What Dreams May Come (In Dreams, Book 1)

What Dreams May Come (In Dreams, Book 1) By Beth M. Honeycutt, What Dreams May Come In Dreams Book Reality is overrated Or so Ellie Cross has always believed Ellie is an ordinary nothing special girl who feels invisible most of the time She s the kind of girl who would loan her lunch money to anyo
  • Title: What Dreams May Come (In Dreams, Book 1)
  • Author: Beth M. Honeycutt
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  • Page: 367
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • What Dreams May Come (In Dreams, Book 1) By Beth M. Honeycutt, Reality is overrated Or so Ellie Cross has always believed.Ellie is an ordinary, nothing special girl who feels invisible most of the time She s the kind of girl who would loan her lunch money to anyone, but she s definitely not the kind of girl to get noticed Well, except by her mom, who constantly nags her not to be such a dreamer, and the class bully who makes her liReality is overrated Or so Ellie Cross has always believed.Ellie is an ordinary, nothing special girl who feels invisible most of the time She s the kind of girl who would loan her lunch money to anyone, but she s definitely not the kind of girl to get noticed Well, except by her mom, who constantly nags her not to be such a dreamer, and the class bully who makes her life miserable It s kinda grim for a girl who s already painfully shy and all too aware that she takes work But Ellie has a best friend, someone she can turn to whenever she has a problem Well, some might call him an imaginary friend, since they ve never actually met outside of dreams.And, sure, Ellie knows it s kinda weird to have a friend no one else can see, but since her real world friends currently number one, she figures an imaginary friend can only improve her social life Even better, since he isn t real, she can tell dream guy Gabe anything, without ever worrying that he ll ditch her for someone cooler or embarrass her by blabbing her secrets And so what if she happens to have an itsy bitsy crush on her reality challenged friend Who s it hurting, really But things are about to get complicated, because there s a new guy in school a guy with hauntingly familiar eyes A guy who knows things about Ellie that he shouldn t have any way of knowing
    What Dreams May Come (In Dreams, Book 1) By Beth M. Honeycutt,
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    1. I was very lucky to receive this book for review despite it being a romance and for a younger audience as I don t usually read this genre and am far from young.However, for one, I loved the writing style, which flowed easily from beginning to end Its humour, too, was excellent It was the psychological insights that made this story a winner for me because the author truly understood the inner turmoil of being human and the differences between how others see us and how we see ourselves.I don t giv [...]

    2. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewWhat Dreams May Come is a sweet paranormal romance that I think would appeal especially to a younger YA audience Ellie is a shy, guarded character who prefers to keep a low profile at school She escapes in her dreams where she spends time with her friend, Gabe, who seems a bit too real to merely be a dream.I kept hoping for Ellie to come into her own as the novel progressed, to stand up for herself, or something But Ellie was d [...]

    3. I really loved this book I contacted the author and she was nice enough to give me a copy to do a review with on my blog I was a bit taken aback I was expecting this to be just an average story ,but I was wrong I live how sweet and innocent this story was it was so unique how the author explained everything I love that the author answers every single questions you could think of Most author would leave out small tad bits of information and that can be very frustrating I also live how this didn t [...]

    4. I had the opportunity to read a reviewer s copy of this great novel It is, in so many ways, a breath of fresh air It s a fantastic teen romance, with great touches of humor, but it also has some very serious moments More than that, it has wonderfully clean, well written content that anyone young or old can enjoy.It is filled with twists and turns, and a plot that will keep you guessing You simply can t stop reading until you figure out the mystery that lies at the novel s heart, and the connecti [...]

    5. Beautiful, clean, well written love story I really enjoyed this book Was sad to come to the end The author is a very talented writer who pays attention to the technical details as well as having a well thought out story line This story is very age appropriate for the young adults.Ellie is a sad child who finds comfort in her dream land but the adults in her life are worried about her escape into the fantasy world There are some twists, conflicts, laughter, friendship and first love that began at [...]

    6. This book was a very good light hearted read Ellie is a very sensitive shy girl who s best friend is a guy named Gabe that she only knows in her dreams She pours her heart and soul out to him He always ends the dreams that he will find her one day I started reading and I could not put this book down I cried a lot and also wanted to smack Ellie a lot for being a little to naive The characters are so real that you feel their emotions I will defiently be recommdning this book and hope to see from [...]

