War Against the Mafia

War Against the Mafia By Don Pendleton, War Against the Mafia To avenge his family a soldier brings home the Vietnam WarIn the jungles of Southeast Asia no sniper was ruthless than Mack Bolan After twelve years in country with ninety five confirmed kills he
  • Title: War Against the Mafia
  • Author: Don Pendleton
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  • Page: 202
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • War Against the Mafia By Don Pendleton, To avenge his family, a soldier brings home the Vietnam WarIn the jungles of Southeast Asia, no sniper was ruthless than Mack Bolan After twelve years in country, with ninety five confirmed kills, he comes home to the United States only to find that his father has gone berserk, slaughtering his family before taking his own life But Mack knows his father was no killeTo avenge his family, a soldier brings home the Vietnam WarIn the jungles of Southeast Asia, no sniper was ruthless than Mack Bolan After twelve years in country, with ninety five confirmed kills, he comes home to the United States only to find that his father has gone berserk, slaughtering his family before taking his own life But Mack knows his father was no killer He was under pressure from a gang of Mafia thugs who were after his money and were willing to destroy his life to get it For the sake of his old man, Bolan declares war on the men who drove him mad.Five loan sharks are getting into their car when a bullet slams one of them to the ground Before the others can draw their guns, four shots ring out, leaving them as the first casualties in the Executioner s war From his hometown to every city in America, Mack Bolan will deliver justice from the barrel of a gun.
    War Against the Mafia By Don Pendleton,
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      Don Pendleton

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      Don Pendleton was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, December 12, 1927 and died October 23, 1995 in Arizona.He wrote mystery, action adventure, science fiction, crime fiction, suspense, short stories, nonfiction, and was a comic scriptwriter, poet, screenwriter, essayist, and metaphysical scholar He published than 125 books in his long career, and his books have been published in than 25 foreign languages with close to two hundred million copies in print throughout the world.After producing a number of science fiction and mystery novels, Don launched in 1969 the phenomenal Mack Bolan The Executioner, which quickly emerged as the original, definitive Action Adventure series His successful paperback books inspired a new particularly American literary genre during the early 1970 s, and Don became known as the father of action adventure Although The Executioner Series is far and away my most significant contribution to world literature, I still do not perceive myself as belonging to any particular literary niche I am simply a storyteller, an entertainer who hopes to enthrall with visions of the reader s own incipient greatness Don Pendleton s original Executioner Series are now in ebooks, published by Open Road Media 37 of the original novels Don Pendleton

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    1. I had to dust this book off and reread it I have been reading so many larger and epic scale novels this month that my brain needed a break.True story When I was a young teen my brothers and I broke into a neighbors house and stole away his porno magazines Along side the pornos we just so happened to accidentally grab a bag full of paperbacks I don t think anyone else was interested in the books with all the naked ladies in the magazines to stare at I did my fair share of staring as well but once [...]

    2. Ah, Men s Adventure Novels, it s been too long This is the first ever book in the long there s close to 600 books series of The Executioner The Executioner being Mack Bolan, a take no prisoners vigilante weaned on the violence of the Viet Nam Conflict When I was younger I used to read various Mack Bolan novels I d pick up from the drugstore, but I d never actually explored the character s roots until I got older Now that the books are being reprinted as ebooks, I can finally start at the beginni [...]

    3. I remember reading a smattering of Executioner novels as a youngster, and reminiscing about how much I enjoyed them I recently bought a bunch of old Pendleton titles Of the first several novels in the series, War Against the Mafia still stands out as my clear favorite The action is hard hitting, and the story moves quickly while still taking the time to establish the characters and settings.Another thing that struck me while reading this is how morally murky The Executioner s beginnings are By t [...]

    4. Ok, we all have skeletons in our closetsybe these are some of mine Actually the ones of these written by Pendelton himself aren t bad adventure stories, if they happen to be the type you like I didn t read nearly all the Pendelton books, but did recently pick up one of the later ones written by Harliquin who bought the rights to the seriesI couldn t finish it and took it straight to my favorite used book store which takes trades to foist off on someone else Before I went in the army back in the [...]

