New England Rocks

New England Rocks By Christina Courtenay, New England Rocks First impressions how wrong can you get When Rain Mackenzie is expelled from her British boarding school she can t believe her bad luck Not only is she forced to move to New England USA she s also
  • Title: New England Rocks
  • Author: Christina Courtenay
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  • Page: 256
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New England Rocks By Christina Courtenay, First impressions, how wrong can you get When Rain Mackenzie is expelled from her British boarding school, she can t believe her bad luck Not only is she forced to move to New England, USA, she s also sent to the local high school, as a punishment.Rain makes it her mission to dislike everything about Northbrooke High, but what she doesn t bank on is meeting Jesse Devlin JFirst impressions, how wrong can you get When Rain Mackenzie is expelled from her British boarding school, she can t believe her bad luck Not only is she forced to move to New England, USA, she s also sent to the local high school, as a punishment.Rain makes it her mission to dislike everything about Northbrooke High, but what she doesn t bank on is meeting Jesse Devlin Jesse is the hottest guy Rain s ever seen and he plays guitar in an awesome rock band There s just one small problem Jesse already has a girlfriend, little miss perfect Amber Lawrence, who looks set to cause trouble as Rain and Jesse grow closer.But, what does it matter New England sucks anyway, and Rain doesn t plan on sticking aroundDoes she
    New England Rocks By Christina Courtenay, New England Home page of New England, a rock group UK s Classic Rock Magazine The Top AOR Albums Of All Time New England New England Was New England band Geology of New England New England is a region in the North Eastern United States consisting of the states Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine Most of New England consists geologically of volcanic island arcs that accreted onto the eastern edge of the Laurentian Craton in prehistoric times. New England Rocks Northbrooke High by Christina Courtenay Jul , New England Rocks is the first in the new YA trilogy It follows Rain after she is expelled from her boarding school and is sent to New England USA as punishment She doesn t plan on being there long so she doesn t plan on making friends or fitting in But on her first day at her new school she runs into Jesse. Six Strange Rocks of New England, From the Eubrontes to Of all New England s strange rocks, Dighton Rock, is the most studied Dighton Rock has mystified people since before the colonization of America The rock is an foot high boulder covered with ancient petroglyphs of an unknown origin. New England Rocks Historic Geological Wonders by Michael Apr , New England is a rocky, rugged region Its towns are marked by stone walls and its cities anchored by native granite and marble buildings Historically significant boulders, many with Native American as well as colonial and neo pagan origins, attract tourists from Geology of New England USA Perhaps the most famous geological oddity, and among the oldest million years , is New England s most famous stone Plymouth Rock.
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      Half English half Swedish, grew up in Sweden, then moved to Japan for a while.Writes historical romance adventure stories and time slip Also YA romance as Pia Fenton.Former Chairman of Romantic Novelist s Association.

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    1. Deliciously dramatic and exciting this fantastic Young Adult romance is a rockin read The gorgeous pink cover was what initially caught my eye, as too did the intriguing blurb and mention of a rock band The author captures perfectly High School life in America, adding splashes of inspiration and flair I simply loved the main protagonist and found her to be not only spunky, but a fantastic heroine who isn t perfect or without flaws With a touch of nostalgia I was transported back to teenage years [...]

    2. I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review When I was approached by the publisher to review this book, I jumped on it After reading the synopsis I thought it sounded like it would be a fun book I fronted a rock band in high school so maybe I was looking for a trip down memory lane I just wish Jesse Devlin had been around back when I was a rocker The book is written in third person and the point of view shifts between Rain Mackenzie and Jesse Devlin Rain is expelled [...]

    3. Originally posted on Totally Bookalicious totally bookalicious New England Rocks is the first in the new YA trilogy It follows Rain after she is expelled from her boarding school and is sent to New England USA as punishment She doesn t plan on being there long so she doesn t plan on making friends or fitting in But on her first day at her new school she runs into Jesse The hottest guy at school As the two grow closer Rain starts to wonder if maybe New England isn t so bad but Jesse has a girlfri [...]

    4. Really How clich can it be Ihave not readthe book so I can t really be a judge therefore I m not rating , but from the synopsis and reviews I canguesswhat is this book about 1 A bratty, spoiled, selfish, trouble maker girl is forced to go to an ordinary school.2 She meetsthe hottest guythat she s ever seen Plus, he plays guitar Here fly the panties.3 The guy aka main love interest is a jerk but, you know, he has aSECRET, very Secret golden heart.4 The guy has a girlfriend who is a completeslut w [...]

    5. I do like to indulge in the occasional Young Adult novel and this is the first novel I have read by Christina Coutenay and it was honestly great We first meet Rain when she is expelled from her Boarding School in England and I thought, oh no another young troublemaker Her parents, who are obviously furious with her send her to Northbrook High in New England USA, where she is to spend a term, until they find her another school in England.Rain is determined not to make any effort at this school an [...]

