In a German Pension

In a German Pension By Katherine Mansfield, In a German Pension Rich psychologically probing stories Germans at Meat The Baron The Modern Soul The Advanced Lady and nine others
  • Title: In a German Pension
  • Author: Katherine Mansfield
  • ISBN: 9781491215746
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a German Pension By Katherine Mansfield, Rich, psychologically probing stories Germans at Meat, The Baron, The Modern Soul, The Advanced Lady and nine others.
    In a German Pension By Katherine Mansfield,
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    1. Katherine Mansfield

      Kathleen Mansfield Murry was a prominent New Zealand modernist writer of short fiction who wrote under the pen name of Katherine Mansfield.Katherine Mansfield is widely considered one of the best short story writers of her period A number of her works, including Miss Brill , Prelude , The Garden Party , The Doll s House , and later works such as The Fly , are frequently collected in short story anthologies Mansfield also proved ahead of her time in her adoration of Russian playwright and short story writer Anton Chekhov, and incorporated some of his themes and techniques into her writing.Katherine Mansfield was part of a new dawn in English literature with T S Elliot, James Joyce and Virginia Woolf She was associated with the brilliant group of writers who made the London of the period the centre of the literary world.Nevertheless, Mansfield was a New Zealand writer she could not have written as she did had she not gone to live in England and France, but she could not have done her best work if she had not had firm roots in her native land She used her memories in her writing from the beginning, people, the places, even the colloquial speech of the country form the fabric of much of her best work.Mansfield s stories were the first of significance in English to be written without a conventional plot Supplanting the strictly structured plots of her predecessors in the genre Edgar Allan Poe, Rudyard Kipling, H G Wells , Mansfield concentrated on one moment, a crisis or a turning point, rather than on a sequence of events The plot is secondary to mood and characters The stories are innovative in many other ways They feature simple things a doll s house or a charwoman Her imagery, frequently from nature, flowers, wind and colours, set the scene with which readers can identify easily.Themes too are universal human isolation, the questioning of traditional roles of men and women in society, the conflict between love and disillusionment, idealism and reality, beauty and ugliness, joy and suffering and the inevitabilty of these paradoxes Oblique narration influenced by Chekhov but certainly developed by Mansfield includes the use of symbolism the doll s house lamp, the fly, the pear tree hinting at the hidden layers of meaning Suggestion and implication replace direct detail.

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    1. Short stories can be like photographs, catching people at some moment in their lives and trapping the memory for ever There they are, smiling or frowning, looking sad, happy, serious, surprised And behind those smiles and those frowns lie all the experience of life, the fears and delights, the hopes and the dreams Katherine MansfieldLast year, I was enraptured by a collection of Katherine Mansfield s short stories, Something Childish But Very Natural so while reading Willem Elsschot s Villa des [...]

    2. There was a time when I had lost all interest in Jane Austen, resigned to accepting the self assured utterances of a few male acquaintances who still continue to believe that she wrote nothing other than classical chick lit My ignorant, younger self hadn t thought of asking them what was wrong with chick lit in the first place But a reading of A Room of One s Own and a re reading of Pride Prejudice later, I was tempted to literally beat some sense into those bluntheads with a brick sized omnibus [...]

    3. This is Mansfield s first published collection of short stories, and it comes from her experiences during her short time in Germany prior to 1906 She called it immature , but you can see the promise of things to come in this collection One story alone, The child who was tired, makes it worth reading.

    4. Katherine Mansfield would ve matured to be an amazing writer if she hadn t died at the age of 34 of tuberculosis which quite possibly was another of the knock on effects of the gonorrhoea she contracted from her Polish lover Florian Sobieniowski Was it worth it, Katherine audiovisc obraz Ladies, beware of men who have consonants in their names that seems reasonable I know all that from the introduction to my Penguin edition written by Anne Fernihough an introduction that was rather dense and sc [...]