    7. OH my goodness With the title alone I was enthralled How awesome is this title Well the story is even better trust Kiki on this I fell head over heels for Gabe He was just to good to be true I thought Ellie was pretty spectacular also They shared such a wonderful back story TRUST ME YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK Please support Indie artists

    8. This book is so well written and paints a beautiful story of young love The main character, Ellie, is so genuine and someone we can all relate to The journey through this story was well worth taking I laughed I cried I cheered but most of all I smiled Can t wait to read

    9. LOVED this book I can t wait for the next one Very well written and great story line, very original I couldn t put the book down Great characters

    10. What a great book I don t read much YA books any, but this one caught my eye So sweet I highly recommend this book to all teenage girls

    11. This book was really good,If only it was possible to meet the love of your life in your dreams I can t wait to read book 2

    12. I am really not into paranormal romance So what convinced me to pick this up Pretty much the first line of that description Because honestly, half the time I think reality s overrated I d rather read a book.I liked Ellie She s one of those shy sweet girls who s awesome once you get to know her, but it takes a little effort to get to know her And I can totally relate to her liking something better than reality dreams for Ellie, fiction for me, but it s the same principle.The only thing that bothe [...]

    13. This is a young adult novel with true heart and soul The premise a shy, young girl meeting with her best friend every night in dreams pulled me in right away It is a coming of age story filled with the awkwardness of those self conscious teenage years where we imagine everyone else is cool, popular, pretty, and confident and we re an eyesore with a limp But it s also a story about recognizing true beauty, friendship and love when you find it.Ellie is a girl trapped between two worlds One is a dr [...]

    14. This was an easy read, and I finished it easily in a few days I don t get chunks of reading time, usually, so for me this is the equivalent of an unputdownable book This is a unique story concept, one which appealed to me, a hopeless romantic Dream boys Yes, please Gabe, Gabriel, whoever was a likable character, a really good guy with, like, virtually no flaws Personally, I m okay with those perfect male love interests Some readers aren t But, yeah, Team Gabe riel all the way, here.Now that I m [...]

    15. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Getting the book for free did not affect my review and no other compensation was offered or accepted Sweet Clean Teen Romance Those four words describe this book perfectly Ellie has been dreaming of a guy named Gabe since she was a young child While she has told her parents that the dreams have stopped, she still sees him when her emotions are high and they meet in dreams His face is never clear to her even when she is staring at hi [...]

    16. This intriguing story line is based on the premise that a young girl creates an imaginary playmate in her dreams The imaginary friend, Gabe grows up along side Ellie as she dreams of his support, friendship and acceptance She learns to depend on her dream friend as she faces the challenges and joys of growing up Unlike the people she interacts with in the real world, he is always kind, accepting and non judgmental.As Ellie matures and grows the imaginary friend idea begins to bother her mother S [...]

    17. Overall, this story was really good It s YA romance, as it should be I have read a bit of YA now, and I look for certain things when I read I like to look at the story, the characters, and the writing style The plot idea was new to me, so I found that refreshing It has elements of the paranormal in it, but the way it is explained is good, as it is slowly laid out The romance between the characters was adorable, and I think they are cute together, not to mention good for one another They did not [...]

    18. This is a well written, entertaining paranormal romance Ellie, the main character is sweet, painfully shy and overly self conscious She doesn t like to draw attention to herself and for good reason She has been beat down with humiliation by the school bully to the point that she really believes there is nothing to like about her Ellie is torn between two worlds the real world and her dream world where she has an imaginary friend named Gabe Gabe is Ellie s confidante and best friend Unlike her li [...]

    19. I ve read a lot of books about dreams lately and they re all unique What Dreams May Come tells the story of Ellie Ellie has a best friend, but the problem is, she s never met him in real life Gabe is there for her for everything, even though her mom calls her a dreamer Her mom has sent her to therapists to try and cure Ellie from her imaginary friend, but Ellie doesn t know what she d do without him.Ellie is a super sweet and extremely nice girl, which means she s often the target of the class b [...]

