Au nom de tous les miens

Au nom de tous les miens By Martin Gray Max Gallo, Au nom de tous les miens De la guerre le petit Martin conna tra tout les privations les humiliations la peur durant le temps pass au ghetto de Varsovie l horreur absolue des camps nazis Treblinka la fureur de vivre quand
  • Title: Au nom de tous les miens
  • Author: Martin Gray Max Gallo
  • ISBN: 9782266122214
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Au nom de tous les miens By Martin Gray Max Gallo, De la guerre, le petit Martin conna tra tout les privations, les humiliations, la peur durant le temps pass au ghetto de Varsovie, l horreur absolue des camps nazis Treblinka, la fureur de vivre quand il s en chappera cach sous un camion, l abattement et aussi le supr me courage quand il apprendra qu il a perdu tous les siens Et puisqu il faut bien vivre, il s enDe la guerre, le petit Martin conna tra tout les privations, les humiliations, la peur durant le temps pass au ghetto de Varsovie, l horreur absolue des camps nazis Treblinka, la fureur de vivre quand il s en chappera cach sous un camion, l abattement et aussi le supr me courage quand il apprendra qu il a perdu tous les siens Et puisqu il faut bien vivre, il s engagera ensuite dans l Arm e rouge, puis partira aux Etats Unis Enfin la paix reviendra Martin reconstruit alors sa vie et rencontre le grand amour en la personne de Dina C est dans le sud de la France, par une journ e d t clatante, que le destin le blessera nouveau mort en d cimant ceux qui lui sont le plus chers Ce r cit de vie, extraordinairement dramatique, a fait le tour du monde Traduit dans plus de vingt langues, adapt au cin ma par Robert Enrico avec dans les r les principaux Michael York et Brigitte Fossey , devenu ensuite un feuilleton, il continue toucher des millions de lecteurs car son message de courage, mais aussi d esp rance, est universel.
    Au nom de tous les miens By Martin Gray Max Gallo,
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      471 Martin Gray Max Gallo
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    1. J ai toujours ador d vorer des romans historiques, r cits bas s sur des t moignages r els Lorsque je suis tomb e sur ce roman, je n ai tout simplement pas r sist , d autant plus que mes parents m en avaient fait la promotion avant m me de le commencer Je savais, bien entendu, que ce ne serait pas une lecture l g re et de plaisir, le sujet tant bien trop s rieux et grave pour avoir le sourire aux l vres en le d couvrant page apr s page Et effectivement, mes pens es furent vite confirm es On sent [...]

    2. Il allait de soi que ce bouquin me remuerait les tripes.Ce que j ignorais, c est quel point il le ferait.Au nom de tous les miens, c est un r cit de survivant par excellence, dans son sens le plus pur, le plus cruel galement.Du ghetto de varsovie aux montagnes provencales, en passant par les for ts de Pologne et la chute de Berlin, je suis terriblement mue, absolument sid r e et touch e au coeur par le parcours de Martin Gray.

    3. This book is certainly an action packed thrill ride it seems almost like a shoot em up movie If you believe everything Martin says, the man is a superhero The fact that he s found a way to live after having lost his entire family TWICE shows that he is quite an extraordinary man.However, I m not sure I buy his story I m not saying he is deliberately lying or that the events he described didn t happen though many people do call him a liar , but I am unsure of his perspective Martin portrays himse [...]

    4. I read this book way back in the 70 s when I was in 6th grade I only had 1 2 of it read before I had to return it to the library since we were moving It haunted me until 2 years later I found it and was able to finish it I now have a copy even 30 years later I STILL loan to my friends Anytime I find a copy gently used at book sales I pick it up and loan give it away It s 30 years later and the book stays with me I may have forgotten some of the finer details of Mr gray s life but I can not help [...]

    5. So glad a friend recommended this to me The author is a brilliant and resilient force of a person, and is a true example of someone optimizing every opportunity What an example he sets, and honestly, this should be required reading for every adult worldwide, not only to remember the atrocities of war important , but as a lesson to maximize every gift given to you, no matter how small.

    6. J ai tellement aim ce livre J adore les romans caract re historique mais celui ci ma frapp e droit au coeur Continuer sa route avec tant de pers v rance et d espoir apr s tant de douleur, merci

    7. Difficult story to read but excellent Gray s life of finding ways to find food for his family during the Hitler invasion then fighting secretly against the enemy Amazing life history sovery, very traumatic I worried for him had to remind myself that he d make it though cuz he did, after all survive to write this book I breathed a sigh of relief when he finally made it toAmerica There he hustled like crazy to learn the language people wasn t satisfied with thesmall jobs he was hired for He found [...]

    8. My good friend, Vernon Rees, urged me to read this book only five days ago I downloaded it immediately and was totally hooked I note that some people doubt the author s credentials All I can say is that his account of Treblinka, the Warsaw Ghetto, fighting with the Polish resistance and under command of the Russians is all totally credible There is no doubt that Martin Gray is a truly remarkable character.His writing is somewhat repetitive, but that feels like a deliberate literary tactic I admi [...]

    9. This is one of my most powerful and amazing books that I ve ever read I found myself questioning over and over, is this really a true story Yes it is It s the tale of a man who survived World War II, while his family, friends and just about everyone else he knows perishes What he goes through, his amazing mind set that gets him through it all, and the events that he escapes is simply amazing And the ending, you just have to read it It will bring you to tears No spoilers here.

    10. hmmmwhere to begin i read this several years ago and it is possible that it is not so good as i remember but that is highly unlikely the writing is goodough really it is the story itself that stops you in your tracks this is an amazing book purely because it shows the extremes to which a human being can be pushed and still pull through and not merely pull through, but also triumph and relearn laughter.

