in this book, but most of the adults I shared it with, thanked me for shar [...]

    8. This book is so dark and beautiful I bought it from my kids school book fair, neither of them 7 and 5 were very interested in it even after I purchased it and read it to them at home, I guess I prefer for them to love cheerful, colorful books with unicorns and rainbows Maybe someday when life s harsher realities set in they ll appreciate the message in this lovely little book I loved it though, I got chills the first time I got to the page that said so they stopped thinking I love the art the st [...]

    9. This book is art book than children s book The art is fantastic, the book design amazing.The story is a little dark and depressing for really young children although it does have a uplifting ending

    10. I haven t even had a chacne to read this yet but the art for this is so beguilingly gorgeous that i can t help but give it 5 stars already i dare you to try and find a children s book with art anywhere close to this a very unique style that is just mind bogglingly awesome.

    11. Stunningly beautiful book, in both words and images A very simple but poignant storyline about the destruction of the world we live in Brilliant for all ages

    12. This beautifully written and illustrated book shares hope in a way that doesn t feel treacly or preachy Hopefully through works like this readers of all ages will be encouraged to nurture a little piece of wilderness in the best ways Highly recommended.

    13. I think the book was amazing and I Evan wrote 20 twenty Pages of writing on one part of the book.Really good job to Helen ward

    14. Varmints is captivating and inspiring, encompassing revelations in physical worlds, mental worlds, and spiritual worlds The book first reads as a message of overcoming physical boundaries put on by the world s Varmints such as the development of mass cities in once natural and serene areas , but evolves with each reread to something With the transitional story line of Wild to City to Wild again, I found myself reflecting on this journey in a intrapersonal way Self to Loss of Self to Reemergenc [...]

    15. The varmints is a truly magical book There are few words but extremely powerful illustrations in there stead At the beginning there is the definition of the word varmint as an irritating or obnoxious person or animal The story is set in 3 sections, the first is in the peaceful field where nature flourished The second is when the others come and put up tall buildings until it was dark There are very powerful lines in the book that say everyday there was of them, making noise, listening less, un [...]

    16. This is a new children s book that will be coming out soonish It s completely awesome The story is almost a post apocalyptic tale about how Others invaded the natural world and the original inhabitants could no longer hear the sound of the bees beneath the tall buildings and the noise One little guy keeps a tree in his skyscraper apartment and takes it to a little grate where sunshine comes through Here s an excerpt Far below, the crowded streets and the empty heads of the Others fell quiet and [...]

    17. This is just about the most beautiful, Romi perfect picture book I have ever read It told an incredibly, poignant story in few words and beautiful detail, and I was moved and entranced and filled with wonderment It was just SO, so incredibly lovely and moving.This is like a creation of my own mind, that I look at on the page and nod because it s all there, it s the kind of thing exactly that I would imagine and it always feels wonderful and remarkable to find a book that feels just like you This [...]

    18. The depiction of living in a polluted, decaying city was, as usual, sentimental and predictable But there was that distinct streak of ambivalence and sophistication in its treatment of the nature technology binary It suggests, or so it seems to me, that the only way to preserve nature is to technologize it Nature is no longer nature If we are to expose future generations to what we perceive is natural, then nature has to be taken out of the environment, tended and sustained using artificial and [...]

    19. This beautifully illustrated and somber picturebook has strong similarities to both John Marsden s The Rabbits with a little bit of The Curious Garden for theme and the stylistic detail of Shaun Tan.Beautiful, sad, hopeful and detailed.

    20. This book has relatively few words, and the story is told in large part through full page or two page spread illustrations which are really beautiful The book had a good environmental message and makes no apologies for it not that any are necessary My only criticism is that the text is hard to read on a few of the darker pages, because the font kind of blends in with the illustrations Otherwise, it s a short, quick read that should be enjoyed by readers of any age.

    21. This darkly beautiful book tells the story of one creature s rebellion against a dull and mechanized world In a world where thoughtless beings have destroyed all traces of wilderness, the varmint hero, along with a few others, struggles to find a place for nature Marc Craste s illustrations are both dark and luminous This book is a modern day environmental fable all ages can learn from and enjoy.Recommended by Adam P Powells

    22. So I bought this thinking it would be a good read for the evil overlord in training It s a quick read, but it s so thought provoking the art work is amazing it s sparse, and detailed all at the same time.I think this would be a wonderful book for older children and up Not so much for my two year old, but I ll definitely be holding on to until he s old enough to discuss what s going on in the book, and how it relates to the world around us.

    23. This is a beautifully illustrated book with few words, yet it s intense It can be interpreted in so many ways which captures children s imagination The illustrations appear to tell a story about how Others invaded the natural world and the original inhabitants As a result life becomes over run with buildings, noises, and all kinds of extra STUFF The funny looking varmint on the other hand search for beauty and peace, and is happy when he finds it once again.

    24. The art in this book is wonderful however, the text is often written in dark letters on dark pages, which makes it difficult to find, let alone read I had to search some of the pages to make sure there was writing on them And then I found the story depressing I don t know that I would find this story suitable for the targeted age group I almost feel it would be better for young adults and adults rather than children age 4 8.

    25. A very beautiful book that is reminiscent of The Little House, that caldecott winner from so many years ago The little varmint in this book has saved a little plant, a little bit of green in a very gray and brown world A simple reminder that we should keep some of earth s natural beauty in tact.

    26. Wow, what a wonderful book A wonderful and spacious story with incredible artwork There is a movie short of the book that I m eager to see This was a library check out but I will be buying it for our permanent collection I want it to be around it is so rich with imagination, consciousness and wonder.

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