Come Find Me

Come Find Me By Travis Neighbor Ward, Come Find Me In the tradition of the greatest love stories of our time COME FIND ME tells a poignant tale of how true love can survive time and war and push people to confront unthinkable choices At twenty six J
  • Title: Come Find Me
  • Author: Travis Neighbor Ward
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Come Find Me By Travis Neighbor Ward, In the tradition of the greatest love stories of our time, COME FIND ME tells a poignant tale of how true love can survive time and war, and push people to confront unthinkable choices At twenty six Jessica Wilson believes her future is laid out Her father and brother in law both died in war, and now she s helping to care for her mother and her sister s children She s aIn the tradition of the greatest love stories of our time, COME FIND ME tells a poignant tale of how true love can survive time and war, and push people to confront unthinkable choices At twenty six Jessica Wilson believes her future is laid out Her father and brother in law both died in war, and now she s helping to care for her mother and her sister s children She s also managing a wildlife rescue center in the Georgia mountains, where she met her wealthy Canadian fianc , Blake McCormack, a rancher Everything seems perfect So why is it that she breaks into a sweat whenever she pictures Blake announcing their engagement at his parent s annual rodeo Jessica is doing a good job of ignoring her doubts until Mark Fripp, the boy she fell in love with ten years ago, shows up on his motorcycle to fulfill his mother s dying wish What really happened when he disappeared from her life What secret is he hiding for fear that she won t accept him for who he is And will she still be able to move forward with the life she has planned, even after she knows the truth
    Come Find Me By Travis Neighbor Ward,
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    1. Travis Neighbor Ward

      TRAVIS NEIGHBOR WARD is an author of fiction and nonfiction Her second novel The Unified Theory of Love and Everything will be available on October 17, 2016 from Northside Books Her debut novel Come Find Me was published by Northside Books in April 2014 Her author website is at travisnward Travis was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she spent the first 17 years of her life She graduated with an M.A and a B.A in English literature and Creative Writing from the University of Pennsylvania A few weeks after graduation, she moved to Florence, Italy, where she lived for five years When she returned to the United States, she wrote Living, Studying and Working in Italy, and spent fifteen years working as an award winning magazine editor and writer in New York City and Atlanta Her positions included Senior Editor and Contributing Writer at Departures Magazine Home Garden editor at Atlanta Magazine and Editor in Chief of The Atlantan Magazine Travis is a member of The Authors Guild She lives in Atlanta with her husband, Brian, and their two daughters She loves gardening, dogs, books, cooking, travel, exercise, and positive energy.

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    1. Come Find Me is a beautiful story of love and loss, of war and death, of redemption and the power of hope Jessica Wilson is ready for her life to be planned out and laid before her like a well beloved path At the age of twenty six, she is managing a wildlife refuge and dealing with the death of her father and brother in law Despite being engaged to Blake, a wealthy rancher, she knows at heart that she is not entirely happy with this choice When the man she fell in love with years ago, Mark, come [...]

    2. This is a tough review for me to write, and it s probably going to seem a bit all over the place, mostly because I m of two minds on this Let me begin with what I liked about this novel I really enjoyed the fact that it was set up as a frame story A mother, telling her daughter about her past love life to help her get over her first heartache It had a very How I Met Your Mother type feel, and since I ve been going through a bit of HIMYM withdrawal over the past few weeks yes, the finale is still [...]

    3. Come Find Me was an absolute joy to read, once I picked it up it was very hard to put down Jessica and Mark both grew up in military families, moving with their families every two years They were together when they were born, even sharing the same crib when Mark was vital signs were failing They were together again at the age of 16 and it was young love for 6 blissful weeks, when Mark moved again and shortly thereafter both of their fathers were killed in the Iraqi war Neither one was aware of w [...]

    4. Mark and Jessica met the summer they were sixteen It was only for six weeks, and when Mark s father was transferred they lost touch the families moved, email accounts were changed, both of their fathers died in combat Not hearing from her, he felt she no longer care for him Not hearing from him, she felt he had abandoned her Ten years later, Mark tracks her down Jessica lives in Dahlonega Georgia where she operates a wildlife rescue center and cares for her niece and nephew while their widowed m [...]

