The Rake's Rainbow

The Rake's Rainbow By Allison Lane, The Rake s Rainbow Miss Caroline Cummings was a vicar s daughter the picture of propriety and the soul of innocence Thomas Mannering was the most infamous rake in the realm whose drinking gambling and womanizing had
  • Title: The Rake's Rainbow
  • Author: Allison Lane
  • ISBN: 9780451186669
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Rake's Rainbow By Allison Lane, Miss Caroline Cummings was a vicar s daughter, the picture of propriety and the soul of innocence Thomas Mannering was the most infamous rake in the realm, whose drinking, gambling, and womanizing had exiled him from polite society Only the most bizarre of accidents could have made Caroline his bride but accidents do happen and did.
    The Rake's Rainbow By Allison Lane,
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      425 Allison Lane
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    1. Allison Lane

      Allison Lane is the author of 20 Regency novels and 6 novellas She is a Holt Medallion Winner and the 2005 Romantic Times Career Achievement Award Winner, as well as National Readers Choice Awards Finalist for three books.Notes from Allison Lane I am not one of those who always wanted to be a writer, though I suspect I wanted to be just about everything else doctor, astronaut, artist, scientist, and concert pianist, to name only a few My actual careers were not quite so exciting Designing computer software and running horse shows gave way to motherhood, home improvement projects, and teaching piano But books have always been one of the cornerstones of my life.When I was growing up in the mid west, reading and music kept me sane through frequent changes of address As an adult, books offered a respite from the strain of daily living Often I would finish the last page with the thought, I wish I were that creative Occasionally it would change to, Surely even I could do better than this So one day I tried But this is not a fairy tale, folks My first book was less than stellar In fact, it stunk Good writing is hard work But I enjoyed the process or maybe I just enjoy playing God so I tried again By the third tale, I had a publishable story.Where am I headed in the future I don t yet know For now, I write Regencies It is a fascinating period and an entertaining genre My work is classed as traditional though I don t consider it in quite that way I try to avoid clich s except for happy endings, of course those are what offer us respite from that daily crisis But I like to pose universal problems to my characters and then watch them find solutions I have long been fascinated by how people surmount problems to find the happiness that we all deserve.These days my spare time is limited Writing consumes most of my day I still read as much as ever and keep up with the world of science And everyone knows better than to step between me and a TV during football season it somehow takes an extra month to complete fall manuscripts.From Regency Reads

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    1. Well, this kind of blew chunks pardon the pun for those who have read it D , but I had to give it at least 3.5 stars just for the level of WTFery Our hero is brokenhearted when the love of his life goes off and marries some grandpa who has money and a title The dude spends a year whoring, spending and puking until daddy threatens to cut him off and makes him go fix up a dilapidated estate if he wants anything to live on He s got a little inheritance but he has to marry and is on his way to propo [...]

    2. What kind of hero barfs on you after a night of debauchery What kind of hero neglects his estates till it s ruined and it takes the heroine to set it to rights again and then he hates her because she bested him What kind of hero is in love with the whorish OW to the point that his eye moistens with tears for her What kind of hero doesn t see that the OW is a female dog that sleeps around with everyone even when he hears people talking about it What kind of hero cheats with said OW Here is the bi [...]

    3. Rake s Rainbow Well Thomas is pretty much TSTL IMO This is very rare in an H and probably the only thing that redeems him enough to be a Hero I do admire the tenacity with which he hangs on to his illusions about Alicia but dang was he an idiot His arrogance and his ability to blame everyone but himself and his object of affection was really irritating to me at times Thomas actually has all the qualities of a good Alpha Hero except for his na vet and self delusion about his grand love for Alicia [...]

    4. All the bad reviews about this book make me want to read it hehehe rubs hands in glee Edited 02 03 16 So I finally found this wonderfully nasty book so blissful I want to cry BUT I HAVE TESTS AND EXAMS ONE AFTER THE OTHER WITH NO TIME TO BREATHE OR SLEEP OR EAT SO HOW WILL I READ THIS WAILS

    5. If you go to traditional regency romance for coziness and comfort, you definitely want to skip this story If you re looking for a likable hero, you will not find him here What you find instead is emotionally charged story of marriage on the rocks And my rating is based not on likability of the character but on the story writing, plot, and characterization The latter being one of the finest I ve encountered in a long time When a coach accident lands the vicar s daughter Caroline Cummings and disr [...]

    6. Ughh I hate this book No, let me rephrase that I HATE the so called hero in this book His probably the most unlikable romantic hero I ve ever read I ve read a lot of books were in the hero was in love with a different woman before the heroine but this dude just sucks The fact that he s been mooning about another woman for than half the book and feeling sorry about himself that he married the heroine, was bad enough but when he thought that it ll be better if the h just died was really hard to s [...]

    7. Abuser and abusedShe passively waits for him to come to his senses He s mentally challenged and I have no reason to expect his obsessiveness and quick rage won t tear up again.

    8. I ve read so many spoilers and discussions on this one over the years, so I didn t go in blind Maybe if I had, I would rate lower However, I read through a knowing filter and it did affect my rating As much as Alicia is the H s true love , his ideal and obsession, I would have questioned this if it hadn t played out the way the story did I projected ideals on his love and did not believe or want to see the bad If Alicia had been the h, we might question his judgment but be convinced he was truly [...]

