The Haiku Anthology

The Haiku Anthology By Cor van den Heuvel, The Haiku Anthology Originally a Japanese form that flourished in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries haiku has recently experienced tremendous growth in popularity in the English language The Haiku Anthology firs
  • Title: The Haiku Anthology
  • Author: Cor van den Heuvel
  • ISBN: 9780393047431
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Haiku Anthology By Cor van den Heuvel, Originally a Japanese form that flourished in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, haiku has recently experienced tremendous growth in popularity in the English language The Haiku Anthology, first published in 1974, is a landmark work in modern haiku, honoring a genre of poetry that celebrates simplicity, emotion, and imagery in which only a few words convey worldOriginally a Japanese form that flourished in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, haiku has recently experienced tremendous growth in popularity in the English language The Haiku Anthology, first published in 1974, is a landmark work in modern haiku, honoring a genre of poetry that celebrates simplicity, emotion, and imagery in which only a few words convey worlds of mystery and meaning This third edition, now completely revised and updated, comprises 850 haiku and senryu a related genre, usually humorous and concerned with human nature written in English by 89 poets, including the top haiku writers of the American past and present A new foreword details developments since the publication of the last edition.
    The Haiku Anthology By Cor van den Heuvel,
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    About "Cor van den Heuvel"

    1. Cor van den Heuvel

      I discoverd haiku in 1958 in San Francisco and have concentrated my writing on that kind of poetry and its related genres senryu, haibun, haiga, etc ever since I grew up in Maine and New Hampshire Between my freshman and sopho years at the University of New Hampshire, I served three years in the U.S Air Force At that time I was interested in the poetry of John Keats and the science fiction of Ray Bradbury among other general literary interests I knew I wanted to be a writer, but I wasn t sure what kind Between my junior and senior years at UNH I took off a year to live in New York City, where I worked as a copyboy for the Woman s Home Companion While in New York I saw the original English performance of Beckett s Waiting for Godot and began reading his works I became a fan of Salinger s writing in the New Yorker After graduating from UNH with a BA in English Literature in 1957, I went to work as a cub reporter at the Concord Monitor in Concord, NH It was in the fall of 57 while working at the Monitor that I happened to pick up at a local newstand the second issue of the Evergreen Review which was devoted to the San Francisco poetry renaissance It had selections of work by Jack Kerouac, Robert Duncan, Jack Spicer, Allen Ginsberg, and others It was a whole new way of writing that impressed me so much that I decided to quit my job and go to San Francisco to experience it first hand I arrived in the city by the Bay in the spring of 1958 and found a room in a small hotel, The Sunny Hotel, on Bush Street just up from the corner of the street that runs through Chinatown all the way to North Beach where the poets hung out There I met, in a bar called The Place, a poet who was part of the Robert Duncan Jack Spicer group of writers who met periodically to read and discuss their work He, George Stanley, happened to be hosting these meeting at the time and he invited me to attend them At one of these meetings I met Gary Snyder who mentioned a kind of poetry called haiku and that began my long love affair with the genre to be continued

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    1. I was surprised when I read through half this anthology in one sitting I had intended to savor it slowly over the summer, but I couldn t help reading one , and then one poem I ve loved writing haiku s since I was introduced to them in a high school creative writing class Since, for me, writing poetry has always been a secretive and cathartic form of self expression, I was never bothered by the fact that I hadn t read any haiku s beyond those first few This summer, I decided to remedy that, and [...]

    2. For any compendium of Haiku to make it to wide publication seems amazing from my reading, Haiku was is generally supported almost exclusively by small press in the west but The Haiku Anthology made it to a 3rd edition and until Haiku In English The first Hundred Years, was probably the latest and largest collection of quality English Language Haiku and Senryu in print.It catalogues works from the beginning of the genre in the west to the late 1990 s and reading it does give you some idea of the [...]

    3. I believe that the pictured edition is the second edition I have the third addition, which is hardback.The book just came to me this weekend while I was on a haiku retreat in Seabeck, WA and it s awesome In all seriousness, this book may be the only case in which I read the introduction before I actually started reading the rest of it And I actually enjoyed it Cor van den Heuvel is easily one of the most brilliant poets of the age, and his Foreward to the Third Edition is helpful for understandi [...]

    4. This is a beautiful and, judging by its size, very thorough, collection of original english haiku The number of poems is daunting so even though they re tiny I think it s best to read and absorb the haiku in small increments.

    5. This classic collection of American haiku has gone through three editions with a preface, forward, and introduction included for the three you don t even get to the first haiku until you have traversed 68 pages of front matter and numerous reprintings All the introductory stuff is useful and informative but the value comes with the poems themselves from a range of contemporary mid to late twentieth century poets, the most famous being Jack Kerouac and everyone else, including the book s editor, [...]

    6. This is a nice all around haiku and senryu collection If you want to dig deep into an emotional core haiku is not the place to do it Haiku is centered on bringing a particular feeling, sensation, or observation into sharp relief for a flash of a moment It s the ah ha moment of poetry, but it does not linger, nor is this collection particularly designed to encourage lingering as it is organized by poet rather than subject as you might find in some collections You read a poem, feel something or d [...]

