Sourdough and Other Stories

Sourdough and Other Stories By Angela Slatter, Sourdough and Other Stories Welcome to the beautiful magic restless passion and exquisite horror of Angela Slatter s impeccably imagined tales In the cathedral city of Lodellan and its uneasy hinterland babies are fashioned fr
  • Title: Sourdough and Other Stories
  • Author: Angela Slatter
  • ISBN: 9781452385105
  • Page: 301
  • Format: ebook
  • Sourdough and Other Stories By Angela Slatter, Welcome to the beautiful magic, restless passion and exquisite horror of Angela Slatter s impeccably imagined tales In the cathedral city of Lodellan and its uneasy hinterland, babies are fashioned from bread, dolls are given souls and wishes granted may be soon regretted There are ghosts who dream, men whose wings have been clipped and trolls who long for something otheWelcome to the beautiful magic, restless passion and exquisite horror of Angela Slatter s impeccably imagined tales In the cathedral city of Lodellan and its uneasy hinterland, babies are fashioned from bread, dolls are given souls and wishes granted may be soon regretted There are ghosts who dream, men whose wings have been clipped and trolls who long for something other.
    Sourdough and Other Stories By Angela Slatter,
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      301 Angela Slatter
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    About "Angela Slatter"

    1. Angela Slatter

      Angela Slatter is the author of the urban fantasy novels Vigil 2016 and Corpselight 2017 , as well as eight short story collections, including The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales, Sourdough and Other Stories, The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings, and A Feast of Sorrows Stories She has won a World Fantasy Award, a British Fantasy Award, a Ditmar, and six Aurealis Awards.Angela s short stories have appeared in Australian, UK and US Best Of anthologies such The Mammoth Book of New Horror, The Year s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror, The Best Horror of the Year, The Year s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror, and The Year s Best YA Speculative Fiction Her work has been translated into Bulgarian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, and Romanian Victoria Madden of Sweet Potato Films The Kettering Incident has optioned the film rights to one of her short stories.She has an MA and a PhD in Creative Writing, is a graduate of Clarion South 2009 and the Tin House Summer Writers Workshop 2006, and in 2013 she was awarded one of the inaugural Queensland Writers Fellowships In 2016 Angela was the Established Writer in Residence at the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers Centre in Perth.Her novellas, Of Sorrow and Such from Tor , and Ripper in the Stephen Jones anthology Horrorology, from Jo Fletcher Books were released in October 2015.The third novel in the Verity Fassbinder series, Restoration, will be released in 2018 by Jo Fletcher Books Hachette International She is represented by Ian Drury of the literary agency Sheil Land for her long fiction, by Lucy Fawcett of Sheil Land for film rights, and by Alex Adsett of Alex Adsett Publishing Services for illustrated storybooks.

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    1. This fantasy book full of short stories has got to be some of the most beautiful that I ve ever read, and it s not merely because of the richness of the characters, or of how much thought and careful effort was spent in the crafting of so many different women Indeed, I don t even love it because so many classic fairy tales were taken by the scruff and were scolded and were transformed as if by magic into things utterly different than their original beginnings, or so altered that we are now livin [...]

    2. The Shadow TreeAn amazing opening to the book familiar fairytale elements combine in unexpected ways, creating a haunting, eerie and poignant tale.This cinder dark Ella, servant in a great castle, sees to the needs of both the king and the queen, and tells strange stories to their two horrible children But that s not all she ll do Gallow berriesThis is a prequel to And Sorrow And Such here we meet the main character of that novella as a young woman who s just lost her mother Lest you feel too, t [...]

    3. This is collection of short stories, inter related in several ways and set at different times The stories could be fairy tales, indeed one of them is a retelling of Rapunzel, but all from a dark fantasy or horror viewpoint Myth from our world is liberally sprinkled in, but most of it is brilliantly original.There s witches, trolls, ghosts, spirits, sirens and all sorts of magic, but the stories are always deeply ground in the women that experience them The stories interleave themes around women [...]

    4. In the Afterword to my edition, Jeff Vandermeer basically says everything I could ever want to say about this book and Angela Slatter First, he brings up Angela Carter exactly who I think of when I read Slatter and who, yes, I had a huge reading crush on as a young adult, just like Mr Vandermeer and yet, an author so different from Ms Slatter.Then, he says much brilliantly than I did, when describing this book ineloquently to my husband as stories that could be real that her characters exist on [...]

    5. I m a sucker for a good fairy story And I mean a proper fairy story, where nasty things happen, even to the good people It makes my teeth flex to see these sanitised Disney fairy tales, where it s all rainbows and unicorns and bollocks like that, with a final message that all you have to do is believe in yourself Fuck off That s not a fairy tale A real fairy story is where the witch does eat the children, not when the children outsmart the mean old witch with their goodness and wholesomeness.So [...]

    6. I opened the package from Tartarus Press the moment it arrived I knew that I would be compelled to read this little gem right away So, I took off the dust cover a habit I picked up after the scary incident of the water spill this Summer and gasped with awe Stephen J Clark s stunning image is etched into the hard cover in glorious silver, gold, and brass tones see picture above I didn t think Tartarus could outdo themselves, but they did I know, I know, you can t judge a book by its cover but it [...]