    9. Meh, this is a really really poor novel I don t approve of cheating, but it could ve been written so much better Thomas is such an awful cad, quite undeserving of Caro This is the first time that I wasn t rooting for a HEA between the main characters.

    10. This book kept me interested, and I normally would have rated it 4 stars The hero was such an idiot for most of the book though, that I subtracted one star 3 5

    11. Questo il peggior romance che io abbia mai letto in tutta la mia esistenza di book addicted Il protagonista un vero idiota e la storia un inutile groviglio di episodi irritanti L heroina almeno aveva quell intelligenza che l ha salvata dal limbo della noia e pensare che le storie a tema lui ama l altra mi piacciono molto ma non quando governate dall idiozia

    12. Well done regencyThe characters are well rounded, complete The plot contained the problems of a marriage of convenience between strangers in an age in which appearance was everything and manners its support Caroline and Thomas were wonderful protagonists The author created a group of people I want to read about further I want to know what happens to all of them especially Wroxleigh She created a world I want to know about and that s not easy.

    13. I really liked this book, it was angsty and super emotional.The story is about a handsome rake that fell in obsession with a beautiful girl that ended up marrying a gay old enough to be her grandfather He could not handle this so he spend the whole year going broke while gaming and using prostitutes His father put a stop to it because he s only the second son, so no title and not a lot of money when the father dies The hero will actually have to start making his own money because his inheritance [...]

    14. This was the first book I d read by Allison Lane, and I think it might be the last I almost never say this about a book but that was BAD I WANTED to like it I mean, the premise wasn t bad.rake being forced to marry a plain Jane, even though he loves another.but surely he ll come to realize what a true gem he married instead, and love his wife right RIGHT Um, nope Not really Thomas was the worst male lead character I ve ever read There was absolutely nothing to like about him He was stupid, obnox [...]

    15. Took me forever to find this book, everyone said I would hate it and I did rta but clarifying in that I hated the Hero who if playing a villian would be not aptly named.I went back and forth between he was insane or if he was the most self destructive, self absorbed idiot who ever walked the earth i settled on c all the above SPOILER RANT He delights in finding his wife a pretty great lay.y to PUNISH her because he had not been able to bed his true love whomeveryone else has bedded but he stupid [...]

    16. Nasty The hero is so bad that it feels like an accidental when he reforms The Heroine is the only reason I give this book any stars, because she took her vows very seriously, and was a good wife and good example even when the husband was at his worst.

    17. not going to reread it ever again maybe, most likely.ead of enumerating the reasons why, here are the shelves Julz s has put this on cheating hero, hero should be shown the door, stayed mad the whole time, ow involved, moc, uber trainwreck, wallbanger, forced marriage, heartless jerk hero, floormat heroine, mean angry dude, hero hates heroine, ex ow, cold cruel hero, historical romance, hero is a jerk, mistress rubbed in heroines face, 2013, wtfery that s a very good summary of the book so why t [...]

    18. After breaking my period of celibacy with reading books, I ve decided to start with this oneOkayyy not really my usual like but ehh, it was err, okay I guess.Plot not too thick.Strong heroine definitely a check But seriously, despite all the books that I ve read, this must be the one having the most unlikable hero LIKE SERIOUSLY Okay, I ve never known obsession first hand, but God Whenever this trait of his surfaces, my brows automatically meet, accompanied by eyes rolling and head shaking.And t [...]

    19. Signet Regency Romance the boys need saving, the men are tortured souls Not trashy like Harlequin Romances, but still romantic Plus you get to learn a lot about the upper class lives of Regency England FUN These are my guilty pleasures My best friend and I used to read them in high school.The Rake s Rainbow A drunk man and a spinster lady end up together in the same bed at an Inn after a stage coach accident Honor makes them get married b c she has been compromised Unfortunately, he s in love wi [...]

    20. That was a slog Thomas was TSTL, but he was only 25, so if you think about it, he did what most 25 year old men would do be an absolute idiot The author totally immersed me into the Regency period and the writing was excellent There was a lot of internal thoughts in this book which did tend to drag, but I liked the character development and the cast of characters that fleshed out the story A dramatic story full of woe.

    21. I really enjoyed this book and I believe it is the first I ve read by this author I really liked both Caroline and Thomas Admittedly Thomas is a bit of an idiot but he comes aroundd Caroline s patience is admirable I thought the plot was interesting enough and the romance was pretty tasteful There were parts that dragged but overall I thought the book was generally paced well I hope there is a sequel because I would like to know Drew s story.

    22. I had to read this one after reading some of the other reviews It was kinda like passing a car wreck and feeling the pull to look, even though you know you won t want to see it.And the book totally lived up to it s one star reviews But I gave it 2 stars because he grovels so well for quite a few pages at the end She, of course, is a nonredeemable doormat I think if she d at least made him work for it a bit, I might have given a third star, lol I shake my head in shame.

    23. I was really surprised at how good this one was, well done Allison I didn t get a thing done until i had finished the book and found out what happened.

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