SEAL The Deal

SEAL The Deal By Kate Aster, SEAL The Deal Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B B EGMWITake one desperate real estate agent add a Navy SEAL who radiates sex through his pores toss in a corpse a pair of stilettos and a handful of friends and w
  • Title: SEAL The Deal
  • Author: Kate Aster
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • SEAL The Deal By Kate Aster, Alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00B2EGMWITake one desperate real estate agent add a Navy SEAL who radiates sex through his pores toss in a corpse, a pair of stilettos and a handful of friends, and watch the sparks fly Lieutenant Commander Mick Riley, a member of the fabled SEAL Team Six, can t pull his eyes from Lacey Owens at the funeral of his mentor Yet she is theAlternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00B2EGMWITake one desperate real estate agent add a Navy SEAL who radiates sex through his pores toss in a corpse, a pair of stilettos and a handful of friends, and watch the sparks fly Lieutenant Commander Mick Riley, a member of the fabled SEAL Team Six, can t pull his eyes from Lacey Owens at the funeral of his mentor Yet she is the type of woman he wants to avoid the kind that gets him thinking about settling down, spawning kids, and finding lower mortality employment.Lacey has her own reasons for avoiding Mick Tired of living in the shadow of her financial mogul sister, this real estate agent has tossed ethics aside to succeed in today s beleaguered housing market Her no fail plan to land lucrative listings Crashing the funerals of wealthy corpses with the hope their heirs will need to sell their homes.But when their circles of friends collide, Lacey can t avoid Mick s rock hard abs and a smile that melts her into a pool of hot wax Friendship blossoms and passion simmers even as she struggles to conceal the unethical business plan that brought him into her lifeAL the Deal is a full length novel about the fine line that divides friendship and love, and the unexpected joy of crossing it.
    SEAL The Deal By Kate Aster,
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      When Kate Aster was in fifth grade, she wrote her debut novel on a spiral bound notebook a science fiction which ended with the tragic destruction of all humanity.Fortunately, she s gotten a lot upbeat.Now preferring romantic settings and blissfully happy endings, Kate just released her eighth book available on.Kate is an avid snorkeler, beach read fanatic, and margarita connoisseur She is so grateful for the support and positive reviews from her readers Thank you If you d like to be notified when Kate s next book is available, please fill out the contact form on her website to be added to her mailing list Thanks so much for your interest

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    1. Ms Aster is a very pleasant surprise Here s a woman who is a new author to me who writes well That s almost unheard of with so many authors these days In addition to an interesting plot and very likeable characters, she obviously edited and proofread her work The plot flows beautifully and is realistic I hope Ms Aster is working hard on her next novel She ll be on my buy list This is one that will be on my re read at some time in the future list as well.

    2. 2 Just couldn t Seal the deal for me stars I mean absolutely no disrespect to Ms Aster and of course these are just my personal opinions and by no means represent all readers experiences but as much as I wanted to love this book, unfortunately it just did not work for me.I am a sucker for a down on their luck heroine but weak heroines really piss me off and it did not take too many pages for me to realise that Lacey was in fact a weak heroine and her career was a joke I must admit when I read th [...]

    3. Skip this one, but do read the second book in this series.This book suffers from what sometimes seems to be the first in a series syndrome the author spends too much time introducing other characters that will star in next novels and thereby distracts the reader me from getting invested in the main h h I didn t finish this book, but I loved the next which has good focus, plot, drama, fun and dialogue.

    4. I m at 50% and I m so bored The title would have me believe it s about a bad ass navy seal or something No, it s about a realtor and an ex military dude No drama whatsoever Or chemistry I got this one for free from my Kindle Unlimited Not sure if I m going to invest the time on the others in this series.

    5. Sweet and sexy readI enjoyed this tale A sweet contemporary romance set in fascinating community I loved watching this friendship develop between the three girls and the sailors The sweet and sexy romance that grew between the dedicated SEAL and professionally frustrated real estate agent delightful I look forward to reading about this group of friends.

    6. A little slow for my tasteI liked the characters but for me the story was just slow It just needed a little extra, I felt like the book was 85% character development and 15% story.

    7. It was view spoiler a bit predictable, but hide spoiler such a sweet read, encouraging in a way, even for a cynic Sappy, but cute and with enough thought put into it, that you feel like you kinda know the characters I was a tiny bit sad when it was done.

    8. I believe this is my first Kate Aster book and I thoroughly enjoyed it SEAL The Deal left me fully entertained, charmed by the diverse characters, and fondly looking forward to of this series Lacey Owens is struggling to get her real estate career off the ground when a brilliant idea has her crashing funerals It may not be the most ethical way to drum up business but she convinces herself she is providing a service That s how she met her new best friend Maeve Now she is renting a room in Maeve [...]

    9. Great story Lacey is just starting as a real estate agent and she starts crashing funerals to find business But she s not very good at it, sometimes she even talks them out of selling Like she did her friend Maeve Now she rents a room from her along with another young girl Mick is a Navy SEAL and has been sent to Annapolis to teach He has returned just in time for his mentors funeral That s where he meets Lacey Mick swears he ll never settle down because he plans to go back on missions with his [...]

    10. I received this free e book from and I am voluntarily writing a review Lacey is new to Annapolis, Maryland and trying to get her struggling realtor career off the ground She has taken a sabbatical from men and relationships until her career can be viewed as a success Mick is a Navy Seal officer trying to get his career back on track after telling his commanding officer what he thought of him after leaving him and his team while taking enemy fire Now his wrists are being slapped and instead of be [...]

