Chasing Midnight

Chasing Midnight By Shyloh Morgan Alex Morgan, Chasing Midnight Quinn Mason is a young Southern gentleman Perhaps gentleman is a stretch for how he lived his earlier years He was the kid whose life seemed charmed a popular athlete in high school who won a full s
  • Title: Chasing Midnight
  • Author: Shyloh Morgan Alex Morgan
  • ISBN: 9781490469478
  • Page: 126
  • Format: ebook
  • Chasing Midnight By Shyloh Morgan Alex Morgan, Quinn Mason is a young Southern gentleman Perhaps, gentleman is a stretch for how he lived his earlier years He was the kid whose life seemed charmed, a popular athlete in high school who won a full scholarship Life was on track for him until the death of his parents In one terrible moment, Quinn went from having everything being everything for his young siblings He lQuinn Mason is a young Southern gentleman Perhaps, gentleman is a stretch for how he lived his earlier years He was the kid whose life seemed charmed, a popular athlete in high school who won a full scholarship Life was on track for him until the death of his parents In one terrible moment, Quinn went from having everything being everything for his young siblings He left college, and used the money from his parent s life insurance policy to buy a bar The bar supported him and the kids, affording him the ability to give for them the life they were robbed of, even sending them to college Mhisery Bellemy has returned to Midnight, reluctantly Her mother died, and she is left to take care of her drunken father, and the family cafe She had escaped the small town s clutches as soon as she was of age, and swore never to return Now, her siblings have turned to her, leaning heavily on her for help The woman who got out of town and made a life she loves is now forced, by the bonds of family, and the weight of obligation, to return and give up what she had worked to build for herself These two are unlikely to cross paths, but chance throws them into the right place at the right time Quinn s brother is the catalyst that brings Mhisery into Quinn s line of sight And that s all it took, one look and he knows he has to have her The golden boy athlete is now drawn to the tall, tattooed woman stepping off the last bus into town Will Quinn ever have the woman he desires, and make her his own, or will she return to the life she loves far away from the small town of Midnight, and Quinn, or will she stay and make a life with the man she loves Chasing Midnight tells a story of love, friendship, and sacrifice This talented duo, Shyloh Alex Morgan, will rip your heart out and have you falling in love with the inhabitants of this quaint, quirky, town Welcome to southern seduction, and the town of Midnight, where the Darkest Desires of Dixie become a reality.
    Chasing Midnight By Shyloh Morgan Alex Morgan,
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    1. Shyloh Morgan Alex Morgan

      Shyloh and Alex Morgan are a duet of authors who have written together for years Both hail from large families, steeped in alpha males Growing up in this environment allows them to truly grasp varying personalities and create a world of seduction that will completely consume a reader, once they find them in a world the two have created author Shyloh was born and raised in the south, and is a published author in her own right, with multiple titles to her credit She comes from a large family in which she was the only female among her brothers and cousins She has a background in medicine, working as a registered nurse, before turning her attention to writing She has several awards to her credit before she started embarking on this journey with Alex Now the two are showing readers there is than steamy weather in the south Alex was raised in a similar family and was surrounded by alpha males, giving them a unique understanding of various male personalities Alex s ability to turn a phrase and make, not only the reader, but the leading female in the novel swoon, has given readers a true glimpse into southern charm, as well as, seduction Both reside in the rural south, currently, and enjoy spending time with their family and friends while they each participate in the running of their individual family farms They each love horse riding, quiet nights beneath the stars with a cold drink, and general country life But when the two authors collide and collaborate they create a world in which demons, humans, shifters, and vampires alike take the reader on the emotional ride of a life time.

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    1. I m Usually Strictly a Paranormal Romance, Dystopian, Fantasy Etc Reader I Have to have an Dark edge to my romance before it pulls me in I gave this book a shot, thought, why not It opened up and wrapped me in its embrace I couldn t believe how powerful this book was over me It demanded my attention, took control of my emotions and begged to be finished A small town, Midnight Georgia A town that Mhisery left in a busses rearview mirror All she wanted was to leave that place a make a life for her [...]

    2. In this rural picturesque town lies Midnight, Georgia It s a place where everyone knows everyone and has each other s back or so it seems When the curtain is pulled back, is it a place where people really, truly know each other And do they have everyone s best interest at heart That s what Quinn Mason used to think, until the fateful, tragic accident killed his parents and jolted him from his charmed life at college Quinn was every girl s fantasy and he knew it An athlete on a scholarship and ma [...]

    3. 3.5 starsI brought this book after reading some of the reviews here on and now after finishing this book I am a little perplexed First I have to say anything I say in this review is only meant to be constructive criticism because it wasn t a bad story My issues were that after paying nearly 10 for this ebook there were still a couple of spelling errors and missing words, also there were absolutely not breaks between paragraphs so you would be in the middle of one scene and then suddenly you are [...]

