Viral Intent

Viral Intent By Judith Lucci, Viral Intent An unidentified virus in the CCMC Emergency Department is killing dozens of people a horrific death of a popular politician in the French Quarter has the NOPD hopping and internet chatter suggesting
  • Title: Viral Intent
  • Author: Judith Lucci
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  • Page: 117
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Viral Intent By Judith Lucci, An unidentified virus in the CCMC Emergency Department is killing dozens of people, a horrific death of a popular politician in the French Quarter has the NOPD hopping, and internet chatter suggesting the unspeakable has chilled the hearts of law enforcement all over the world Read how Alex and Jack learn to play well with the CDC, FBI, and Secret Service to save the streAn unidentified virus in the CCMC Emergency Department is killing dozens of people, a horrific death of a popular politician in the French Quarter has the NOPD hopping, and internet chatter suggesting the unspeakable has chilled the hearts of law enforcement all over the world Read how Alex and Jack learn to play well with the CDC, FBI, and Secret Service to save the streets of New Orleans.
    Viral Intent By Judith Lucci,
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      Dr Judith Lucci is an bestselling author who writes what she knows She is the author of the Alex Destephano Medical Thriller Series and the soon to be released Michaela McPherson, Private Eye, a series centered on a retired homicide detective from Richmond, Virginia who really can t retire Before I wrote fiction, I was an academic writer who published research, theoretical works, text books and just about anything a nurse or college professor needed to publish to survive The differences in academic writing and writing fiction are dramatic Writing what I know propels me to pull from my clinical experiences, some good, some not and use popular fiction as a means to teach and advocate for others My books have three purposes, to engage the reader, to entertain them and to educate about healthcare and perhaps, the darker side of hospital life I am a nurse and hold graduate and doctoral degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Virginia I have always been a reader and a writer and I love it I am a member of the Virginia Writers Club, The Shenandoah Valley Writers and Sisters in Crime When I m not writing I am probably teaching, paining on silk as I am a multi media artist or playing with my many dogs Please feel free to contact me at judithlucciwrites gmail I am excited about meeting you

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    1. VIRAL INTENT reminded me of the old movie Outbreak Judith Rocchiccioli clearly shows in this book how a virus can find its way among the people, spread and create mass destruction Alex Destephano is the heroin in this book and she is a lawyer and a register nurse She is employed by CCMC in New Orleans the Crescent City Medical Center.Alex is now in charge of resolving the crisis as victims start to arrive at the hospital needing medical care It is clear that a mysterious deadly virus that is thr [...]

    2. It s difficult to imagine a timely thriller than Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli s Viral Intent The action takes place in the Big Easy, the perfect setting for a group of terrorists determined to launch a deadly virus that will destroy many thousands of American lives.Luckily our protagonist, Alex Destephano, a long time New Orleans resident, is on the job, along with her police chief buddy Jack Francoise Together they ve got to stop the attack before the president and a number of prominent member [...]

    3. When a unidentified virus breaks out in the Crescent City emergency department, Alex and Robert fear the worst and call the military and CDC to assist with virus identification and isolation When the murder of a young Congressman in the darkest part of the French Quarter a few hours later, the connection is suspicious and Jack and the NOPD plan to defend the city against terrorists Things escalate with the opening of Operation Fix America a political meeting that brings American s leadership to [...]

    4. Viral Intent, with all of its possibilities, is a thought provoking and terrifying thriller I had never thought of the damage a virus could present so quickly When you throw in a few terrorists and some unexpected plot twist the novel takes a life of its own The author s background in medicine and health care lays the background for this very realistic series and enhances the story I love the characters in Alexandra Destephano novels They are so good at what they do, yet there is a vulnerability [...]

    5. This is the first book I ve read in this series and although it is the third book that the lead character, Alexandra Destephano Alex is featured, I didn t feel like I was missing anything or needed to have read the earlier novels The book captured my attention from page one and never let up Concerned, as it is, with a terrorist plot to spread a deadly vaccine on American soil, I couldn t wait to find out how it was going to play out and how wide and massive the carnage was to result before it be [...]

    6. Viral Intent is an incredible and thrilling read It both frightened and fascinated me The story line is compelling and very possible especially in the turmoil of the world in which we live There is an outbreak of a virus in the hospital emergency department and no one can identify the virus In the meantime, people are dying political operatives and the CDC has been called in Meanwhile, there is a grisly murder in the French Quarter of a well known politician and authorities begin to question if [...]

    7. Viral Intent by Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli is a flawlessly paced medical thriller of the highest standard This third book in the Alex Destephano Series pulls no punches and bravely tackles the ever increasing problem of terrorism.Crescent City Medical Center has had its share of troubles, but nothing can compare to a deadly unknown viral attack Again, Hospital Lawyer Alex Destephano tackles this new threat head on with her usual gusto and guile With the help of Jack Francoise, top cop of NOPD [...]

    8. Once again Rocchiccioli kept me on the edge of my seat as I read her political medical thriller, Viral Intent, in two days The writer clearly knows her stuff and her years of healthcare experience and research shine through in this book When a lethal virus breaks out in the Crescent City hospital emergency department, it seems like political workers are the most affected When an important congressman is murdered in the French quarter Commander Francoise and his team along with the Secret Service [...]

    9. Viral Intent is an intense medical mystery with a high dose of thriller and tension I found the descriptions of the medical environment extremely detailed and real my parents both work in a hospital so I know how easy is to give a wrong idea of the medical disease matters The plot is quite tangled and the rhythm is very fast pace The main character Alexandra Destephano is well fleshed out and as a woman I can totally sympathise with herself and her tiny little weaknesses Definitely recommended.

