Billy's Booger

Billy's Booger By William Joyce Moonbot, Billy s Booger A young lad who would rather draw than do math spell or gargle finds the perfect outlet for his always on imagination in this manifesto to creative joie de vivre featuring a book within a book fro
  • Title: Billy's Booger
  • Author: William Joyce Moonbot
  • ISBN: 9781442473515
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Billy's Booger By William Joyce Moonbot, A young lad who would rather draw than do math, spell, or gargle finds the perfect outlet for his always on imagination in this manifesto to creative joie de vivre, featuring a book within a book, from the brilliant minds that brought you The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Less.Billy loves to draw He draws on books and on his homework and even on his math testsA young lad who would rather draw than do math, spell, or gargle finds the perfect outlet for his always on imagination in this manifesto to creative joie de vivre, featuring a book within a book, from the brilliant minds that brought you The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Less.Billy loves to draw He draws on books and on his homework and even on his math tests 8212 he might not get the answer right, but doesn 8217 t it look swell sitting in a boat at sea His teacher doesn 8217 t think so, and neither does the principal But the librarian has an idea that just might help Billy better direct his illustrative energies a book making contest Billy gets right to work, reading everything he can about meteors, mythology, space travel, and 8230 mucus Yep, his book is going to be about the world 8217 s smartest booger, who stays tucked away until needed 8212 say, to solve multiplication problems, or answer questions from the President Billy 8217 s sure his story is a winner But being a winner doesn 8217 t mean you always win.Full of nostalgic references to a time when TV was black and white and Sunday newspapers had things called the funnies, this wildly fun story within a story is based loosely on children 8217 s book legend William Joyce 8217 s third grade year, and includes a sewn in mini book of that tale of the world 8217 s smartest booger.
    Billy's Booger By William Joyce Moonbot,
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    1. William Joyce Moonbot

      William Joyce does a lot of stuff films, apps, Olympic curling but children s books are his true bailiwick The Numberlys, The Man in the Moon, Nicholas St North and the Battle of the Nightmare King, Toothiana, and the 1 New York Times bestselling The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Less, which is also an Academy Award winning short film, to name a few He lives with his family in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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    1. The fictionalized picture book memoir is a fairly new creation, when you get right down to it It s not as if Sendak was telling tales about a little boy in Brooklyn or Margaret Wise Brown was penning nostalgic stories of a girl in a Swiss boarding school But somewhere during the latter part of the 20th century, the form sort of took off Tomie dePaola typified it with books likeOliver Button Is a Sissy Michael Rosen took an adult perspective inThe Sad Book And Patricia Polacco has practically mad [...]

    2. I know this book deserves a better rating than I gave it, but I just really can t get past the idea of the word booger being in the title There are certain gross things that make some people laugh and other people cringe I m in the latter category with this one That doesn t mean I don t recognize that this is a great piece of writing and has wonderful artwork I just wish it weren t about a booger

    3. This memoir in picture book format celebrates the creativity of a child destined to become an author William has trouble at school He wishes math were as much fun as the comics in the newspaper He wants to play invented sports in gym instead of the normal ones Notes are sent home from school Then along comes a creative writing contest and William is very excited He works and works on his entry It s title is Billy s Booger and it s all about a booger in his nose that gets super powers But when th [...]

    4. Any book with a title that includes the word booger is an immediate win for my fifth grade boys In the style of Amelia with her notebooks and creative doodles, young Billy Joyce does his best to make school as interesting as possible the chagrin of his teachers and principal His creativity becomes his greatest asset when the school librarian announces a book writing contest, and in a brilliant show of design in publishing, Billy s short story is included right inside this book Billy writes about [...]

    5. Children s BookI teach 4th grade I have had students just like the one mentioned in this book I have grown to love these little quirky kids the ones who are creative in their own way As a teacher I have to be concerned with how much they are learning and improving, but I have come to realize how each individual has gifts and I try to find ways in which they can shine I loved this book especially the illustrations It would be an excellent picture book to read to the class before attempting to wri [...]

    6. In the library, we try to discourage nose picking It s a huge temptation.cially when your loving librarian is reading the perfect book to you Your fingers just gravitate toward your nose The librarian may try to subtly discourage you or she might have to flat out say, There is no nose picking in the library With all this emphasis on nose picking, this librarian was sure that Billy s Booger would be a top PICK for her March Madness boards And it was One of the great things about Billy s Booger is [...]

