Love Sick: One Woman's Journey through Sexual Addiction

Love Sick: One Woman's Journey through Sexual Addiction By Sue William Silverman, Love Sick One Woman s Journey through Sexual Addiction A powerful deeply personal and often lyrical memoir of a woman learning to value herself as a person rather than a sex object after years of sexual abuse by her father Silverman s message is relevan
  • Title: Love Sick: One Woman's Journey through Sexual Addiction
  • Author: Sue William Silverman
  • ISBN: 9780393333008
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Paperback
  • Love Sick: One Woman's Journey through Sexual Addiction By Sue William Silverman, A powerful, deeply personal and often lyrical memoir of a woman learning to value herself as a person rather than a sex object, after years of sexual abuse by her father Silverman s message is relevant to anyone suffering from addictions.A deeply personal story of a woman s addiction to and recovery from the high of dangerous encounters In this powerful, often lyrical meA powerful, deeply personal and often lyrical memoir of a woman learning to value herself as a person rather than a sex object, after years of sexual abuse by her father Silverman s message is relevant to anyone suffering from addictions.A deeply personal story of a woman s addiction to and recovery from the high of dangerous encounters In this powerful, often lyrical memoir, a woman learns to value herself as a whole person rather than as a sexual object Recounting her past experiences as part of her journey toward recovery, Sue William Silverman explores her skewed belief that sex is love, a belief that began with her father s sexual abuse from early childhood into adolescence She tells of college years in Boston, an early marriage in Galveston, and a roller coaster life of sex and self destructive behavior Finally, having become addicted to danger itself, she hits bottom emotionally and spiritually At this point, with the help of a trusted therapist, Silverman begins to discover the difference between the high of dangerous encounters and the reliable promise of love This utterly candid account may be the first book by a woman to examine sexual addiction But the misguided search that became Silverman s life has resonance for other addictions, whether to food, drugs, alcohol, or work anyone whose only satisfaction is now.
    Love Sick: One Woman's Journey through Sexual Addiction By Sue William Silverman,
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      Sue William Silverman s new memoir is The Pat Boone Fan Club My Life as a White Anglo Saxon Jew Her other two memoirs are Love Sick One Woman s Journey Through Sexual Addiction W.W Norton , which aired as a Lifetime Television original movie, and Because I Remember Terror, Father, I Remember You University of Georgia Press , which won the AWP award in creative nonfiction Her craft book is Fearless Confessions A Writer s Guide to Memoir and her poetry collection is Hieroglyphics in Neon Orchises Press As a professional speaker she has appeared on The View, Anderson Cooper 360, CNN Headline News, the Montel Williams Show, and the Discovery Channel She teaches in the MFA in Writing program at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

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    1. Onvan Love Sick One Woman s Journey through Sexual Addiction Nevisande Sue William Silverman ISBN 393333000 ISBN13 9780393333008 Dar 304 Safhe Saal e Chap 2001

    2. To the librarian that put this on the shelf at exactly my eye level, I salute you I never would have known this book existed had I not stumbled upon it at the library So, thank you I found this book absolutely fascinating I went into it thinking that I might get something along the lines of the Sandra Bullock movie, 28 Days Boy, was I way off in my expectations This book is nothing like that at all There is no comic relief here No tales of hilarity, no taking the piss out of yourself and the oth [...]

    3. Mixed feelings on this one Sue William Silverman apparently has a creative writing degree, and I can see that in the way some of the chapters are written like prose, even attempts at poetry She definitely offers some important insights into the world of an addict, but I cannot say I found her to be a good writer overall I felt a little disoriented in the depths of the story, and felt that she could have written with a little stability and anchors to the real world I have to say that with such m [...]

    4. What is sexual addiction How does one recover from this addiction Sue William Silverman answers these questions in her heartbreaking and heartwarming autobiography Even if a reader does not experience an addiction of any kind, no time is wasted while reading the book because the prose is so expertly crafted.As with any addiction, sexual addiction is a narrow one dimensional drive serving only to feed itself Sue was starved for real love as a child, so she uses unhealthy behaviors to search for l [...]

    5. This was a hard book to read and I m torn on whether I liked it that much or not I liked it in that it was well written and I came to care about her struggles but didn t like it in that it made me think and see myself I know that sounds crazy and I m not sure if I m explaining how this book made me feel It honestly scared me because I think I learned some truths about myself while reading it and that s hard for me to handle This is an in depth look at overcoming an addiction that really hit home [...]

