She's Out of Control

She's Out of Control By Kristin Billerbeck, She s Out of Control Ever been on the verge of buying your own engagement ring Ashley Stockingdale the charming but always in over her head patent attorney from What a Girl Wants has finally found the man she wants to m
  • Title: She's Out of Control
  • Author: Kristin Billerbeck
  • ISBN: 9780849944598
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • She's Out of Control By Kristin Billerbeck, Ever been on the verge of buying your own engagement ring Ashley Stockingdale, the charming but always in over her head patent attorney from What a Girl Wants, has finally found the man she wants to marry But after nine months of dating, it seems her commitment phobe boyfriend will never use the M word And just when she thinks she s got it all together, Ashley is havEver been on the verge of buying your own engagement ring Ashley Stockingdale, the charming but always in over her head patent attorney from What a Girl Wants, has finally found the man she wants to marry But after nine months of dating, it seems her commitment phobe boyfriend will never use the M word And just when she thinks she s got it all together, Ashley is having trouble knowing where to put it.A massive remodeling project, a hyperactive puppy, and an ex boyfriend who wants to be part of her life again all keep Ashley s world spinning As the mayhem escalates, Ashley s life quickly goes from What a Girl Wants to out of control.
    She's Out of Control By Kristin Billerbeck,
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    1. Kristin Billerbeck

      About KristinI grew up with a strong sense of justice I simply knew the way things should be And since I m not smart enough to be a district attorney, I am a novelist My childhood was slightly confusing I blame my parents for this Oh heck, I m going to blame them for everything I think I would have turned out normal if it weren t for them the billerbeck s Okay, probably not I am a fourth generation Californian, and an American mutt, but identify most strongly with my Italian heritage My mother s family, of strong Norwegian German descent, tried to teach me how to do things right How to cook, clean, sew, budget accordingly all the things a proper young girl should know to be a contributing member of society I, however, failed miserably For my 40th birthday, my grandmother gave me a cookie gun, so it s clear she hasn t given up on me yet That is eternal optimism My dad s Italian family taught me about the good life The indulgent life How to eat, shop and be merry My Nana had very tiny feet and a penchant for shoes she worked at the Emporium, no doubt to fund her shoe addiction My afternoons at her house had no lessons, other than how to walk in her high heels, drape myself in her mink stole and drip myself with rhinestones Tastefully, of course I picked up on this lifestyle much quicker.I graduated San Jose State University with a degree in Journalism Mass Communications emphasis in Advertising , gave my life to Jesus during college and found my true love in a Christian Singles Group, which yes, I skewer in What a Girl Wants He is German Practical And a Contributing Member of Society I am still Italian, fluffy and an aficionado of fine shoes handbags Together, we have four children and now it s our turn to confuse them The circle of life Dysfunctional family style.

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    1. Ashley Stockingdale is back with of her drama queen antics aka whining in this sequel to What a Girl Wants.Ashley has been dating her boyfriend for 9 months, and there seems no end in sight He won t commit to anything long term, and he starts to squirm whenever the subject comes up Ashley apparently loves him and wants to get married, but he won t commit, and at the age of 31 she is feeling her biological clock ticking Back and forth Ashley goes on the subject, she loves him, but should she jus [...]

    2. This was better than the first in the series, What a Girl Wants The characters were developed and the guys redeeming or not so qualities came out I am happy with her decision at this point Like that matters It will be interesting to see what happens with Ashley in the next book, With This Ring, I m Confused I like reading series because you get time to get to know the characters and they have time to change over time A lot of chick lit seems to be written so quickly that the characters are ju [...]

    3. Well I read book 1 of Ashley Stockingdale s life a year ago and just now decided to finish our her series Book 1 must not have annoyed me much if I kept on my list books 2 and 3 Because if it had annoyed me as much as books 2 and 3 that review is forthcoming then I wouldn t have finished the series Ashley Stockingdale is a Christian who gives the term Christianese it s full meaning She is, in all honesty, shallow, self absorbed, and obnoxious Many times I wished I could enter into the pages of t [...]

    4. First I must say, that I love Ashley Wilkes Stockingdale, the heroine of this book series I also like her friends Brea, Kay and Dr Kevin Novak The series is styled Christian Chick Lit, but it is relevant to women everywhere, Christian or secular, regardless of ethnicity I m a Black American female, but I totally get where Ashley is coming from In fact, some of my friends actually think she sounds like me I think it s wonderful when an author can develop a character so thoroughly that s he comes [...]