    7. Reading this has been a long time coming I think I ve owned it for a couple of years, but I ve never quite got there before now mostly because I knew that once I had read it, I would have read it, and then it wouldn t be sitting there waiting to be read.Yes, sometimes my brain is weird DR totally, totally worth it wonderful and strange and making me moon eyed It is indeed like reading those fairy tales that were deemed Not Really Fit for young children and discovering that THAT is where the good [...]

    8. Angela Slatter is definitely on my must read list now Loved this almost as much as I loved The Bitterwood Bible This amazing book of Dark Fairy Tales with a feminist slant feels effortless to read and draws you in from cover to cover Definitely reminiscent of the great Angela Carter.

    9. Captivating and intriguing from beginning to end What an ingenious collection of short stories What a surprise to discover this collection and the dark work of Angela Slatter She has a brilliant mind and a true gift of storytelling.

    10. I received this book in a firstreads giveaway I don t usually read short stories because I find that there isn t enough space for characters to develop any depth But these stories were great Once you ve read a few chapters, all the stories start linking together, so that each story seems like a chapter in a novel In reading later chapters, you learn about the stories and characters in previous stories, until they all link up I really liked the way this book was written I ve never read a book l [...]

    11. This was one of the best short story collections I ve read in quiet some time One thing that can sometimes be a pain for me with reading a collection of short stories by the same author is that there winds up being too many similarities between the stories and i become bored and restless or it might just be bad mythos fiction That wasn t the case with these stories at all The one time I started to feel that way with this collection the next story completely turned me around and had me devouring [...]

    12. Darkly inventive stories that start in fantasy and fairy tale territory, but imbue that material with an element of realist psychological depth and complexity Gripping and enchanting reading, although I couldn t entirely shake a slight element of semi goth romance predictability in some of the language and trappings More than compensated for by the imaginative and original take on the subject matter however.

    13. Sourdough and Other Stories by Angela Slatter is a collection of linked short stories or a mosaic novel similar to The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings, but written earlier and set later in the same world.As always with Slatter s work, the writing in this book is gorgeous and the stories women centric I have to admit, I read it over the course of a several weeks so I lost some sense of continuity As a result, towards the end I found myself flicking back to earlier stories trying to remembe [...]

    14. 16 stories, each skillfully interwoven to one another yet so different Everyone Dark, chilling and disturbing, though told with a thread of light humour and occasionally dark humour running through them Very observantly written, you can feel yourself there in the setting with them As a child, I found Fairy tales to be always unreal, a fantasy, these go beyond that, drawing you into something bordering on believable Psychologically, these tug at you somewhere deep down, tantalisingly part exposin [...]

    15. Gorgeous collection Each of the stories was a beautiful fairytale in itself and the way they all tied together was magnificent The prose was wonderful, none of the stories was too long, and they all drew from the same source material while remaining astoundingly original Good fairytales always have a lick of venom in them, and all of these did as well sometimes inflicted on the protagonist and sometimes on their enemies But it was always sharp and always appropriate.The spectrum of female protag [...]

    16. When I read the brilliant novella Of Sorrow and Such, I vowed to read by Angela Slatter Well, I ve fulfilled that vow, and Sourdough and Other Stories turned out to be even better than Of Sorrow and Such This collection of interlocking short stories is a gorgeously crafted, feminist master piece that would appeal to fans of Catherynne Valente.The stories relate to each other, with characters from one story appearing in others and events in one story rippling to lead to another I think I d have [...]

    17. I love these stories They are dark fairytales, but also so much I had to take a break in between stories to catch my breath, they were so intense I read other reviews that called reading too many of these stories at once dizzying They certainly are in the best possible way I had never heard of Angela Slatter before The Poisonwood Bible came up as a monthly read in one of my book groups I read Sourdough first because the description implied that it may be something of a prequel to Poisonwood Eve [...]

    18. the shadow tree 4 5gallowberries 4.5 5little radish 4 5dibblespin 3.5 5the navigator 4 5the angel wood 4 5ash 3.5 5the story of ink 3.5 5lost things 4 5a good husband 3.5 5a porcelain soul 4 5the bones remember everything 4 5sourdough 4.5 5sister, sister 3.5 5lavender and lychgates 4 5under the mountain 4 5

    19. wow I love this Author, and love the short story although all linked very creative storyteller who keeps me thoroughly entertained

    20. I like a number of the gothic fairy tales in this collection, but found others to be clear misses, and the overall feel is rather too mean spirited for my tastes.

    21. I feel a bit dizzy after reading this collection It was so rich in characters but it was like being behind a camera that would hover above the city where these stories were set before zooming in to one house or farm or wood and following the characters there for a while Then it would suddenly zoom out and zoom in again somewhere different to follow someone else And often, by the time we d moved a few stories down the line, a character from earlier had moved into the later story Or a character me [...]

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