    20. I was given a review copy of this book to read What Dreams May Come is a lovely YA love story about a shy and insecure teenager, Ellie, who just doesn t fit in She has only one true friend and an imaginary friend, Gabe, since she was just a child Ellie experiences bullying in school and can t share her feelings with her mother who is tough on her in every way Ellie s mother doesn t believe her about Gabe and sends Ellie to a psychiatrist to help sort out her vivid imagination When Ellie s grandm [...]

    21. I m rating this one right between 4 and 5 stars and giving the author the benefit of Goodread s inability to use half stars It s the highest I ve ever rated a romance Usually they re too heavy on the smexy or they contain so much sappy mush that I m gagging by the end if I make it that far This one is sweet and innocent And the paranormal adds a nice bit of creativity.I was especially appreciative of the prose It s smooth, readable, and just a little snarky Ms Honeycutt has a style that is quite [...]

    22. What if dreams are real Can dreams become real Ellie is a teenager who has no self confidence, only one friend at school, and her best memories come from spending time with Gabe in her dreams Of course Gabe is imaginary, or so her mother and therapist have convinced Ellie, but Gabe claims he s real and will come find her What should Ellie think when a hunky new guy with haunting green eyes shows up at school He knows too much about her and she s beginning to wonder whether Gabe might be real Wil [...]

    23. It s so difficult to find a clean romance, even in the YA Genre, that is interesting, believable, and and not based on appearances But Beth Honeycutt succeeds In this well written story, we have a dreamy literally new boy who sets his sites on shy, reserved Ellie, even as all the most popular and pretty girls in school throw themselves at him But why Why does he give Ellie his complete and focused attention And why does he keep reminding her of the imaginary friend she s had since she was little [...]

    24. Cool paranormal I always had the idea that a paranormal book would be sscccaaarrryyy Not so Not so at all Not if you start out with this paranormal book What Dreams May Come This is a sweet story of how a boy and a girl who are outsiders to their peer groups find one another The story surprised me by the feelings it reminded me of Teenagers are a special group and this story should appeal to them greatly It is written very well and with feeling and good clean language I think this author remembe [...]

    25. I loved this book It is such a beautiful YA romance I loved the idea of meeting your ideal mate in your dreams and then having them find you in real life It is such a beautiful concept and the characters are amazing Ellie is a typical female teenager She is awkward, shy and doesn t get along well with her mother She is so unsure of herself she isn t able to believe in what she has right in front of her.It was so amazing to watch Ellie grow and mature She begins to trust herself and the love she [...]

    26. This was a fun book to read Watching Ellie, the main character, grow into a young woman who has self esteem than the girl she started as was rewarding Gabe was definitely a boy of dreams and it was fun and dreamy to see him come alive so to speak The connection between the two characters is what we all dream about having This, the first book in the series, left me curious and wanting to see where the next book will take us.

    27. What dreams may comeI received a copy of this to review, wasn t sure how I would like it but actually loved the book A great story about young love Ellie and Gabriel always had a connection but did not why This book had a lot of emotion in it and also mystery This is book one so hope to see when the next book comes out The book kept me interested thru the whole book Definitely recommend this book and this author.

    28. This is a story for any teenager who ever thought of him or herself as a misfit, worthless or all the other derogatory terms one can think of This is a story of hope and learning you are worthy and valuable as a person The fantasy portion is a wonderful look into the future of what can eventually come your way I was so touched by Ms Honeycutt s loving portrayal of this all too familiar real subject Please keep writing this type of story.

    29. This is not the kind of book that I normally go for, but I read it because I know the author and she is a very strong writer It took no time at all for me to get caught up in the characters and the plot About 1 4 of the way through, I couldn t put it down The young people in the book had become very real to me and I found myself caring about them a lot LOLI highly recommend it and there is a sequel coming out that I don t want to miss, too.

    30. What a sweet and captivating story Wve all had dreams we hate to wake from and for the main character it s the person in them she wants to stick around This story was adorable and striking all at once It s sweet and clean and good for any age It even addresses important topics like bullying Highly recommend it for youth and adults alike.

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