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Stephen Harper By John Ibbitson, Stephen Harper The authoritative biography of Stephen Harper to be published on the eve of the next election As one of the important prime ministers in the life of our nation Stephen Harper has reshaped Canada int
  • Title: Stephen Harper
  • Author: John Ibbitson
  • ISBN: 9780771047039
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Stephen Harper By John Ibbitson, The authoritative biography of Stephen Harper, to be published on the eve of the next election As one of the important prime ministers in the life of our nation, Stephen Harper has reshaped Canada into a conservative country, a transformation that his opponents tacitly admit will never be reversed He has made government smaller, justice tougher, and provincThe authoritative biography of Stephen Harper, to be published on the eve of the next election As one of the important prime ministers in the life of our nation, Stephen Harper has reshaped Canada into a conservative country, a transformation that his opponents tacitly admit will never be reversed He has made government smaller, justice tougher, and provinces independent, whether they want to be or not Under its 22nd prime minister, Canada shows the world a plainer, harder face Those who praise Harper point to the Conservatives skillful economic management, the impressive new trade agreements, the tax cuts and the balanced budget, the reformed immigration system, the uncompromising defence of Israel and Ukraine, and the fight against terrorism Critics pointing to punitive punishments, muzzled scientists, assaults on the judiciary, and contempt for parliament accuse the Harper government of being autocratic, secretive and cruel But what about the man In this definitive new biography, the Globe and Mail s John Ibbitson explores the life of the most important Canadian of our times his suburban youth, the crisis that caused Stephen Harper to quit university for three years, the forces that shaped his tempestuous relationship with Reform Leader Preston Manning, how Laureen Harper influences her husband, his devotion to his children and his cats Ibbitson explains how this shy, closed, introverted loner united a fractured conservative movement, defeated a Liberal hegemony, and set out to reshape the nation With unparalleled access to sources, years of research and writing, and a depth of insight that has made him one of the most respected voices in journalism, John Ibbitson presents an intimate, detailed portrait of a man who has remained an enigma to supporters and enemies alike Now that enigma is revealed, in a masterful exploration of Stephen Harper, the politician and the man.
    Stephen Harper By John Ibbitson,
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    1. John Ibbitson

      John Ibbitson born 1955 in Gravenhurst, Ontario is a Canadian writer and journalist He is currently Ottawa Bureau Chief for The Globe and Mail He has written three books on Ontario and Canadian politics Promised Land Inside the Mike Harris Revolution 1997 , Loyal No More Ontario s Struggle for a Separate Destiny, and The Polite Revolution Perfecting the Canadian Dream McClelland Stewart, 2005 His latest young adult novel, The Landing, was winner of the 2008 Governor General s Award for children s literature His latest political work, Open Shut Why America Has Barack Obama and Canada Has Stephen Harper was published in May 2009 It was written while he was in Washington, covering American politics and society for the Globe.He graduated from the University of Toronto in 1979 with a B.A in English After university, he pursued a career as a playwright, his most notable play being Mayonnaise, which debuted in December 1980 at the Phoenix Theater in Toronto The play went on to national production and was adapted to a TV broadcast in 1983 In the mid 1980s, Ibbitson switched over to writing young adult fiction, including the short YA science fiction novel, Starcrosser 1990 He also wrote two full length novels, 1812 Jeremy s War and The Night Hazel Came to Town The Landing followed in 2008 Apart from his Governor General s citation, Ibbitson has been nominated for several awards for other works, including a Governor General s Award nomination for 1812 Hazel received a nomination for the Trillium Book Award and the City of Toronto Book Award His journalism has also been nominated for a National Newspaper Award Ibbitson entered the University of Western Ontario in 1987, graduating with an M.A in journalism one year later, and joined the Ottawa Citizen, where he worked as a city reporter and columnist He covered Ontario politics from 1995 to 2001, working for The Ottawa Citizen, Southam News, The National Post and the Globe and Mail In August 2001, Ibbitson accepted the post as Washington bureau chief at The Globe and Mail, returning to Canada one year later to take up the post of political affairs columnist He moved back to Washington as a columnist in May 2007, returning to Ottawa in September 2009.

