The Dark Victorian: Bones

The Dark Victorian: Bones By Elizabeth Watasin, The Dark Victorian Bones I am made of this In a Victorian mechanical and eldritch London a black arts surgeon is ripping out the bones and organs of healthy poor folk to transplant into the afflicted bodies of the wealthy An
  • Title: The Dark Victorian: Bones
  • Author: Elizabeth Watasin
  • ISBN: 9781301285662
  • Page: 448
  • Format: ebook
  • The Dark Victorian: Bones By Elizabeth Watasin, I am made of this In a Victorian mechanical and eldritch London, a black arts surgeon is ripping out the bones and organs of healthy poor folk to transplant into the afflicted bodies of the wealthy Anti vivisectionists battle with medical doctors, medical doctors condemn supernatural practitioners, and amidst it all the Bone Stealer hunts for his most elusive prize yet I am made of this In a Victorian mechanical and eldritch London, a black arts surgeon is ripping out the bones and organs of healthy poor folk to transplant into the afflicted bodies of the wealthy Anti vivisectionists battle with medical doctors, medical doctors condemn supernatural practitioners, and amidst it all the Bone Stealer hunts for his most elusive prize yet the skeleton of a woman over six feet tall Secret Commission agents Art, the artificial ghost, and Jim Dastard, the animated skull, rush to stop him before another woman dies And Art, only six days living after being resurrected to serve the Secret Commission, might be that woman.
    The Dark Victorian: Bones By Elizabeth Watasin,
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      Elizabeth Watasin is the author of the Gothic steampunk series The Dark Victorian, The Elle Black Penny Dreads, the cyberpunk Darquepunk series, and the creator artist of the indie comics series Charm School, which was nominated for a Gaylactic Spectrum Award Winner of a Rainbow Award 2015, Best Lesbian Fantasy and Fantasy Romance, for Medusa A Dark Victorian Penny Dread A twenty year veteran of animation and comics, she lives in Los Angeles with her black cat named Draw, busy bringing readers uncanny heroines in shilling shockers, science fiction, and diesel fantasy tales.Follow the news of her latest projects at A Girl Studio.

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    1. Reading this a 2nd time, it s still a five star book Bones picks up immediately after the events of Risen and delves into a deeper mystery and a much richer world In this caper, Jim and Artifice are after the sinister dark arts master that is stealing full skeletons and organs from live bodies and does so without even making an incision Like the first book, this narrative carries numerous mysteries beyond the main storyline There is so much we don t know but it s clear the author has complex bac [...]

    2. Can t think of a single negative thing about it Mystery, paranormal, steampunk The secondary characters are extensive and pretty awesome Loved it.

    3. 5 fat stars Oh my, I LOVE this series and I can t wait for the next book to come out So imaginative, such wonderful characters Elizabeth Watasin has just blown me away April 30 Read it again and out loud to my Book Club Buddy D As always when you read it a second time you find parts that didn t stand out before Elizabeth s world is so richly filled, so much detail The woman spends an insane amount of time on research and it shows.By now D is fully under the thrall of Ms Watasin and I am to read [...]

    4. So once again we are reintroduced into the fantastical steampunk world of M Watasin in this sequel to Risen Art is a reanimated woman, 6 2 and gives off a blue glow She can fly as a ghost and absorbs her raw food in this process of absorption where the items fly from her plates and then into her She is by far my most favorite character Demure, but forthright, a Quaker but a killer, and a Sapphist when I hardly think the term was known to the general public I liked her a lot.There is an addition [...]

    5. Bones is the second of Elizabeth Watasin s Dark Victorian novels In this outing, someone is literally stealing the bones of the impoverished All over London, deflated bodies are being found with no wounds apparent, but all bones removed.Newly resurrected artificial ghost Artifice Art for short and her companion Jim Dastard are on the job again, this time tracking down the Bone Stealer The adventures also involve subplot with the wealthy Skycourt twins, Helia and Helene, both of whom seem to know [...]

    6. To the Staccato of spinal horror, now arrives our recently revived Art attended upon by her ever faithful cranial savant Jim Read if you Delight in a heady, deeply satisfying blend of Victorian, Gothic and Romantic impulses.Enjoy supernatural horrors subservient to true terror Humanities InhumanityCan drown lovingly in narrative that is equal parts prose and verse.Like your steampunk whodunit with layers of delicious conspiracy and malicious intent Enjoyed Dark Victorian Risen DUH Avoid if you C [...]

    7. This was such a disappointment I liked the first book.I expected a steampunk horror story featuring an artificial ghost and an animated skull trying to catch a serial killer The Bone Stealer is leaving bodies without skeleton a pretty neat theme It seems as a great story, doesn t it It still is, but that great idea for a steampunk horror was buried under all the day to day and hour to hour details I lost count how many times something exciting and or interesting was interrupted so we could read [...]