    5. I feel like there have been Mandy Moore movies made out of some of these books, no I have not seen these movies, although I am strangely titillated by the concept of Mandy Moore in a series of Christian chick flick movies If there exists a market for chick lit about adorable Christian lesbians, I am that market Anyway, I like this book I like, in a large part, being reminded that there are people in their twenties whose inner lives are comprised in a large part of trying to maintain a relationsh [...]

    6. She s Out of Control is an apt title for Ashley s goofy life in this second book in Billerbeck s Ashley Stockingdale trilogy Unlike other poor little rich girls, though, Ashley is completely loveable in her crazy antics The novel begins with Ashley lamenting the confused interest of her boyfriend, geeky bald engineer Seth When he scurries off to India for a job, Ashley s left in a state of total confusion, with the puppy he bought her rapidly increasing in size and destructive qualities You can [...]

    7. wow I m completely with out words slightly torn, confused, and simply sitting back trying desperately to cling on to the notion that God really does know what s best, and has the most AmazingPlan for each and everyone of us Unfortunately, some pieces of all of this hit so dern close to home it s frightening now if my knight in shining armor would just pop his head into my life, I might be able to actually move along shrug in His Timing I know sigh FTR at this rate approx 1 1 2 days per book I sh [...]

    8. For a clean Christian chick lit book, I found Ashley to be entertaining Of course I got bored of her overly dramatic search for a husband, which often came off as whining, but she was a very likeable person other than that minor issue I read the 2nd book first not knowing it was a series or even Christian and from then, I read 1 and 3l three in a little over a week I d be friends with Ashely in real life as long as she wasn t too preachy.The three books are very typical chick lit girly movie typ [...]

    9. This Christian chick lit book is the second in the Ashley Stockingdale series and it picks up right where the previous one left off Ashley is in a dither as she tries to make her relationship with the man of her dreams, Seth Greenwood work out However, their differing approaches to their relationship make it difficult for them to come together The situation is further complicated when both of their exes show up and their is renewed interest from the exes While I generally liked the book, at time [...]

    10. This book was excellent I found myself not being able to wait until the next opportunity I would have to get back into it This is the second book in the Ashley Stockingdale series I had read the first What A Girl Wants back in 2003 and thought that I wanted to get back into it As soon as I finished She s Out of Control, I went to the library and checked out the last third book in the series and am now reading that.This is good Christian chick lit It s fun and enjoyable and relatable as well Wher [...]

    11. I just saw this book at the library and thought it might be good It was super funny A girl has been dating a guy for 9 months and thinks its time for an engagement but the guy has other ideas The big day comes and all her friends have been invitied to the boyfriends for a surprise He gives her a dog instead of a boyfriend Her world is crazy and she is a bit misguided and naive when it comes to men It is a cute story and would like to see with the same characters.

    12. This book is the second in teh Ashley Stockingdale series It picks up where book one left off The characters are likeable and the storyline while predictable keeps a good pace If I could have a I would have given this book a 3.5 It was good to get another glimpse at what was going on the the lives of the characters of this book I would recommend this author and this series especially if you want a light quick read.

    13. This is the second book in Billerbeck s Ashley Stockingdale series I am happy to say that I really enjoyed this book Ashley finally grew a backbone, which is something I need in a female character especially the heroine This book was much less predictable than the first and, though I still can t see myself in Ashley, I did enjoy watching her stumble through life in her own clumsy way.

    14. Classic tale of which guy will she choose Portrayed the two guys as equally likable at first and I was pleasantly surprised at her choice I love the drama surrounding each guy Ashley is a character we feel like we can relate to I read this series one after another Good thing my friend owned all 3

    15. This is the first book in a trilogy of Christian Chic lit about the same main character Ashley Stockingdale The writer s style is so fresh and the character Ashley is so quirkyher life is really believeable In the book you follow Ashley, a patent lawyer, on her indirect search to find Mister Right I caught myself laughing out loud at least a dozen times It was so much fun to read

    16. This book was fun to read and so present I ve not read many inspirational religion fiction books, but Kristin Billerbeck does such a good job of making the characters relatable and real, I definitly will be reading

    17. I m enjoying this cute and fun Christian chick lit series, and this second book was better than the first I liked Ashley in this one, though I do still think she can be a bit judgmental at times That was reined in a lot in this book, though On to the next and final book.

    18. I didn t enjoy this one as much as the first in the series, but it was a fun read as I expected it to be A good beach book for light reading.

    19. Book 2 of 3 in a Christian chick lit series The characters aren t the deepest, but the story is cute Gotta love a book where a dog helps the girl sort her life out too

    20. I wish I would have read this book before its sequel It was still good though as I was able to see where the story came from and all the guy issues Ashley was having.

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