Staying Dirty

Staying Dirty By Cheryl McIntyre, Staying Dirty What I did today I don t want to be that person any I don t know how you can stand to touch me I ll never stop wanting to touch you Link I m pretty sure you re the only one I want to touch for the re
  • Title: Staying Dirty
  • Author: Cheryl McIntyre
  • ISBN: 9780989036658
  • Page: 352
  • Format: ebook
  • Staying Dirty By Cheryl McIntyre, What I did today I don t want to be that person any I don t know how you can stand to touch me I ll never stop wanting to touch you, Link I m pretty sure you re the only one I want to touch for the rest of my life Link and Rocky s story concludes in this fifth and final installment of the Dirty series This is part five in a five part novella series Due to What I did today I don t want to be that person any I don t know how you can stand to touch me I ll never stop wanting to touch you, Link I m pretty sure you re the only one I want to touch for the rest of my life Link and Rocky s story concludes in this fifth and final installment of the Dirty series This is part five in a five part novella series Due to sexual situations and violence, this series is recommended for 18.
    Staying Dirty By Cheryl McIntyre,
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      Stay up to date on all of Cheryl s new releases by joining her newsletter here bit 1C2azm3Cheryl McIntyre is the author of the bestselling Sometimes Never series, as well as the Dirty series, Infinitely, Dark Calling, Villain, and HARD She resides in Ohio with her high school sweetheart, their two sons, one daughter, one fur son, and a hamster.You can follow her author page on Facebook Twitter though she has not yet mastered the art of tweeting on , BookBub, ts , Instagram, Pinterest, or on her website You can also join her newsletter to receive information about new releases and current sales.Find CherylWebsite cherylmcintyrebooks Facebook facebook CherylMcIntyTwitter twitter CherylHMcIntyre author show Author Central page CherylMcIntyre BookBub bookbub authors cheryInstagram instagram cherylmcintPinterest pinterest chm22480 ts tsu CherylMcIntyreAuthor

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    1. Don t knock insanity It might be our one saving grace This last installment in the series was short and action packed Link s revenge plan on the last two men gets forced into motion during the last book when Lea and Rocky appear to be in danger Link goes full blown vigilante and Rocky sneaks along for the ride A possible future between Link and Rocky is discussed Give me time, Rocky, please When Liv died, I never thought I d know any kind of life again But I m starting to see a future for myself [...]

    2. I so loved this series, never wanted it to end There is everything in here a good reading should have Both hero and heroine are great, likeable characters Plot is fast paced and on the edge of dark a little There are steamy, hot sex scenes And finally the story is interesting and keeps you curious till the last page.This is how the story starts Three This is my number It s exact sum of reasons I continue to go on.One To strengthen my body.Two To help others find their own strength.Three To find [...]

    3. I m past the point of no return I have to do this The showdown we have been waiting for Link finally catches up to the cowboy Will Link finally get his vengeance Or lose another woman he loves I loved Link and Rocky And really enjoyed this serial It was.But I really want I need Please.

    4. Two is better than one Staying Dirty is the 5th book in the Dirty Series I have flown through this series This series consumed me The addictive pull to Rocky and Link has kept me engaged every step of the way Link has been struggling with his need for vengeance and will stop at nothing to finish the job However, the stakes are high for Link He now has Rocky His Rocky She is in his care Rocky has fallen hard for Link She will do anything to protect him from himself She manages to wiggle her way i [...]

    5. It s over Things pick up where book 4 left off Lea gets a visit from Bates Bates is the final pice of the puzzle The one thing keeping Rocky from being safe and Link from moving on If Bates can be eliminated, Rocky will be safe Link will do anything to protect Rocky, in the way he couldn t with Olivia I guess my biggest complaint is I wanted to see with regards to the development of Link and Rocky s relationship They grew so much, together and individually, through out the whole process but onc [...]