    5. The first book that I read that I could not put down This was my hook into the world of reading.Date read a long, long time ago.

    6. War against the Mafia is probably the most influential Men s Adventure novel ever Published the same year as Mario Puzo s the Godfather, it also deals with the Cosa Nostra or Italian Mafia However, this is not a gangster story like the Godfather This is a revenge story.The plot is very straightforward Protagonist Mack Bolan comes home from Vietnam to find his family ruined by Mafia loan sharks He declares war on the Mafia in Pittsfield where he lives He infiltrates them in Act 1 In Acts 2 and 3 [...]

    7. It s so hard to rate books like this but I tend to be conservative in my ratings unless a book blows me away completely I liked it and it was a rather decent pulpy adventure action story Mack Bolan, at least in this first volume, comes across as a righteous Parker with a similar vendetta against the Mob On the plus side, I found the action sequences gripping and well written and the character of Mack Bolan agreeable The major flaw in this novel was that I often found myself unable to suspend my [...]

    8. I first read this book back in March of 1973 as a young sailor in the Coast Guard I went to a bookstore newsstand and picked it up for about 1.25 or so Loved it And I got hooked on action thrillers from that point on.Classic story that might seem outdated now, but it does reflect the times in which it was written 1969 I think the first 38 or so Mack Bolan books were written by Don Pendleton before he just became a co writer or director of the series.I still like this book Picked up 1 from on sal [...]

    9. Before The Punisher there was Mac Bolan I won t say these books are great literature, but I loved them as a teen.

    10. GreatI m rereading I read Don Pendleton s Execution series 40 years ago and really enjoyed it.So I decided to read it again.

    11. Synopsis blurb.To avenge his family, a soldier brings home the Vietnam WarIn the jungles of Southeast Asia, no sniper was ruthless than Mack Bolan After twelve years in country, with ninety five confirmed kills, he comes home to the United States only to find that his father has gone berserk, slaughtering his family before taking his own life But Mack knows his father was no killer He was under pressure from a gang of Mafia thugs who were after his money and were willing to destroy his life to [...]

    12. A novel that than fulfills its mandate to entertain Donald Pendleton has been dubbed the father of men s action adventure, but what about Edward S Aarons, Donald Hamilton, and Ian Fleming Mack Bolan belongs to the same pantheon as Sam Durrell, Matt Helm, and James Bond I see some fans claim The Executioner belongs to a new genre, but I didn t see a clear line of demarcation One thing this novel had that its forebears lacked was graphic sex scenes The encounters with the prostitutes were seamy a [...]

    13. This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 3.5 of 5As a teen, I used to spend a lot of time in bookshops okay, I still do, but back in the 1970 s I was trolling the bookshelves, looking for anything that I could get excited for I would ALWAYS pick up one of The Executioner titles, stare at the action on the cover and wonder how much fun the books would be to read, but I also knew that books with such depicted violence would not be particularly welcomed into my household th [...]

    14. This is not a new book or series The books in this series are not new to me but I had never read any of them They were a favorite of my older brother while growing up.This book and series is a testament to the fact that a great story, strong characters, and great writing are truly timeless.I love that this series is now available digitally for all of us thriller fans and for all the new readers that will be able to enjoy it.Mack Bolan is the character who stars in the series that created a new g [...]

    15. Men s adventures novels of the 60s and 70s are my not so guilty reading pleasures I love them, in all of their pulpy, over exaggerated goodness Don Pendleton s Executioner is probably my second favorite the first being the Nick Carter Killmaster series of spy novels that attempted to cash in on the James Bond craze But I digress The early Executioner novels hit all of my most primitive bases they re fast, violent, sexed up, and hardcore badass I can t account for the later Executioner novels the [...]

    16. Mack Bolan is the genre king of these mercenary seeks vengeance against Mack s issue is with the Mafia Since these books were written in the late 60 s it all revolves around manly men shooting, stabbing, exploding etc the bad guys There are some 60 s references and attitudes that date the books and some outmoded terminology but it works Mack is very good at what he does and what he does is execute people, usually from a distance Not that he s ineffective up close mind you He sees the world in bl [...]

