Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews

Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews By Gisela Hausmann, Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews top reviewer Gisela Hausmann reveals best strategies for seeking book reviews CONTENT All books need reviews A proven fact Authors have all advantages on their side That s me How to build up reviews s
  • Title: Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews
  • Author: Gisela Hausmann
  • ISBN: 9780986403439
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Paperback
  • Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews By Gisela Hausmann, top reviewer Gisela Hausmann reveals best strategies for seeking book reviews CONTENT All books need reviews A proven fact Authors have all advantages on their side That s me How to build up reviews strategically Getting reviews from friends, colleagues, and friends of friends What if you don t have too many friends who enjoy reading 5 star reviews that don t top reviewer Gisela Hausmann reveals best strategies for seeking book reviews CONTENT All books need reviews A proven fact Authors have all advantages on their side That s me How to build up reviews strategically Getting reviews from friends, colleagues, and friends of friends What if you don t have too many friends who enjoy reading 5 star reviews that don t help 1 star reviews that help selling books What you need to know about fake reviews Getting reviews from people who attend book signings Getting reviews from local newspaper editors Getting reviews from known book bloggers Why you need to save blogs forever Buying reviews from paid review services Getting reviews from top reviewers Always remember asking for reviews is about your book The best strategy is to stick to your genre and show off How to react to negative book reviews Do not give away information nobody needs to know Authors worst mistake Authors second worst mistake Author s third worst mistake What if your book already has a few not helpful reviews Finding a mentor 7 Thoughts to keep you going
    Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews By Gisela Hausmann,
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    1. Gisela Hausmann

      Gisela Hausmann is a 29 yr self publishing industry veteran, an email evangelist and a top reviewer Her work has been featured in regional, national, and international publications including Success magazine print and Entrepreneur, on Bloomberg, The Innovation Show a show for Square Pegs in Round Holes, The Brutal Truth about Sales Selling podcast, and Austria s Der Standard and Das Wirtschaftsblatt Gisela is a graduate of the University of Vienna, Austria A unique mixture of wild risk taker and careful planner, she globe trotted almost 100,000 kilometers on three continents, including to the locations of her favorite books Doctor Zhivago s Russia, Heinrich Harrer s Tibet, and Genghis Khan s Mongolia Her motto Don t wait The time will never be just right Napoleon Hill For information about the author please visit her website at GiselaHausmann

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    1. I recently met Gisela Hausmann in an author group, where she was sharing tips on how to get reviews for books Of course, once everyone realized that she is a top reviewer, the thread exploded into a huge conversation about all aspects of reviews everything from how to write a good review to how to authentically and properly approach top reviewers and bloggers about a book It was obvious she knew what she was talking about, so I hopped over to and purchased her book on the spot to learn .Not onl [...]

    2. As an author and a reviewer I found this book to be very helpful As we know in the Indie world, reviewers are a must Gisela was able to answer a lot of questions that most of us have, on top of giving sound advice that will work and help for us to get the reviewers we need Very good book and I recommend it highly to all authors.

    3. This book gave me some very good pointers, not only about where to garner reviews but also on what constitutes a good or bad review I would have liked if it had been a tad longer, but even in its short form it makes a number of excellent points It gives examples of how not to word review requests and elaborates how to do it better Some of the things mentioned had never occurred to me before, so it was very helpful.

    4. My approach to getting reviews is quite simple I discuss my books on my blog, and run a few giveaways in the hope that people will read and review my work Through networking, I m in the happy position to have gathered over 300 reviews of my books So, I thought I knew what I was doing.I recently posted an article on my blog on this very issue Upon reading it, Gisella Hausmann kindly offered me a free copy in exchange for an honest review I thought I d learned the tricks of the trade, but she mana [...]

    5. Every time I read a book that explicitly or implicitly suggests a how to quick fix, I am in a state of mild excitement I begin to expect suggestions that will help me work miracles It seems to be a habit I can t cure myself of.Gisela s Hausmann s Naked Truths about Getting Book Reviews did not quite give me tips on working miracles, but did impart a lot of common sense on how to adopt a sensible strategy to get reviews for your book and on how to deal with them good or bad when you do get them.W [...]

    6. Flummoxed by the whole getting reviews process, I purchased Gisela Hausmann s book hoping to learn the Naked Truths Wow I read her book as a page turner, in one sitting I couldn t put it down I had known reviews were important But as someone who recently transitioned from academic writing and non fiction psychology to fiction, I had no idea how important reviews were for getting my fiction books out to the right readers, or the importance of getting the right reviews Not only does she go through [...]

