Meeting the English

Meeting the English By Kate Clanchy, Meeting the English Exceptional Clanchy has a wincingly accurate eye for social comedy a vivid descriptive sense and profound understanding of her characters This is a delectable read Daily Mail UK In response to an ad
  • Title: Meeting the English
  • Author: Kate Clanchy
  • ISBN: 9781250059772
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meeting the English By Kate Clanchy, Exceptional Clanchy has a wincingly accurate eye for social comedy, a vivid descriptive sense, and profound understanding of her characters This is a delectable read Daily Mail UK In response to an advertisement, Struan Robertson, orphan, genius, and just seventeen, leaves his dour native town in Scotland, and arrives at a creaky mansion in London in the fre Exceptional Clanchy has a wincingly accurate eye for social comedy, a vivid descriptive sense, and profound understanding of her characters This is a delectable read Daily Mail UK In response to an advertisement, Struan Robertson, orphan, genius, and just seventeen, leaves his dour native town in Scotland, and arrives at a creaky mansion in London in the freakishly hot summer of 1989 His job, he finds, is to care for playwright and one time literary star Phillip Prys, dumbfounded and paralyzed by a massive stroke, because, though Phillip s two teenage children, two wives, and a literary agent all rattle round his large house, they are each too busy with their peculiar obsessions to do it themselves As the city bakes, Struan finds himself tangled in a midsummer s dream of mistaken identity, giddying property prices, wild swimming, and overwhelming passions For everyone, it is to be a life changing summer Kate Clanchy s Meeting the English is a bright book about dark subjects a tale about kindness and its limits, told with love It is a coming of age story for anyone who has ever felt themselves to be an outsider a love story for the awkward and a comedy for anyone who has ever lived in a family Written by an acclaimed writer of poetry, non fiction, and short stories, this glorious debut novel is spiked with witty dialogue and jostling with gleeful, zesty characters.
    Meeting the English By Kate Clanchy,
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    1. Kate Clanchy

      Kate Clanchy was educated in Edinburgh and Oxford University She lived in London s East End for several years, before moving to Buckinghamshire where she now works as a teacher, journalist and freelance writer Her poetry and seven radio plays have been broadcast by BBC Radio She is a regular contributor to The Guardian newspaper her work appeared in The Scotsman, the New Statesman and Poetry Review She also writes for radio and broadcasts on the World Service and BBC Radio 3 and 4 She is a Creative Writing Fellow of Oxford Brookes University and teaches Creative Writing at the Arvon Foundation She is currently one of the writers in residence at the charity First Story Her poetry has been included in A Book of Scottish Verse 2002 and The Edinburgh book of twentieth century Scottish poetry 2006

    391 thoughts on “Meeting the English”

    1. I m not sure how far this novel will go, but for the right audience it might be a good read The author developed the characters well I just could not stomach the tedious, incredibly boring pace of the story.It was not for me.

    2. Poet Kate Clanchy was born in Glasgow but lives in London Now in the wake of September s historic Scottish independence vote seems a good time to revisit her debut novel, with its theme of an inexperienced Scottish teenager travelling down to England to take up a new post as nurse to a literary lion.Are Scotland and England really that different Seventeen year old Struan Robertson seems to think so London in the late 1980s feels like an utterly foreign place to him Clanchy shifts naturally from [...]

    3. Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an opportunity to read a copy of Meeting the English This book was a lovely surprise I knew nothing about Clanchy or her book when I requested it from Netgalley, but the story sounded interesting It turns out that it was published in the last year or so in the UK and I gather will be published shortly in North America Set in the late 1980s, Meeting the English depicts an 18 year old boy Struan who moves from a small town in Scotland to look after a se [...]

    4. A nice summery, cartoonishly typical English novel I m almost surprised they still make them like this Although very few characters are English, as this book wants to show that we are a mongrel race and that Englishness is often a mixture of learned mannerisms and assimilation Especially Englishness as perceived by outsiders such as a geeky Scottish school leaver going south of the border in 1989 for a gap year working as a carer It is he who is meeting the English for the first time, characters [...]

    5. Literary Giant seeks young man to push bathchair Own room in Hampstead, all found, exciting cultural milieu Modest wage Ideal gap year opportunity.This was a surprising novel in many ways a pleasant, heart warming read, and not at all what I was expecting, coming as it does from such a famous, multi award winning poet like Kate Clanchy Slattern, What Is She Doing Here A Refugee s Story Clanchy s poetry has weight, and this novel is, on the surface, not the least bit weighty or Important Meeting [...]

    6. I adored this book A tongue in cheek, satirical account of lives privileged and not, told through the eyes of a green young man from Cuik, a bright young girl who strives to be thin, and her grasping mother, among others This is a brilliant book, a study of England as it was in the year 1989, a wry, crisp account of the times.

