BrainWeb By Douglas E. Richards, BrainWeb When the Academy Awards become the target of a brutal terror attack only one man can stave off massive bloodshed MIND S EYE the novel that introduced Nick Hall was a runaway Kindle bestseller Now H
  • Title: BrainWeb
  • Author: Douglas E. Richards
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  • Page: 152
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • BrainWeb By Douglas E. Richards, When the Academy Awards become the target of a brutal terror attack, only one man can stave off massive bloodshed.MIND S EYE, the novel that introduced Nick Hall, was a runaway Kindle bestseller Now Hall returns in a riveting stand alone thriller, set in an Internet future that is just around the corner From the New York Times bestselling author of WIRED Nick Hall, an uWhen the Academy Awards become the target of a brutal terror attack, only one man can stave off massive bloodshed.MIND S EYE, the novel that introduced Nick Hall, was a runaway Kindle bestseller Now Hall returns in a riveting stand alone thriller, set in an Internet future that is just around the corner From the New York Times bestselling author of WIRED Nick Hall, an unwilling recipient of brain implants, can surf the Web with his thoughts and read minds And while this makes him one of the most formidable men on earth, he is determined to stay off the grid.But when terrorists seize control of the Academy Awards and vow to butcher the world s most beloved stars, one by one, in front of an international television audience, Hall is forced to reveal his astonishing capabilities.Now, power players around the world will stop at nothing to capture him And as the secretive group working with Hall begins to unravel, he is sure of only two things he has been betrayed by someone close to him And the stakes he is playing for could not be any higher .Based on actual research on thought controlled Web surfing, BrainWeb is a smart thriller that raises a number of intriguing possibilities about a future that is rapidly approaching Richards is a worthy successor to Michael Crichton SF Book Richards is a tremendous new talent Stephen Coonts who can keep you turning the pages all night long Douglas Preston
    BrainWeb By Douglas E. Richards,
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      152 Douglas E. Richards
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    1. Douglas E. Richards

      Douglas E Richards was born on May 7th, 1962 He grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio with his parents and his sister, Pam He went to Finneytown High School, and then graduated with a degree in microbiology from Ohio State University, a master s degree in molecular biology from the University of Wisconsin, and a master s degree in business administration from the University of Chicago Douglas now lives in San Diego, California with his wife, Kelly, his two children, and his two dogs.

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    1. You know how a particular kind of novel, say, anything by Jane Austen, is casually referred to as chick lit Let s call the fiction written by Douglas Richards dick lit This is a spy tingling if not spine shattering sci fi spy thriller, right down to the Mexican cartels, the special Black Ops units, brain implants allowing thought to surf the internet with no need for small electronics, a spectacular, and spectacularly brilliant, guy who can read minds within a radius of six miles and romance, fa [...]

    2. Like the first one, this is a good, entertaining read It s not a great read, however The prose continues to be utilitarian and uninspiring Also, this book comes across as much preachy than the others The author spends too much time telling the reader what the pros and cons of the BrainWeb technology is when he should be focused on showing the reader through the story There s even an entire chapter devoted to a made up artifice of an interview, the entire point of which is to take the reader on [...]

    3. I read 55 pages of this book If someone bought this book for you they hate you If it is between reading this book or rotting your brain watching a reality tv show, your brain is better off with TV If I ever meet the author I will kick him in the knee If you want an example of absolute garbage this is it This is probably only the 4th book in 10 years I have not finished, yes it is that bad 7 stars.

    4. Thrill ride for the mind I ve been reading books by Douglas E Richards since I was lucky enough to stumble upon Wired sometime last year in my search for an author that came close to an all time favourite of mine, Michael Crichton.After many an hour becoming engrossed in his absolutely endearing characters, their struggles, shortcomings and triumphs throughout the action packed fictional worlds that sometimes seem all too real, I was elated to see that Nick Hall and his cohorts were back for the [...]

    5. Hoping this never happens Totally believable but hopefully will never happen However, everyday we get closer to this reality Modern day characters bring home the devastation that could be wrought with brainwave.

    6. A great continuation of the seriesAs I ve written in numerous other reviews, Douglas E Richards is a master of his craft In my opinion, he writes technothrillers better than anyone else writing today BrainWeb was no different.Picking up where Mind s Eye left off, we are once again in the midst of someone who can surf the web from his head and read other people s minds if they get too close While this may sound insane, the way that Richards writes the story had me tripping over every word to get [...]

    7. Hi This isn t a review, just a way to let those following my reviews know that my new novel, BrainWeb is now available on If you do end up reading BrainWeb, I hope that you will enjoy it

    8. Thrilling read, really kept me on my toes throughout with the usual twists Action packed novel including terrorist plots, espionage, back stabbing and much to keep you interested.

