Рапунцел (Детство мое - вълшебни приказки в картинки, #113)

Рапунцел (Детство мое - вълшебни приказки в картинки, #113) By Jacob Grimm Веска Маринова,
  • Title: Рапунцел (Детство мое - вълшебни приказки в картинки, #113)
  • Author: Jacob Grimm Веска Маринова
  • ISBN: 9789543403462
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • Рапунцел (Детство мое - вълшебни приказки в картинки, #113) By Jacob Grimm Веска Маринова, , ,
    Рапунцел (Детство мое - вълшебни приказки в картинки, #113) By Jacob Grimm Веска Маринова,
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      236 Jacob Grimm Веска Маринова
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    1. Jacob Grimm Веска Маринова

      Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm, German philologist, jurist and mythologist, was born at Hanau, in Hesse Kassel or Hesse Cassel He is best known as the discoverer of Grimm s Law, the author of the monumental German Dictionary, his Deutsche Mythologie and popularly, with his brother Wilhelm, as one of the Brothers Grimm, as the editor of Grimm s Fairy Tales From.

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    1. This was a pretty shocking version Poor Rapunzel The ending was a little bitwellfairytale But all in all an entertaining and interesting story

    2. Who doesn t know the stunning story of Rapunzel, the girl with the long hair, kept captured by a witch in a tall, tall tower A childhood classic for many people of my generation, older generations, and even generations to come However, in the countless retellings of this classic story, so many beautiful details are missed out Visiting the original story text was a short but stunning adventure for me I got to receive nostalgia, whilst also discovering a brand new story A tale as old as time, and [...]

    3. VerdezuelaQu infeliz historia Un matrimonio ansioso por tener hijos, una mujer que concibe, un esposo que entrega a su hija para no ver muerta a su mujer.Una ni a que crece encerrada en una torre Un pr ncipe que se enamora de su voz Un par de d as de remolones en la cama Un destino desafortunado para ambos Pff Igual me caus gracia cuando ella lo elige a l porque es mejor que quedarse con la vieja xD y el final me dej O WTF.

    4. As terrible as it sounds, what I loved most about reading this was seeing the parallel s between The Grimm s original tale, and the novelisation version of Rapunzel Cress by Marissa Meyer There were so many similarities between the two that I never knew about only previously seeing the Disney movie Tanged so reading this was really enjoyable for that element

    5. 2 stars Disney did a far better job of making the story memorable It definitely has a gruesome side to it.

    6. INLOVEATHON 2018 2 CHALLENGES Read a book with a prince princess Read an original fairytale and watch the Disney movie or a film adaptation I was surprised with how much of the original was used in the Disney remake And now I know why she was called Rapunzel

    7. Es un libro bastante diferente y bastante crudo a la mentira que nos cuenta Disney Una princesa encerrada en un castillo y un pr ncipe azul que no se comport como uno, pero que la amaba.En fin, es otro de los cuentos que nos muestra que no es una historia infantil, sino que es para un p blico m s adulto.

    8. 2 5 Mehis was just OK I think I struggle with these because they are so short, so we don t get much in the way of story development.

    9. Le este peque o cuento por estar leyendo conjuntamente con Mel de Words Feather Blog Cress de Marissa Meyer.Me encant conocer la historia original y me encanta a su vez que mi lectura actual est basada justamente en lo real escrito por los Hermanos Grimm.Creepy, un pelito inocente y enredado Muy bueno.

    10. The original Grimm Brothers tale is very, very sad although it does end happily ever after The evil woman chops off Rapunzel s hair, who s pregnant with twins The prince is blind, but regains sight when he somehow finds Rapunzel and kids living in poverty in the woods Her tears nourish his vision An absolutely beautiful, well written tale FYI she s named Rapunzel after the rampion plant, which may have been used in medieval times for mouth throat afflictions.

    11. ok so very different to what I expected The story of Rapunzel starts similar to other versions I ve seen or read, but the ending was completly unexpected wow

    12. Rapunzel is a princess locked in a tower in the middle of an enchanted forest by the evil queen She has long hair and precious as gold The only way to get into the tower is to climb up Rapunzel s hair One day the prince rides through the forest and hears Rapunzel singing He climbs up her hair and asks her to marry him They plan to escape by Rapunzel making a ladder out of her hair and a piece of silk The queen finds out and cuts off Rapunzel s hair Rapunzel is cast out into the wilderness to fen [...]

    13. I would recommend Rapunzel to people who love reading fairy tales, or to older kids because of what is written even though this is a classic short story The story is written well however, the dialogue is written to sound like the story takes place during the medieval times That, however, does not mess with the rest of the story The rest of the story has enough action and romance that would make it enjoyable for any age The characters are also written well, and are relatable to the reader I think [...]

    14. Wait, let me get this straight.a man promises his future child Rapunzel to an evil witch all so he can get some salad greens out of her garden for his wife And then when she falls in love the witch caste her away to the desert and blinds the prince who still just happens to find her and when he does there are magically two children mention of who the father is, is it the prince Someone else If someone else, where is he So many unanswered questionsd honestly, it didn t make me care enough for the [...]

    15. This story is one of my favorites I ve always loved the story of Rapunzel, as well as the dark origins of beloved classics Tangled is my favorite movie, and obviously this story is a bit different, but I love it nonetheless There actually is a happy ending, even though leading up to it the story is pretty morbid.

    16. I d heard the Grimm versions were much much darker, they weren t lying The enchantress threatens the Prince after banishing Rapunzel to the desert after which he jumps from the tower and falls on some thorns which basically pierce his eyes out Eeep.

    17. The basis for the movie Tangled It s fun to see how many of the details Disney kept or slightly altered As for the story itself, it s a bit too short and feels rushed, but is still a very enjoyable read.

    18. This book is a fairytale that has been around for a long time This book is also made into a movie The book is very interesting and children would be very entertained.

    19. A poor couple longed for a child of their own The mother was in the village and came across the witch s garden She began to grow hungry but couldn t find a way inside She told her husband that if she didn t get some, she d die, so in the night, he climbed over the wall and took some of the witch s vegetables When he brought it home, his wife was very happy She ate it, became healthy, but in the matter of a few days she became weak again The husband had no choice but to go back to the garden to g [...]

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