Entanglement of Fate

Entanglement of Fate By ChrisBrookes, Entanglement of Fate This is an updated cover edition of B EOAGHYU Register entry Sheffield England When a mute criminal known as the Street Arab is taken into custody police call on court missionary Rober
  • Title: Entanglement of Fate
  • Author: ChrisBrookes
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  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Entanglement of Fate By ChrisBrookes, This is an updated cover edition of B00EOAGHYU.Register entry 3987, Sheffield, England, 1912.When a mute criminal known as the Street Arab is taken into custody, police call on court missionary, Robert Elliott, to try and unravel the enigma With the help of Mary O Driscoll, a sharply perceptive nurse, Elliott reveals the prisoner to be Walter Stanford, a man with a blThis is an updated cover edition of B00EOAGHYU.Register entry 3987, Sheffield, England, 1912.When a mute criminal known as the Street Arab is taken into custody, police call on court missionary, Robert Elliott, to try and unravel the enigma With the help of Mary O Driscoll, a sharply perceptive nurse, Elliott reveals the prisoner to be Walter Stanford, a man with a blemished past and who is about to change their lives forever As Elliott tries to understand the significance of a mysterious note found in a locket on the cell floor, Mary becomes haunted by a series of lucid dreams about Walter s life and a dark harrowing crime But why have they all been brought together Is it simply fate Or could it be strange intervention to bring closure to a chilling past One thing is certain the answers have consequences
    Entanglement of Fate By ChrisBrookes,
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      Chris Brookes is a screen writer and author and lives in Sheffield, England with his wife and two children.After spending time in the army, Chris embarked on a career in musical theatre production and went on to co produce touring shows in the 1980 s However, after discussions with his bank manager and the revelation that a mortgage needed to be paid monthly, it was agreed he would also seek a proper job Soon he found himself working in service delivery management, but all the while continued to pursue an interest in the stage, script writing and organising shows.With his children starting to leave the nest, he decided the time was right to return to his creative roots and began writing full time, developing the characters for an entangled mystery series based on the registers of a police court missionary Originally intended for screen production, he wrote several scripts and began pitching the idea to television production companies After very positive feedback from the BBC, he was also persuaded in 2012 to write the storylines as distinct novels Then, in 2013, Schnauzer Publications released FATE the first of the Entanglement of mystery series Throughout 2014, Chris was busy writing the second book REVENGE, and in autumn 2015 the third book DECEIT is planned for publication.Other projects he is currently working on include a short radio play, THE ROAD, as well as further development of a TV series adapting the Jacques Futrelle mystery books In addition, after many evenings spent discussing the concept of a sitcom with his good friend over a bottle or two of Pineau des Charentes, finally, the time is right to start capturing these ideas into scripts.Away from writing, Chris has always loved to sketch and, over the years, has produced numerous limited editions of his work With time now available, he hopes to once pick up his pastels.

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    1. Stirring stuff This would undoubtedly make an excellent TV series The action spans the decades either side of the dawn of the twentieth century Far from being a stylized historical novel of manners, this has something for everyone Action, adventure, romance, a whiff of the supernatural, mystery, tragedy and a rhythm that keeps you interested throughout Well researched, with a full cast of believable characters some to love, others to hate What could the viewer ask for

    2. This was a very good book how ever I do wish the author had done to make it interesting I look forward to reading of this author s work.

    3. Though this is a debut novel it is obvious from the quality of the writing that the author is an experienced writer The action moves at a fast pace beginning in 1912 Sheffield with the capture of a thief falling from a roof and finishing in post war Ecclesfield In between there is WW1 action in Mesopotamia where the battle is against the Turks rather than the Germans Initially I found the book a bit difficult to get into perhaps because quite a number of characters are introduced at once However [...]

    4. I liked it but it did seem to have an identity crisis which had an impact on flow of the novel I m a mystery wait, I am a paranormal book I am a WWI dramaI m the English Patientoh I am a mystery.

    5. This is a very enjoyable story It s one to really immerse yourself in Walter s dangerous and exotic life combined with Mary s spooky experiences and shocking discoveries provides a lot of intrigue and entertainment for those who like the romance and adventure genres alike.

    6. 1912, Sheffield, England Constable Reynolds was in pursuit of Street Arab Toe Rag Mary O Driscoll 25 , field nurse accompanied Robert Elliott Court of Assize missionary to the jail cells Sergeant Drake Constable had some explaining to Mary about Street Arab s injuries Mary later went to Great Ormond Street Hospital Dr Tom Sharpe general surgeon, London, England was teaching at St Thomas s.1915, Sheffield, England Robert Elliott husband father, missionary , Ann Elliott wife mother , Henry Elliott [...]