    7. I love William Joyce His books are always so interesting and his illustrations are gorgeous BUT, BILLY S BOOGER is amazing I love that it is built around the actual children s book he wrote as a child which is included in this book between the pages of the story This is a great book to share with those students who dream of being authors and illustrators Just because your work doesn t win an award, doesn t mean that people don t love it We know that as adults, too Some of the books we love don t [...]

    8. Amazing that a book about a booger can bring me to tears and connect in such an emotional way I love that Billy s Booger celebrates the scrutiny that different kids go through and also the amount of work that it takes to make it in school and life Every writer needs to read this book, which includes elementary students to beginning aspiring authors and seasoned ones, too The theme of never giving up rings through this story with a resounding, Go for it

    9. Beautiful illustrations, with a retro historical style It is a memoir which is notable Creative inclusion of the book that young Billy wrote for a school comp These pages are textured and smaller than the rest of the book This makes for a very engaging read.Lesson marks at school aren t everything Creativity is important and respect from your peers counts.

    10. I am not normally a fan of booger jokes But I trust William Joyce This is a book by the adult Joyce about how he came to write his first book when he was ten or so, a book called Billy s Booger, which is included.Very cool.Library copy

    11. Loved the inclusion of the hand drawn comic from the author s childhood A funny and unique memoir including a genuine childhood artifact, and I loved the message sometimes work created and acclaimed within traditional boundaries is not the most interesting or useful to an audience.

    12. It s not too often you can say there s a mentor text to use when teaching writing that centers around a booger I bet you ll get the kids attention Laugh out loud funny.

    13. William Joyce reaches back into his past to resurrect his budding talents for writing and illustration As the principal s most challenging student, Billy isn t doing well at math but he certainly is creative, both at school and at home A delightful photo on the jacket proves the young Joyce was as creative in real life When there is a contest to write a book, Billy throws everything he has into creating Super Booger, certain he will win the contest I have loved Joyce s books since Santa Calls wh [...]

    14. Jasper 3yo is a little young for this book He didn t have the patience to sit through it all while I read it and I think some of the concepts are a bit beyond his reach right now That said, I really enjoyed reading it It was so fun to see this odd ball little boy attempt his first written story And while he didn t win the contest, he did win the hearts of his fellow students with his weird story And as writer, in the end that s all that matters.I have always enjoyed Bill Joyce s illustrations an [...]

    15. This was so funny, and my kids were very entertained It s a story within a story The main story is about Billy, his eccentricities, and his troubles with teachers with pictures reminiscent of the good ole days The secondary story is a book actually a book within a book, different page size and handwritten that Billy wrote about a booger with super powers That book alone has some pretty awesome humor It s such an unusual and clever idea I loved it.

    16. In Billy s Booger, William Joyce has created a weird but charming book for that squirrely but creative kid who just can t seem to perform to everyone else s expectations Billy fulfills a writing assignment that doesn t win any awards and doesn t get him sent to the principals office, again, but it does win the admiration of his friends For ages 7 10.

    17. Children s book, ages 5 8 This was just plain fun Billy is a kid with an overactive imagination The story is full of his misadventures and plans plus the cartoon story featuring his booger character Billy is a role model for all of us who have outsize or outr ideas Read this to your child and enjoy it together.

    18. My students LOVED this book Such a funny story They also liked seeing how Billy could be successful, even if he was a challenging student I think my favorite part is the book within a book , where we get to see Billy s original short story.

    19. Funny, charming, inventive, creatived William Joyce writes a autobiographical story of his very first story he wrote in grade school Loved it And the illustrations are worth a look all by themselves

    20. Anyone working with kids, has kids or deals with boogers will laugh out loud at this book The author gives us a glimpse of his younger self as he gets his first book shelved at his school library He even includes a copy of the book inside this book It is a quick, hilarious read.

    21. The author of my all time favorite book This was a clever story about a creative and imaginative boy Hilarious book within a book.

    22. I did not enjoy this book I want to like Billy but the character is very undeveloped and I didn t care what happened to him.

    23. A real life look at the very first story William Joyce ever wrote and the process he went through I thought I would HATE this book based on the title but I loved it

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