    6. Patty Belongs To Kellan~Jesse~Lautner~Miller~Jack~Racer~Rafe~Liam~Prince Nicholas~Hayes~Simon~Gianluca & Archer

      FIVE STARS I LOVED THIS ENTIRE SERIES WOW What an amazing story and journey this series has taken me through.Each and every novella, for me, was PERFECTION I have totally fallen head over heels for LINK In this one, he s realizing his heart can beat again for someone other than Livie.He s trying to give what he has left of himself to Rocky, and Rocky is definitely ready to move forward with Link.She knows she s in love with him but is afraid she ll always be living in the shadow of Livie s ghost [...]

    7. 4.5 Stars I was so afraid and scared to read thisBut its over now and it was In the same time it was very emotional especially Links POVMy only issue was view spoiler the lack of an epilogue hide spoiler And I finally finished a serial br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br br

    8. 4 That s the End Stars I m not the bad guy I m what s left over after the bad guy is finished.Phewwhat a rollercoaster ride this series has been I was both anxious and nervous starting this final installment There were so many questions, so many possibilities many emotions Most, but unfortunately, not all was wrapped up nicely This final installment finds the proverbial shit hitting the fan The final straw has broke and Link is ready to finally finish this My anger is a living being I can feel i [...]

    9. I m past the point of no return I have to do this After The Cowboy threatens Lea, Link nows he has been watching them He has no other choice but to speed up his plans and handle the last remaining guys Link immediately goes after them, and Rocky sneaks along for the ride I am left screaming at my iPad Let him handle it alone Then Okay good, your right he might need you this installment had me all jacked up The Cowboy Carter Bates, is waiting for them and the twists and turns again had me cringin [...]

    10. 5 Gut Wrenching StarsHow do you violently lose someone that is everything to you and continue to live on You may be alive but you have no life Everyday you feel the loss of that person The void they left behind The ghost that haunts your every daydream and every nightmare You see their face in random strangers Hear their laugh in the wind Feel their phantom touch in the quiet of night You re not living, but simply existing Inhaling and exhaling But never catching your breath Link is a man lost i [...]

    11. I made the mistake to read this book when I was on a train I wanted to cry and cry and cryI felt so bad for Linken.Link and Rocky are twoshattered, brokenpeople They think that after everything they ve gone through, they could never feel alive again.But whatever life throws at you, if you find the right person, it will be easier to face the hell you re living As Link taught me, Two is better than one Three is still my number One to strenghten my body Make it strong Make it a machine Make it so t [...]

    12. Nice ending to Link and Rocky s story.Link decides he s ready to end it all and Rocky freaks out and wants to save him I m past the point of no return I have to do this But in the endI did feel we should have gotten a little , even if it was just a few pages to wrap it all up

    13. WOWJUST WOW What a fantastic series this has been It was bittersweet saying goodbye to Link and Rocky this series had me addicted Series review to come.

    14. Wow Mirjana Thank you for your review of the first installment You had me hooked And thank you for reading with me

    15. Getting Dirty Dirty 1 Playing Dirty Dirty, 2 Talking Dirty Dirty, 3 Fighting Dirty Dirty, 4 Staying Dirty Dirty, 5 by Cheryl McIntyreSeries rating 4.5 stars A dead man, inside a scarred body, living only for revenge Yes I am a series junkie, I love them and hate them, yet when this one was presented in front of me I was for once glad that it was complete After starting to read this series it soon became apparent that I never would have survived had I had to wait for the next instalment It was th [...]

    16. 4.5 Star Series overall rating Time.I just need time Gitte Jenny Well, what can we say other than bloody hell, we weren t mentally prepared for this series Picking up book one we didn t leave our reading chair till we d flown through every instalment available, it was impossible, it was unavoidable I should feel justified Instead I feel vacant The Dirty series was harrowing, it was heart breaking and it was incredibly intense and addictive Fortunately we only had to wait one day for the fifth an [...]

