Before We Met

Before We Met By Lucie Whitehouse, Before We Met A Richard Judy Summer Book Club pick A whirlwind romance A perfect marriage Hannah Reilly has seized her chance at happiness Until the day her husband fails to come home And can you ever really know w
  • Title: Before We Met
  • Author: Lucie Whitehouse
  • ISBN: 9781408853580
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • Before We Met By Lucie Whitehouse, A Richard Judy Summer Book Club pick A whirlwind romance A perfect marriage Hannah Reilly has seized her chance at happiness Until the day her husband fails to come home And can you ever really know what happened before you met
    Before We Met By Lucie Whitehouse,
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      341 Lucie Whitehouse
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    1. Lucie Whitehouse

      Lucie Whitehouse was born in the Cotswolds in 1975 and grew up in Warwickshire She studied Classics at Oxford University and then began a career in publishing while spending evenings, weekends and holidays working on the book that would eventually become THE HOUSE AT MIDNIGHT.Having married in 2011, she now divides her time between the UK and Brooklyn, where she lives with her husband She writes full time and has contributed features to the Times, the Sunday Times, the Independent, Elle and Red Magazine.

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    1. so i m kind of loving on all these british psychological suspense thrillers even though they don t really stay with me for very long, i just really enjoy the journey.i loved the first lucie whitehouse book i read, The House at Midnight, which was a kind of riff on The Secret History if anything, this one is a kinda sorta spin on Gone Girl in that it exposes the secrets a marriage holds, and reminds us how difficult it is to ever really know someone, especially when it concerns the lives our belo [...]

    2. Okay, ladies, we need to talk The review space for this book is going to get the brunt of something it probably doesn t deserve, but is a good example and there there is something that I just don t understand that we need to clear up Dudes, I suppose that you can offer your opinions, but I m not sure that you ll have as many answers to all of my questions.So I ve read a lot of romance novels over the course of my life Starting far too early, I ve been reading the fantasies of grown ass women wri [...]

    3. Before We Met was a perfectly fine book I finished it, which is a feat recently, I was wondering why I have so few 1 and 2 star ratings, which led me to the theory that I have a very low tolerance for following through with anything I find slow or irritating , and I was compelled to keep turning the pages However, that s one of its only merits, as the premise of the book is not particularly imaginative, the characters aren t particularly complex or developed, and the writing is fairly average Th [...]

    4. Hannah lives a charmed life with her husband Mark up until he s MIA at Heathrow airport After waiting for him for hours, hoping that his flight home from New York hasn t turned into a disaster, she finally goes home The morning brings with it a host of problems unforeseen where lies once told are slowly unraveling Lies that threaten their charmed life.Before We Met is the novel by Lucie Whitehouse that has been compared to Gone Girl I really hope that every new novel that features a married coup [...]

    5. It s hard to give a thriller with no thrills much than 2 stars This was very predictable There was lots of filler You could just read every tenth page and you really wouldn t be missing too much I think I m a pretty tough reviewer of thrillers Lately I feel like I m pretty bored and it takes a really good one to surprise me I m going to take that as a hint that I need to lay off the genre for a while with the exception of a few sure fire amazing writers Linwood Barclay and Paula Daly, you ve ma [...]

    6. Review originally published at Learn This Phrase.Lucie Whitehouse s first two novels, The House at Midnight and The Bed I Made, are among my favourite books I found them both completely unputdownable, believable and compelling, with brilliant, very real characters So as soon as I learned that her third book was due out in January 2014, I had to get my hands on a copy of Before We Met as quickly as humanly possible, and you can imagine how excited I was to read this advance copy.That said, howeve [...]

    7. I have always thought that the publishing of different genres always comes in waves and am so hoping that the vampire shape shifter novels are on there way out Though I know there are plenty of readers who still like them and after all we who don t like me do not have trouble finding something else Right now it seems as if Historical fiction and since the success of Gone Girl, psychological fiction as well are being published in mass Since these are my two favorite genres this makes me very happ [...]

