The Manga Bible: From Genesis to Revelation

The Manga Bible: From Genesis to Revelation By Siku, The Manga Bible From Genesis to Revelation The creation of the earthThe rise and fall of God s chosen peopleThe mysterious stranger who brought about a new world orderAnd the ultimate showdown between the forces of good and evilThis is the gre
  • Title: The Manga Bible: From Genesis to Revelation
  • Author: Siku
  • ISBN: 9780385524315
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Manga Bible: From Genesis to Revelation By Siku, The creation of the earthThe rise and fall of God s chosen peopleThe mysterious stranger who brought about a new world orderAnd the ultimate showdown between the forces of good and evilThis is the greatest story ever told as you ve never seen it before.Containing both Old and New Testaments, this is the first ever English manga of the most important book of all time.The creation of the earthThe rise and fall of God s chosen peopleThe mysterious stranger who brought about a new world orderAnd the ultimate showdown between the forces of good and evilThis is the greatest story ever told as you ve never seen it before.Containing both Old and New Testaments, this is the first ever English manga of the most important book of all time.ExtrasKey scenes commentarySketches gallery
    The Manga Bible: From Genesis to Revelation By Siku,
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      Siku Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Manga Bible: From Genesis to Revelation book, this is one of the most wanted Siku author readers around the world.

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    1. The Manga Bible was a quick read, of course It covers selected sections of both the Old and New Testaments It is truely amazing how much violence is in the Bible and how well it lends itself to the manga format The book basically follows what the Bible says but does it in a down to earth way It was refreshing to read the stories without the stilted words that are in most Bibles The art work brought the stories to life.

    2. Wow, they actually managed to make the Bible entertaining it s a miracle Ha Seriously though, I was pleasantly surprised The drawing style was a little rougher than I m used to, but still very pretty I like how the story was laid out, especially having Genesis as a story being told by Moses to the children, that was a very creative idea The anachronistic dialogue and characterizations was a fun twist, and a lot of it was actually really funny I literally laughed out loud at a few spots while oth [...]

    3. Do the manga artistic conventions of big eyes, sharp chins and skinny torsos add a great deal to the greatest story ever told Nah But watching a Japanese author slowly make sense out of a vast and confusing western religious text, developing his own reading and theology in the process, is fascinating.

    4. The Manga Bible From Genesis to Revelation is as the name suggests a Bible in the Japanese manga type of art I am sure many readers know about this unique type of art It is very popular among teens, especially asian teens please correct me if I am wrong The front page says the concept art was by Siku and the script was written Akinsiku According the About the Authors page, Siku is one of Britain s leading comic book creator conceptualists he worked for Marvel UK and COM X and has been credited o [...]

    5. This is definitely a different way to look at the classic book that almost everybody knows Whether you are a believer or not, odds are you have read the Bible or are familiar with the major stories in it The author and artist for this manga have come together to create what I consider an interesting interpretation Actually, when you look at the Bible, a lot of the stories can lend themselves to the manga style treatment The book does feature small notes with specific Bible verses for people want [...]

    6. The Manga Bible is a very interesting take of the actual bible in Manga form, packed with weapons, action and the Japanese cartoon expressions that everyone loves Illustrated and interpreted by Siku, the person famous for illustrating the bloodbath of Judge Dred The book is surprising interesting and matching of what story the bible tells This version of the bible jam packs the chapters from Genesis to Revelation in 200 short pages of art and speech bubbles, but it is than enough to capture the [...]

    7. The Manga Bible by Siku is an ambitious project that could have been a perfect 5 5, but it has several shortcomings Overall the book provides a great experience for Christian and non Christians.The book is too text driven since it attempts to give a general outline of the entire Bible usually 2000 pages in 200 The only way to overcome this would be to make it longer Also some of the text is printed too close to the binding, making it extremely frustrating to read at times.The book is biblically [...]

    8. Schwache Umsetzung ohne Inspiration oder KunstfertigkeitDie Idee finde ich klasse Die Bibel bietet richtig guten Stoff, bereits vorgedacht und weitbekannt, also ideale Voraussetzungen f r einen K nstler, eine Comicversion zu komponieren.Leider ist das in diesem Fall gr ndlich schiefgegangen Der Manga weder vom Zeichenstil noch vom Textstil her ist es eigentlich ein Manga verliert sich darin, den in Annotationsk stchen angebotenen Text in relativ undefinierten Bildern zu schm cken Hier wird die G [...]

    9. To encapsulate the entire Bible in one volume of manga is a little too ambitious The Genesis narrative was easy to follow and had enough characters to follow that it was pleasant After Moses though, there s basically a ton of summary of all the kings and stuff And it seems like the point of putting the Bible in visual form is that you shouldn t be summarizing a ton of stuff, but rather showing what s going on.I didn t really like the visual style of book either Individual panels I didn t have mu [...]

    10. The Manga Bible is a form of the bible written in Manga form so that people who like manga can enjoy the bible There are definitely pros to this book and some cons I like the fact that this book would be easier to follow for certain people than the Bible Another pro would be that they put Bible verses on the side for us to read if we would like to read this section in the real bible This is great because i do feel like this book left some things out, it had to because this book isn t even very [...]