    7. Picked this up because of the upcoming referendum and it seemed pertinent.Really well worth reading Funny, naughty and very evocative of the 80 s my era Complex relationships of well drawn characters and a strong story that twists and turns and leaves you thinking and uncertain of what decisions the characters will make next Not that it is a thriller, its not, it s just a story of a few months in 1989.But her short story expertise makes this her first novel a spare, precise and enthralling read [...]

    8. A 17 year old goes to take care of a writer he used to admire and who had a stroke It should be interesting It just isn t I d expect in depth of the idyosincrasies of the Scottish English, of the age difference, of the social class, of anything It left me waiting all the while, and bored to tears while at it.

    9. absolutely and beautifully written one reason for reading novels by poets, especially ones as good as Clanchy also sly and witty, thereby making it three of my favourite things.

    10. One of those books where you don t want to begin another in case you forget this one The last third of the book was so moving.

    11. The London divorced family at the centre of this dark comedy are met by an Iranian second wife and a young Scots lad In 1989 a playwright has a serious stroke and as the months go by his squabbling family brings him home from hospital and engages a caregiver Each person goes his or her own way and we see them change over the summer The tale contains acerbic social comment on towns with shut coal mines, European dictators, property prices and growing up, among other aspects Praise to the author f [...]

    12. I enjoyed this SO much The story of a principled, innocent young man from Scotland who moves to London to care for a literary lion who s suffered a stroke, it s witty, humane, and surprising Clanchy never lapses into cliche The kindly teacher who encourages Struan turns out to be self congratulatory and a little creepy the angry ex wife has her reasons for fury the beautiful current wife is cheerfully amoral I wasn t surprised to learn that Clanchy is a poet not because there s a lot of horrible [...]

    13. Charming book, whimsically told, about a young orphan in 1989 who leaves his poverty stricken Scottish village to take a job as caretaker for an acclaimed playwright, left wheel chair bound and mute after a stroke A cast of characters assemble in and out of the household, each with their own agendas It all takes place over an unseasonably hot London summer, in a posh Hampstead neighborhood and the famous park, very much giving a Midsummer Night s Dream effect to the novel.

    14. Cute Not especially funny, a little bit sad Story of a Scottish lad who goes to London to care for a not very nice author after he strokes out The lad is brilliant, young and unsophisticated The family and friends he meets are quite dysfunctional, but thru his actions he sets most of them on the right path In the end the old man has another stroke, and everyone moves on.

    15. A very enjoyable read with good characters who are extremely likable and not so nice ones that are understandable I liked how Clachy managed to insert thoughtful commentary about society s views of women who age and or are large in amidst the unstoppable plot I didn t mean to stay up late finishing this, but I just had to see how it turned out I definitely will look out for her other work.

    16. This was a relatively quick read It revolves around a rather bohemian family which is having to deal with the results of a stroke suffered by the bread winner It exposes the English class system rather unfavourably as a young Scottish lad comes to work for the family as a carer It is interesting, funny and extremely sad all at once.

    17. I pronounce this book PERFECTLY REASONABLE I might have liked to be fonder of some of the characters, and I might also have liked Struan and Juliet to end up in happier situations than they did, but generally I find this book to be a reasonable representation of what people mean when they say this is a book.

    18. Great characters and a plot that tears along, this is a really good read Funny in places not laugh out loud but gently amusing , sometimes a little sad but never too sad , it s an enjoyable story of different worlds meeting.

    19. Quirky realistic characters and lovely writing You can tell the author is a poet Funny as well I really enjoyed it I had difficulty in the beginning understanding the very local British and Scottish colloquialisms but got used to it after a while.

    20. I really enjoyed this a quirky, amusing read yet with a lot of depth to it too Very strong and convincing characters and the London settings are easy to imagine She writes so well and I will certainly look out for other novels by this impressive writer.

    21. This is an excellent read for summer full of humour, magic and a cast of characters that will stay with you for a long time.

    22. Lovely read Not actually as light as you d think, but nicely written, with well rounded characters Satisfying.

    23. After the intensity of Colm Toibin s book, House of Names, I m talking murder of one s child, husband and mother this was a delightful reprieve Lots of Englishisms I didn t understand, but it didn t matterey suggested what they meant, and the characters speaking them were absolutely delightful, no matter what state of sobriety they were experiencing I have already suggested it to several friends who need some cheering up It belongs on BBC I wonder if it has already been adapted to the screen Enj [...]

    24. Get past the first few pages which introduce the boorish British author around whom the main characters revolve Get past the British terms that Americans must decipher based on context You will be rewarded with a sweet, funny reflection of the diverse personalities and motivations of those connected to the stroke bound author and how they change.

    25. I received my copy of Meeting the English, by Kate Clanchy, through the First Reads program.I finished reading the novel several weeks ago, and while I am usually timely with reviews, this one ate at me I spent considerable time rethinking what I had just read, finding new meaning Several reviews of the novel made reference to Shakespearean comedy, A Midsummer Night s Dream, so I had already formulated an expectation of rollicking humour and larger than life characters before even cracking the s [...]

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