    8. I waited weeks to get this from the library Have heard fairly good things about it But I have to admit, the majority of the time, I was SO bored I kept flicking through the pages and wondering how long it would take me to get through the story That s never a good sign This is not a book you will get lost in I kept wondering when the hell it was going to end and I was painfully aware that I was reading it as opposed to feeling transported into the story In short, it was a chore The whole idea beh [...]

    9. Hannah Reilly had been living in New York for a number of years, working in a job she enjoyed and meeting up with friends on the weekends, partying on the beach and generally enjoying life Hannah was a Brit, having grown up with her family just outside London her mother and brother Tom still lived there, Tom now married to Lydia with two children He was always on Hannah s case to meet a guy and settle down, get married, have kids So the weekend she was once again partying with her friends and a [...]

    10. My rating 2.5 of 5 starsI received this book free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Hannah has always held herself back from love for fear of becoming like her acrimonious mother after suffering through the divorce from her father Her uncertainties ceased to exist when she meets Mark a fellow Brit and a friend of a friend They fall in love instantaneously and they are married shortly after A few months into the [...]

    11. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum When Hannah watched her parent s marriage fall apart, it tainted the idea of a happily ever after Seeing your mother became a raving lunatic, frantically searching through pockets, desk drawers, etc for clues to an affair that may or may not be happening could do that to a person Rather than focusing on love, Hannah has always been career driven She s made somewhat of a name for herself in advertising and has managed building a life for herself across the [...]

    12. A number of times while I was reading Lucie Whitehouse s new novel, Before We Met, I thought to myself, this is kind of like one of those flicks on Lifetime Movie Network You know the ones I m talking about But believe me when I tell you, that description isn t a bad thing, because this book hooked me completely from start to finish, even as I had an idea about how things would unfold.On what seems like just a typical Friday night, Hannah Reilly decides to surprise her husband Mark by meeting hi [...]

    13. Hannah Reilly is happily married to Mark She has the perfect marriage until the day her husband doesn t come home from his business trip.Hannah begins a search and finds that everything he has ever told her has been a lie His parents are not dead he did not meet his best friends in college and he has always refused to talk about his brother, Nick On top of that, her bank account has been wiped out.When Mark finally shows up, she confronts him with his lies And he tells her his version but is it [...]

    14. 4.5 stars Psychological ThrillerComing January 16th From Bloomsbury.Thank you to the author and publisher for the advance copy via netgalley.A whirlwind romance A perfect marriage Hannah Reilly has seized her chance at happiness Until the day her husband fails to come home Oh goody Anyone that follows my reviews in various places will know that one of my favourite things is a well written twisty tale, so I put my brain into gear, surrounded myself with chocolate and dived into this one with grea [...]

    15. I love a twisty, tension filled psychological thriller and this certainly didn t disappoint From the moment that newly married Hannah is left waiting at Heathrow for her husband Mark to return from a business trip from New York, the reader is left in no doubt that all is not well Mark s initial attempts to explain why he wasn t on the flight and how he lost his phone don t entirely convince Hannah, especially when she finds out that his colleagues were expecting him to be somewhere else and she [...]

    16. I don t know what s going on with my brain lately, but I ve been reading a ton of marriage themed novels lately And they re not happy marriage books, either They re books about married couples who cheat on each other and let the little day to day minutiae of life eat away at their relationships Before We Met is a bit of a marriage novel, but it bills itself as a psychological thriller and is meant to cash in on the comparisons to Gone Girl It s about Hannah, a Brit who lived in New York for many [...]

    17. I believe one of the true pleasures of reading a good book is the anticipation, the wondering what is going to happen next This book was sure a nail biter in that regard Hannah has met and married the man of her dreams She s a woman who has real trust issues, but she believes she has found her soul mate in Mark He s perfect, handsome, suave, ambitious, driven, and successful But then slowly she starts discovering little secrets that make her doubt him She doubts him, he soothes away her doubts W [...]

    18. Hannah Reilly has seemingly taken her chance at happiness with both hands For most of her life she was a free spirit who had great friends and was not prepared to settle down for anyone But then along came Mark and her defences were blown away Having met through mutual friends he is everything she want s in a man Handsome and successful with his own bussiness Hannah has hit the jackpot and after a whirlwind romance the two get married and settle down in London Everything apart from being able to [...]

