La maledizione dell'alfa (episodi 1 & 2)

La maledizione dell'alfa (episodi 1 & 2) By Tasha Black, La maledizione dell alfa episodi Entrate in un mondo di mutaforma streghe fantasmi e romanticismoAinsley Connor ha voltato le spalle al proprio passato La sua vita perfetta come agente immobiliare di successo a Manhattan fa sembrar
  • Title: La maledizione dell'alfa (episodi 1 & 2)
  • Author: Tasha Black
  • ISBN: 9781633399037
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Paperback
  • La maledizione dell'alfa (episodi 1 & 2) By Tasha Black, Entrate in un mondo di mutaforma, streghe, fantasmi e romanticismoAinsley Connor ha voltato le spalle al proprio passato.La sua vita perfetta come agente immobiliare di successo a Manhattan fa sembrare quasi un sogno i suoi ricordi di bambina, in cui cresciuta come la figlia di un lupo mannaro Quando un tragico incidente la fa tornare alla sua citt natale, non riescEntrate in un mondo di mutaforma, streghe, fantasmi e romanticismoAinsley Connor ha voltato le spalle al proprio passato.La sua vita perfetta come agente immobiliare di successo a Manhattan fa sembrare quasi un sogno i suoi ricordi di bambina, in cui cresciuta come la figlia di un lupo mannaro Quando un tragico incidente la fa tornare alla sua citt natale, non riesce pi a reprimere il suo lupo interiore.Ancora peggio, il branco ha bisogno che lei si stabilisca l e scelga un compagno, ma come fare dato che la cittadina universitaria piena di mutaforma sexy, e tutti cercano la sua attenzione E i mutaforma non sono la cosa pi strana che si pu trovare a Tarker s Hollow Nell Episodio 1Ainsley Connor vuole assolutamente ritornare agli attici di Manhattan prima della luna piena Il branco riuscir a far valere le richieste nei suoi confronti prima che sia troppo tardi Nell Episodio 2Ainsley impara quali siano i pericoli di confrontarsi con il branco e scopre che qualcuno di cui si fida nasconde un oscuro segreto Riuscir a tenere sotto controllo la bestia che ha dentro e che vuole assolutamente liberarsi
    La maledizione dell'alfa (episodi 1 & 2) By Tasha Black,
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    1. A strong female who wants NOTHING to do with being a wolf and to love a human She ll fight to make it so Ainsley is a determined young lady with a strong opinion of her way of life and how it s going to be.This is DEFINITELY an adult read with sexual moments present FULL REVIEW This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com, at my request.Episode 1 Ainsley is back in her home town after years of b [...]

    2. AudiobookNarration Addison Spear Pretty good She reads a little fast at times, but a lot of listeners prefer that She does have a range of secondary character voices that are nicely done and stay pretty close to her natural narrator voice with slight variations in pitch Some of the tertiary characters get a little over dramatized as she stretches to differentiate them from the other characters, but not too bad The story centers around Ainsley, a young professional New Yorker who comes back to h [...]

    3. This was fairly crap Generic with predictable story line, stereotyped characters, and the whole I don t want to be a wolf thing.

    4. I read this book to take my mind off writing crazy but it works I was immediately drawn to the heroine Ainsley I love her know it all attitude, and the knowledge that she knows nothing at all She herself finds out and about herself and family as she works through her family s history I love the interactions with the town, and her torment of wanting to leave, but realization that she has bond to the town I love it when I fall in love with the hero, and I fell hard for Erik I really enjoyed this [...]

    5. Let me start by saying that if you choose to do audio, which I did, be ready for steamy sex scenes About one per episode too It wouldn t have been a big deal if I didn t have my five year old in the car with me Needless to say, I turned it down during those parts and made sure he was otherwise occupied Thank you, Angry Birds.That said, I love serials They are quick no need to think reads Can t find a good show on tv Listen to a serial audiobook That s my way of thinking.Curse of the Alpha was bo [...]

    6. So Ainsley is a wolf shifterbut her parents didn t tell her that until after she accidentally killed a boy from her school So now she wants nothing to do with wolvesd I don t blame her at all Because they thought she was better off she now has to live with being a murderer Soher parents die in a car accident and she goes home to close up the house and settle their affairs This is where she finds out she must choose the next alpha by mating with themd apparently she will literally want to have se [...]

    7. The main reason for giving it a poor rating was this is not a series but a serial basically a complete book sold in parts, so there is little in the way of beginnings or endings If I was going to read something like this normally I would wait till the whole serial was published so I could read it as a complete book.As I only have books 1 and 2 I don t feel as if I know anything, am struggling to comment on plot lines and at a loss on who the main characters are The premise of the story is good a [...]

    8. I was gifted this book by a friend and it was a real treat to read I was not able to put it down for the life of me The action is spell binding to say the least, the characters are magnetic and the overall story offers a real pull of delight that will tickle your senses, that is if you dare to take this book, open it s cover and dive right in it Now, all I want to do is read the other chapters of incredible story, because I know I will not sleep at night if I do not.I have read many other books [...]

    9. Great read Ainsley doesn t want to become a wolf after accidentally killing her human love Sadly her parents die and she has to return, not knowing they need an alpha and she has to take a mate Her desires turn every male wolf on creating havok Need to read cannot wait to read the rest

    10. Questi primi due episodi della serie mi sono piaciuti molto Ho finito di leggerli in pochissimo tempo La storia mi piace, la protagonista un po meno Ho capito che ha avuto un trauma abbastanza pesante a causa della sua natura di lupo, ma rinnegare se stessa e tutto il branco proprio nel momento del bisogno, l ho trovato un tantino egoista da parte sua.E poi vogliamo parlare dei suoi gusti in fatto di uomini Ha a disposizione un bellissimo tipo che, si capisce benissimo, ci tiene molto lei e Ains [...]

