Easy By Dahlia West, Easy Jimmy Easy Turnbull lost than just his lower right leg during his time in Iraq The confident man whose good looks charmed countless women into bed has been gone for over three years In his place is a
  • Title: Easy
  • Author: Dahlia West
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  • Page: 252
  • Format: ebook
  • Easy By Dahlia West, Jimmy Easy Turnbull lost than just his lower right leg during his time in Iraq The confident man whose good looks charmed countless women into bed has been gone for over three years In his place is a surly and defensive wounded warrior plagued by self doubt and anger.Daisy Cutter doesn t give a damn what people think, not about her tattoos, her piercings or anythiJimmy Easy Turnbull lost than just his lower right leg during his time in Iraq The confident man whose good looks charmed countless women into bed has been gone for over three years In his place is a surly and defensive wounded warrior plagued by self doubt and anger.Daisy Cutter doesn t give a damn what people think, not about her tattoos, her piercings or anything else Other people s opinions have never bothered her, not even the hot ex Army Ranger who occasionally takes her to bed when they make it that far but can t seem to remember her name afterward.Daisy wants a new life, and she s determined to get it Easy wants his old life back, but he knows that can t happen now Eventually Daisy s past catches up to her and her dreams of making a home in Rapid City are threatened Easy must decide what his new future will look like, and whether not there s room for a sassy blonde who pushes all his buttons.
    Easy By Dahlia West,
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      252 Dahlia West
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    1. Dahlia West

      I live in North Carolina with so many pets that every time it rains I consider building an ark I majored in English Education, though most of my jobs have involved using my hands framing art, grooming dogs, stocking shelves I started writing about seven years ago to avoid going back to a real job.I ve recently taken up roller derby just to test my health insurance coverage.DahliaMWest gmaildahliawest

    316 thoughts on “Easy”

    1. An emotional book with frustrating charactersI received an early complimentary copy for an honest review.I like this author s writing style, I like the way she has built up her story world and the interactions between her characters This book was no exception, but there seemed to be a whole section missing where the Hero did an about face in his thinking and went from screaming accusations and shaming the heroine in front of their friends to sitting uselessly at her diner and ordering food What [...]

    2. The premise is good, but both characters lacked depth Daisy s art comes up frequently, but her own tattoos get little or no mention during sex scenes I would have liked to see the hero s appreciate for them grow to match Adam s Easy doesn t get much organic growth in this story, but rather seems like a before and after Before he is a vulnerable jerk, cataclysmic melt down, then after he is the white knight Too jarring to really sweep me away.

    3. This series is a yo yo Another character I had great hopes for and turned out to be an asshole Worse, the strong, ballsy girl let s him treat her worse than trash I m sorry but that s not love Two people who feel worthless apart and worse together does not, a romance with heart, make Disappointed Also, the editing is atrocious.

    4. I liked this one mostly One of the things though that has bothered me in all of Ms West s books so far is that I feel like physical descriptions are lacking An occasional mention reminder of what the characters look like would be nice Some description of the heroine s tattoos would have been nice I was pretty disappointed that Easy reacted so badly when he found out about her past That reaction would have been believable earlier in the story I did like how he came to find her and treated her be [...]

    5. Easy is not a story of perfect love with perfect characters It s a story of a young man who is mad at the world because he suffered through a terrorizing war, the loss of than one of this brothers in the war and lost his leg in the same explosion He wanted to die when it happened and has never adjusted to life without having two legs and without feeling guilty for surviving He s mean to his only family, the characters from the previous books, but they understand his emotional struggle When he r [...]

    6. first read this series three years ago loved it then, still very much enjoying it this time round not so much mc but the guys are a brotherhood, the survivors of an army ranger team who faced the worst horrors of war, and their bikes are important to them they accept themselves as bikers but Shooter was brought up in a 1%er club and never wanted that particular conditioning but accepted the good of that lifestyle and encompassed it with his team on their return home a tight knit group that find [...]