    4. Chasing MidnightChasing Midnight, made laugh, pissed me off, and made sad This book really made miss the small town I grew in and the surrounding area The way that family is made a priority is amazing I love all the Masons and the Bellamys Shiloh and Alex did an amazing job with this book and I am so looking forward to Claiming Midnight I will have a book hangover for awhile.

    5. I was pleasantly surprised when I was offer to read this book It was amazing I loved the characters, I loved the plot, and I particularly love the writing styles of the authors I laughed and cried along with the characters I can t wait to read the second book I do not want to give anything away from this book, YOU HAVE TO READ IT

    6. Shyloh and Alex deliver the goods in this steamy rendition of love and romance Southern Seduction style Characters that draw not only your interest, but have the potential to break your heart as love and life collide Qhuinn and Mhisery have an explosive chemistry that will leave you breathless and pining for A great read

    7. 4 star First of all I just want to say how much I loved the lead female s name in this book Mhisery it s utterly unique and captivating and I have no idea why I really liked it, maybe because it s the first time I ve read that name anywhere I found Chasing Midnight to be a bit of a slow burner, the beginning somewhat lagged and stretched out too many unimportant details that I felt weren t warranted and I was left feeling slightly lackadaisical about continuing with it, however after all the cha [...]

    8. Review of Chasing Midnight The Darkest Desires of Dixie 1 by Shyloh Morgan and Alex Morgan4 out of 5 starsMhisery Bellemy left small town Midnight, Georgia to follow her dreams in New York City Growing up, she was the too tall and too skinny girl nobody noticed All grown up and a successful graphic artist, Mhisery returns home to help her brother and sisters look after their father After their mother passed away, their father turned to the bottle Unfortunately, this turned everyone s lives upsid [...]

    9. I received this book from a friend on FB obo of the authors, in exchange for my honest review original review can be found here superbookgrl13 20It took me a while to read this book, I kept getting interrupted, plus it was longer per it was 350 pages, but my nook had something like 490 or something like that It isn t one of those short sweet NA books that are so popular, it s a lot longer of a read.The story was pretty good, the main character Mhisery has to go back to her hometown to help her s [...]

    10. The story line and characters are fantastic butI am assuming that if you are reading this review you have at least read the synopsis of the book and know what the story is about so instead of summarizing I am going to list the things I did and did not like.The good The characters are great They are charming and funny and I love that they focus so much on family obligation The authors paint a wonderful picture of small town life There is a mixture of humor and serious things going on within the [...]

    11. Review for Rising Indies United.This is the first book in the Darkest Desires of Dixie series It was a good read, but I felt it could use a little editing and a fine tuning Story wise, it was basically a couple stories in one Mhisery left Midnight as soon as she graduated high school, only to return 10 years later to help her sisters and brother with their dad Their dad has turned into the town drunk after his wife, their mother, died a year earlier He needs someone with him constantly Even thou [...]

    12. Midnight Georgia, was home to Mhisery Bellemy and her family Even though she hopped a bus to New York at eighteen and has lived there ever since Leaving the shy , quiet girl with the crush in Quinn Mason behind Quinn Mason has no reason to leave Midnight, ever since his parents were killed in a car accident his first year of collage He has remained in Midnight being a parent to his bother and sisters Even though they are now grown he still stays in their family home with them Until he sees his i [...]

    13. Welcome to Midnight, Georgia, a rural Southern American town, where everybody knows everybody s business.Mhisery Bellamy left Midnight for New York City on a scholarshhip to University to study Arts hoping to never return again.Quinn Mason struck by the tragedy of his parents dying in an accident, leaves college to help raise his two younger siblings.One fateful night his notices a strange beautiful woman step off the bus and decides that she is his.Quinn pursues Mhisery until she eventually giv [...]

    14. Chasing Midnight was a pleasant surprise The first in a book series faces its own set of challenges and the authors met and overcame them with style, wit and grace The cast of characters living in Midnight, GA won me over in not time and left me wanting , especially Quinn A true southern gentleman with a sexy naughty side that makes him stand out as a true romantic lead I wish there had been of him, but if I feel that way, then the author s did their job well The story takes some surprising tw [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book, loved the family dynamics I felt the authors did a great job giving each their own voice throughout the story The main story was about Mhisery, who returned to her small town to help her family, she left when she was young even though she had a tight bond with her family Mhisery wants nothing to get back to the city where she feels she is not judged and can be herself Quinn is also from the same small town, he left but came back when a tragedy happened and has never [...]

    16. What can I say about Chasing Midnight except WOW Southern seduction in the dirty dirty south It doesn t get much better than that From start to finish, Chasing Midnight had me glued to the pages wanting to know about Quinn, Mhisery and the other residents of Midnight, GA This book blew any other erotic romance books I had read out of the water, and has me waiting in not so patient anticipation of the next one.Shyloh and Alex Morgan might be brand new authors but I see a hot and steamy future for [...]