    10. Alex Destephano is a registered nurse and a lawyer who has a great job in a New Orleans Medical Center called CCMC Crescent City Medical Center It happens that the Chief Administator and the Head of Nursing are on vacation, leaving Alex and her ex husband in charge, just as the novel starts out with a crisis in the ER or ED, Emergency Department where a victim has suddenly gone CODE BLUE Clearly, Author Rocchiccoli knows what she is writing about, because the realism is too good to be faked With [...]

    11. Viral Intent by Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli is the third in the author s accomplished and competent medical thriller series A handful of medical staff in New Orleans is dealing with a viral outbreak at their hospital that is part of a wider political terrorism plot Alex, the heroine of the previous books, is a legally trained clerical member of staff with an ex husband who is also involved in solving the case The military get involved as the virus needs to be identified, an antidote found and t [...]

    12. Viral Intent by Judith Rocchiccioli is the third in the Alex Destephano series These medical stories leave you wanting for I was breathless but not able to walk away They are thrill rides that you are happy to be just a spectator This book is full of suspense and intrigue The characters pull you in and the surroundings give you a feeling that you are actually there.With New Orleans at the backdrop you are whisked away into a colorful drama filled adventured There is a deadly outbreak that is t [...]

    13. Viral Intent An Alexandra Destaphano Novel, is a biological warfare novel, a political medical thriller about terrorists with weaponized viruses Since we train so many from all over the world in biomedicine, and viruses to weaponize are much easier to get than, say, nuclear weapons, this book has a chilling nugget of prediction at its core To make this read all the intriguing, Rocchiccioli as a medical background and a good grasp of political realities This book is third in a series but the fir [...]

    14. A Well Researched Medical ThrillerViral Intent an Alex Destephano Novel by Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli.A well researched and well presented medical thriller You the reader will be amazed at the depth of this story Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli has written a wonderful, intriguing, novel that will keep you turning the pages to reach a brilliant conclusion.The many twists and turns of this novel are astounding I would recommend the reading of it All of Rocchiccioli s characters are well presented a [...]

    15. Viral Intent by Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli is the third book in the author s medical thriller series I was impressed with the author s knowledge about the medical terminologies, the handling of a viral outbreak at CCMC, a hospital in New Orleans, and the political implication that seems to surround the entire set of event Rocchiccioli moved the story along at a rapid pace, as the reader is introduce to a set of characters that make the plot, not only suspenseful, but believable, the key ingred [...]

    16. Excellent read a great addition to the series It is a great blend of fiction laced with fact all told against the wonder background of that wonderful old lady of the South, New Orleans I thoroughly enjoyed this one Looking forward to another.

    17. Thrilling And Mystified Conquests in secret to kill all of the politicians and all of New Orleans.A lawyer s house is attacked than once.This book is the last sequel for Alexandra Destephano s Novels.

    18. Viral Intent is the third book in Judith Lucci s Alex Destephano series Ms Lucci is very talented in creating suspense and tension with her written words and her descriptive writing makes me feel I m in the midst of all the activity The increasing problem of terrorism is the main theme of this thriller however, a repeat serial murder also makes an appearance I highly recommend this book those who enjoy reading books in the medical, thriller, and suspense genre.Alexandra Alex Lee Destephano is in [...]

    19. This is the second of Judith Townsend Rocchiccioli s Alex Destephano medical thrillers I have read recently and it did not disappoint In this one, the author has thrust her main characters in to a mystery that has far global implications than the previous novel The US President and a large number of important politicians are to visit New Orleans as part of a Fix America drive A Red Jihadist faction sees this as the ideal moment for a bioterrorism strike The protagonist s hospital is right in th [...]

    20. A Great Story Compellingly ToldThe intriguing storyline has been told in numerous reviews and can be summarised in a few sentences A conspiracy run by a terrorist group is determined to wipe out huge areas of the US by releasing a deadly and infectious virus hitherto unknown to the medical authorities The cops, FBI, medical experts and politicians are fighting against the clock to avoid widespread nationwide devastation, death and destruction All the ingredients of a political thriller But the a [...]

    21. AN AUTHENTIC RACE AGAINST TIMEIt s a race against time in this heart pounding, page turning thriller that not only keeps you on the edge of your seat, it s as if you were taking a great, all inclusive science course online Using precise medicinal, biochemical, and forensic terminology, Ms Lucci authentically presents the reader with what might happen if murder and terrorism coincided all at once in a city The story takes place in New Orleans, still attempting to make a full recovery from Hurrica [...]

    22. Viral Intent takes over from where Robin Cook and James Patterson leave off It is refreshing to read a new author of a medical mystery thriller series and have a new heroine to root for Judith Lucci has in depth knowledge of the medical field especially in the field of medical research and testing When I read a book i not only look for a story, but also enjoy the background that it is set in, and the little snippets of interesting and sometimes alarming information that it contains The author ha [...]

    23. To Rescue the streets of New Orleans, Alex and Jack must be at the top of their game with the Secret Service CDC, FBI In the Emergency Division, an unnamed virus is claiming the lives of numerous persons while the NOPD are scrambling over the dreadful demise of a current, popular official Alarming the cores of police force worldwide is cyber talk, informing of something atrocious happening Trust becomes a major issue for Alex as the plot thickens Even though things are looking bleak to win this [...]

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