    17. A Vietnam War soldier returns to the states and unleashes hell on the Mafiosi It sounds like a straightforward tale However, Pendleton unfolds the story in a somewhat philosophical manner The solider, also known as the Executioner, isn t fighting his fight out of revenge, but because of the quintessential idea of good versus evil His side is good, even if his means of violence may not seem like it, and the Mafia is evil, which must be extinguished by soldiers willing to fight A quick read, an in [...]

    18. Of course this is over the top pulp fiction, but it s a fun ride and just what a guy wants in his books sometimes to quote Q from the Bond movie Never say Never Again gratutious violence and sex Or paraphrase him.The story is Mack Bolan a U.S Army sharpshooter comes home from Vietnam to bury his family his father killed his wife and daughter, wounded his son, then killed himself because he was in debt to a Mafia loan shark Bolan declares war on the mafia, and sets out to take down the the local [...]

    19. I read 13 volumes in this series when it first came out and loved it I had always hoped to get back to it and so it begins.Mack Bolan is the deadliest sniper in the Vietnam War but when he is sent home because of a tragedy in his family he finds he must exact revenge for his mother, father, sister and brother Revenge against the Mafia will not be easy, especially when they put out a kill order on him.The police are sympathetic but their hands are tied so it up to Mack to kill and not be killed b [...]

    20. One of the benefits of the Kindle Unlimited program is that you can find many series that you might have passed over The Mack Bolan series by Don Pendleton is one of them.In this first of the series, Mack Bolan is called home from Vietnam because his father went beserk, killed his mother and sister, then himself His younger brother survived Mack finds out that there is much going on under the surface and decides to act Not badly written, hence the 3 stars I found some of the dialog a little hok [...]

    21. This is the first in a series of Don Pendleton s classic action adventure novels Mack Bolan is a classic fight for the good cause hero, and the plots are fairly plain vanilla One of the things I like about the author is that he doesn t deviate too far from reality in order to make a story line work I see overstretched technology used all to often in contemporary fiction in order to justify an action or an outcome Anybody that likes the crime action adventure should get a baseline by checking out [...]

    22. The Executioner and his imitators during the 1970s created the genre of men s adventure novels, but I believe it is accurate to call them the heirs of the pulp novels of the 1940s The Executioner is definitely violent, and the love making explicit, than such forerunners as the Spider or the Avenger, but in both cases the books emphasize action and plot over other literary tropes.

    23. I read this book, and a number of the ones that followed, though I can t recall their exact titles, when I was about fourteen What I remember was an engaging story of violence and revenge that captured my young mind and I certainly thrilled to Bolan s exploits fighting against the Mafia types I really enjoyed these pulp stories Pendleton does not get the credit he deserves, because his books sold something like 200 million I hope he was paid well.

    24. This is the first book in the Executioner series, this is true men s adventure Mack Bolan is a special forces sniper, on on Vietnam when he is notified his family is dead Upon arrival home he finds the cause is due to pressures put on by mafia loan sharks Mack Bolan embarks on his personal war everlasting against the mafia.

    25. Fast easy read.25 years ago I had read every Mack Bolan book I could get my hands on I saw this for Kindle and decided to read it again It was a fun quick read I ll than likely buy some of the series.

    26. This is the book that started the men s action genre Mack Bolan launches his one man war against the Mafia I first read this well over 20 years ago The original series by Don Pendelton is now available in Ebook format.

    27. Mack Bolan bringer of death and teenage memories.This brought us many imitations, some good some not so good.The Marksman, Revenger, and many others leading eventually to The Punisherso all in all fondly remembered.Don and Mack thanks for the memories

    28. Not sure how this spawned a franchise of hundreds of Mack Bolan titles Some decent action sequences, but spoiled by plot holes and some out of this world pondering and philosophizing about Good, Evil, and the role of War Also features some corny ass bedroom dialogue.

    29. Good BookDon Pendleton did an excellent job at writing this novel It was hard to put the book down to do other things This is one you should read.

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