    6. Awful Just awful.I love reading memoirs they are a guilty pleasure I ve read many, many types of memoiro drug addiction, alcoholism, food addiction, sex addictionyou get the idea Of all of the addictions, it seems that sex addicts as a whole lack the ability to have any level of introspection or accountability for their actions There are plenty of explanations, ranging from parental neglect to childhood sexual abuse And while of course these things are terrible and difficult to overcome, they re [...]

    7. The author is highly talented, honest and her writing style is such charmingly engaging She is one of the best when it comes to recommended works for those of us who are on journey of writing I began reading her in the first place so as to be mentored in writing skills On the should of giants we stand This account of sexual abuse relates how one can be love sick, seeking love and trying to meet it in ways that are counter productive I don t do this for pleasure I do this for love It was sex as a [...]

    8. Bias alert Sue was my third semester advisor in my MFA program at the Vermont College of Fine Arts and was the primary reason I chose that program This is an even masterful memoir than her first I particularly like the way she frames the story in her treatment program, a narrative line moving through that day by day while we get a portrait of her life, her poor choices, and the reasons for those choices You don t have to have read her first book to appreciate this one in fact I read this one fi [...]

    9. The author somehow found a way to make her interesting experiences boring I felt like I was sitting in on the therapy session of someone who hasn t much insight My guess is that Silverman still hasn t dealt with her eating disorder and it is blocking her from experiencing her life with depth and clarity.

    10. Heard about this on Oprah, so I m guessing it s not as salacious as it soundsSelf indulgent and not all that compelling I m wondering if she used all her good stories in her first book which actually sounds quite interesting.

    11. I liked this book SWS does a good job of giving us enough to hold onto as readers without falling into an emotional mess I was reading this book at night before bed, and I had very strange abstract dreams filled with color.

    12. Powerful journey through sexual addiction therapy after her childhood molestation by her father See also When I Think of Terror, Father.

    13. An eye opening book at love sex addictionThis book is much better than the film It gives a personal account of the grips of addiction and the internal resistance to sobriety Most importantly it depicts that compulsively seeking out a fix has nothing to do with the fix satisfying the need.

    14. This book was moving, emotional, and well written I felt the stench of cigarettes I echoes her desires and agony The conflict of Sue s character is something in which we can all find a nugget of ourselves I will be re reading this for certain, as I devoured the book in 3 days Next time I will read it at a leisurely pace.

    15. In Love Sick, Sue William Silverman discloses details about her abusive past, her addiction with men and how she formed her views and beliefs of sex and what it means to love and be loved.During Sue s therapy and in patient treatment, she discovers that all addicts are similar in many ways In Sue s words Sex addiction isn t about sex It s about power and control It s about numbing feelings Just like alcoholism isn t about alcohol and eating disorders aren t about food We hear the message of sex [...]

    16. This book was recommended as similar after I read Loose Girl A Memoir of Promiscuity, and it seems I may have inherited my dad s penchant for lurid memoirs, so I looked forward to reading it.While it was well written, it is not nearly as satisfying as Loose Girl was In theory, I like the way that the memoir is structured, with one chapter per day of her stay in a sex addiction rehabilitation center Through her experiences there, we wind backwards through her life to see the key moments of her ad [...]

    17. .Sue William Silverman explora su creencia distorsionada de que el sexo es el amor Todos los jueves a mediod a tengo relaciones sexuales con Rick en la habitaci n 213 del Motel Rainbow Hoy en d a, a pesar de que le promet a mi terapeuta no me vienen aqu de nuevo C mo puede el amor ser dos cuerpos envueltos en una hoja que est quemada por cigarrillos por descuido, aqu , en una habitaci n con cortinas de pl stico, ceniceros de esta o, metal com n, alfombras manchadas, alquimia mal, el aire artific [...]

    18. I saw Sue William Silverman interviewed on a TV documentary and picked up this book and also her first memoir so glad I did on both counts Since Love Sick is framed by Silverman s stint in rehab, it is very different from the first book, both in structure and feel Because I Remember Terror has a much removed tone looking back at childhood horrors with a keen observational eye Love Sick also possesses the keen eye but feels much immediate as the author processes her rehab experience as it unfol [...]