    7. My high hopes were dashedI was really intrigued to read Easy s story because he came across as the most complex of the heroes in this series Unfortunately, my expectations weren t met As far as I ve seen, I m the only one who didn t care for the heroine, but she really rubbed me the wrong way Easy was a jerk at times, but that s been his character since Shooter, so it didn t surprise me In fact, I was glad the author kept his personality the same mix of darkness and shadowed vulnerability he s h [...]

    8. Book four of the Burnout series by Dahlia West Jimmy Easy Turnbull is a member of Shooters old army team Easy was injured badly in the last attack which he lost part of his leg and was severely emotionally affected Easy was struggling to deal with his emotions and was treating his family like shit in the mean time Daisy rocks up in town wanting to escape her past and her own demons Easy was dating a woman called Brenda until she made fun of him having one leg After having a fight he comes across [...]

    9. Solid 4 StarsI really liked this story I love Easy and my heart has hurt for him through this whole series Was he a jerk, absolutely Did I still love him and want his HEA, definitely I m fully glad the way this story went and I love who he ended up with, Daisy was prefect for Easy I really liked her and felt for her Every time her heart broke a little mine did too I was once again captured by Ms Wests writing and her story telling I really hope this series is not over I d love to read Caleb s st [...]

    10. N o gostei do her i Ele tinha bastante potencial devido ao sofrimento dele nos livros anteriores e por ele ter perdido a perna.Mas ele um babaca e tem comportamento duvidoso.A hero na legal e eu realmente gostei dela.Fiquei desapontada I didn t like the hero He had a lot of potential because of his suffering in previous books and because he had lost his leg.But he is a jerk and has dubious behavior.The heroine is cool and I really liked her.I was disappointed.

    11. This was by get my favorite in the burnout series to date Greatly enjoyed the emotional impact of Jimmy and Daisy.Loved their happy ending He deserved everything she gave him I had a hard time initially finding that soft spot to like in him He won me over as did she.

    12. low self esteem just keeps getting batteredbut she survivesd the idiot man finally realizes how precious she is.

    13. I have enjoyed the books in this series and getting to know the group a little each time round Easy is one I have been looking forward to for a while.

    14. Some very unfortunate events that brought these two together for a happily ever after, well at least I hope it will be Looking forward to the next book in the series.

    15. 3.8 This was pretty good, though I think we didn t see enough of Daisy and Easy time I mean they had sex 4 times and none of those times did he stick around afterwards yet when she left town he followed and brought her back There just was not any time they were together this amount of time for this to happen He finds out she was arrested for prostitution then he jumps in her s and calls her a whore without asking questions or letting her offer one After he was the one who caught her in the bathr [...]

    16. Easy and DaisyEasy is the youngest of the ex army ranger crew He s also the one that has a below the knee amputee Huge chip on his shoulder and to be honest probably the one I like the least.Daisy is gal that came up for Sturgis and her boyfriend took off without her So Daisy accidentally find into Easy at the local bar and while she likes him he s nothing but ride to her.

    17. 4.5 stars Read this series as a whole I must say it s pretty awesome Each couple has a HEA and they aren t insta love which is what I prefer anyway All the girls have come from bad upbringings and the boys all fought together overseas and each with their own sets of demons

    18. Great book but I was a little disappointed in Daisy She gave in entirely to quickly when Easy showed up at the end I d have liked to see her demand from Jimmy after the crap he pulled she was a strong woman right up to that point and then she just rolled over for him.

    19. Eh, this book was so so Easy was an % and as much as the author tried to make Daisy a badass, she simply wasn t I m invested in the series though and will certainly finish it.

    20. Review This series continues to entertain me the characters just get richer and likeable, the storyline stays fresh, and the romance stays believable.

    21. Another good oneI m sad to see this series end but all good things an so on Another good book, read it Now on to the last book

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