    19. Hannah sits at Heathrow airport ready to greet her husband of eight months, realising he is not on the flight she expected she waits for the next one to arrive from JFK In the early hours of the morning she returns home worried and alone Instantly I was able to imagine myself in a similar situation and measure Hannah s behaviour to how I believe I would behave, in short sympathise with her When she finally receives word from Mark, it is to tell her that he will be away for the weekend without a [...]

    20. This book was just okay It lacked something When I begin a book, I need to be pulled into a story, and, unfortunately, this novel didn t have the punch to do that I never connected with any of the characters though my attention was somewhat held just enough that I managed to finish if that makes any sense I m sort of all over with my review, but I want to express my feelings without being too negative I won t be pushing this book at anyone, but at the same time, just because it wasn t for me, do [...]

    21. I really wanted to rate this book 3.5 stars but gave it 4 instead of marking it down It is an unremarkable psychological thriller and it filled a gap whilst waiting for the next R J Ellory book to come out I won t go into he details of the plot save to say we have a mysterious, lying husband, Mark, and his wife, Hannah, who takes to sleuthing to uncover his lies I did enjoy it and it held my attention, reading it in one day, but the outcome is completely expected, as is most of the plot if I m h [...]

    22. This is one woman s testimony her own compelling account of what happpened to her.You might call it a domestic thriller.Hannah had been working in New York for some years, she was professionally successful and happily single, where mutual friends introduced her to a fellow Briton His name was Mark, and he was the owner of a highly successful and rapidly growing business They clicked, their relationship blossomed, and they were married within a matter of months.It wasn t long after that that they [...]

    23. Before We Met is billed as a psychological thriller Hannah and Mark have been married all of 5 months after a 3 month courtship as it were and amazingly, Hannah discovers that she doesn t actually know anything about her new husband other than the stories he s told her Over the course of a weekend, she discovers that he s been lying to her all this time 5 whole months The novel uses flashbacks to corroborate Hannah s memories but as a result, for the first two thirds of the book, not much seems [...]

    24. I liked the idea of this book, than the book itself The story of a woman who is recently married to a man, and then slowly finds herself not trusting him, for various reasons.For me, the big thing about this book, was the characters itself I just couldn t get myself to really care about any of them Usually I would find myself being caught up in the main character, which was the wife in this case, but I just didn t Yes, I did care certain times when things happened to her, but I wasn t really in [...]

    25. This book seemed to me like a cautionary tale for women in their thirties or older who may think that it is still possible to marry a nice guy who is not a psychopath and I didn t like that idea but I liked the book It makes you want to read on until you find out what is going on.I recommend this book to fans of mystery novels ,but if you have just started dating somebody who seems to be the one, just don t read it because you may end up asking him endless questions about his past , his school , [...]

    26. This is a fairly good psychological thriller to pass the time with, if you have a few hours to spare It is pretty straight forward, with no real surprises The story is of a newly married woman, who starts to delve into the past of her husband after he fails to return home from a trip She has an odd relationship with him or so I thought Strangely enough, she married the man, but is unable to talk to him Secrets start to unravel Talking takes place, with a bit of murder thrown in.

    27. 4.5 starsSign me up as the newest member of the Lucie Whitehouse fan club This was well written, fast paced and definitely a page turner.

    28. More of a 2.5 5 stars for me Pretty decent thriller the main issue was that it was staggeringly predictable, however I clawed through it quicker than any book I ve read in a long time So props to the author Just has to be said that there are better thrillers out there.

    29. As I was in the middle of Before We Met, I was ready to give this a lower rating 3 stars However, as I continued, I realize that I was letting my personal feelings towards the main character affect my judgement on the product Now that I have finished the book, I have to give credit where credit is due regardless of my desire to smack my forehead and shake my head at the characters.It did take me a while to warm up to the story But I can see how the author, Lucie Whitehouse, was using the time to [...]

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