Cheating at Solitaire

Cheating at Solitaire By Ally Carter, Cheating at Solitaire Self help guru Julia James is so good at being single that she s become famous for it advising women that they don t need a man to be happy Then the unthinkable happens Just when her newest book
  • Title: Cheating at Solitaire
  • Author: Ally Carter
  • ISBN: 9780425205747
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cheating at Solitaire By Ally Carter, Self help guru Julia James is so good at being single that she s become famous for it advising women that they don t need a man to be happy Then the unthinkable happens Just when her newest book, 101 Ways to Cheat at Solitaire, is about to hit stores, a trumped up piece of gossip linking her to a gorgeous actor hits the papers Their pictures are splashed all over the taSelf help guru Julia James is so good at being single that she s become famous for it advising women that they don t need a man to be happy Then the unthinkable happens Just when her newest book, 101 Ways to Cheat at Solitaire, is about to hit stores, a trumped up piece of gossip linking her to a gorgeous actor hits the papers Their pictures are splashed all over the tabloids, and now Julia s credibility is about to hit rock bottom But she isn t going down without a fight Unless, that is, the actor is going down with her.
    Cheating at Solitaire By Ally Carter,
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      243 Ally Carter
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      Ally Carter writes books about spies, thieves, and teenagers She is the New York Times Best selling author of the Gallagher Girls, Heist Society, and Embassy Row series Her books have been published all over the world, in over twenty languages She encourages you to visit her online at allycarter and embassyrowbooks.

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    1. All I ever said was that marriage doesn t have to be everyone s cup of tea Maybe tea s not available in your area Maybe you haven t found a flavor you like Some people like coffee Some like pop Some Julia felt her voice beginning to crack just try to avoid caffeine This book was such a quick fun read But I have my problems with it 1 The writing style the book is short, but I feel like the author tried to drag it and with the humorous funny sentences.It s a funny book I ll not deny that, but wh [...]

    2. I enjoyed reading this book It was very funny, and I thought it was original as well I was definitely not bored This book is about an author who writes books for single women about how to successfully be a single woman She is not anti marriage, just pro living life to the fullest even if you weren t able to be married She shares a cab ride and goes shopping with an aspiring actor, and the paparazzi take pictures of them together and a nonexistent relationship is invented This makes the actor a h [...]

    3. To me Ally Carter was always just the author to The Gallagher Girls and Heist Society , it wasn t till at the start of the year that I got a 2011 calendar Chick Lit that featured excerpts from Chick Lit books, that I discovered that she had dabbled in the art of writing for the adult audience and I just had to get my hand on a copy, and the day that I finally did and have read it has come Life s best adventures are as close as your nearest bookshelf Tour Europe with the Count of Monte Cristo Dan [...]

    4. Ally Carter, Cheating at Solitaire Berkley, 2005 Here s something I never expected to see a chick lit novel that remembers the lit half of the equation Young adult novelist Ally Carter, best known for the Gallagher Girls series of novels, actually started her career with an adult novel, Cheating at Solitaire And while I m willing to admit my reading in chick lit has not been nearly as extensive as it has been in other genres, I ve certainly read my share of the stuff, and this is the best chick [...]

    5. Okay, so I go to dear ol Courtney s house to return her book, despite the fact that Courtney is long gone to Cali, and lo and behold, I emerge moments later with another of Ally Carter s books The one that is hardest to find in libraries, her noble debut, a book I ve vaguely wanted to reread for months now Cheating at Solitaire The funny, fresh, ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS book that somehow manages to be sweet and never cheesy, cooky but real, clever and funny but not fluffy, and romantic but centrall [...]

    6. I had relatively mild expectations for this book Carter s other books have been entertaining and worth the read Sadly this book isn t It fell down in far too many areas the characters were two dimensional, their motivations when they had any were contrived, there was hardly any character growth,and there were multiple times I had to flip between pages wondering if I had missed a chunk of dialogue because I was SO lost and it wasn t even between POV shifts, just between paragraphs The whole thing [...]

    7. This was a cute book I couldn t put it down and read it in one day.Moral Note It does say the S word at the very beginning and I wasn t going to read it if it still had swearing but, the author didn t throw swear words in till the very end when I then had to see what happened So, besides the S word is says the B word and heck and dang.

    8. There s something refreshing about Ally Carter s voice I find myself truly liking the characters and at least smiling periodically, if not laughing out loud.It s not great literature, but it s a fun, quick little romance And clean.

    9. Not revolutionary, but funny and cute Suffers from the common problem of debut author with over romanticised view of the life of successful authors but if you re willing to suspend your disbelief, it s a good read.

    10. Although this book targeted adults, I actually liked it less than her spy girls series which I thought was very fun.

    11. Because I love her young adult books, I wanted to give these a try I was not disappointed Quirky and funny, it kept me turning the pages, but sometimes the plot was a little hard to follow maybe I was too tired.

    12. I ve loved Ally Carter s books But this one fell a little flat for me Probably my least favorite of the bunch, but still a nice fluffy read.

    13. The Cheating at Solitaire books never claimed my attention until I realised last summer I had run out of Ally Carter books to read until she released something new from her current series As she is an author I most definitely like, I went to to buy her books And, of course, the book wasn t available But giving it a leap of faith, I ordered it used, just because And, as many others books, it became forgotten on my bookshelf because other books ended becoming attractive.But I m so happy that, one [...]

    14. First off I am a fan of Ally Carter s series Gallagher Girls and Heist Society, so as soon as I saw this book I knew I would like it What I didn t imagine though was that I would love this book which I did, it was an easy and hilarious read and I will definitely be on the lookout for books by Ally Carter.Julia James is a wildly successful self help author who s made her living saying that society s perceptions that women must be married in order to be happy are silly, and counselling single wom [...]

