Son carnet rouge

Son carnet rouge By Tatiana de Rosnay, Son carnet rouge Le fruit est il plus savoureux lorsqu il est d fendu L interdit est il synonyme de plaisir De la duperie d masqu e la vengeance machiav lique Tatiana de Rosnay revisite les amours ill gitimes et envi
  • Title: Son carnet rouge
  • Author: Tatiana de Rosnay
  • ISBN: 9782350872544
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Son carnet rouge By Tatiana de Rosnay, Le fruit est il plus savoureux lorsqu il est d fendu L interdit est il synonyme de plaisir De la duperie d masqu e la vengeance machiav lique, Tatiana de Rosnay revisite les amours ill gitimes et envisage tous les sc narios tant t tragiques, tant t cocasses avec une l g ret teint e de sarcasme, jusqu une chute toujours croustillante, parfois gla ante Un jouisLe fruit est il plus savoureux lorsqu il est d fendu L interdit est il synonyme de plaisir De la duperie d masqu e la vengeance machiav lique, Tatiana de Rosnay revisite les amours ill gitimes et envisage tous les sc narios tant t tragiques, tant t cocasses avec une l g ret teint e de sarcasme, jusqu une chute toujours croustillante, parfois gla ante Un jouissif d shabillage du d lit conjugal, o le rire se m le la compassion et la transgression au d sir.
    Son carnet rouge By Tatiana de Rosnay,
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      Manderley Forever , my biography of Daphne du Maurier is published in France and will be published in other countries next year A Paris Affair Son Carnet Rouge will be published in the USA in July 2015 and in the Netherlands.Follow me on Twitter at twitter tatianaderosnaytwitter manderleytdrMy website tatianaderosnay Facebook page facebook tatianaderosnay TATIANA DE ROSNAY was born in the suburbs of Paris and is of English, French and Russian descent She is the author of 8 French novels Tatiana de Rosnay is married and has two children She lives in Paris with her family She is the author of several novels, Sarah s Key, A Secret Kept Boomerang and The House I Loved Rose The Other Story A L Encre Russe

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    1. Maybe this should have been called Paris Affairs, because there are certainly multiple affairs discussed, not just one That all men cheat on their partners seems to be the prevailing theme of the stories also a few women and then secondary is how each spouse deals with it when learning of the affair From pretending it never happened to outright violence, I enjoyed a couple of the stories that were particularly clever, while others were predictable and many of the wives were portrayed as airheads [...]

    2. A short story collection about cheating cheaters, affairs, mistresses, liars, and Paris I was about ready to give up on this author, and stumbled across this collection of short stories Normally, I hate reading short stories as I can never connect to the characters, or find myself missing the point the author is trying to make I got this on audio and hate to admit this, but ATE this UP Two narrators, a male and female read this stories and made me angry, understand, and laugh out loud The topic [...]

    3. I did not like this book at all.The first few pages of this book were intriguing What starts out as a simple affair turns out to be a disheveled mess.The whole book is based on the concept of cheating After a little bit the book gets boring annoying and I quickly lost interest.Even though it was a little over a hundred pagesit had a lot of flaws 1 The Characters I had no connection to them whatsoever.The lady seemed of a sociopath than a cheater.Same thing right 2.The Writing.Most of this book [...]

    4. My occasional need for a change of pace read led me to pick this book up Recently published July 2015 and written by Tatiana de Rosnay, the author of Sarah s Key, it is a group of short stories about infidelity Set in France of course, most of these stories were about men cheating on their wives or girlfriends They were all very good, very well written, rising above the level of the subject matter The wronged women were very clever in their ways of getting revenge The quality of the stories and [...]

    5. A Paris Affair by Tatiana de Rosnay is a collection of short stories set in Paris and whose central theme is adultery There is nothing soporific than a faithful husband, especially when he is yours The stories are told from both the side of the spouse who is being cheated on and the cheater themselves The problem is that it is overall a novel of the emotional toll taken on relationships when an affair happens, only the writing is very cold and uninviting There is little to no connection to the [...]

    6. I received this book from St Martin s Press as an Advance Reading Copy ARC in exchange for an honest review.This book consists of 11 short stories about people having affairs The first story Hotel Room and my favorite is about a man who has been having a four year affair that neither his wife nor his lover s husband have any idea about He gets up the courage to leave his lover a note telling her that the affair is over When the hotel they always meet at burns down he realizes that it s just a ma [...]

    7. I am so sorry to say how disappointed I am in A Paris Affair I really liked Sarah s Key as had very high hopes for another book by Tatiana de Rosnay Perhaps this was an earlier work that was rushed to publication Work from when she was a student given an assignment 24 hours to write as many short stories as possible dealing with as many iterations of an affair gone wrong as possible Because that is what this is very short and very shallow, one two three tellings of various types of affairs rando [...]

    8. I am familiar with Rosnay work, but this one was a huge surprise Short stories are always hard to rate, mainly cause there are so many characters and mini plots that correlates Unlike the other short stories I have read in the past, this one had the common theme of infidelity It had different perspectives of betrayal, ranging from loneliness, sadness and heartbreak It is hard to narrow down what stories I liked the most, but four stories stuck out the most Hotel Room was the best story to me I e [...]

    9. I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review There were 11 short stories in the book They were all about affairs and were shocking and humorous at the same time I really enjoyed the book It was a fast read that I couldn t put down and read all in one sitting A solid 4 read for me

    10. Not good I read another book by this author Sarah s Key and I loved it I saw this collection of short stories and couldn t wait to read it Unfortunately, these stories are just bad It was like the author used stories she wrote in her high school creative writing class It s missing the experience and knowledge of an accomplished author My recommendation is don t bother with this one.