    5. I realize I m about to piss off some lovely people around here, but it can t be helped I dislike Virginia Woolf A lot The other day at the gym I was watching Family Guy on mute yes, this is relevant and the closed captions described a character s unintelligible yammering as pretentious babble Exactly Pretentious babble is what I hear in my head when I read Woolf I know what you re thinking But, but the beauty, the lyricism, the subtle nuances, the, the Yeah, fine, whatever Pretentious babble It [...]

    6. I read this sometime in the last few years It s an interesting collection Hoo wih shouted the wind, shaking the window sashesry creative

    7. An excellent set of short stories brief with abrupt and unsettling endings and sharp, dry humour These are early stories by Katherine Mansfield, written when she was barely over 20 She was recuperating from a miscarraige in Germany and from a short unpleasant marraige The stories analyse the German middle class and their habits, prejudices and loves They also look at the difficult lives of the servants Mansfield was in the vanguard of the modernist movement acquainted with Virginia Woolf and D [...]

    8. Katherine Mansfield died of tuberculosis at the age of 34 34 I m 34 That just puts a whole lot of shit in a whole lot of perspective.I was going through one of those phases where I m reading a really big book at home but currently don t have anything tiny enough to carry with me on the bus to and from work, so I m in a major funk, so I spent a good part of last night opening books from my shelves, reading a page or two, and then putting it back Nothing was speaking to me.This slight little colle [...]

    9. On the appointed day the married ladies sailed about the pension dressed like upholstered chairs, and the unmarried ladies like draped muslin dressing table covers This collection of gently mocking tales is full of strangely accurate details like these Have you ever walked past windows along the street and wondered about the dramas going on behind each one This was like that, only with a witty and insightful storyteller to fill you in.My favorite was A Birthday, but I enjoyed them all According [...]

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    11. When I belatedly realised that I had been neglecting New Zealand fiction on this blog, the first author I thought of to redress this neglect was Katherine Mansfield 1888 1923 She died very young of TB but she left behind some unforgettable short stories, of which In a German Pension was the first collection to be published I read it in December 2003, and this edited a little after this re reading is what I wrote in my journal at the time Whoo This author has a barbed pen indeed It s a collection [...]

    12. A la contraportada del meu llibre, editat per L Aven , hi diu aquestes hist ries, que integren el primer llibre publicat per l autora, l any 1911, van ser inspirades per la seva estada en un balneari de Baviera, on la seva mare l havia enviat el 1909 despr s d una s rie de relacions sexuals escandaloses per a l poca que van desembocar en un matrimoni inadequat i en un embar s extramatrimonial, que es va interrompre precisament durant la seva estada a la pensi alemanya Katherine Mansfield es conv [...]

    13. This collection is the third and last part of my Kindle edition of Selected Stories the first 2 parts, The Garden Party and Other Stories Bliss and Other Stories , I read in 2013 I found this collection distinct from the other 2 in that the stories are almost chapters in a slice of life novel, describing the various characters events that occur while the main character, an Englishwoman, is staying at this pension sort of like a boarding house.

    14. Katherine Mansfield, a contemporary of Virginia Woolf, writes amazingly beautiful short stories It is too too bad she couldn thave written before she died at the age of 35 In a German Pension focuses on a young English woman who takes the cure with a variety of German fellow patients whom she loathes Written cynically, with the kind of wit where you can t help laughing, despite the dark subjects Mistaken identity, cruel husbands, overworked servants The banality of everyday life takes on colour [...]

    15. I read these stories just after leaving school and have only recently returned to them Mansfield herself famously said that they were not good enough for me, they are perfect With the brevity of Chekhov, the lyrical style of James Joyce, the cynical observation of Guy de Maupassant and the twist in the tail of Roald Dahl, they are all a reader could wish for.

    16. The first published work 1911 of an English author who died young, a collection of short stories, which Penguin Modern Classics describe as Checkovian.Written when very young, 19 20 years old, whilst in Germany recovering from an unplanned pregnancy ending in miscarriage, many carry a bitter edge, and the introduction proclaims her as disowning these stories as unworthy as she moved on She has too high standards.This was a slow burner, like a movie or play where everything goes slow and then it [...]

