House of Cards

House of Cards By Michael Dobbs, House of Cards House of Cards il romanzo pi famoso di Michael Dobbs pubblicato per la prima volta nel ancora considerato il thriller politico per eccellenza Incentrato sulla vita e l inesauribile ambizione d
  • Title: House of Cards
  • Author: Michael Dobbs
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  • Page: 148
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  • House of Cards By Michael Dobbs, House of Cards, il romanzo pi famoso di Michael Dobbs, pubblicato per la prima volta nel 1989, ancora considerato il thriller politico per eccellenza Incentrato sulla vita e l inesauribile ambizione del politico machiavellico Francis Urquhart, il romanzo fu gi adattato negli anni Novanta dalla BBC ricevendo un enorme successo di pubblico e critica Ora, nella pi receHouse of Cards, il romanzo pi famoso di Michael Dobbs, pubblicato per la prima volta nel 1989, ancora considerato il thriller politico per eccellenza Incentrato sulla vita e l inesauribile ambizione del politico machiavellico Francis Urquhart, il romanzo fu gi adattato negli anni Novanta dalla BBC ricevendo un enorme successo di pubblico e critica Ora, nella pi recente versione USA il Parlamento inglese viene sostituito dal Campidoglio americano per narrare la storia trasversale e universale della corruzione attraverso le vicende della politica statunitense Nel romanzo, invece, la storia ambientata in Inghilterra, durante i mesi immediatamente successivi all ennesima rielezione del primo ministro gi in carica Francis Urquhart, il Chief Whip il capo di Gabinetto del governo in carica, ben deciso ad utilizzare tutte le armi in suo potere per rovesciare il governo ed assumere la carica di primo ministro Grazie ai suoi lunghi anni di lavoro dietro alle quinte infatti riuscito a raccogliere un enorme mole di materiale compromettente su molti dei suoi colleghi e riesce quindi, tramite ricatti ed intimidazioni di vario genere, a crearsi una rete di collaboratori che lo aiuter inconsapevolmente a portare a termine il suo disegno Mentre Urquhart riesce a rinsaldare la sua immagine di figura solida e credibile agli occhi del pubblico, i suoi collaboratori segreti fanno girare gli ingranaggi che porteranno Urquhart non solo alla candidatura, ma ad essere ritenuto l unico candidato eleggibile fra tanti.
    House of Cards By Michael Dobbs,
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    1. Michael Dobbs

      Michael Dobbs was born on the same day, in the same hour as Prince Charles in 1948.He is the son of nurseryman Eric and his wife Eileen Dobbs and was educated at Hertford Grammar School and Christ Church, Oxford University After graduating in 1971 he moved to the United States In the USA he attended the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, which he funded by a job as feature writer for the Boston Globe, where he worked as an editorial assistant and political feature writer from 1971 to 1975.He graduated in 1975 with an M.A M.A.L.D and PhD in nuclear defence studies His doctoral thesis was published as SALT on the Dragon s Tail In 2007 he returned to Tufts where he gave the Alumni Salutation.After gaining his PhD he returned to England and began working in London for the Conservative Party He was an advisor to the then leader of the Opposition, Margaret Thatcher, from 1977 to 1979 and from 1979 to 1981 he was a Conservative MP speechwriter He served as a Government Special Advisor from 1981 to 1986 and he survived the Brighton Bombing in 1984 at the Conservative Party Conference He was the Conservative Party Chief of Staff from 1986 to 1987.He was considered a masterful political operator and was called Westminster s baby faced hit man , by The Guardian in 1987 In the John Major government, he served as Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party from 1994 to 1995, after which he retired from politics.Outside of politics, he worked at Saatchi Saatchi as Deputy Advertising Chairman from 1983 to 1986 and was Director of Worldwide Corporate Communications at the company from 1987 to 1988 He became Deputy Chairman, working directly under Maurice Saatchi from 1988 to 1991 From 1991 to 1998 he was a columnist for The Mail on Sunday and also wrote column for the Daily Express From 1998 to 2001 he hosted the current affairs program Despatch Box on BBC television and has also been a radio presenter.Nowadays he is best known as the bestselling author of 17 novels up to 2010 , such as The Turning Point , about Winston Churchill and Guy Burgess, and A Family Affair , about the last days of Margaret Thatcher in Downing Street, and also a number of non fiction works His writing career began in 1989 with the publication of House of Cards , the first in what would become a trilogy of political thrillers with Francis Urquhart as the central character House of Cards was followed by To Play the King in 1992 and The Final Cut in 1994 Each of the three novels was adapted by the BBC into a miniseries and, with Ian Richardson playiing a starring role, the trilogy received a combined 14 BAFTA nominations and two BAFTA wins and was voted the 84th Best British Show in History.His 2004 novel Winston s War was shortlisted for the Channel 4 Political Book of the Year Award He was the winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award for best historical novel in 2008 and in 2001 was shortlisted for the C4 Political Novel of the Year He has also been a judge of the Whitbread Book of the Year Award and lectures at dozens of literary and fundraising events each year Anthony Howard of The Times said Dobbs is following in a respectable tradition Shakespeare, Walter Scott, even Tolstoy, all used historical events as the framework for their writings And, unlike some of their distinguished works, Dobbs s novel is, in fact, astonishingly historically accurate He is now a full time writer and divides his time between London and Wiltshire, where he says that he lives near a church and a pub He is married with four children.Gerry WolstenholmeOctober 2010He is sometimes confused with American author Michael Dobbs, who is a distant relative of his and also an author of historical books e.g Saboteurs The Nazi Raid on America.