    11. Reviewed by DanielleBook provided by the publisher for reviewOriginally posted at Romancing the BookA Paris Affair by Tatiana de Rosnay was like a breath of fresh air Here, I was thinking it was a book containing one particular couples affair and instead I found it contained several different affairs Each affair had one theme That theme centralized on how men are cheaters and women know it, yet we set ourselves up for the disaster anyway But there were also, married women having an affair with m [...]

    12. Disappointing book after the success of Sarah s Key It s a collection of short stories advertised as forbidden loves in many shadesbut really they never reach that level It s a group of stories about cheating and some are very pedestrian and simple while others are really quite boring Neither terribly well written nor terribly engaging Two stars is giving it the benefit of the doubt for past works

    13. As I was about to depart to a part of France I decided to get into the mood No, it wasn t to be, sadly and unlike Bernard Salt, the City of Love where I was headed to, nor was it to the Riviera, nor the Normandy Coast No, not even Provence But I was soon to be promenading around the streets of a French city, nonetheless.As with BS, I d also hopefully be people watching in that city as well ideally from a sidewalk cafe as French speakers strutted by But I differ from Mr Salt in that I am as far r [...]

    14. Tatiana de Rosnay is that fancy restaurant uptown that everyone talks about and you went there when it first opened and it was so amazing but then it ran out of steam and now you re just kind of meh when you eat there.Nothing will ever compare to Sarah s Key Sarah s Key was devastating and raw and completely changed my life So I keep giving de Rosnay s books chance after chance because I want to see that she wasn t just a one hit wonder but I m starting to become discouraged about it.This book w [...]

    15. Perhaps if I re read this book at a different point in my life, when my personal circumstances are different, I will have a different take on this book However, in my current reading of it, I was deeply disappointed I really expected a little bit depth to these stories, a little bit variety, a little bit of a nuanced look at modern marriages, relationships, affairs, and so on Instead, these stories employed the usual tired old tropes, for the most part, about philandering husbands and clueles [...]

    16. A collection of short stories about affairs of the heart Each one made me want to read about the couple Every female character in the book is strong and fierce The sharp contrast between the Parisian women and American women was beautifully written It was also contemporary because De Rosnay explores relationships that are ending because of another man This collection of short stories can be read in a couple of hours and would be the perfect book club pick.

    17. When I requested it at the library, I was not expecting a collection of short stories, and was mildly disappointed when I realized that s what it was.I read it anyways though, and was pleasantly surprised I found the odd one too short, but overall I liked the quick glimpses into peoples lives and that almost every story was written in a different manner.Glad I picked it up, and highly recommended.

    18. This book was, by far, one of the worst books I ve ever read The series of short stories portray women as shallow insipid idiots willing to accept their husbands infidelity almost as though infidelity is a given in every marriage The writing is juvenile and trite Don t waste your money or your time

    19. Not my favorite I guess I m an optimist and a romantic I just don t like the overall theme that all men are cheaters Gives guys a bad rap There were a couple funny stories, but overall it just wasn t for me.

    20. A compilation of short stories revolving around infidelity among Parisian couples I m not even married and I thought it was pretty depressing and of little value A disappointment from one of my fav authors

    21. Genoten van dit boek het is een pageturner die je letterlijk zo uit hebt Lekker om tussendoor te lezen, de verhalen zijn oprecht boeiend en sterk geschreven Recensie thebookreview recensies rom

    22. If you like your love stories sophisticated, cynical often funny than not plus set in Paris, then this thin little volume is the book for you.

    23. IDFK As bad as all the previous reviews stated Even Simon Vance s narration couldn t save these short stories of crap All the stories are the same a cheating spouse and it s never really understood other than superficial stuff The stories didn t even try was like words typed on paper No emotions other than oh crap, another weak, boring story I kept groaning and eye rolling along because IDFK I guess I kept reading just to see if somehow at the end of there was some sort of wrap up This author ha [...]

    24. If I could give negative stars I would I remember people really liking Sarah s Key, which I ve yet to read So I figured I d listen to this book as I d be able to finish it in less than a week on my commute This was awful in all the ways already mentioned on the other 1 star reviews Don t waste your time.

    25. Le style est vraiment agr able.Les histoires sont bas es sur l infid lit mais elles mettent aussi en avant les diff rentes attitudes que pourrait avoir toute personne confront ce genre de situation.A lire

    26. Every now and then I take a detour from my normal reading material Consider this one of those occasions I ve never read anything written by de Rosnay but I ve got some of her books on my digital shelves I won a copy of this book It s a compilation of short stories Marital discord and infidelity Stuff I hope to never experience I m not sure why I chose to read this I think I thought it would be something different I m not much for romance novels and I damn sure don t condone sexual escapades outs [...]

    27. I ve been meaning to read Tatiana de Rosnay but believe I chose the wrong entry point with this book I suspect this is her publisher giving in to de Rosnay s need to write what she probably thought was going to be her satiric and sexy vignette collection of short stories Everyone should have known better than to publish this It is indulgently bad because it neither achieves satire, sexiness, or any connection with the reader Yes, the subject may be off putting to some but trust me that is not th [...]

    28. This is a collection of short stories which are themed around the French and affairs it took me just over an hour to read this book I adore Tatiana de Rosnay s work so I pre ordered it and couldn t wait to read it but to be honest, I should have waited and read it through the library However, I do want to support one of my favourite authors so when all is said and done, I do not regret purchasing A Paris Affair I would love to be able to chat with Tatiana, to ask her what drove her to write abou [...]

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