    17. I only read her poetry and The Garden Party before this, was too surprised by the sudden Germans really, the title should have given it away and wasn t immediately pulled in the way I was by her other collection Who are these people Why are there random German words scattered throughout the stories The plot Katherine Mansfield is stuck with a great number of Germans, many of whom she dislikes but not really, although there are a few in which she herself is the main character, many of these aren [...]

    18. A great debut of an exceptional talent gone too soon set in Germany In a German Pension suggests itself to be read by those who found Mann s Zauberberg too self indulgent or just too long but liked the general plot or just would appreciate another point of view or to those who appreciated Elizabeth von Arnim s view of on outsider on German society.Katherine Mansfield has her first person narrator hero ne wittilly report on her visit to a German spa vacation, Kur , told in 13 short stories, each [...]

    19. , , , , , , , , , , , , 3 4 13 , 19 , , , , , 20 , the Advanced Lady , , 5 , 9 , , , , , , , , , , , , At Lehman s, The Child Who Was Tired , A Blaze 5 2014 Reading Challenge A popular author s first book

    20. These stories, written in 1911, form the vanguard of Modernist short story writing The stories themselves are fantastically real The people do not conform to vague stereotypes, but instead are presented in semi autobiographical form In some cases, the characters are named vaguely to represent a character type, and in others, one can infer that this person is representative of life as it really is The people are filled with angst, indelicacy, and other unhealthy psychological maladies In short it [...]

    21. This book is hilarious In a good way I don t remember the quote exactly, I know I know, I should google it, but you go ahead if you want precisionyway, Virgina Woolf said Katherine Mansfield s writing was the only contemporary writing that made her jealous I understand why, as Mansfield s writing has a fair amount of the magic gift that Woolf had, plus a killer, dry sense of humour and these stories show case it so deliciously.Stories of wealthy, self obsessed, hypochondriacs, cloistered up toge [...]

    22. This first published collection of Katherine Mansfield s short stories is very different in tone from her later work The author later tried to disown them as she considered them too youthfully immature Nevertheless, there is a gay, boisterous, malicious quality about these impatient tilts at the German way of life in a Bavarian watering place and however unworthy the author later found these sketches, such characters as Frau Oberregierungsrat or the greedy Herr Rat or the snobbish Frau Doktor, h [...]

    23. This is really a 4.5 book It is not amazing but close to it She wrote at the turn of the 20th century but I would prefer to classify her writing as pre modernist She writes with a modern distinctive voice Her style is minimalist Her dialogue is post Victorian Enlightening is the German view of the English as revealed in the conversations of the Germans in the Pension I woujld also call her pre feminist A set of short stories that I thoroughly enjoyed reading Small stories that reveal so much abo [...]

    24. THE BARONIn a German Pension contains thirteen short stories written by Katherine Mansfield after she visited Germany.The Baron 1910 A young lady is fascinated by a mysterious German baron I imbibe nourishment in my room page 14 or Sic transit gloria German mundi Thus passes the glory of the German s world , or When you don t know, you could imagine everything.

    25. A set of short stories written around a young British woman who is in a clinic in Germany for a cure Based, and written, just before WWI this is a good read to see the values of the times Funny in parts The main difference in this book is the showing of the young lady as a strong, independent person who sees the other people with all their weaknesses.

    26. These stories are so interesting, not just for the short stories and glimpses into peoples lives, but some are somewhat disturbing and uncomfortable, proving Mansfield s ability to understand people and characters.

    27. Well, the two first short stories, were so boring that I wanted to stop reading, but the I read , the I liked the stories, until the end , the final three short stories The Advanced Lady , The Swing of the Pendulum, and A Blaze were the Climax 3 Gee

    28. Lovely stories some interconnected elegant prose evocative I enjoyed reading these but probably won t remember them in six months well, maybe one or two.

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