    9. This is the 6th book I ve read by this author and as with all the others it kept me enthralled and reading The scenarios portrayed could be all too real and somewhat frightening He is a master at writing science fiction thrillers I kid you not With all that is going on with terrorists these days and all the crooked politicians surrounding us from both parties this is one of those book scenarios that could possibly happen If this series isn t made into a movie I will be very surprised This can be [...]

    10. Incredible powerful action packed I read this pretty much straight through with just a few hours for sleeping last night I have read several of Douglas s thrillers and enjoyed and liked everyone They grab you from the first couple pages and throw you around like a basketball You re not exactly sure what s going on and you try to focus on what you think is happening But be ready to be wrong and be ready to be transported into a world of intrigue and crazy suspense Douglas E Richards deals with in [...]

    11. Ok, so after a bit of debating with myself I ve decided to go with two stars vice four stars for this review for various reasons The Idea behind Brain Web is phenomenal 4 star worthy and I think had the author changed how he d written the book, he would have garnered greater reviews The characters lacked depth and when they dialogued, it felt as though they were all reading a part of the same passage None of the characters feltREAL The part that pained me the most were the overly poetic prose te [...]

    12. This is one of the top three or should I say bottom three worst books I ve ever read Let me count the ways Super predictable Some of the most flat, boring, one dimensional characters of all time Flat, boring characters doing things that would never happen in real life High ranking military commanders taking civilian girlfriends of kidnap victims on rescue missions with no chain of command Sure, buddy Which leads to a complete lack of suspension of disbelief preachy some of the most flat, boring [...]

    13. The Most Suspenseful Opening Act I Have Ever Read Amazing job by the author I was literally terrified by the description of the terrorist attack on the Oscars I was on the edge of my seat and couldn t put the book down This author goes places in his brain that we dare not voice out loud Riveting Give him a movie deal I want to see Nick Hall on the big screen played by an acting no name.

    14. I like the comtenplation on technology this series is based on It is beliavable, imaginable, with threatening societal, political and psychological implications of its application However, I am not very happy with the plot that for me its overtwisted and unbeliavable and characters are somehow shallow Finished quite early, but won t follow other books in the series or of the author.

    15. Incredibly excitinga real rollercoaster Also very educational as its written by by a scientist who does extensive research Not particularly good at creating believable characters, but that is a small complaint compared to the exciting and educational aspects of the book I plan to read of his techno thrillers learn about the world I am living in.

    16. Interesting reedAfter reading book 1, I could not wait to start on mind war This story has has so many twist and turns Nick Ha Is a be evable yet reluctant character I hg hly recommended this book Starting on book 3 tonight Thank you Mr Richards for such excellent books.

    17. Brain webThe Nick Hall series is one of the most fascinating story I have read and is unfortunately too close to truth to be comfortable Intriguing plots by both the good and bad characters make it puzzling as to how each venture may turn out With the right cast of characters it would best the Bourne series as movies of note.

    18. great readVery enjoyable The story and writing pull you right along A real page turner The characters are nicely developed from the first book in the series I look forward to the next adventure.

    19. Thoroughly enjoyed I enjoyed both books in thus series, as well as others by the author loved split second Fun read that also makes you think Excited to read in the nick hall series.

    20. The BrainI really enjoyed the book Maybe to much background on the bad guys We all like to think our thoughts are different than everyone else s, but maybe not Let s all think about it.

    21. The books are entertaining the author is easy to read without too much describing which drives me crazy I like this kind of fiction because it gets me away from the crazy real world Being in my 80 s I hope fiction does not become a reality in my life time.

    22. TremendousAnother great work of art by this author A great deal of twists and turns and some great plots that utilise Nick Hall s talents A magnificent ending that was a true strategist s move I look forward to the next in series.

    23. Hooked AgainI truly enjoyed reading this second installment There were a few slow parts but not enough to put it down I love the science involved in these pieces and appreciate the work in which the author puts forth to keep it accurate The story is worth the read

    24. Fun readMakes you think of the possibilities of modern technology and the consequences The relationships are fun but a bit cliche

    25. Great look at the futureWonderful story with rich details Really makes you not only love or hate characters, but explains who they are from their own perspective.

    26. FascinatingOne of a kind thriller Once I started reading, I couldn t stop Would definitely recommend to all realistic science fiction enthusiasts.

    27. Things to think aboutJust how far away are the science fiction items enumerated in this novel Probably too close to believe You decide

    28. Great premise Fascinating and fast paced story Hyper intelligent characters Happily Ever After ending Loved it

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