    19. I found out about this book through watching the movie on Lifetime I knew I had to read it because I struggle with the same issue myself and wanted to learn information I could relate on so many levels and felt she accurately portrayed the emotions and thoughts that go on during the addict self I enjoyed learning about her personal journey through counseling and building herself from the ground up at a rehabilitation center for Sex Love Addicts She narrated her story in a journaling sort of way [...]

    20. I found this book oddly compelling Usually with non fiction books I can only read so much a day as it is a little dry and slightly boring, not so with this one I would read a small chunk then pick up another book and having a hard time getting into it because I wanted to keep reading this one Finally half way through I gave in and just kept reading this one.Sue s struggle with her sex addiction was fascinating You know why she started, how she acted, and her struggle in treatment Did her treatme [...]

    21. Love Sick is a powerful book The author writes about her time in a rehab facility It is the book about those 28 days she spent in a rehab as a sex addict I actually saw the movie on LMN and then read the book which is generally the other way for me The book shows her struggle to get out of her habit, portrays great picture of all other women in rehab and their struggle with their respective addictions Author goes between her past and her present and provides an emotional yet very strong picture [...]

    22. A hard book A good book Not for the faint of heart The author is on the faculty of VCFA, and I ve crossed paths with her for three years now at the summer post grad writing conference But it took my all that time to gather the courage to read her powerful memoir AS one review put it, it would be best if these kinds of books did not have to be written, but they must, the stories must be told Rule of thumb for the uninitiated folks don t usually go around being hypersexual and promiscuous if they [...]

    23. The book was recomended to me by a friend when I was having some personal and relationship issues It was helpful in that in provided me with an objective view on a situation that was similar to my own I was able to take some things away from it and it helped to push me along in seeking the help I needed to cope with my own issues For the average reader, unless they ve been through something similar I don t think they would find this stimulating at all, but to someone like me who found a lot to i [...]

    24. I expected I expected to be riveted and bruised, to feel a sense of desperation, to think about the subject matter long after I read it I wasn t and didn t It s titillating on one level A bit horrifying on another And immature on yet another It was a quick read but satisfying like the ice cream in an ice cream sandwich It s ice cream so it s good but it s also an eerily sanitary version of vanilla and I like the heavy cream, the vanilla bean.I want to read it again to make sure I didn t miss th [...]

    25. Contrary to what one might think, this memoir is not a self indulgent examination of the author s sexual proclivities It focuses on her inpatient treatment for sexual addiction while utilizing a few literally examples of these issues played out in her life Many women, I suspect, will recognize some of these themes in themselves in much less severe, but still thought provoking way Like life, she leaves her ultimate fate unknown, but crafts an intruiging enough work that the reader is tempted to h [...]

    26. There s a stigma that comes with sexual addiction it s in other various reviews on this website that people need to take responsibility and not be whores, but Silverman demonstrates that it s not that simple Did I enjoy the book No It s not exactly a book you enjoy I imagine it s a book that I will reflect on when I least expect it, but I was not overly captivated by her story I found the conclusion lacking Am I to believe that she is recovered because the book is published Or has she relapsed I [...]

    27. Keeping up appearances , and trying to think that your father always taught you how to love instead of being raped by him, and even pretend that it never happened, is incredible Is kind of sick to know that her father taught her how to love and because of that, she has a necessity of having sex with any man, specially with the one she thinks that perhaps loves herI don t remember when the last time a book I read moved me and impacted me so much probably was push was I felt like living inside its [...]

    28. Messed up memoirs tend to be a guilty pleasurewhen done in the vein of Augusten Burroughs, James Frey, or Dave Eggersbut for some reason Silverman s just wore me out There was nothing likable about her, and while her story is certainly sad, it just didn t gain any inkling of sympathy from me.Love sickis hailed as lyrical novel, but there was nothing special about her writing and to think she has her MFA It was a boring, blah book that had the potential to be a lot better.

    29. This book is very empowering for those that struggle with addiction and self image Reading Sue s story made me realize so much about my own life and my habits The way you run to men to numb pain from your past or present how you tell yourself you want one thing when in reality it s nothing you want at all it s just your addict that needs the high Reading Sue s memoir will stick with me through my own recovery I d suggest this book to anyone whose struggling.

    30. Once I was done with this book, I was left feeling depressed and like humanity was one steaming sack of caca But I am tempted to read it again, because I really feel for the author, and I want to understand her better I think everyone needs to read this, because it is a really, really detailed example for why people act illogically Though my life and tenancies are completely different from hers, I have learned a lot about myself, my friends, and humanity from this book.

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