Dangerous Temptations

Dangerous Temptations By Brooke Cumberland, Dangerous Temptations One night was all it tookOne night to ruin everything I thought I knew From the outside I had the perfect lifestyle Wealthy fianc blossoming career amazing friends I wasn t looking to get married
  • Title: Dangerous Temptations
  • Author: Brooke Cumberland
  • ISBN: 9780996081184
  • Page: 190
  • Format: ebook
  • Dangerous Temptations By Brooke Cumberland, One night was all it tookOne night to ruin everything I thought I knew.From the outside, I had the perfect lifestyle.Wealthy fianc , blossoming career, amazing friends.I wasn t looking to get married yet, but when William Manhattan s royalty charmed his way into my life, I couldn t deny the security and comfort that overcame me To society, I was the girl only after hOne night was all it tookOne night to ruin everything I thought I knew.From the outside, I had the perfect lifestyle.Wealthy fianc , blossoming career, amazing friends.I wasn t looking to get married yet, but when William Manhattan s royalty charmed his way into my life, I couldn t deny the security and comfort that overcame me To society, I was the girl only after his money I was the party goer who managed to seduce a man twice my age to have the lifestyle some could only dream of I was every magazine s clich of what a gold digging whore was.I wanted to prove them wrong that our love was real and that I wasn t that girl.But then everything changed One wrong decision One unfaithful night One haunting reality.Perhaps they were right The media didn t see it coming and neither did I This is a stand alone romance suspense novel with no cliffhanger HEA depends on who you ask Recommended for readers 18 and up due to strong language and explicit sexual content.
    Dangerous Temptations By Brooke Cumberland,
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      Brooke Cumberland is a USA Today Bestselling author who wears many hats on any given day She also co writes under the USA Today Bestselling duo pseudonym, Kennedy Fox with her literary soul mate, Lyra Parish She lives in the frozen tundra of Packer Nation with her husband, 7 year old wild child, and two teenage stepsons When she s not writing, you can find her reading love stories, listening to music that inspires her, and laughing with her family Brooke is addicted to Starbucks coffee, leggings, and naps She found her passion for telling stories during winter break one year in grad school and she hasn t stopped since.Subscribe to her newsletter so you don t miss any updates eepurl cRh5EzConnect with Brooke brookecumberland facebook authorbrookecumberland Twitter blcumberland Instagram brookecumberland_xo Bloggers brookecumberland blogger central

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    1. Review to come FULL REVIEW We were two people who would ve never been destined to meet had I not moved to the city a year ago But something stronger pulled us together, and a year later I should ve felt fear, nervous even, to be lying side by side in a bed with a man I couldn t remember meeting, but I didn t It was as if my body remembered everything, and my mind just hadn t caught up yet Mackenzie Hewitt is seriously stuck in the love triangle to end all love triangles When I started this book, [...]

    2. First of all, I loved that this book included a plot point about Coalition For The Homeless spotlighted the struggle of children raised by parents incapable or unwilling to provide for them as well as the message that, with a little help, these children can still have success stories That said, that was all I liked about this book I try to give authors two shots before I write them off on my do not read list I read The Intern Serials and hated the series Sadly, Dangerous Temptations wasn t any b [...]

    3. Many people didn t like this because of the inappropriateness of Alex and Mac s relationship, but I have to say that personally I liked it It worked for me, because it does actually happen So I could believe it No, there wasn t any excuse for the cheating on Mac s part but the synopsis makes you fully aware of what you re getting into before you start this, so it s pointless to read it and moan It just makes you look silly.Anyway, I loved 90% of this book but I have to say that I wanted drama b [...]

    4. 1 1.5 StarsFirst and foremost, I love the COVER and the blurb promises one hell of an angst ride my guilty pleasure But, it s just a promise And the famous line promises are bound to be broken suits well I don t like to bash authors because I know that they did give their best to give a very good book but damn, I feel like I ve been cheated on I m maybe in the minority here but I didn t connect with the story at all I didn t feel anything i didn t feel anything for the MCs, not even a little ang [...]

    5. COVER REVEAL 14th January 2015Teaser Check out our Blog post here Including an Excerpt and a chance to win an 25 GC slutsistas

    6. Holy hot and heavy Dangerous Temptations This book is the best kind of danger delicious, dirty, and oh so divine Brooke Cumberland wowed me with a wonderfully wicked, witty, and delight of a story Forget the step brother romance or take the trendy step brother story up a notch and make it soon to be step mother and step son Dangerous Temptations is dangerous, and terribly tempting indeed This story is so super sexy and sinfulpure addiction I had a hard time putting these pages of pure pleasure d [...]