    17. I enjoyed this series immensely, I didn t want it to end.My only concern was it felt abit rushed in parts, I just wanted of Link and Rocky, they re both so complex and damaged there seemed like could have be explained, expressed, shown Less can be , but here I just wanted More about where they go fom here So with a heavy heart I say a sad farewell to Link and Rocky, so glad I got to meet you, and that you found each other.

    18. The excessive use of the words girly places turned me off, then I have to be reminded that Rocky was actually fighting for her dear life naked Yes naked, kind of hard to visualize that, but yeah n a k e d And the motive of Carter Bates isn t all clear to me, there are a lot of loose ends With him following Linken, knowing about Lea and Rocky and all that sh t, I don t know why he had to wait Ha I am a killjoy But to be honest, yes I did enjoy it Thanks for the dirty ride, I guess

    19. 4.5 starsI would ve liked to see what happened next But all in all a great series with some twists and turns, hot in some places, cold and calculated in others We need Link and Rocky

    20. 4.5 Stars Revenge, Suspense, Darkness, Hotness Perfect combination for me I devoured this series My review for part one I m a vigilante Or I will be by the time this day is over This was a great start to the series This author is new to me, I love a hidden gem I bought the bundle, so I m diving right into the next installment Can you live with yourself after seeking revenge Link loses his heart, his soul, his girlfriend after one tragic night He s a shell of a human being, existing, not living O [...]

    21. The conclusion to Rocky and Link s story in this five part novella series It is not about boxing or UFC, so ignore the covers.Link does the only thing he can to get to Bates to keep Rocky safe he goes after Anthony Of course, Rocky doesn t let him go it alone and soon she comes face to face with the reality that is Link s revenge Hopefully, Rocky can keep him from killing anyone else in the name of justice and find himself before it is too late Don t get me wrong, I abso f ing lutely loved this [...]

    22. Warning contains dark themes, offensive language and graphic sexual content I m trying to make room for you More and every day I didn t expect this I didn t want this I m still trying to accept it I never thought I would be able to find any form of happiness again You snuck up on me So you have to understand it s going to take time This series was hands down a delicious read I find books that have the most imperfect characters in less than perfect situations which is my PG way of saying fucked [...]

    23. 4 FIGHTING STARS Great ending to an awesome series I really like Cheryl McIntyre s writing and while this series was different from her other books, it was just as good I relished its gritty, darker story filled with suspense, revenge, anguish, regret, fear and love I thought the ending to this sad, endearing and action packed story was realistic and also satisfying.My only objection is that I did not want it to end Link and Rocky are such broken, complex characters with so many layers Througho [...]

    24. Pure Genius.I am so sad that this is the last installment in this series Every single piece of it has been so mind blowingly perfect, deep, disturbing, hot, and shocking As I read the last page, literally tearing up and I won t tell you if they were happy tears or not an impromptu wish list started to form in my head My wish list is short, but I know I m creating extra work for Cheryl McIntyre with it 1 I want this serial in the form of a regular book I want it downloaded as one, beautiful unit [...]

    25. 4.5 STARSWhole series review, no spoilers Don t know insanity It might be our one saving grace Genre Dark Action RomanceCover 7 10Writing 9 10Heroine 9 10Hero 8 10Hotness 5 10Romance 6 10Extra book Details Approx 50 kindle pages per serial Dual POV.This series is hard, raw, gritty, sexy, sad, disturbing, violent, edgyI ve fallen for these deeply twisted and broken characters The revenge in the heroes tone, the heroines depths of depravity she goes to just to cope with the day to day, the torment [...]

    26. I wasn t sure how this was going to end after the fourth book s ending, but Cheryl McIntyre did an excellent job of wrapping things up in this fifth and final installment of the Dirty Series I m happy with the ending, but would love to get from Link and Rocky.

    27. If you have read Seven Sons and loved it you will also enjoy this one This is the final so make sure you read from the beginning A amazing story of revenge, does contain violence, rape and a broken hero and heroine Well worth the money paid to recommend this 5 parts in the novella series

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