    6. We first meet Rain as she gets expelled from her affluent boarding school in England after being caught in a compromising position with her boyfriend and a lot of Tequila Her parents, Sir and Lady Mackenzie are unsurprisingly furious and send her to a normal high school in New England, Rain is not impressed She tries her hardest to not fit in, not make friends and not comply with her parents wishes for her to just settle down She finds that increasingly difficult though as with every class she f [...]

    7. This is my second time reviewing a book from Choc Lit and I really enjoyed New England Rocks This was my first Christina Courtenay book, but it definitely won t be my last, as I really found her writing style easy to read and engaging At first, I wasn t sure how I felt about Rain she was a little bratty and I wasn t sure if I would warm to her, but after a few chapters I really started to like her and her don t care attitude I certainly wouldn t be brave enough to join an all boys sports team li [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this story of a young teenage finding her way in the word on her own terms It was great to see a YA where the heroine has a positive relationship with her parents for a change.

    9. It was supposed to be a punishment, a consequence for being expelled from boarding school in the UK but for Rain entering the front doors of Northbrooke High School in the U.S of A, it was a monumental moment with phenomenal effects Rain doesn t want to be away from England, so she refuses to meet anyone or feel any connection to anything while she is here, she just want to do her time and get back home, that is until she meets Jesse Having issues with her boyfriend in England, Rain says she has [...]

    10. Rain McKenzie is not only expelled from her British boarding school, but then has to move to New England, USA and she s not looking forward to it one bit To make it worse she finds herself being sent to the local high school there Having already decided that she hates her new school, she is determined to make no effort however Jesse Devlin catches her eye As much as she s trying to dislike her new surroundings, she can t deny that Jesse is the hottest guy she s ever laid eyes on, and he s in a r [...]

    11. New England Rocks is Chock Lit s first YA, and also the first book in the series of three I know, and I have already stated before that I am adult than young but I m young at heart and soul, I think working with children does this to you, and YA book from time to time is absolutely OK It was really a funny, light hearted, quick read It concentrates mainly on Rain which I liked from the beginning She is a typical teenager, prone to accident and causing troubles but she s also very clever and fai [...]

    12. Rain is the new girl, in a new school She is the shiny new toy everyone want to play with Even in a relationship, Rock band, Bad boy Jessie wants a piece of her But their attraction has nothing to do with her being something new Rain and Jessie bond in than one way, they just understand each other Together everything is simple, fun, passionate, and they begin to rely on each other than they anticipated How close is too close How close is enough Now the only thing that stand in their way is Jes [...]

    13. I do think this was my favorite Courtenay book so far It was YA with drama, but the kind of drama I can like My problem with YA books is that they so often are filled with angst and stupid over dramatic drama Those books make me wanna smack everyone over the head While this one, well this one felt real.Rain was, angry yes, but then someone had thrown her to the wolves and she was in a new school where she knew no one And the most interesting guy, the one who talks to her has a preppy girlfriend [...]

    14. This book was so addictive I read it in one sitting I love Rain as a character as she is refreshingly different to the heroines in other novels Rain is not some shy self conscious girl that needs the big strong hero Rain is confident in herself and she is so cool I think Rain is a good example of a strong woman That feminist tidbit aside I also loved Jesse as the lead male and I loved how his story line took a surprising twist that I honestly didn t see coming The only fault I can find with this [...]

    15. I love Christina Courtenay s books She s very diverse no book ever seems the same I do prefer her historical novels, but that didn t stop me enjoying this one I believe there is a sequel so look forward to catching up with the characters in NER, and to meeting new ones I think CC has done very well with her first venture into a new genre.

    16. New England Rocks is a very entertaining story, with lots of fun and laughs It is ever so easy to read and to follow The chapters are very sweet and short New England Rocks is a trilogy, which I personally think this could be adapted in to a mini TV series or a set of short films I have on my word press site about this book on ireadnovels wordpress com

    17. I picked this book up because the plot line seemed similar to a story I m trying to write, and I have that perverse need to read everything even remotely similar to my story.This book isn t anything like what I m trying to write, beyond a superficial level Which I m relieved about, because then I m definitely not going to look like I m copying I m still trying to work out how I feel about this book, to be honest It was a little bit like a chick lit book, or new adult, but also still young adult. [...]

    18. I ve previously read one of this author s historical fiction titles, Highland Storms, which was a really enjoyable, well written period adventure and romance I like to read a young adult novel from time to time, as I enjoy a nice variety in my reading matter This is Christina Courtenay s first novel for young adults, and it is the first in a trilogy all to be set in New England.Rain Mackenzie is expelled from Blakeborough boarding school in England and travels to join her wealthy parents where t [...]