    7. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Brooke s best book story and writing to date And let me just say I LOVE THE TABOO It makes me so happy Thank you Brooke for having the courage to tell the story that needed to be told before you told the story you thought people would fight you over TABOOOOOOO I love Alex I love Mac I even kinda love William I love triangles I love taboo I love Brooke I loved this story 3 3 3

    8. 3.5 StarsFirst the cover I love everything about the cover Every time I saw it I wanted to read the book even The color combination, the wording position, her grabbing his pants his scruff The cover deserves it s own rating Boom a 5 Star cover Ahh, you never know when a book will have a good triangle until it hits you in the face That s exactly what happened I read the blurb and still it didn t enter my mind But that s nothing nothing That was such a small little plot that when the real thing h [...]

    9. At first the relationship dynamics between the main characters were kind of weird, but I guess nothing works out neatly in real life so I could appreciate it for its realism The book was very well written and edited to near perfection The plot was was novel but a bit shaky and unconvincing at times The conflict between Alex and Mac was not really resolved to my satisfaction I mean why did he feel the need to say those things about her The only explanation provided was that she wasn t meant to he [...]

    10. Definitely worth the read for me William, a good looking older man, twice Mac s age, great shape and very wealthy, but I call a bore, that s my opinion Mac didn t see it coming but if I were her, I d be glad it did Lucky girlCKENZIE, SHE S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT, READ THE STORY LOTS OF THIS

    11. Dangerous Temptations takes you down a dangerous road full of lies, deceit, temptation, love and redemption This story covers a topic not a lot of people like to read about and not a lot of authors will write about Brooke Cumberland took a chance and wrote a love story that is deceptive, yet beautiful.So freaking treacherous and risky, yet alluring One wrong decision changed the course of my life, and I hadn t seen it coming I fell in love with both the h H even before I got my hands on this boo [...]

    12. I had a full night of sinful, hot, wild sex, and I didn t even remember it Dangerous Temptations is a stand alone novel by Brooke Cumberland that is full of suspense, sex and deceit I was wrapped up in from the very first page and was full of anxiety the entire time I was reading trying to decide who she would end up with and who I wanted her to end up with Dangerous Temptations is a wickedly sinful love triangle full of lies, deceit and a taboo relationship that will make you feel awkward and e [...]

    13. I m a really big fan of this author and her other books, so when I heard about this book, I knew I wanted to read it straightaway And then I saw the cover, which basically made me want the book right there and then lol The synopsis for this book is also a bit vague, so I wasn t 100% sure what to expect from it until I started reading it I really, really enjoyed this book though It wasn t like I was expecting it to be It was so much better than I was expecting it to be lol The plot was also writt [...]

    14. Review for Dangerous Temptations by Brooke CumberlandI ve read a lot of books already this year, and I have to say Dangerous Temptations is one of my favorites From storyline to character development romance, relationships, drama, smut, and everything in between this book will run you through a gamut of emotions Just when you think you ve got it all figured out, Cumberland throws in a curveball William is the perfect gentleman Polished, refined, and successful He s determined that he and Mac are [...]

    15. I absolutely loved this book Brooke Cumberland is one of my favorite authors And she did not fail on this book I know some people may have issues with this book,But the way Ms Cumberland addressed the issue and handled the story I felt not only did she take a chance, but she did a nice job She handled everyone s feelingsAnd some superficial, Other True to the heart, and also deprived of love from a mother so naive.So given that I will let you figure who is who and why I say she did handled all f [...]

    16. A totally enjoyable, intoxicating read Dangerous Temptations delves into a world of forbidden seduction, where you are left to wonder how something so wrong, can feel so right This scandalous and scorching hot romance left me enad and overheated The blurb will reel you in, but you have no idea what wicked delights Ms Cumberland has in store for you Some of you avid romance readers might shy away from this book, and have some apprehension about the one unfaithful night part in the synopsis I for [...]

    17. WOW Yes, Mac is engaged to marry William But how could she want him when Alex is offering, in clear descriptive detail, what he s offering Seriously I could read pages of that man talking And when he smirks, yeah I was a goner.Mac wakes up after a drunken bachelorette party for a friend, in the bed of a man who is not her fiance Funny enough, she also doesn t remember much However it s clear the connection between Mac and Alex is instant and its hot But than that, she s comfortable around him a [...]

