The SEAL's Best Man

The SEAL's Best Man By Kate Aster, The SEAL s Best Man Life is about to change for Lieutenant Jack Falcone Stationed at the U S Naval Academy Jack has just learned he s headed back to the SEALs as an Anti Submarine Warfare Expert He s got six weeks left
  • Title: The SEAL's Best Man
  • Author: Kate Aster
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  • Page: 263
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  • The SEAL's Best Man By Kate Aster, Life is about to change for Lieutenant Jack Falcone.Stationed at the U.S Naval Academy, Jack has just learned he s headed back to the SEALs as an Anti Submarine Warfare Expert He s got six weeks left in Annapolis six weeks to convince Maeve that some pasts are worth revisiting.How can she resist When Maeve said good bye to Jack eight years ago after a weekend fling, sLife is about to change for Lieutenant Jack Falcone.Stationed at the U.S Naval Academy, Jack has just learned he s headed back to the SEALs as an Anti Submarine Warfare Expert He s got six weeks left in Annapolis six weeks to convince Maeve that some pasts are worth revisiting.How can she resist When Maeve said good bye to Jack eight years ago after a weekend fling, she never expected he d return to her life, and wind up the best man in the wedding of her friends, Mick and Lacey But a lot has happened in the years they ve been apart just enough to make a relationship with him impossible.If she can resist temptation for just six weeks, her secrets will be safe.Six weeks starting nowThe SEAL s Best Man is a full length novel about what happens when the low sizzle of a weekend fling blazes into a bonfire that could burn for a lifetime.
    The SEAL's Best Man By Kate Aster,
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      When Kate Aster was in fifth grade, she wrote her debut novel on a spiral bound notebook a science fiction which ended with the tragic destruction of all humanity.Fortunately, she s gotten a lot upbeat.Now preferring romantic settings and blissfully happy endings, Kate just released her eighth book available on.Kate is an avid snorkeler, beach read fanatic, and margarita connoisseur She is so grateful for the support and positive reviews from her readers Thank you If you d like to be notified when Kate s next book is available, please fill out the contact form on her website to be added to her mailing list Thanks so much for your interest

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    1. I loved this book.I bought it for 0,99 at just to try something else than the highlander regency books I seem to read all the time So I really had no expectations But I was pleasantly surprised More so because I started with the first book in this series and was disapointed in the writing style All fixed in this book so happy I started it Why the 3 instead of 4 Because it didn t tempt me to miss sleap over it that would be a five star and at some points the plot did seem to rely on simply not te [...]

    2. You can tell that this was written by someone with great experience and respect for the military I want to go to Annapolis, MD now.

    3. Life is about to change for Lieutenant Jack Falcone and Maeve had a fling eight years ago and have been friends for the last two years It is time to change things up when he is ordered back to active duty.

    4. Although I was not overawed by Book 1 in the series, I enjoyed this book much Writing and flow greatly improved enjoyed and want to read next book in series immediately.

    5. As a reader I ve read these books out of order having started with More Please where Maeve and Jack were already married and well, I m reading a romance novel Of course they ll get together Regardless, I like this couple Maeve was a bit different than the usual heroines, which I enjoyed I found the timeline to be a bit confusing at times We were told many times how much time Jack had before he was leaving but then I felt like it was a lot longer until Maeve would say something that would make me [...]

    6. shesaidwhat 2014 12 21 the In this book, we get to know about Maeve and Jack Maeve is an accomplished interior decorator and Jack is the smart physics guy who is also in the Navy and teaching We learned from the first book that Maeve and Jack had a weekend fling eight years prior when Jack had just graduated from the Naval Academy Now its two years later and they are very much in each other s lives since their best friends are going to be married This book starts off with Maeve losing her job a [...]

    7. Ah, the opportunities we squander in the name of martyrdom.We waste years within the negative space our mind conjures What we should do What we should want What we don t deserve What we don t measure up to Allowing our flaws to define our flavor Our spice Our life.What would happen if we stopped Stopped hiding for fear of rejection Stopped pretending for fear of rebuke Stopped alienating for fear of disapproval What would happen if we were simply us Imperfect Complex Human.Maybe it would hurt Ma [...]

    8. This book takes up a little while after the first one left off centering on Maeve and Jack Maeve is one of my favorite characters of all time as I think all of us have a friend like Maeve This book explores into her past and what makes her put on the strong, no nonsense front We also look int Jack and him growing up and going from 100% navy man to working out there are other things in life to think about As a big believer in fate, the mention of Maeve s grandmother and the idea of her looking o [...]

    9. I thought this book was an excellent second installment to the series Maeve and Jack spent one very memorable weekend together years ago, and they reconnect when Maeve s roommate Lacey falls in love with Jack s friend Mick in book 1 of the series In this book, Jack and Maeve have now been just friends for two years but get pushed together even further to plan Mick and Lacey s wedding I loved learning of Maeve and Jack s back story and watching them reconnect Maeve really came into her own in th [...]

    10. Could have been four starsThis was well written and a good story I d have give it fours stars except for what should be a stand alone in a series, it relied a little too strongly on the assumption that the reader read the first book in the series Not a huge deal, since this isn t a mystery or some hugely involved overarching story But still, it was a bit annoying to not understand aspects of the characters relationships and history as these things were alluded to rather frequently It was good en [...]

    11. Absolutely perfect addition to the series Jack and Maeve s story is a wonderful addition to Kate Aster s Special Ops Home front series You the reader are able to follow the rekindling of love the started in the first novel When Jack finally convinces Maeve that she s is his only love he ll ever have has you jumping with joy I can t wait for Bess s story to be out, I ll be first in line to buy it.

    12. Love the characters but the story is a little slowI think the characters are filled with personality and really draw me in However, the plot is a little slow for me I want some drama or intrigue, I mean come on we are talking about the Navy s best of the best there is so much potential To me there is just something missing in this book series.

    13. MUST READ I have fallen in LOVE with these Characters Jack was a favorite character of mine from the first book, but his and Maves story is such a magical romance I can t wait for Besses story, I wonder if Tyler will be in it Kate Asher thank you for writing this series I can t wait to read

    14. lovely little readA friend bought this series for me and I have thoroughly enjoyed them I only wish the books were longer Love the girlfriends characters and of course and some leading men make it lovely too On to book 3.

    15. Good, solid premise, but having never read the first book in the series, I was a little lost at times with the inner working relationships I m still not sure how Bess fits in Guess I have to read the first book There were points that drug on, but overall was a good read.

    16. The seals best manFound the book quite slow in the beginning but did get better I like that all the characters from book 1 are still in it.

    17. AwesomeThis book was all that and .Great, excellent, extremely romantic I love the romance books with the chase and the fight for the one you love.

    18. This was good however I think it took too long for Maeve to figure out Jack was not settling with her That got old after a while.

    19. JackOh wow what an ending love conquers all its density I read these out of order but so glad I got Jack s story love it

    20. Great series I love the stories of the SEALS and these women Good mix of all the right things Character development, taking time for romance to build Spicy when it should be I m a new fan

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