The Second Wave

The Second Wave By Tom Reynolds, The Second Wave Summer s over and it s time for Connor Connolly to head back to school to start Sopho year the only problem is that the world has changed overnight with the world now populated with thousands of new
  • Title: The Second Wave
  • Author: Tom Reynolds
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  • Page: 250
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Second Wave By Tom Reynolds, Summer s over and it s time for Connor Connolly to head back to school to start Sopho year, the only problem is that the world has changed overnight, with the world now populated with thousands of new metahumans Now not only does he have to deal with the pressures of being a super human and training with his mentor Midnight, he also has to balance relationships with hSummer s over and it s time for Connor Connolly to head back to school to start Sopho year, the only problem is that the world has changed overnight, with the world now populated with thousands of new metahumans Now not only does he have to deal with the pressures of being a super human and training with his mentor Midnight, he also has to balance relationships with his best friends Sarah and Jim, two people who find themselves on different sides of the fence when it comes to feelings about all the new metahumans As the world struggles to adjust to the events of the past few months, Connor s alter ego Omni finds work at the now overcrowded Silver Island Meta Detention Facility When he s recruited for a job to assist a government agency in disarming one of the most powerful and secretive metas in Culver City he never expects what goes wrong and how it will affect the rest of the world, metas and regular humans alike.
    The Second Wave By Tom Reynolds,
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    1. There were many ideas storylines introduced in The Second Wave but there wasn t enough resolution to them to make me feel satisfied I wanted to know about the Alpha Team and understand why they hated metas Some of Sarah s Dad s reactions didn t make sense to me There was almost nothing with Connor Jim and what we did get just left me wanting The interactions between Midnight and Connor Omni were interesting and I thought was some of the strongest story in the book The ending really put me off, [...]

    2. Ok second novelThis book is by no means bad But while the first brought new and innovative ideas this book seemed lacking It felt rushed often than not, leading to quite a few spelling mistakes that should have been caught.On the other hand I m glad the author got enough success with Meta that he felt compelled to write a second book I hope he writes , but that he takes his time and is willing to try new things The build up was good, there were moments I found myself concerned for characters, b [...]

    3. This follows on from the first story, with Conner still coming to grips with his powers, but to the point, it picks up a few months after the end of part 1, were thousands of Meta Bands dropped to the Earth, allowing for a massive influx of Meta s Omni of course is still one of the first of the 2nd Wave and somewhat of a celebrity, but also seen as something of a hero amongst heroes as he has multiple abilities and a lot of the best ones.As with the first story, the Characters are exceptionally [...]

    4. The world has adjusted to a new influx of superheros and Reynolds strips Conner Omni of his super special status as one of a few Now as one among many he is facing moral issues in dealing with the ones who choose to commit crimes with their bands Since the world has already dealt with a previous wave of superheros the answer people have come up with is to lock people away forevers At 16, Conner doesn t really question this as much as someone older than him might.I think this suffers a little bit [...]

    5. Its getting better, but there is something called research and sometimes you should allow someone who knows things about stuff you don t look over that part of your manuscript.Nothing breaks suspension of disbelief as getting details completely and utterly wrong, better to make names up than insert embarrassing errors.The prose is better, the plot holes fewer the world building a bit consistent, but still there are these endless internal monologues If the writing was a but lively this would de [...]

    6. Its rare a 2nd in a series is better then the originalThis isry impressive The twists are original and the character development thorough I will be eagerly reading the 3rd book as this on ended on a cliff hanger as well

    7. The following contains medium level spoilers, not too bad I just find it hard to format a review around the fact that some pieces will be blank, making it difficult for me to remain coherent So it s entirely hidden.Well for starters, I had reduced my expectations for this book dramatically, based on negative reviews I had seen It wasn t as bad as some people were making it out to be, however it had room for improvement As far as I can tell, there was little plot development in this book by the r [...]

    8. This series is getting really frustrating to read On the one hand, there is a lot of potential here, potential that keeps me reading even when I am not enjoying myself On the other hand, there s a lot to dislike about this series My biggest gripe by far is that this series treads almost no new ground I have read almost everything this book has to offer before Now, this doesn t have to be something that is a problem Just because someone has decided to write about a subject that has been explored [...]

    9. Review originally posted at twonerdstalking tnt book rSecond Wave is the second book in the fantastic Meta universe by author Tom Reynolds Taking place a few months after the events of Meta and the arrival of thousands of new Metabands on earth, Second Wave continues the story of teenager Connor Connelly and his efforts to lead a double life as a typical teenager by day and the superhero Omni by night.In my review of Meta I said that my only complaint was that I felt it was a little short, thoug [...]

    10. While I still enjoyed the first book, The Second Wave is better in just about every way Tom Reynolds writing skills have developed a lot, and he s maturing nicely as a writer I m very excited for book three, not only so I can find out what happened, but because I think that given the progression and maturing from book to book, book three will most likely be a 5 star novel from Tom Reynolds.The Second Wave, like Meta, is just a lot of fun to read The characters are being developed , and the clich [...]

    11. I didn t write a review of this book the first time I read it as I felt like it needed a closer inspection, but having read it again I can say it was hugely enjoyable As with Meta, the fast paced action segments combine wit and ingenuity with excellent descriptive prose and attention to detail Interestingly, the author has clearly listened to reviewers of his first work and made a commendable effort to address what many saw as flaws in the main character by introducing new groups that stand for [...]

