Bein' with You This Way

Bein' with You This Way By W. Nikola-Lisa Michael Bryant, Bein with You This Way An African American girl visits the park and rounds up a group of her friends for an afternoon of fun and playground games The children discover that despite their physical differences they are all r
  • Title: Bein' with You This Way
  • Author: W. Nikola-Lisa Michael Bryant
  • ISBN: 9780785780021
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bein' with You This Way By W. Nikola-Lisa Michael Bryant, An African American girl visits the park and rounds up a group of her friends for an afternoon of fun and playground games The children discover that despite their physical differences, they are all really the same.
    Bein' with You This Way By W. Nikola-Lisa Michael Bryant,
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      466 W. Nikola-Lisa Michael Bryant
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    1. W. Nikola-Lisa Michael Bryant

      W Nikola Lisa s interest in writing books for young readers began as an elementary school teacher He is the author of numerous books, including the award winning Bein With You This Way Lee Low , Shake Dem Halloween Bones Houghton Mifflin and the How We Are Smart Lee Low , recipient of the prestigious Christopher Award As an accomplished storyteller and musician, Mr Nikola Lisa enjoys sharing his writing experiences with elementary and middle school students nationwide.

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    1. This book is recommended for children 4 8 years of age and has won the Child s Best Award from Child Magazine It is a playground rap that demonstrates how all people are different, yet the same.Overall, I did not like this book It did introduce the idea that all people are different, yet the same by concluding the book with the phrase, Light skin Dark skin Long legs Short legs Thick arms Thin arms Brown eyes Blue eyes Big nose Little nose Straight hair Curly hair Different Mm mmm , but the same, [...]

    2. The Illustrations were very beautiful I appreciated seeing the diversity in the illustrations, and the interaction between the variety of different people within the illustrations The message of the story was very nice of although we are all different, it is nice that we can all be together However, I feel the words could have been better I felt the words in comparison to the illustrations were a little weak However, overall the message of appreciating diversity is very clear, and I think it is [...]

    3. Reading this story put a big smile on my face W Nikola Lisa as author and Michael Bryant as illustrator have created a joyful, rhythmic journey which celebrates our differences I would recommend for pre k 2 students as that is the age depicted in the story Read aloud with hip hop rhythmic rap beat, this story is sure to please all young readers I can t wait until tomorrow to read this to my ELL students This text could be tied into a multicultural unit incorporating rhythm and rhyme I would coll [...]

    4. The genre of Bein with You This Way is poetry It is about a little girl who visits the playground and invites her friends and others to sing along with her as she sings about and celebrates the differences of everyone s physical features Some people have dark skin, some have light skin, some people have a big nose, and some have a small nose, some people have straight hair and some have curly, everyone is different but the same This book is related to my topic in that is celebrates differences a [...]

    5. Main Characters Racially mixed group of children Point Of View Third Person Point of View Setting Playground Genre Multicultural Lexile Level NP Non Prose Primary Grades Organization Unique Features An exuberant story in which a little girl invites others on the playground to join in celebrating their differences in appearance as they slide and swing, play chess and checkers, run, and play leap frog, they acknowledge that they have light or dark skin, curly hair or straight, eyes of blue or brow [...]

    6. This book was written a song rap style to explain how different we all are The entire book is located in a playground The setting used in this book is a clear non biased setting Everyone goes to the playground no matter how you look Honestly, the playground is a place where you will encounter a lot of different people The cover of the book has a young African American little girl who has beads in her hair, she is the main character throughout the book and continues to have those beads Those bead [...]

    7. This book is about an African American little girl playing at the playground with all different types of people The book is a song she is singing about all the differences people have like straight and curly hair, small and big arms, light and dark skin She sees that everyone is different and that they will be different the rest of their lives but she knows the are all people so they re similar.I absolutely love this book because it encompasses what children think like They don t act like adults [...]

    8. Unlike some other reviewers, I liked the musicality of the text.I didn t like the use of the word strange I m trying to figure out why I wonder if children innately think that people who look different are strange Some may be socialized to think it, but one of the things I love about kids is that they don t seem to focus on differences as much as the world around them does I wonder, but I don t know.I also felt the text relied on the pictures too much to tell the story Maybe that s of an access [...]