    8. I was given a review copy by the authorAnother enjoyable read from Elizabeth Watasin As you may have taken away from my earlier reviews, I love dark Victorian stories and Watasin knows how to tell a dark tale Smoke grew thick in the afternoon air of London Airships sailed, one after the other, in the skies above the fog and ash while the streets below congested noisily with omnibuses, cabs, and wagons Once again, we follow the exploits of Art an artificial ghost and Jim Dastard an animated skull [...]

    9. It does take a while to catch the flow of the language of the times, but worth it such an excellent job of character creation that so many supporting character could get entire books of their own i want a book about the mysterious and kick ass Helene and Helia and Manon and Ellie and Elsepeth well, lots of mysterious kick ass women in this book There were many things still unknown at the end of this book Who really is was the blackheart What s the deal with the strange gym ladies Is so and so a [...]

    10. The adventures of His Highness supernatural agents Art, an artificial ghost only a few days old, and her partner Jim, an animated skull, continue And I couldn t be pleased This time, while Art is still recuperating from the re animationist case, she and Jim must deal with a bone stealer who uses his rather unique gift to remove and insert bones into another and adhere skin, muscle, tissue, and nerves without permanent damage except to the one who unwillingly donates his or her bones.I was delig [...]

    11. BONES continues the adventures of Art the living ghost and Jim Dastard the animated skull, both brought back to life by the mysterious Secret Commission to battle supernatural menaces in Victorian London Which is a great pulpy adventure premise, but there s a lot going on here than just spooky thrills although there s plenty of that, too This time out, Art and Jim are on the trail of the Bone Stealer, a villain who is using black magic to harvest entire skeletons out of people s bodies Which is [...]

    12. Some times waiting is definitely worth the suspense I received The Dark Victorian Bones Volume 2 at the same time as receiving The Dark Victorian Risen Volume 1 I loved Risen, but at the time did not have time to sit down and enjoy the second book Bones was my holiday break guilty pleasure book, and I am thoroughly thrilled with the results.Art and Jim are back Not fully recovered from the fray with the horrible re animationist, a new terror is gripping the streets of London The Bone Stealer is [...]

    13. BONES The Second Time is Even More Charming Once again, the unique in any century duo of Jim Dastard and Artifice find themselves at the center of danger and crime More than able to handle the challenges with the skills and talents bestowed upon them by the Secret Commission.I was so very pleased to read the second novel in Elizabeth Watasin s Dark Victorian series A delightful present at the time of my birthday.One of the best parts of the book is the visual images that her words painted in my [...]

    14. 3.5 5 stars Once again Artifice and Jim Dastard must solve an occult mystery, this time one of dead bodies being found completely without their skeletons But this book is not only a mystery As a matter of fact, this mystery is actually a minor plot in this book, which is far concerned with the mystery of Artifice s pre resurrection identity, and her lovelife where it concerns Manon the dryad prostitute and Helia Skycourt, the demon tainted journalist It also spends a great deal of time with Del [...]

    15. An excellent sequel A bit too much romance for me, I prefer crime and bloodshed I will definitely continue reading this series Art is a wonderful character and I can t wait to find out about her In fact, I can t wait to find out about all of them And what eldritch crime they have to solve next Hurry up with the 3rd book

    16. Though I enjoyed the first book I just freaking adored this one There is a lot story this time around and the plot just seemed to flow better excellent story can t wait to loan these to my nook buddies

    17. I enjoyed this book far than the first The first in the series felt like a bit of a one dimensional young adult book it was a short, fast read This second book starts in a world that was already introduced in the previous book and allows the characters to move and develop I like the pace of the book and when the book ended in relation to the climax of the mystery.

    18. Skull and Ghost are back Art is the artificial ghost, Jim is the animated skull They are supernatural agents of HRH Prince Albert s Secret Commission and reside at the House of Vesta, a private club where clients are sophisticated and queer In their second case together they are dealing with a black arts surgeon who kills poor people to sell their bones to the rich in need Art, being over six feet tall, could be the next victim.Like her predecessors, Art has no memory of who she was before her d [...]

    19. The beginning of the book was frustratingly slow, with too much descriptives and mundane matters of daily life thrown into the mix as the plot builds up I liked the tightly written action scenes building up to the climax but they were unfortunately disrupted by a sudden changes in character POVs I liked how the author builds up the characters Delphia, Helene, Helia and Manon, and their interactions with Art I also enjoyed the author s ideas and creativity in world building However, certain segme [...]

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