    19. I want to make it clear that I didn t finish this book I tried I really did but I enacted my 50 page rule and decided to stop reading this book and I ll explain why below.First, this book is completely a Young Adult novel It s nowhere close to a New Adult novel so don t let the cover fool you like it did to me It s tame and high school soap opera y which is why I decided to stop reading it.If I was about 5 years younger ie a teenager I would have probably enjoyed this book But after reading so m [...]

    20. Sometimes I can get a bit tired of reading Chick Lit, and sometimes I just need something else just for a different change of pace, different kinds of characters Generally, when I m looking for something else to read I ll pick up a YA NA novel or possibly even a psychological thriler, but mostly it s a YA NA novel So when I was offered Christina Courtenay s debut young adult novel to review, I jumped at the chance It s the first in a trilogy, and I thought it sounded really interesting.Unfortuna [...]

    21. Originally posted on serendipityreviewsI ll hold my hands up to being slightly dubious before reading this book as to whether well known historical romance author Christina Courtenay could pull off not only a contemporary book but a Young Adult one at that From the first couple of paragraphs any doubts I had flew straight out the window because I knew I was going to love this book I loved it so much I was extremely upset when I d finished reading it, and impatience has now set in as I wait for [...]

    22. I have always had a soft spot for Choc Lit publishers and was thrilled when they announced the launch of their new YA imprint Choc Lit Rocks.New England Rocks is the first title for this imprint, itself the first in a series by award winning author Christina Courtenay.I love reading about New England and was excited to read this novel It has a very cool contemporary cover featuring main character Rain.Rain has been expelled from her British boarding school for bad behaviour and, in order to teac [...]

    23. Having read and thoroughly enjoyed Christina Courtenay s historical romances, I was curious to see how her writing would adapt for the YA genre.The prologue finds Rain in the comprising situation that leads to her being expelled.Arriving at Northbrooke High, Rain bumps into Jesse at the entrance The Principal is not the type of Head she s used to in her boarding schools which throws her a little She still keeps up her defensive attitude.Thrown together with Jesse in their lessons and after schoo [...]

    24. I m a huge fan of Christina Courtenay s work, so I had high hopes when I heard that she had written a Young Adult book I was not disappointed, New England Rocks is one of the finest examples of contemporary romance for young adults that I have read in many years.As a young adult, I was an avid reader, much like I am today, but there were times when I felt a little let down by some of the books in the same genre as the characters and stories just seemed unrealistic and I couldn t identify with th [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this book I met Christina at a book fair and she gave to the book so I could write an honest review on here, therefore, I did.I enjoyed the way it was written as you were able to know everyone s emotions At first it was about Rain, a Brit who gets expelled from her super elite school and gets sent to live with her father in New England She pretends that she hates it but she knows she can t, especially with Jesse Devlin around He completely ruined her plan of getting back to Engl [...]

    26. What a great little story this was Once I started reading it, I could not put it down until I had finished it I really loved Rain s character She s feisty and full of spunk, but she has a great heart I liked the hero Jesse as well, but I think it took him a bit too long to come to his senses It s a quick, fun, easy, sweet YA read.I will definitely continue on with reading this series The next book is about Rain s sister Raven.Books in this Northbrooke High Series 1 New England Rocks written as C [...]

    27. I haven t read a young adult novel in quite a while but won this one in a competition and really enjoyed reading it I found myself pulled into the world of teenage angst and that desire to be different, but also that inherent need to be accepted You really feel for the character of Rain Mackenzie, a rebel with attitude, but also a teen who is coming to grips with an enforced move to a new school in a different country I thought the author did a great job with the character mix and the plot to ke [...]

    28. British Rain just got kicked out of boarding school and England She meets soccer rocker Jess her first day in American high school Written in third person you get to see inside the minds of the 2 main characters The book is populated with interesting characters, a fun plot that has a few twists and kept my interest Unfortunately the British vernacular slips into both the British and American kids which REALLY distracted me A better editor would have made all the difference But I will read the ne [...]

    29. As this is a book aimed at young adult readers, I gave it to my daughter to read This is what she said What did I like How each chapter ended cliff hanger , it made you want to keep reading I finished it quickly because I really enjoyed reading it When I had finished the book I was disappointed because I couldn t go to bed and read it I can t wait for the rest of the trilogy to come out.Ruby, aged 12

    30. A quick and fun read when you re in the mood for something light I will say that it s very high school so the dramatic elements are pretty much like an old Taylor swift song I only gave it 3 stars because the main character seemed to be good at everything but making good decisions, and because the super hot rocker jock takes home ec But once I got passed that I was free to enjoy the story.

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