    11. Cliched plot in places, squicks in her character and some of his comments Found in places author misunderstands or misuses some words Final Rating 2 Stars Not sure I am keeping However, after having read Book 2 in series which I liked and Book 3 in the series which I loved, I will retain in my Ebook Library Writing and flow greatly improved by Book 3.

    12. GreatLacey is starting her career, she does it in a weird way.Mick comes into her life, he works at Naval Academy He is a Seal They come to have mutual feelings.The other characters are just as important to the story.There is suspense, romance

    13. Love I loved this book and I adore this author Couldn t put it down and read the entire thing in a day Such amazing characters and good laughs with the right amount of steam Can t wait to read the rest of the series

    14. Mick and Lacey meet at a funeral where, as a real estate agent, she is hoping to get a listing from the widow Instant attraction I really enjoyed the story and want to know about Lacey s housemates.

    15. Action, adventure, some mystery, and a happily ever after romance.Good author, well written book I look forward to purchasing of her work Love the military angle to the story, makes it better.

    16. NiceThe first thing I read from Kate Aster was seal my grout I ve read two since then I ve enjoyed this one But Seal My Grout is still my favorite Look forward to reading from her.

    17. shesaidwhat 2014 12 16 sealThis book was a wonderful surprise I was really getting down and out about reading a decent romance book and I was about to give up and I found this on and once I started reading I was done for I think I m going to love this series SEAL the Deal is the first book in a four book series by Kate Aster This first book introduces Lacey Owens, a desperate real estate agent and Lieutenant Commander Mick Riley, a member of SEAL team six Lacey and Mick meet at the strangest pla [...]

    18. Contemporary Military romance with a somewhat lost in life real estate agent who finally figures out that her life is pretty good when she stops comparing it constantly to her perfect adopted sister, Vi.Lieutenant Commander Mick Riley was a SEAL black ops agent and loved his job until he gets sent to cool off for a while as a teacher at the U.S Naval Academy at Annapolis which only makes him madder because he feels a bit lost in life as well because he hasn t had a real life in over a decade So [...]

    19. Ya gotta love a SEALBeing a military brat and spending the first 22 years of marriage wIth my soldier, I love military romances.Mick and Lacey meet at his previous sponsor s funeral Lacey to crash it in hopes of advancing her new career and Mick to support the widow Attraction turns to love and then all bell breaks loose Will their love survivemetimes even love can t survive but a good military man knows that all s fair in love and warAnd secrets.Add to this story, defined characters, old flames [...]

    20. I picked this up on a whim through Kindle Unlimited, and I m so glad I did Lacey is a struggling real estate agent who goes to funerals of strangers to make contact with family members who may be looking to sell a home Mick is a SEAL who has recently been demoted and just lost his mentor However, his luck starts looking up when Lacey literally crashes into him at the funeral.Mick and Lacey begin with a solid friendship, which I always appreciate in a romance Their relationship felt realistic, an [...]

    21. I had just finished a book about a navy SEAL that was written so badly I had almost given up on these kind of books Then told me I might like this one Checking the reviews made me give it a go and I m glad I did This little Gem is very well written in a world of chicklit books being thrown out there by just anyone The characters in the book are fantastic They are complicated, vulnerable and mesh really well The story was built up with the right balance of tension and drama and flowed really nice [...]

    22. It kept me interested I did like the characters and I am very curious if there is going to be another book, in this becoming a series It just ended like they would continue another story Maybe Bess or Maeve I enjoyed the read I didn t love it I didn t totally invest my life in it as I do with books that I am passionate about I thought it to be very vanilla at times, to be honest Sometimes almost tedious I just never got that spark I didn t hate it In fact if the author was to write a sequel abou [...]

    23. I loved the characterization of and interaction between the main characters On the surface it s a lighthearted romance novel, but it s also an engaging story about family, friendship, change, and coming into oneself The suspense element seemed like an unnecessary plot device that did little to advance the story and seemed to disappear in the middle just to pop up for for a quick, tidy resolution at the end I found the ending a little unsatisfying but that was probably because I wanted the story [...]

    24. Annapolis, MD and the US Naval Academy is the setting where real estate agent Lacey and a SEAL, Mick meet at a funeral of all places The story is delightful with the two main characters both not looking for a romantic relationship and a cast of sub characters to make the story a humorous fun love story The character development was done with feeling and unique situations gave a smile, while the presence of the military men added an appreciation of all the men and women who serve our country The [...]

    25. This was a good Navy SEAL read Lacey is dealing with trying to start her career and keep up with her parent s expectations She does not have time for dating but when Mick walks into her life and she is second guessing her dating policy Mick sweeps her off her feet and before she knows it, she is considering following him with his military career Until Mick finds out what Lacey does to get her new clients Great love story.

    26. Loved loved loved this book I gave this book 5 stars, I loved this story I finish this book in one night couldn t put it down I loved Mick, where can I find him, I want a man like that Made me laugh out loud it was a great story I definitely would buy another book from the author.

    27. I loved this series Not only was each individual story great , but it was almost as if four books were one This series pulled every character into each book and made following so many different characters seamless I m sad it s over and can t wait to read anything else from this author It s really been a long time since I ve read an author with this much talent.

    28. Seal the Deal The book was actually a good read It made me nervous though Crashing funerals for real estate sounds so morbid, creepy and unethical Mick s character was great Off to read Kate Aster s next book.

    29. Great readTwo wrongheaded characters meet denying their feelings forming a friendship, knowing they both felt strong chemistry Denying it until neither could any and fact others around them could tell it was then friendship Great read.

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