    15. I always like Ally Carter s work and Cheating at Solitaire is not an exception However, after Callagher Girls series, getting back to Cheating at Solitaire is giving me different perception toward Ally Carter, a secret spy into a world wide famous author who keep insisting herself to be single but the fact is she is very much in love to a famous actor with a famous dad.It is like Veronica White and Julia James different but the same person However, unlike Julia James who prefer Veronica White to [...]

    16. Julia James latest book, 101 Ways to Cheat at Solitaire, has just hit the stores Julia has been the inspiration behind many a single woman enjoying life without feeling undefined without a man She inspires them to get out and do things and not feel self conscious for not having a man by their side She is, in a sense, their role model Her life and career get a shock when the paparazzi create a story that she and a handsome young actor are dating While the incident itself was not at all what was r [...]

    17. I originally bought this book because Ally Carter is coming to the Austin Teen Book Festival and it sounded really good, I am so glad I did.This is an adult book, but I think older teen fans of Ally s work would really like it as well I certainly did Julia is awesome, she is what I want to be like if I stay single for that long She is strong and independent and when she is with Lance their chemistry flies off the page Yes this is a chick lit novel and it is awesome I was feeling down the day tha [...]

    18. Cheating at Solitaire is about Julia James, a self help author famous for writing about the benefits of being single Of course, wacky hijinx ensue and she meets cute with a hunky struggling actor The press makes it out to be a scandalous new romance, just as the actor hits it big return return Guess what happens next Uh, yeah They fall for each other and it s a series of misunderstandings culminating in a happy ending To be fair, the characters are pretty appealing and Carter s style is engaging [...]

    19. Tessa was so pleased when she saw Ally Carter YA author had a book that she d never heard of Our library doesn t have it so I thought I d be a stellar mom and ordered it from another library only to find out Tessa had found out and evidently told me it wasn t YA Oops I know I m the only mom who doesn t hear everything my kids say, so I have lost my A in mothering Meanwhile, I thought I might as well read it myself Forty pages in and so far it s fluffy entertainment.3 and 1 2 starsCute, clean, sl [...]

    20. I feel like I really should just give this book four stars, but I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the fluffiness It doesn t have the same world building you see in her young adult books, but the story hung together extremely well and followed one of my new favorite themes independent, modern woman trying to decide if love fits into her life The book hooks you right from the beginning famous author writing about enjoying singledom meets a guy will she keep her fame, or give it up for said guy I tho [...]

    21. I loved the part of the book, where she talks about her inner Nina you know, the best friend who s the devil on her shoulder, especially when it comes to men I, myself, find that I have an inner Maria Yep, she s the devil on my shoulder, ESPECIALLY when it comes to men and I don t even have to feel bad about saying that, if she can go watch 27 Dresses and tell me she just watched a movie about me and I m a blockbuster hit

    22. Ahh This hit the spot A sweet, romance, no smut or foul language Great characters Loved it Ally Carter is a fantasic author In Cheating at Solitaire, Julia is very happy with her single life and writes best selling books convincing others that they can do the same In walks Lance, a struggling actor that has the integrity to insist that he is unwilling to compromise some else s reputation for a shot at success Great chemistry between them Fun story.

    23. It had me rolling on the ground, one hand covering my mouth to stifle my laughter in case my mom start asking what s so funny about my homework and I would ve given it a 5 star, if only the ending is longer, if only it tells us about Lance and Julia The one good thing about the brief ending is that it is all left to my own imagination to see what happened next Solitaire Gin Ah, we shall see.

    24. 3.5 cans of Diet Coke Wouldn t that be cool if that was the way we rated books on here A light and fluffy read that does to your heart what fuzzy, plush slippers do to your feet on a cold, winter night warms it right up Though the ending was predictable, the characters were fun and easy to love I appreciated the humor in the plot I thought the book was well written, in spite of a story line that s been done before Overall, cute and worth a read

    25. 3.5 ish It was better, I think, than the other spy novel that I read, but still not THAT good I didn t like this one too much However, Ally Carter s writing style morphed into something that I liked a lot better She added bits of humor, and began being descriptive and less boring Sorry, if you re a fan or something, but the other book was really, really boring, and not planned out as well.

    26. The novel was, unfortunately, too predictable to be as good as I would have hoped Out of work actor meets super bestselling it s good to be single authoress, actor s agent exploits it, actor becomes big, authoress hates actor, actor leaves, authoress realizes how much she loves him, etc There were moments, certainly and some of the characters were hilarious I might read the sequel.

    27. Fun and super quick read Like most of Ally Carters other books Despite the somewhat sexy cover it s refreshingly innocent no sex Nothing deep, and character development leave something to be desired Great reading for a rainy afternoon I m looking forward to getting my hands on the next book.

    28. This was a very cute boy meets girl story by one of my favorite authors Its a fairly simple and time honored tale, Ally Carter always manages to write incredibly relatable characters and the most amazing guys to fall for If there were really men like that out there, the world would be a happier place.

    29. Perfectly fun book for a wintery, grey day Easy to read Nothing inappropriate Nice romance I love Ally Carter s YA books and so picked up this adult romance It is one of her early books, so her trademark voice is not as strong, but it was fun and funny The premise is enjoyable Nice fluff book for dull winter or beach reading

    30. I had to change the shelve I put this book on, because despite this being a romance novel, there was no kissing It was disappointing which is why it didn t get a higher rating I realize now that this is definitely not a romance novel I like it since I finished Learning to Play Gin, but I m not gonna change the raising It s good, but I liked the sequel .

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