    7. One of my writing friends blogged about this book, inspiring me to obtain a copy I m glad I did This is a straightforward manual designed to explain all that writers, and reviewers, need to know about reviews.The author is one of the top reviewers, so she understands the needs and concerns of such people She explains why reviews are important, how to determine which reviews will do most good, and most harm, to your precious book, and how to go about engaging the attention of the top reviewers Ma [...]

    8. Gisela Hausman clarifies what steps need to be taken in order to reach that Holy Grail that every author seeks the elusive Book Review Her clear and concise tutorial on how to elicit book reviews is exactly what experienced and inexperienced authors alike need to encourage their readers to not only submit a review but write one that peaks the interest of potential new readers As an Indie author who just spent than a year running in circles trying to obtain reviews from even my best fans, I can [...]

    9. As I read this book, I thought about the woman who had 12 reviews, but it ended up being a best seller Some people do not leave reviews because they don t know what to write, as mentioned in the book, or they are busy, or they may not see the importance However, for the unknown author, reviews are a benefit.The points that I took away were reviewing is strategic, essential, and there are various approaches that can help you attain them This book has a lot of information, but the author kept it i [...]

    10. A pot of gold I found a pot of gold when I bought Gisela Hausmann s Naked Truth About Getting Book Reviews the other day I bought it because I needed to educate myself about writing reviews, but I got a lot out of that book than I d hoped for I read it twice Made copious notes the second time, and know they ll come in handy at some point in the near future I love her advice on how to approach top reviewers I realize I have a lot of ground to cover before I start doing that, but with the links s [...]

    11. I found Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews by Gisela Hausmann to be an interesting, helpful book to read I like the way she writes, in a clear, direct, friendly way Her short book will interest authors, for it makes it clear why reviews are important It will also interest readers, for it tells them why reviews are important for readers and authors As I have self published one book and I am about to publish another, I found this book just what I needed to read at the moment I like the wise a [...]

    12. As a first time, recent, self published author, I have struggled with many issues inherent to book publishing, including marketing, publicizing, and seeking reviews for my book It has been a struggle that has often left me discouraged and disheartened Reading this book by Gisela Hausmann has given me new tools to use such as a fresh perspective, new ideas, and a renewed determination to position my book to attract and engage new readers, and ideally, to motivate them to write a helpful review of [...]

    13. This was a very informative book Especially useful for me was Ms Hausmann s explanation of the progression from reviews from friends and fans up to the top ten reviewers.

    14. Before you peep beneath the cover of this book, let me tell you about the only important thing that it doesn t tell you make sure you have a pen and paper next to you while you read In fact, take that paper, scrumple it up and throw it away and replace it with a notebook You see, this book is so full to bursting with good ideas that you re going to have lots of to do lists by the time you re done.If you re an author, then reviews are crucial This book gives a no nonsense guide to going about the [...]

    15. here is my video review of this book gp review R1NH2 I was Tricked into Reviewing this Book As shown in this video, NAKED TRUTHS ABOUT GETTING BOOK REVIEWS contains LOTS of great ideas on marketing your book In fact, the author used one of her ideas on ME On describing how to get reviewers to read your book, the author claims that, Some reviewers can even be charmed into reading a book from a genre they typically do not read, merely because the book s author made a convincing case Now wait just [...]

    16. Ms Hausmann s book is very informative and gives authors a proper roadmap into the best way to not only get reviews, but legitimate ones that will attract customers For authors, informational works like this are a must have on their Kindles in this ever growing field we ve chosen to be a part of.

    17. This is the book that many highly ranked reviewers wish they wrote and that all will want authors to read before pursuing the wild goose of getting their books reviewed by someone who really counts As was the case in her other books that have Naked in the title, Hausmann is using the word to mean untarnished or pure rather than without clothing As a highly ranked reviewer, Hausmann has experienced what all top ranked reviewers do, receiving many emails from authors wanting their book reviewed an [...]

    18. Gisela Hausmann sure knows what works and what does not when trying to get reviews for your book She is not only a highly ranked reviewer but also a bestseller author, so hear her out, learn and absorb the knowledge and advices she generously gives you It is so worth it In my opinion you can t develop as an author if you ignore the advices of a experienced person just because she he didn t say or write about the things you think are right I think bypassing something that could really take you [...]