    17. This is a very exciting book It keeps you on the edge of your seat It has a great story line I would highly recommend this book All the characters are well developed and come to life as you read Chance is mesmerizing All the characters are hilarious as they deal with life issues When I read Fifty Shades of Grey, I liked the characters, BUT the characters in Chasing Midnight are believable Not everyone is a billionaire The characters in this book are realistic, believable, and realistic Can t w [...]

    18. What can I say about Chasing Midnight I LOVED IT I was completely sucked into the characters and the love story between Quinn Mason Mhisery Bellemy If Midnight, GA was a real town, I would move there right now Given that this is Shyloh Alex Morgan s first published book, I was completely blown away I can not wait for Claiming Midnight the second book in the Darkest Desire of Dixie series.

    19. Loved this book, it had everything I enjoy reading in a book This couple were perfect for one another, yet they both didn t want a relationship there were some parts that made me smile, there were some parts that made me tear up, there was a little suspense,and some great sex.This book was well written only a couple typos but all in all a great read I can t wait to read the next one.

    20. Loved this book 100% I was honored when the Arthur asked me too read her book She was right, she knew I would love it and I did

    21. 3 out of 5 starsMidnight is the typical southern small town The residents there are mostly happy with their lives and their small town charm Of course, the small town isn t without trouble makers and excitement Mhisery Bellemy left the small town right after high school in an effort to find herself She moved to NYC and never wanted to go back to Midnight Quinn Mason owned the local bar with his brother Chance and sister Syra Quinn was forced to quit college and care for his younger siblings when [...]

    22. The story is as much about the town as it is about the characters, I liked the fact that the author took time to introduce the town first and then allowed the story to develop from there with me the reader having an understanding of the dynamics of the south.I love this sort of book, it is so far away from my normal life that I can fully immerse myself in a life that I have no chance of ever experiencing but have a hankering that deep down I know I would love, all that good old fashioned souther [...]

    23. I tapped out of this book with a heavy groan It was a nice long book and while that doesn t usually bother me it did this time around I don t really know where to start either and I don t want to sound like I am tearing these authors down or anything like that Please note There may be some inadvertent spoilers I loved the story itself but it was so hard for me to focus on it There was SO MUCH happening and going on all at once I wish that it was little less repetitive and that the stories are br [...]

    24. fallenoverbookreviewsI received this book to give an honest review and I am torn between a two and three star rating So I guess I will go with a three As I did find the book to be enjoyable in some parts and others not so much This review may contain spoilers so read at your own risk.So after reading the blurb I was like you know I am going to enjoy this book First I love the town name Midnight and I love the main character s name Mhisery So the story started off really good for me and I was rea [...]

    25. Please note this review may contain spoilers.Sadly the time has come for me to do something I really don t like having to do Give a 1 star review.Chasing Midnight sounded very promising, but unfortunately I had to give up the chase just before the 50% mark I have read over 500 books these past few years and I can honestly say I can count on one hand the number of books I haven t been able to finish I won t say I hated it, but it did frustrate me to the point that I simply could not go on.I didn [...]

    26. I received a copy of this story for an honest review for The Reading Room Blog.Mhisery left the sleepy town of Midnight, Georgia in her wake years ago but just as she s starting to make waves in the art world of NYC, a desperate call from her brother brings her back home She vows it s only temporary but as she discovers that extent of her family s suffering Mhisery begins to struggle with where home really is.Quinn knows about sacrifice, when his parents died he stepped up to take care of his yo [...]

    27. Overall Rating 4.25 Rockin Chasing Midnight is the first book in the Darkest Desires of Dixie by authors, Shyloh and Alex Morgan It is a glimpse into the life inside a sleepy southern community and the lives of its residents Southern charm and slow pace seduction is common place there and life flows like thick molasses, slow and sweet Come sit down, pull your shoes off and dive into a love story that will warm your soul as it nourishes your heart This is Quinn and Mhisery s journey home.Sometime [...]

    28. An emotional start to a must read series A person s relationship with their family is complicated and Mhisery Bellemy knows all about that Accepting a scholarship, she left her small hometown in Georgia the minute she could to explore her love and vocation for art in New York Losing their mother to cancer was devastating for all of them but sent her father so deeply into the bottle it took the whole family to keep things together Returning home to help with his care and keep the family caf runni [...]

    29. Chasing Midnight The Darkest Desires of Dixie 1 by Shyloh and Alex Morgan3.5 StarsOnce Mhisery left the small town of Midnight to go to college in New York City she was finally able to be herself and belong Body art and piercings helped her blend into the diverse city, so she decided to stay, not even returning home for her mother s funeral Ten years after leaving her siblings ask her to come home to help with their father, since his wife died a year before he had taken to drink to help him cope [...]

    30. Manda s 3.5 Star ReviewQuinn is all about family After the death of his parents he assumed the roll of parent and despite having to give up college he was happy to be there for his family Mhisery got out of town as soon as she could and started a new life as far away from her old one as she could get She loved her family but the need to escape was too strong Now her family needs her and she returns to the town she was once so desperate to escape When the two cross paths a connection is formed an [...]

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