    9. This book is about a group of children on the playground who discover that they don t look alike, but are still the same I likes this book, it has good points, however I m not a huge fan of the writing style It s of a rap and I can t figure out the tune It really only talks about physical differences which do need to be talked about however I felt like it could have been better written I probably would have this in my classroom, but likely have a book similar to it, using the same idea to conv [...]

    10. This story is about a little girl who is at a park playing with all of her friends She has them snap their fingers and sing along with her She sings about the differences they all have such as straight hair, curly hair, big nose, small nose, brown eyes, blue eyes, light skin, and dark skin She sings how remarkable and amazing it is in how they are different, but the same This story has a good point, but I did not really care for the rap writing style I liked how the illustrations went along with [...]

    11. This is NOT what I expected and it s NOT at all fun to read I thought it would be a great hey, we re all the same , fun book to read and it s actually boring The text isn t all that bad, well, half of the text isn t all that bad but the chorus is atrocious A reviewer on here said it s a rap, we read the book without the CD, and being someone who listens to rap on a daily basis the thought never occured to me That should say something right there.Illustrations are nice, nothing spectacular and th [...]

    12. Nikola Lisa, W 1997 Bein with You This Way New York, NY Lee Low Books, Inc.Topic African AmericanSubtopic Skin color and differencesGenre Multicultural poetryThis book is about an African American girl that gathers her friends for an afternoon of playing While playing the children notice their differences but realize they are all the same This book would be great for ELL students because it is delivered in a fun poetic rap and it not only touches on skin color but also other physical differences [...]

    13. Bein with You This Wayi liked this book i think its a great way to show children how being different is ok i think this will help children know that althogh we look different we are all the same the author also made the book as a song so children will have fun reading it as well this book won the American Pick of the Lists Booksellers overall all i think children will benefit greatly from this book and enjoy it

    14. This book is a song book It has a very catchy tune and a good message I found myself humming the song for days later.The book focuses on how we re all different but all special Our differences include things such as skin colour hair colour eye colour arm size height strength ageAt the end, the girl concludes that we are all different but that is what makes us fun to be with.

    15. Bein With You This Way by W Nikola Lisa is a great book that describes how different we all are The playground is the place where everyone goes no matter how you look It is where everyone will meet different people The girl realizes that everyone is different, but that is what makes them theirself The pictures do a great job at telling the story I really enjoyed this book and definitely recommend reading it.

    16. This book is one of my favorites it is a great read aloud and very engaging book that points out and celebrates everybody differences This is another great multicultural book for my classroom library.

    17. A book written as a poem about racially mixed students who get along together and work with each other A nice book to read about classroom community and how students in your class could work together to help one another and get along.

    18. I love the rhythm this book has It s a great book do celebrate diversity amongst all people I think it would be something good to read with a class It is important for children to hear at a young age that differences are what make people special.

    19. This story would be a great read aloud to students to explain that were all different, yet all the same You can either choose to read the story or sing it I would recommend this story for children 4 8.

    20. Great resource for discussing that people have various body types and features, and we all have fun together My only complaint is that we were told to sing along, but I didn t recognize the song Was it a song Or of a chant Wish I knew.

    21. This is a cute song that celebrates all the many different people in the world It has an upbeat tempo and addresses skin type, body type, even hair It reminds us that we are all different but that we are all here together.

    22. As different as we are, we re the same This book teaches kids that in spite of some physical aspect of our differences like eye color or hair color, the essence of us is the same Based on our sameness let us strive to be kind to one another.

    23. This story is written like a rap It talks about how we are all unique and different, yet the same It can lead to a discussion about diversity After reading we can graph hair color, type, height, muscles, or skin color We can compare how we are the same and different K 2nd grade

    24. This book discusses how everyone is different yet they are the same The theme of the book is loving your differences because they make you who you are.

    25. Great book to help explain that we are all different, and thats okay A song is sung throughout, that has a CD that goes a long with it Great pictures.

    26. This was a great book to introduce Phoenix to differences in her friends at school and around her without being too much for her.

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