    19. Taming the chaos As every writer discovers, you can t sell a lot of books without a lot of reviews Without them, the best book in the world will go unnoticed among the millions of self published and traditionally published books now competing for the attention of readers Fewer and fewer newspapers review books these days, forcing authors to rely heavily on online customer reviews Author and reviewer Gisela Hausmann s book Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews takes a lot of the chaos out of th [...]

    20. I can t remember how I came across Gisela Hausmann s blog Obviously I was searching for a way forward on the dreaded book promotion front I was struck by the NAKED TRUTH titles and Gisela s straightforward approach, yet still hesitant about buying the book As a writer, you come across so many How To books, your mind just boggles, to say little of your eyes Mostly they are great tomes you can t possibly imagine finding time to read in between juggling writing, reading, promotion Oh, yes, and fami [...]

    21. This book has it all Ms Hausmann has taken her considerable, successful experience as both an author and reviewer, and given us the value of her insights for amassing reviews for our books I didn t previously understand the importance of pursuing top ranked reviewers as reviewers of my books She gave pertinent insight into the approach and the methods, and explained the etiquette involved I have been reluctant to impose on top reviewers who already get numerous requests Ms Hausmann has shown me [...]

    22. Essential reading for Indie authors If, like me, you are an indie author who has written a book that you are passionate about the next challenge is getting it seen, let s face it a book that isn t read is like an unborn child After trying traditional routes of sending my book out to newspapers and critics I eventually started looking elsewhere and stumbled upon Gisela and Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews.The book is packed with no nonsense advice on how to get reviews from the people that [...]

    23. Having come to saturation point in asking for reviews, I decided to buy this book To be honest, I thought it was going to be yet another of those self help books that would end up in my closet along with a tower of others I was wrong This is a desk keeper, a dictionary of sorts So I ll clear out that closet and use this one instead.There s no fluff in Hausmann s writing Presented in a chatty style, she makes you feel included and, most importantly, empowered She recommends a wealth of different [...]

    24. I have been planning to read this book for months but somehow didn t manage hitherto But was pleased that I read it this long weekend We authors are not only media shy but also full of unnecessary craps as well including complacency We are not only skeptical but also quite cynical on other authors works and ignore them in most cases What is there that I already don t know We presume and need a lot of convincing before we try it This book is one of them, a victim of our own unnecessary presumptio [...]

    25. I bought this book to read over the weekend As a new author I m very concerned about book reviews so I ended up taking a quick look at the book, and I ended up reading the entire book in one sitting.Gisela Haufmann is a top reviewer with That makes the information in this book a bit valuable than what you might find elsewhere.There s a lot of information in this book that will be of interest to you if you are an author Gisela covers things like How to ask for reviews What you should not ask for [...]

    26. Naked Truths about Getting Reviews This is a book every new author should own The book is filled with helpful hints about how to get reviews, how to approach reviewers, and how to interpret your reviews The author graciously includes links to websites and includes visual samples I wish I had read this when I first started writing There is so much information and interaction in this book that I ll read it again It s only 78 pages which makes it an easy read, yet gives plenty of useful tips There [...]

    27. I bought this book because I wanted to know what the author can tell me about reviews that I don t already know after getting about fifty reviews for my two books across different platforms I found that I was missing on a very important method I had never sent an email to top reviewers for requesting them to review my books After reading this book, I realized my mistake and will endeavor my best to rectify it Though finding the right reviewers and contacting them is not a cakewalk and you will [...]

    28. A FIVE STAR BOOK Gisela will show you how to write, and receive reviews.I posted a note on a FB authors group page begging for help on how to navigate the review world Gisela Hausmann took the time to drop me a FB message after reading my call for help and told me the answers were in her book I m halfway through and wanted to take a quick moment to let you know how I feel now that I ve found the answers to my questions.Gisela makes it simple Do this, do that, and here are the results Ms Hausmann [...]

    29. I self published a book for Kindle, etc a few months ago and after zero reviews wanted to begin the route of approaching the Top Reviewers to see what I could do to improve my book s performance I found this book while attempting that, and I am so glad I did early in the process it has saved me some time and I am sure wasted effort.I bought it this book this morning, and read it in one sitting Naked is very true to its promise no fluff indeed Very good pointers, including a couple of great ideas [...]

    30. This is a handy little book for the budding independent author Gisela Hausmann writes a simple how to guide to accumulating reviews and promoting a book She begins with explaining why reviews are essential to any books success, then provides several chapters explaining the do s and don t s of creating spin Many indies that I have met, publish, then expect the book to take off by itself Many of the suggestions Hausmann provides are perfect for the thin wallet of an author without a big house to s [...]

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