    12. This book is the second book after Meta , and it picks up right where it left off with a second wave of meta bands shooting from the sky to there new owners With meta bands out Connor is trying to help Bay View City which is now just crawling with new metas trying to figure out their abilities and creating danger on the streets Also trying to juggle a double life as the school years starts again, and trying to make time for his friends Jim and Sarah all while fighting the new metas alongside t [...]

    13. 4 and 1 2 reallyI m not sure how I feel about the jump between what happened in the last book and going right into dealing with thousands of metas nowAt the same time, it was a great way to speed things up into action instead of describing extra scenes, butAnyways, this is about Connor and the rest of the world dealing with hundreds thousands of metabands and everybody wanting them black market for metabands whoop.The Agency continuing my comparison to the flash which I m surprised now that some [...]

    14. To be completely honest, I feel that this book is better than the last.The antagonist in the last book was a bit odd, and it didn t really seem to click with the universe it was set in.This books is different, as the antagonist s are believable, and fit both the human condition and the universe the books are set in.I enjoy the author s take on what would happen to the world if superhuman abilities were commonplace, such as their effect on manufacturing businesses and on the transportation indus [...]

    15. I m terrified that this is about to turn into a George RR Martin situation for me You know, where you start reading a series, and then you re so hooked that you can t wait for the next one to come out, and it just doesn t come out soon enough Fortunately, Tom doesn t take that long, which is good, because Meta is great The second Wave really grows Connor Omni, really develops the relationship between he and Sarah, and developers her character Midnight rises to a whole new level, there are defini [...]

    16. Great The Second Wave is the second book in the Meta Superhero Series I gave it five stars because it made me feel like I WAS the main character It s written on a personal level from the viewpoint of the main character, who is a young teen who comes into possession of technology that gives him super human powers Between juggling his personal life and his life as a superhuman, the frustration, fear and confusion that results make for a very believable and relatable character The steady pace keeps [...]

    17. I ll make this one a lot shorter.If you re looking at reviews for The Second Wave, you ve probably already read or checked out the reviews for Meta and want to know if it s worth your time.The conclusion of my 4.5 star review is undoubtedly, yes.Mr Raynolds had grown a lot as a writer in a very short amount of time The Second Wave was a super fun read and addressed a lot of the concerns I had about Meta I m refraining from giving this a 5 so that Tom doesn t get too lazy and works even harder fo [...]

    18. Fun bookmple story and well told with likeable characters and an absolutely fun premise Not all of the ideas in the book are original Think Marvel Civil War but they are definitely all well done Tom Reynolds has what I believe to be a hit on his hands I could see this becoming a very popular series and a movie adaptation wouldn t be far behind To much fun and very much looking forward to the next book

    19. The narrative voice is pretty painful and verbosely on the nose, a 16 year old sounding like a cranky 14 year old You could simply delete 30% of the prose without a loss For that, one star.And yet, it does have its charm and interesting characters I think about it the next day, which is why I m giving it two stars instead of one And I ll probably read the 3rd book when it comes out, go figure.

    20. A good book but I almost removed a star due to the cliff hanger ending I really dislike cliff hangers, they are there almost always because the author is either a trying to get your money twice for one book or b too lazy to finish the book properly I let it pass as the book is very good and the cliff hanger is relatively minor, just don t do it again Tom whatever your publisher says.Recommend the series to anyone who likes superhero fiction.

    21. Builds well on the ideas and themes of the first novel It definitely exceeds at establishing this universe and very clearly leaves the ending on a cliff hanger for the third book Again, it s not my most favourite genre, and nothing that it doesn t within said genre is particularly inventive or fresh, but nonetheless it s good at what it is and does.

    22. I loved it The writing was hilarious, the characters were realistic, and so were their actions and interactions But I m giving this four stars because Tom Reynolds seems to have forgotten the difference between finishing a book with a cliffhanger and finishing a book smack in the middle of the climax.

    23. Connor tries to balance his real life with his hero life with ever growing challenges Something s gotta give Throw in the increasing number of humans discovering metarings and becoming super, and the action is non stop.Overall, an entertaining and humorous story These books could benefits from proofreading, and there are some contradicting bits that stand out.

    24. Surprise, treachery and a whole lot .Working for the Agency isn t all that it s supposed to be, and Conner is having doubts Midnight is still helping with his training and his love life and friendships are thrown for a loop He also discovers about Iris What s next after all hell is let loose Can t wait for next book.

    25. The characters are better drawn than the first book Maybe I m getting plugged in to the author s universe , but the different situations and story lines seemed coherent and concluded satisfactorily.Until the end, which winds things up with the cliff visible just in front of you.This story gets a recommend from me.

    26. This is a better book than the previous one as most of the first timer stuff is over with The world is also a bit fleshed out, and I like that there s grey in an apparent world of black and white While this is not an exceptional series, it was a cheap and entertaining read and I look forward to another installment in this series.

    27. Another quick read from the Meta superhero world This one had none of the editing errors that irked me in the first book I will admit that there were a few things I thought I d figured out early that I was wrong about That s a good thing Fun and quick.

    28. Enthralling Second book as even better than the first Now what I m waiting for book three Very entertaining and definitely worth my time Can t say the rest of the family likes me so involved but hope there will be a third installment Thanks for the good read

    29. Reading Tom Reynolds books make me feel like a teenager again Engaging, and fun, I even forgive him for all the spelling mistakes Second Wave is not life changing, or going to make you revisit they way you think about the world, but good old escapism I look forward to the next installment.

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