    11. What a tragic, yet triumphant, story from one man who has truly been to hell and back Perhaps one of the most important books I ve ever read, Martin Gray s life story and first hand account of the horrors of the Holocaust, his escape, and the dramatic twists and turns of his life both during and after leave me still grappling with my thoughts weeks after completing the book Riveting, heartbreaking, and ultimately inspiring, I think it should be required reading for all.

    12. This is one of the most painful accounts from a Holocaust survivor that I have ever read There were times I wanted to throw the book across the room in both anger and sorrow Martin Gray survived both the ghetto of Warsaw and the extermination camp of Treblinka Reader beware but I think we should all attempt to understand the incomprehensible crimes committed during WW2 Gray s account takes you from his childhood to the joys of his own children Incredible read.

    13. Probably one of the most heartbreaking story I ve ever read, and an important one, too.It s important because Jewish people still suffer from many discriminations around the world, and we have to remember what happened in the past because of antisemitism.And it s important because I ve never seen a conviction that life is worth living no matter what stronger than of Mr Gray s who, than anyone, had reasons to give up.Truly a great and painful read.

    14. While I haven t read this book in many years, it is one of the few I have read than once The first time I read it I must have been about 15 and I was horrified at the treatment of the Jews in WW2 I was inspired by the main character s will to live and comittment to the survial of his family Its message had an impact that has lasted throughout my life.

    15. This may be the most important book you will ever read about the Holocaust, survival, and grief Not suggested for anyone going through loss right now, but extremely centering teaches you how to overcome evil, gain personal strength, and survive life s most difficult lessons.

    16. A book about a man who not only survives Nazi Germany and the Holocaust, but also later devastations in France and America The overriding theme of Martin Gray s For Those I Loved is that one cannot overcome the monsters in one s life by becoming a monster himself.

    17. The most important book I ve ever read I felt like I could accomplish anything after reading this booke things that we choose to complain about today are so insignificant compared to what Martin Grey endured most of his life Inspiring

    18. Incredible true story of a Holocaust survivoris story takes you from his youth in the Warsaw Ghetto to life after the War when you still will be amazed by the events in his life This is one of those off the charts tests of the human spirit stories It left me shaken.

    19. Loved this book What a sad story of events but yet to read how a young man grew and dealt with all that was given to him in the Getto Truly a miracle that he survived everything.

    20. This book is the testimony of one man, who survived to tell his story, about the Sho ah It is the history of a people, my people, my family It is well written Very powerful.

    21. Tragic autobiography from an extermination camp survivor Wonderfully written, full of suspense, you can t stop reading still at some point you really start wondering if this is the story of a human being or some super lucky hero the I read about his life in the Varsavia ghetto, in the extermination camp, joining the partisans in the forest and then the Russian army, the I was doubting, wondering and telling myself wow what a luck, wow how strong wowowo Of course it is a biography and most of i [...]

    22. My gosh, what a powerful book The first two hundred pages went by in a flash I couldn t put it down The way he describes things and remembers them is incredible His story of survival is so fascinating, and even though it s the horrific topic of the Holocaust, it is an amazing memoir He has served justice for those he loved.After the war and he gets to America, the pace slowed down a bit however, he continued to parallel his current life to the one of survival during the war and again I couldn t [...]

    23. Dit is het auto biografische verhaal van Martin Gray, die vijftien is wanneer de oorlog uitbreekt Als joden worden hij en zijn familie in het getto van Warschau opgesloten alvorens ze met duizenden tegelijk naar vernietigings of werkkampen worden afgevoerd, een gewisse dood tegemoet Martin verliest zijn familie maar weet door straffe staaltjes van overlevingsdrang zichzelf staande te houden Een verhaal dat je met open mond, hoofdschuddend, met tranen in de ogen, in n ruk moet uitlezen.Ongeloofli [...]

    24. Het aangrijpende levensverhaal van Martin Gray begint bij het uitbreken van de Tweede Wereldoorlog Na de verschrikkingen van het getto in Warschau wordt hij met zijn familie op transport gesteld naar concentratiekamp Treblinka Martin is de enige van zijn familie die het overleeft Eenzaam en verbitterd gaat hij na de oorlog naar New York en bouwt daar een nieuw leven op Hij ontmoet zijn vrouw Dina en vindt eindelijk rust en geluk Dan treft het noodlot hem weer Dina en hun vier kinderen komen in h [...]

    25. Je ne me suis pas plong e compl tement dans la pol mique qui peut exister sur la v racit de ce r cit parce qu apr s tout a ne m int resse pas plus que a.Je n avais aucun a priori en commen ant ni en finissant ce livre que certains aspects aient t exag r s ou pas, je suis rest e fascin e par la capacit de survie de Martin, horrifi e par les conditions terribles dans lesquelles il devait vivre, par la violence qui s vissait dans le ghetto de Varsovie, par le fait que des tres humains taient consid [...]

    26. Historien om Martin Gray, er en skildring af en sand overlevers historie gennem helvede under 2 Verdenskrig Ak ja, og det hele er sandt Historien om den forf rdlige virkelighed af Holocaust Martin var kun tretten r, da Warszawa faldt til tyskerne i 1939 Han genfort ller, hvordan han og hans samment mrede familie overlevede n sten til det sidste i den barske ghetto S kom deportationerne og d dslejrene Martin ankommer i Treblika med sin mor, sine br dre og en ung kvinde, som han har for nylig venn [...]

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