    7. Enthralling, that s the right description for this book A strange, but compelling mix of mystery, romance, history and sci fi, it will keep you up all night, telling yourself one page, only one scene , just this one chapter and I ll go to sleepBrilliantly writen, fast paced, with fully fledged characters and an intriguing plot, this is a truly recommended reading.

    8. Below are some reviews and comments received by the author via email, through his website or Epic tale of intrigue, mystery, love and lust , violence, war, espionage and revenge.By Daz Nugent Verified Purchase What a great read It sets off at 100mph when we are introduced to the mystery character the Street Arab being chased by the Police When it slows down we are presented with an intriguing love puzzle be careful with this.Chris Brookes cleverly keeps you in 1912 and then through the Great War [...]

    9. Great read Loved the twists and turns in the plot none of which I saw coming Loved the writing which so fitted the style of the pre WW1 era Highly recommend this author and can t wait to read the next one

    10. Wow It took a little time to get used to the English language, but it was worth it This is the story of a young man Trying not to give away the entire book A young nurse helps him, strongly attracted The end let s understand, he was real Danger, physics, love.

    11. This story starts out OK The out of body experiences are sometimes interesting but as the story progresses they become increasingly hard to believe I couldn t even finish this book

    12. Wonderful bookFound the author by chance, but once i read the first chapter couldn t stop reading, can t wait to read the rest of the series

    13. It would be much better without so much given away by bad guy POV With all revealed, it tends to drag a good bit Low 3 star

    14. I was first introduced to this book when the author Chris came to visit my book group, it appealed to me not least because of it s setting being my hometown but I was also interested in the fact it was based on a true story of a mysterious man named Walter I m not going to include any spoilers in this review as I want people to read my review and in turn read the book The novel is set in the early 1900s and opens with an exciting police chase across the rooftops of Sheffield I found the opening [...]

    15. I wont go into the plot as others will do that and I just don t think that a too depth of a plot review is ever needed The book was well written and I found the paly between the characters believable The preview I had received got me interested in the entire book I like a little what I call sci fi along with a bit of romance Once I got the entire book I started reading and thought I was going to be a little let down I WASNT It sped along at a nice pace I pride myself on being able to see the twi [...]

    16. Marvelous historical, crime and paranormal ficton story, loosely based around two real people Sheffields first probation officer and Walter lovable rogue and offender, who led such an adventurous life Real events of both their lives are incorporated into the story I particularly liked this unusual and clever coverage of a section and period of history I have never come across before The depiction of Mary s visions sent chills up my spine every time It maintains the 1912 1916 period feel througho [...]

    17. This book definitely had its pros and cons And unfortunately for me I found that the cons overall tended to out way the pros When I first looked into reading this book I was drawn in by the imagery that the time period created, and was excited that it seemed to be a mystery that Sherlock Holmes would solve The story was rather interesting and there was an intriguing mystery to it, however, I did not expect it to be so dark and at points rather disturbing I grew fond of some of characters, and re [...]

    18. A very well written book, even though it was not what I expected It was labeled a Mystery, but I would not classify it as such At times it reminded me of a Sherlock Holmes story, at times a Charles Todd story, and at other timeswho knows But, no matter how you classify it, it was very engaging, well written, had great characters and was very enjoyable in spite of some of the darkness I look forward to reading by the Author.I think that is about as good a recommendation as I can give

    19. I received a free arc of this in exchange for an honest review.I found this book very gripping from start to finish There is plenty of mystery and intrigue, and the characters are very real They go through quite a few highs and lows, and grow stronger and wiser as a result There is also a bit of mysticism sprinkled here and there throughout the book I really like the author s authentic portrayal of a bygone era I grew quite fond of the main characters, but was a little disappointed when one of t [...]

    20. I would give this book 3 1 2 stars It was a nice little historical mystery with interesting characters I thought the instance of incest was a bit over the top and didn t really add anything compelling to the plot Given the time period it was set in, the fact that the two were attracted to one other albeit unwittingly would have been shocking enough without the actual commission of the act But the plot was interesting with enough twists and turns to keep the story engaging An entertaining read.

    21. Very heart warning story, truly enjoyed.This was a good mystery story with a very unusual story line involving a very immoral clergyman and with plenty of eerie things happening that didn t involve the disgusting clergyman as well I think I would recommend this book.

    22. Very Good ReadThis book was an amazing adventure all the way through the book I couldn t put it down Excellent read and and excellent story.

    23. FantasticGave 5 stars.uld not put the book down Felt swept away and apart of story as watching everything unfold Amazing

    24. A good bookAn OK book that I recommend predictable but kept my attention I liked the writing siyle and found it easy to follow.

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