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    1. This is a political thriller of the first rank Even after having seen House of Cards on TV the American version this book was still a fascinating read I could hear Kevin Spacey s brilliantly evil voice in many of the written lines The use of the press to twist and distort political events and perceptions is well portrayed and utterly frightening, especially as we see the Koch brothers and Fox News seeking to do the same thing in America now People are often ill informed and naive, in the book an [...]

    2. Por su propia naturaleza, la ambici n necesita v ctimas Este libro fue concebido con una premisa simple como deshacerse de un primer ministro Si bien esto puede realizarse de muchas maneras,y muchas veces ni siquiera que alguien alevosamente mueva los hilos, aqu esto es tejido en pro de satisfacer la ambici n y vengar el resentimiento de un miembro del partido, A.K.A nuestro protagonista, Frank Underwood Urquhart La pol tica requiere sacrificios El sacrificio de los dem s, por supuesto No import [...]

    3. It s a good read, but maybe not a great read If we were allowed half stars it d be three and a half More than three for the intriguing concept But.I think it may even be one of those rare occasions when the TV adaptation has something the book lacks I think it s down to Francis Urquhart himself Ian Richardson made him so believable and so intensely bad.I m undecided whether or not to do books two and three.

    4. I don t use Netflix so I ve yet to see the TV series have these producers never heard of releasing to DVD before but the book is incredible and very deep when it comes to the ruthless nature of politics and the cutthroat atmosphere in the background of it all With realistic characters and an engrossing plot, House of Cards is a book unlike any other.

    5. Todella viihdytt v poliittinen valtapeli, jossa ei keinoja kaihdeta p m rien saavuttamiseksi.Sanon nyt suoraan, ett jos ei ole lainkaan kiinnostunut politiikasta tai l hinn siit suljettujen ovien takaisesta, yleis lt salassa pidetyst touhusta niin t m kirja ei ole sinulle Mutta jos haluat p st sis n Britannian parlamenttiin ja p st lukemaan asiantuntemuksella kirjoitettua teksti niin kyll , lue t m.J nn miten aloitettuani t m n kirjan en yht n osannut n hd Kevin Spaceyt Francis Urquhartina tai F [...]

    6. 3.8 5 starsPolitics require sacrifice The sacrifice of others, of courseSoThis is gonna be an interesting review And probably as complex as that book and my feelings while reading it I wouldn t say political thrillers are my cup of tea I was never really interested in politics and how a country should be handled but 1 I was in mood for something corrupted and 2 my brother who by the way is into politics asked me to read it and tell him my opinion I still don t know how I feel about it anyways Di [...]

    7. This opening book of the trilogy lays the groundwork for what looks to be a sensational British political series, centred on one Member of Parliament and his addiction to power, no matter the cost The book opens after the latest general election, as cabinet posts are being mulled over, and certain people, sure to be getting something are left out in the dark Cue the beginning of the end for those holding the reins of power Any reader of this genre may see some of the Jeffrey Archer influences in [...]

    8. I ve long been a fan of the original BBC series based on this book and have always meant to read it, so with my son nagging me to hurry up and watch the new US series I thought it was time to finally get around to reading the book that started it all Very glad I did Well worth the read Also makes me appreciate the full extent of what Andrew Davies so cleverly did with the original series Love it Am now eagerly awaiting the next two books in the trilogy.

    9. bookreviewsbyme2.wordpressI will start right out by saying that while I have seen advertisements for the show House of Cards , I have never actually seen the show This is an honest review of the book, not a comparison between the book and the show Now that is out of the way, let s talk about the book.I found this book to be extremely dull and uneventful I definitely do not believe that this book should be classified as mystery thriller, like plain literary fiction.The plot is slow from the star [...]

    10. Basis for the BBC trilogy I didn t like it half as much You don t have the voice that the script, Ian Richardson, gave to the evil PM Lots of the better plot points were added in the script, too like the reporter the evil pol becoming lovers Not to mention the ending Still an interesting look at how a work can change from one medium to another I liked it enough to probably read the rest of the trilogy Although I ll note here, almost a year later, that I haven t bothered to track em down It remin [...]