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    1. This was the advance copy I was waiting for all year Ibbitson is one of the best writers on Canadian politics out there along with Paul Wells and this promised to become THE biography of Stephen Harper.Now that the publication date is being moved up, the promise is fulfilled just in time for the general election If Harper wins, this book will explain how he became one of Canada s longest serving Prime Ministers If he loses, this will become his political obituary It s that important.The book has [...]

    2. Veteran Globe and Mail columnist John Ibbitson has written a first rate biography of one of Canada s most controversial prime ministers Few Canadians, it seems, are indifferent to Stephen Harper Many think he has been an effective and successful leader of our country, but many others simply loathe the man.Ibbitson s treatment of Harper is scrupulously fair and even handed, from youth in suburban Toronto to maturity as Conservative Party leader and prime minister, now embroiled in a very close el [...]

    3. In Stephen Harper which I won through First Reads John Ibbitson writes with candour about Canada s former Prime Minister from his childhood to his rise in the political arena and his term in office The biography portrays Stephen Harper as a family man devoted to his children and to his supportive wife Lauren and as a politician with strengths and weaknesses, dedicated to building a conservative Canada.It is a well structured, comprehensive picture of a political street fighter who experiences hi [...]

    4. For someone claiming to have written the authoritative biography of this world leader it ended up far from fulfilling its prophecy.From the onset the project comes across as incredibly partisan and uninspired, with such gems of creativity as, His family likes him, too While content to use broad historical events as accusations of his motivations without doing well to connect him, almost blaming and attributing unrelated events decades even centuries before his birth as characters flaws This conc [...]

    5. John Ibbitson s Stephen Harper is a well balanced biography that candidly looks at our last Prime Minister s positive and negative attributes Ibbitson does not gloss over the fact that Harper can be mean, overly secretive and a control freak Nor does the author mince words concerning some of Harper s most discreditable decisions and approaches the abolition of the long form census, the blatant disregard for parliamentary accountablility, and his utter contempt for the judiciary Ibbitson, however [...]

    6. John Ibbitson masterfully captures an individual as complex and nuanced as Stephen Harper in under 400 pages More importantly, he presents a very balanced view as the man who may go on to be regarded as Canada s most controversial prime minister Having spent a year sabbatical from his post at the Globe Mail, Ibbitson shows he left no stone unturned in researching this tome.The book is broken into three parts The final part discusses the Harper premiership This is the part that is most balanced, [...]

    7. when I first picked up this book, I was a little wary Harper is one of the most polarizing Prime Ministers, and I feared this would be a smear job I was pleasantly surprised by how fair Ibbitson was He praises Harper when he deserves recognition, and reveals his downfalls and mistakes without holding back Such balance was a breath of fresh air in the usually charged dialogue surrounding Harper.You really come away from this biography understanding Harper the man better, which is exactly what Ibb [...]

    8. 4 5 not for the man he is, but for the quality of the book.As a Quebecker, I already didn t really like what Stephen Harper represents With this book, I dislike him even .I learned a lot in this biography and that is the reason I m giving the BOOK a good rating It is well structured and easy enough to follow and understand I am not a fan of politic, but it s always nice to know a little about the people making really important decisions for the good of all.Stephen Harper has done great things, h [...]

    9. I panned The Big Shift written by the same author, This is marginally better but still horribly one sided and blinded by what appears to be a love affair for Harper, his ideology or his methodology or all of the above Ibbitson continues his fascination with the Conservative resentment for the so called Laurentian elites Resentment emerges as the motivating factor behind Harper s drive to eliminate the Liberals and shrink the federal government Thus, this biography is mainly a work psycho history [...]

    10. If you have ever wanted to discover the why, in how Stephen Harper makes decisions and his approach to things in politics this is the book.Personally, I was very much always a Harper fan, but for those that find themselves in the other camp, there is much clarity into how government works and doesn t work.

    11. I was supplied with an advance reader copy through Usually I have only a passing interest in politics, and am not particularly enthralled with the PC party though I have voted across the political spectrum This balanced, insightful perspective on Stephen Harper was extremely well written, and interested me to keep reading through to the end I would recommend this book to anyone to read, to find out about the workings of Canadian politics, and or to gain perspective on an often enigmatic former [...]