    18. I received this book as an ARC for an honest review and let me tell you wowza This book is so good from the first page to the very last word you will not want to put this book down In this book we meet Mac Mackenzie Hewitt and Alex Alexander in this book Mac has grown up under a hard life you will find out how hard as you get farther into the book but one day she meet Mr William Lancaster on that day her life starts to change It does not matter to Mac that Will is twice her age or is twice as ri [...]

    19. Dangerous Temptations is my favorite Brooke Cumberland Brooke Mackenzie Mac didn t have a very fair life when growing up, but when the book starts you see that she s worked hard to forget that life, and to make it to a point in life where she s happy She s got a good job, and she s engaged to man she seems love, who happens to be pretty rich William and Mackenzie seem to have a pretty simple routine They seem to be in love, happy, and everything is simpleUntil one night full of Dangerous Temptat [...]

    20. 4 4.5 Stars SLIGHT SPOILERS READ WITH CAUTIONI finally got around to reading this book and I liked it a lot, I just didn t love it Yes, it was the usual, hot and sexy, great writing, a great premise as well but maybe I wished it played out a bit differently at least for me personally, oh and Alex, oh my, he was just.wow, did I LOVE him I guess how the storyline itself played out for me was just hmmmm not sure how I want to explain it The storyline was ok, I guess, maybe it s because I had a hard [...]

    21. 5 Stars From Sammy s Book ObsessionMY THOUGHTS I was provided with a Review Copy ARC for review Seriously, in my opinion, Dangerous Temptations is Author Brooke Cumberland s best work yet I loved it Like, I m surely going to re read several times before I even remotely tire of it, kind of loved it It s hot, sexy, complicated, emotional, taboo to some I suppose, and just utterly an awesome read I m actually kind of wishing it wasn t a stand alone It s a complete story though, so I can t complain [...]

    22. Mackenzie and Mr Lancaster have a slow burn and comfortable relationship And it s the repetition and comfort that keep Mackenzie happy with how things are No sudden changes and no surprises until she wakes up next to Alex Alex is temptation and sin and even though she is engaged to Mr Lancaster, one night with Alex will threaten everything she held dear The chemistry is there even if she can t remember, but feel what happened the night before I didn t want to be attracted to him, but clearly, I [...]

    23. I am in shock and awe over this book I didn t see it turning out the way it did I loved it I could not put it down Mac is such a strong character, even if you think she s terrible for the cheating thing She has over came so much in her life and even though she hadn t experienced many relationships, she opened herself up to one that she thought would be forever Until the smoking hot Alex comes into the picture and turns her world upside down and making her see that the relationship she s in now i [...]

    24. I received this in exchange for my honest opinion What can I say I love love love this book I didn t want the book to end And when it did, I was sad So I read it again Mac is engaged to William, a very powerful and wealthy business man Alex just returned home from Europe Secrets and stolen moments surround Mac and Alex, but will it all come crashing down around them I have been reading Brooke s work ever since I found her I love all of the books that he has written Each book is different than th [...]

    25. ooh the feels This book had the angst and the steam and that Alex what dirty mouth he has but oh man did it make me swoon I never do spoilers and well if ya wanna know the emotional roller coaster I just rode then you gotta read I floved it could not put it down if you love hot sexy romance with unexpected twist then you best be reading this when it releases I am still trying to process something that was revealed ooh Brooke woman shaking my fist at you but man it was a fantastic story

    26. This mayyyyy be my very favorite Brooke book ever Tug of war is what kept popping into my head while I read this story What should she do Who is her perfect match Brooke has a special way of writing, which I love Drawling me in, pushing me out, keeping me on the edge of my toes, and the whole time keeping me entertained.Perfect ending

    27. Definitely a Dangerous TemptationWasn t sure in the beginning if I would like this book The I read the better it got Loved Alex from the beginning Learned to love Mac as her story was told Knew right away she belonged with Alex not William Thank you Brooke another great read Can t wait to read what s next.

    28. As soon as I read the synopsis I put aside the other books I had to read in order to make room for this one It pains me to say I was disappointed I wish I felt of an emotional connection to Alex and Mac Plus there were enough spelling word errors that I found it a bit distracting.

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