    11. I ll start this off by saying that I have never read the bible I do know the stories from the bible, but that is because of my mom She read the bible and studied it for years However, I myself, have never read the bible.I saw this at the library and decided to give it a try There were all the stories from the bible I remember being told to me by my mom This manga described things in pretty good detail and there was lots of text, which is different from other manga It had quite a bit of violence, [...]

    12. This treatment of the Bible and its contents is certainly different It covers some of the major stories and a few minor ones, too to give the reader a sense of what is in the Bible There are references back to the Bible sprinkled throughout so that readers who want to know can find it It is an interpretation and an adaptation of the biblical text Every page does contain numerous direct quotes from the Bible, often seen as excerpted phrases to describe what is happening in a cell It wasn t my st [...]

    13. Not a fan of the art form but when I heard of the Manga Bible I was intrigued Granted, it is like an abridged children s illustrated Bible but I think Siku the author does a great job of bring a taste of the scriptures to a readership that might otherwise not even touch the Bible One of the coolest things about it are the little tabs that say want to know Check out such and such book with chapter and verse I wouldn t use it for deep study but it is certainly will done and will lead people in t [...]

    14. Mangabibeln r underh llande och tillr ckligt komprimerad f r att det snabbt ska g att f sig ett grepp om Bibeln och vara roligt under tiden Det h gtravande bibelspr ket r borta en attityd som Bibelns vers ttare inte skulle d av att ta efter och skaparna har kryddat dialogen med en humor som garanterat inte g r att sp ra till Bibeln.Det h r r ett bra s tt att ber tta v rldens mest k nda sagobok p ett nytt s tt Hela v r kultur bygger p det som st r i den s vi vinner p att tminstone bekanta oss lit [...]

    15. Well, this book definitely spells out the stories of the Bible in a clean, easy to understand format The writing drops all the thou s and mayest s, opting for a modern interpretation that will resonate with young people Unfortunately, being able to read the stories in this format affirmed my own loss of religion, but I ll save that for another review The lines are clean and crisp, and the action is essentially broken up into vignettes, with interludes into the smaller stories i.e Lot and Jonah N [...]

    16. Wonderful intro book to those who are overwhelmed by the sheer size of the Holy Bible It tells a good deal of the most basic elements, from Adam and Eve, to the Prophets and Judges, to the culminating birth of Jesus It s a good launchpad for newcomers, but it s also good at refreshing old hands at things they ve studied for years The book is in standard manga paneled format, although it reads like a comic, and the visual elements are crisp and informative It doesn t take too long to read, which [...]

    17. A great quick read I recommend it if you can find it for cheap The illustrations are course and Siku does not pull any punches when he presents the characters of the Bible I love it because it puts a new perspective on this amazing book A warning though, it is not really for small children But I think most teens that are into manga or anime would really enjoy it and it could interest them into the Word to dig deeper.

    18. Not very good The authors have made little use of manga as a medium This book is far too text heavy, giving only the basics of each story Job is covered in a single page Although the idea of a manga adaptation of the bible is interesting, it would be better handled across multiple volumes with a decompressed style of storytelling allowing for each story to be told in depth instead of the heavily abridged versions found here.

    19. In my review of The Life of Jesus I pointed out that everyone in the book looked Anglo Caucasian In this book everyone is lanky and looks like X generation fantasies.It is a nice blow through of The Bible in 200 pages in Manga form.The thing I kept thinking about is the look of the book would be perfect for a graphic novel version of Tolkien s Silmarillion.

    20. I was scanning a BN shelf to see what different editions of The Message they had, and The Manga Bible was tucked into the wrong spot I pulled it out and read it over while standing at the shelf It was generally an enjoyable experience The artwork added a sense of adventure that doesn t seem to seep into scripture reading very often, but did seem genuine and well thought out.

    21. Never read manga before This one is pretty good I only got confused by the flow a few times Sometimes you read all the way across the page, sometimes you read down a columnI thought the authors did a pretty good job It is abridged, but they picked a pretty strong narrative.

    22. Teens love the Bible in this format The riveting cartoons of Manga are phenomenal, especially in this rendition When I picked up this Manga Bible I couldn t put it down Amos Smith author of Healing The Divide

    23. It was interesting to see how the author visualized the Bible I found the language kind of funny at times, as there was a mix of traditional terms with modern slang Not quite the ahistorical language of the Message Bible, but close at times.

    24. A really engrossing and thought provoking read.This isnt written in the usual form.Its a Manga book so of course it isnt as heavily detailed as the bible but the way its done and the illustrations make for not only a educational but a very interesting read.

    25. Disclaimer I got this from a friend as a gag gift return return The art is fine, in that gritty, sketchy way Storyline is the bible simplified, but as boring.

    26. Is actually a decent manga adaptation, for what can be done in this format Would recommend reading the original instead though.

    27. Reminded me a bit of the Picture Bible I read all the time as a kid, but this condensed version skipped over some of my favorite stories.

    28. I haven t gone back in a Bible yet to check for accuracy, but this Manga Bible definitely focuses on the gruesomeere s plenty of it in the Old Testament Interesting.

    29. It s so cool to SEE the story of Jesus and the early church put into manga form This book has style I think the artist got everything just right.

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