    12. This book is a biography While situating the life of Canada s twenty second prime minister in the life of Canada, it seeks first and last to understand the man himself X I would like to thank Penguin Random house for proving me with an advance copy of this book For someone who wasn t the biggest Harper fan, but after reading this book, I began to understand him a little better This book was really easy to fully grasp, even without a love of Canadian politics This book displayed the full picture [...]

    13. A comprehensive and inspiring story of Stephen Harper s rise to Prime Minister of Canada Would highly recommend for anyone who is interested in learning a little about Canada s domestic political dynamics.

    14. Anyone who wants to understand who Harper is and what motivates him needs to read this biography I also read Ibbitson s Big Shift and found that book equally hard to put down Regardless of what your view of Harper is, please just remove those partisan lenses for the roughly 400 pages of Harper s political world that you are about to enter Unlike some readers, I do not find Ibbitson partisan at all in this book Harper is a complex character not amenable to painting with broad strokes I find Ibbit [...]

    15. Political junkies beware Whether you are a fan of Stephen Harper or not, this political tome is hard to put down My favourite part of the book is the first half, where author John Ibbitson examines Harper the man He is by all accounts a moody, micro managing loner someone who had trouble working for or even with other people The author writes in a compelling way of the forces from his youth and early adulthood that helped shape his character and his core political beliefs I also particularly enj [...]

    16. This was an excellent read about our now former prime minister Ibbitson does a great job at telling the stories of both Stephen Harper the person referred to in the book as Steve Harper and Stephen Harper the politician While overall a strong endorsement and praise of Harper there is also an equal amount of criticism too The book takes us from Harper s early days of a Liberal supporter through to his evolution into Canada s first truly conservative leader Tales of the struggle to unite the right [...]

    17. This can t have been an easy biography to write, since it is well known that Harper is a secretive introvert and Ibbitson never fails to emphasize this fact Nevertheless, I was impressed with the first part of the book, which follows Harper s formative years leading up to PM ship.However, I have a hard time believing the narrative that the author tries to drive home, namely that the coalition of 905 and Western voters is here to stay All in all, Ibbitson has delivered a companion book to THE BIG [...]

    18. I won this book from.A fascinating read Full of details of Harper s life, the crisis, the relationships, his brilliance, his strengths and weaknesses, how he has dealt with people and events his whole life A marvelous in depth look at a complicated man done by an author who has obviously done a great deal of research I wish that every voter could read this book before the October election.

    19. Unlike most books about Stephen Harper, this one doesn t make him out as a calculating, evil kitten killer Stephen Harper, for the record, LOVES cats It s not a hagiography either, and I think Ibbitson is fairly successful at being both critical and complimentary I think Harper gets a bit of an easy ride in certain spots, but on the whole the book is balanced It answers the question of why Stephen Harper is the way he is and what makes him tick.

    20. I had to stop because it was mind numbingly boring I just can t care this much about the minutiae of Alberta politics Started readingCunt byInga Muscio instead way better choice.

    21. Sympathetic, at times fawning, look at Our Imperious Leader my expression.Among the things I learned killing the long form census was his decision, never presented to his Cabinet.Ibbitson s best work for The Globe and Mail, in my opinion, was when he was stationed in Washington But this book was excellent, much better than Paul Wells Well worth reading.

    22. Gives some interesting insights into Harper s background and personality Ibbitson has a particular ideological bent that is quite obvious throughout the book Which is fine that s his right, but since it s a perspective I disagree with pretty vehemently, I was distracted by mentally arguing with the author for much of the book Your mileage may vary, depending on your outlook.

    23. I find this book very interesting I cannot say what page I m on because I m reading it on Kobo.Parts of it are pretty heavy reading It is full of information I did not know.I recommend it for anyone interested in Canadian politics and history.

    24. It s hard for me to judge this book because I ve already read all of the other books on Harper and am familiar with his premiership That being said, the book does deserve some praise as Ibbitson is spot on with his main thesis of Stephen Harper.

    25. Offers a rigorous and surprisingly humane portrait of the Man with the Lego Hair, and somehow manages to do so without being sycophantic about it A must read for anyone interested in the state of Canadian federal politics.

    26. Excellent read for anyone interested in politics, management and the life of a PM in Canada at the Federal level during the modern era John did a great job.

    27. I learned a lot in this book about politics, and Stephen Harper Any leader wanting to reduce the size of government has my vote, and would have it again if he came back.

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