    7. Caveat I didn t finish this anthology However, despite my unstated personal standard of only reviewing books that I ve finished, I ve decided to make an exception for Van Den Heuvel s haiku collection.Many of the western haiku in this collection are written in keeping with the spirit of the Japanese poetry that inspired them than in the form taught traditionally in the West In my previous reading of the art form, I learned that the Japanese haiku are written using seventeen word sounds which We [...]

    8. Anthologies of English haiku are rare and good ones even rarer This is the best I ve found I didn t like all the selections but I don t expect that from an anthology whose purpose is to introduce a wide variety of haiku related content to demonstrate the range of the form There are one to four poems per page, leaving a lot of zen emptiness for reflection, yet in spite of all the blank space I found the book taking much longer to read than a thick volume of prose With over 800 poems I will freque [...]

    9. These are great succinct glimpses of life in just 3 lines such as After being chosen last, he raced to outer field and When the neighbor children left, the cat slipped out of the hall closet You know that the boy was still excited to play ball and how the cat didn t like the neighbor children With so many authors, the subject matters vary but the intensity remains.

    10. Just finished my 5th trip through this book and it just gets better and better the I read it A great collection of poets and haiku that everyone who is engaged in this genre needs to have in their possession.

    11. There are multiple editions of this book The one on my bookshelf was published 1986 If you want to read the best of American haiku this is the book to start with and it does not matter which edition.

    12. This was really beautiful poetry, and maybe I only think so because I rarely read poetry, but I love it anyways Haiku poems are just so pretty and visual, even without a lot of fancy drawings, that this book left me thinking of it for awhile after I read it This is something I d like to own.

    13. I have a deep appreciation for all 3 editions of this anthology of haiku in English I found the first edition, published in 1974, in a used book store 1989 This little book started me on my haiku journey.

    14. Half brilliant, half pretentious garbage Everything I love and hate about haiku in a single book Some resonate profoundly, some do nothing for me at all Still, this is probably the fourth or fifth time I have checked this book out of the library read it.

    15. Mindfulness and awareness play an important role in poetry The ability to observe, to notice, to see The ability to zoom in and zoom out Haiku is a distillation of that mode, mindfulness in poetic form, the noticing of the particular There s a keen link with photography in this regard as well, or a snippet from a lingering style of film.Haiku exhibit a crafted simplicity of speech an artfully composed snapshot They seek to surprise with connections made in the commonplace Due to brevity, they ar [...]

    16. I picked this book up expecting it to be just another book to read but as I began to read the haikus this book slowly began to be one of my favorite book I ve read this year I think the reason I enjoy this book so much is because it remind me of this one book I read a few years back called Where the sidewalk ends by Shel Silverstein As soon as I started to read this book I immediately felt as if this were the adult version of that book, one that makes you think even and gets rid of all the pict [...]

    17. An excellent examination of North American haiku and senryo in English The art form has moved away from the boundry and limits of the traditional 5 7 5 Japanese poetry No doubt some purists will be upset.

    18. A reread gift from my cousin, Rolland I needed something brilliant since I ve been stuck in a string of 3 star books Here s a share from a random page, picking a random haiku after tireson the wet country roadpine dripping silence

    19. The Date I finished is, in fact, the date that this book was added to the BML and the date on which it was logged at.From the review at Originally a Japanese form that flourished in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, haiku has recently experienced tremendous growth in popularity in the English language The Haiku Anthology, first published in 1974, is a landmark work in modern haiku, honoring a genre of poetry that celebrates simplicity, emotion, and imagery in which only a few words conve [...]

    20. Here is a good collection of English language haiku and senryu brought together by Cor van den Heuvel The introduction provides some attitude in the discussion of what haiku is and is not That aside, the collection is valuable and has some gems buried within it However, there were many that seemed to be almost formulaic and perhaps could have been left out However, it is an anthology There is also an interesting bibliography and biographical notes section for anyone interested in looking deeper [...]

    21. What a delicious, fantastic anthology I wish every teacher in the U.S had a copy of this in their classrooms and would start each day with a haiku The haiku is an incredibly approachable art form, and a great way for even reluctant readers and writers to make some literary magic This anthology is filled with memorable and touching haiku, but, for me, an exceptional contribution comes from Nicholas Virgilio, who pays tribute through a series of haiku to his brother, who died as a soldier in Viet [...]

    22. Excellent collection of modern haiku In addition, an enlightening forward tracks the general history and format of haiku as it has evolved across languages and time Cor van de Heuval takes great care in selecting haiku from myriad writers in order showcase the wide range of the form, while also exploring an offshoot of haiku known as senryu Fans of sparse, yet poignant poetry ought to have this little gem on their bookshelves.

    23. We ve studied Haikus in Global Literature class before, so when I read this, I was able to understand the haikus, and somewhat enjoy them It was interesting to read all the poems, because they showed different people s perspectives on life really well The best haiku writers were chosen to get their haikus put in this book obviously, and it was really evident I liked reading this book.

    24. I discovered through this book that I am not a haiku fan Thought I would enjoy it, but the poems are much too short It s like getting a text when you were expecting a short story or novella I m sure that these poets are talented, but just as I would get into the words, the poem was done.

    25. Nice introductory section with brief backgrounds on some of the notable English language haiku poets included in the anthology Rest of book is alphabetical by author s last name collection of poems, nicely laid out with appropriate blank space around poems so not squished together.

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