    11. After sitting down and watching the adaptations of this novel on Netflix with Kevin Spacey in the lead role, I was hooked I decided to read the original novels, and I was fascinated at how the character of Francis Urquhart came about Set in the late 80 s, FU is the Chief Whip for the majority party, and after the Prime Minister manages to hang onto his job, FU is expecting a sweet plum of a Cabinet position to fall into his lap But he is passed over and FU vows a bloody revenge on the Prime Mini [...]

    12. Ho deciso di leggere questo libro dopo essermi appassionato alla serie televisiva e aver scoperto che in origine le vicende non si svolgevano in America e nel presente quanto in Inghilterra, e ormai un bel po di anni fa.Il cambio di location ovviamente imponeva un enorme quantit di modifiche il sistema elettorale, il ruolo aspirato, i finanziatori, le politiche tutto diverso.Ho scoperto cos la storia di Francis Urquhart, chief whip dei conservatori.Una storia per certi versi simile a quella di F [...]

    13. Empec a leer este libro, como seguro muchos otros, por la serie de Netflix Incre ble incre ble tambi n la interpretaci n de Kevin Spacey, e incre bles tambi n los IWC que con tanta elegancia porta el t o Y hasta aqu las menciones a la serie.Este libro no est basado en la pol tica estadounidense sino en la pol tica brit nica Michael Dobbs lo escribi , de hecho, cuando dej de ser jefe de gabinete de Margaret Thatcher cabe pensar c mo tratar a a sus compa eros la Dama de Hierro, para que el pobre t [...]

    14. This was a highly entertaining political thriller I loved following the journalist Mattie as she tries to understand what is going on I also enjoyed chief whip Francis Urquhart machinations to get to power Irreverent and fun Makes me wonder about real life politics

    15. One of the best political thrillers I have read The games, the characters and the intrigue all just perfectly weaved to make it a fast and gripping read Thoroughly enjoyed it

    16. knigolandiafo book review k , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ELA Books knigolandiafo book review k

    17. Me entretuvo bastante, aunque no tanto, como la serie.En efecto, fue la serie protagonizada por Kevin spacey no he tenido el chance de ver la brit nica la que me llev a leer la novela que la inspir Y s , el espirit de FU Frank Urquhart en la novela, Frank Underwood en la serie es el mismo, aunque la personalidad de Spacey, y la modernizaci n de la trama, hacen m s formidable al personaje de la pantalla.Para quienes no conocen la trama El Primer Ministro es reelegido El Whip de su partido un pues [...]

    18. I thought it was okay I don t think I was totally enad with it, but it was something nice to read and since I watched 4 seasons of the Netflix series, it was interesting to see parallels I can definitely see the basis for some of the Netflix characters All in all, not bad, it had the appropriate amount of backstabbing, runaround, and general politickiness new word one would expect from an election year.

    19. YOU might think this book is rather tedious and dull without much description or characterization it doesn t flow well or have much emotion behind it it might have been better had it stuck with FU s narrative voice from beginning to end the BBC series with Ian Richardson smirking and winking into the camera is far superiorBut I couldn t possibly comment

    20. Libro scorrevole, ma che pecca di eccessiva logicit nella sequenza degli avvenimenti, mancando di quei colpi di scena inaspettati e per che no improbabili che l avrebbero reso pi eccitante e sicuramente indimenticabile come dicono sia la serie tv view spoiler Bello il finale hide spoiler.

    21. N am s descriu cartea prin adjective siropoase de genul superb , minunat etc deoarece scrierea se ridic mult deasupra acestora, n primul r nd, iar n al doilea, acestor termeni nu le v d locul l ng o carte cu un nucleu central nemilos, crud, ocant lupta pentru putere Ini ial cartea pare o banal n iruire de evenimente obi nuite de pe scena politic , ns pe m sur ce ac iunea i urmeaz cursul, lucrurile se complic , situa ia devine presant i nt mpl ri tot mai terifiante se deruleaz n fa a cititorului [...]

    22. My l , e wielu serialomaniak w zna i uwielbia rewelacyjny serial House of Cards ze znakomitym Kevinem Spacey em Fenomen tego serialu pokaza , e polityka wcale nie musi by nudna a pojedynki s owne mi dzy przedstawicielami w adzy potrafi by r wnie interesuj ce i zajmuj ce jak komercyjne widowiska Hollywoodu Niewielu jednak pami ta, e serial ten to w rzeczywisto ci remake, nowa wersja brytyjskiej miniserii z lat 90 tych mimo wszystko ciut lepszej od swego nast pcy Jeszcze mniej os b wie, e w serial [...]

    23. V born politick thriller s trochu ablonovit mi postavami, ale perfektn z pletkou a hlavn dokonale vykreslen m prost ed m Jen nem u ct, e je radost ho st na to je moc re ln Jdu zkusit i p r d l seri lu, zat m jsem netknuta.

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