    5. Come Find Me begins with Jessica and her teenage daughter, Chelsea, driving through a snowstorm Chelsea s recent break up with her boyfriend has left her heartbroken and like any caring mother, Jessica wants to ease Chelsea s pain It s time for Jessica to share her own story of young love with her daughter and from there we follow the tender tale of Jessica and Mark Jessica and Mark met one summer when they were just sixteen years old For just six intense weeks, they were inseparable, and althou [...]

    6. Love love loved COME FIND ME I started reading this book on the recommendation by a friend and could not put this story down The characters were so well developed that they felt like friends Despite the fact that my heart was breaking for Jessica, I also found myself smiling, laughing, and simply relating to so many of the moments in her life I cannot wait to read Travis Neighbor Ward s next novel.

    7. You can always tell just how great a book is by how sad you are to finish reading it I was VERY sad to finish Come Find Me I was torn the entire book between wanting to finish it so I could see how the story ended and not ever wanting it to end The author painted a very vivid picture throughout the book It was very easy to imagine each scene and all of the characters I hope the author releases a new book soon I highly recommend Come Find Me

    8. I m a sucker for love stories and happy endings and COME FIND ME did not disappoint This story about finding the person you re supposed to be with was lovely and compelling and a fun read Travis s writing is easy and effortless and draws you along I found myself rooting for Jessica and Mark from the moment the story started This is a perfect read if you re looking for a wonderful distraction.

    9. Excellent story of not giving up I hated starting this book There I was sitting at Midas getting an oil change with tears running down my face and I d just started reading The characters were well written, the settings seemed like you were there, and the emotions came easily I would thoroughly enjoy reading books by this author Keep up the good work

    10. The start of this book was rather unique and I absolutely love it This book was so incredibly romantic and also I think Blake should go to prison since he was such a dumb ass All of the characters were well thought out all the way down to Kenny, Jessica s assistant.

    11. This book was amazing It reminded me so much of a Nicholas Sparks storyline that I was not expecting a happy ending It was a nice surprise that it did have one What is it with men writing these amazing timeless love stories

    12. A simple, easy read perfect for anytime and everywhere I truly enjoyed reading this book and couldn t put it down I loved everything about it

    13. A review copy was provided by the author in return for an honest review Come find me by Travis Neighbor Ward is the story of Jessica Wilson, a wildlife rescue center manager in the Georgia mountains Jessica is helping to care for her mother and her widowed sister s children At twenty six, she decided to settle down with a wealthy Canadian rancher, Blake McCormack Their love life lacks the spark of passion, but Jessica tries to convince herself that her marriage to Blake will be perfect Her effor [...]

    14. I received this book for free as part of First Reads giveaways This review may contain spoilers.Using a character to tell the story of his or her past is quite a common plot device, but I liked that the prologue didn t give away the ending of the book.I did find the main characters in this book easy to relate to, though I felt that some of the developing relationships with the other characters were glossed over when they could have been further explored.I wasn t so keen on the love triangle in t [...]

    15. This review is really hard for me to write I made it through the book It took me a lot longer than a usual book would take me, but I finished it and I loved the story.The premise of the storyline and the build up of the plot were wonderful I was there in those scenes I could see it all, feel it all feel the heartbreak and the love.What I had the most trouble with was the exposition I could tell that Mr Ward was trying to set the scene and make it as authentic as possible, but it could have been [...]

    16. Well written Well edited this is a full on romance If you are looking for a complicated plot then skip this book It is a fun, romantic read based on the premise of destiny I liked the fact that I could start and finish it in one sitting bthe book is entertaining, the characters likeable and never does the reader need to think overly much Thus The perfect Sunday afternoon entertainment WaAr

    17. This was an ok read The ending was just to quick And really, if you have that much chemistry with another person, it shouldn t be that hard to chose who you want to be with Why spend the rest of your life miserable when you know it could be like a fairy tale It was a well written story, just not for me.

    18. Very good read Very good read This was a really sweet story I like how the ending wrapped up and gave me a teary awww feeling Mark and Jessica had such a nice story and I really enjoyed the journey through this book.

    19. This story is based on a young romance A romance that stood throughout time for both of its participants The characters are interesting A little too graphic.

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