    11. A must read for wolf fans I received this story in exchange for an honest review May contain mild spoilers Tasha Black does a wonderful job of creating a new and unique world in something that is continually visited Ainsley is a beautiful and independent woman who is looking to pave her own way in life and choose her own destiny When her parents are tragically killed in a car accident she returns to Tarker s Hollow and her childhood home From there the story of her destiny begins to unfold Of co [...]

    12. I received this book free from the author I am not sorry that I chose this book to read Tinsley is into real estate in the big city She returns to the small town she grew up in to finish her dad s affairs and pack up her childhood home She notices while in town she is highly sexually aroused and she begins to have old dreams again The whole town needs Ainsley to make an important decision and mate She has a whole town to choose from After Ainsley s dad passed it is her job to mate with another w [...]

    13. Ainsley Conner was a werewolf Her father was the Alpha She had refused to accept her wolf She wanted no part of the pack She had killed the boy that she was making out with when her wolf first decided to surface Now she is faced with her parents death and having to settle her parents estate The pack needs and wants her to find a mate They need an alpha and the only way they can have an alpha is her taking a mate.I loved Eric in this book Eric Jensen was this amazing werewolf and the chose her fa [...]

    14. Let me start by saying, I really enjoyed these stories Despite that, I had a hard time liking the main character, Ainsley She very much frustrated me, and I wanted to bang my head on the table screaming WHY In my opinion, that is a good indicator of how well this is written When an author gets you so involved in a story that you get emotionally connected enough to experience happiness, sadness, frustration, etc with the characters, he or she is really good at what they do Other than the main cha [...]

    15. Cursed by the Alpha Episode 1 2 is the first book I have read by Tasha Black I found this book to be different from other paranormal reads I liked how the heroine, Ainsley, is wolf from the beginning, she is smart, and ambitions she is a real estate agent in NYC She is stubborn an refuses to listen to what everyone is telling her about finding a mate Even though she knows deep downside what she has to do and who she is, she is not letting anyone tell her what to do She is going to figure things [...]

    16. This audio book ranks highly for the quality of the narration and for the enjoyment of a well written, good, escapist read.The narration was excellently executed and was an easy listen The story had so hooked I listened to it all in one session.I didn t have a favourite character Thankfully, none of the characters were performed in an over the top way so I was able to concentrate on the story rather than be distracted by annoying accents I enjoyed all the character performances but Ainsley stood [...]

    17. As my first ever review, I would like to recommend Curse of the Alpha, 1 2, by Tasha Black.Right from the beginning, Ms Black had me drawn to the heroine, Ainsley, who is shown to be a wolf shapeshifter.After the death of her parents, Ainsley is fully aware of the pressures for her to find a mate after returning to her hometown to settle her parents estate Ms Black casts a web that immediately draws you to Ainsley s old friend, the now extremely hunky Eric who turns out to have been Ainsley s fa [...]

    18. She denies her wolf half, runs from home, and now is back after the death of her parents There is much Ainsley doesn t know about who and what she is and it s important that she figure it out as a whole pack of wolves is in danger and someone is after something that was in her father s possession.This was the first two episodes in the Curse of the Alpha serial.Overall, I was hooked and eager to read through the story in spite of wanting to bop Ainsley for her need to live in denial and her self [...]

    19. Curse of the Alpha Episodes 1 2 A Tarker s Hollow Serial BBW Shifter Paranormal Romance by Tasha Black is about Ainsley Connor who wants to turn her back on her shifter past She lives in New York Tarker s Hollow wants her to choose the next alpha wolf I gave it five stars Eric wondered how any small town wolf from Tarker s Hollow was ever going to convince Ainsley Connor to fall in love He remembered her stubborn determination, even as a child The pack might be in trouble than anyone suspected [...]

    20. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I am always skeptical about books with Alpha in the title, because I like strong female charactersd usually with the word Alpha in the title we get weak womenNot this bookAinsley is strongeven though she has bee through a lot.d has denied her wolfd now has lost her parents.d is kind of being stalked.e holds it togetherShe has the unwanted task of choosing a mate and an Alpha for her pack town and she really doesnt want to do i [...]

    21. UPDATE July 27, 2016 I listened to the audio Great way to reread Enjoyed even the second time around You can t fight your nature forever Ainsley is learning that She rejected her wolf shifter side and ran away to school, creating a new life in NY At her parents death, she forced to return She knew there were many sifters in her small town, but she was young and knew nothing about the life.Now she is the alpha by heritage and is told she must choose a mate not only chose but live with forever fo [...]

    22. I am so glad I found this amazing author This awesome must read series is da bomb somehow each episode gets even better than the fantastic one before D A 6 part, page turning, serial novel that is captivating the characters are awesome, too If you love reading contemporary fiction even if paranormal is new for you like it was for me you ll love this, too It includes some hot steamy romance, suspense cool modern day, hot werewolves and shifters I am now a new fan_girl for life D

    23. Wow what a great story The author put so much detail in to building this wonderful story I literally couldn t put it downafter something bad happen to her she runs away, off to college, off to the big city and never looked back but with the death of her family she is back to handle thing and yet strange things keep happening What to do Who to choice And what s next I cant wait for the next book.I was just able to get the audio book on this wow it is awesome So much fun to listen to You got to he [...]

    24. I both read the book and listened to the audio and there is one thing that remains the same across both formats Ainsley is just not a very likeable character I spent 80% of the time rolling my eyes every tie she went on with the I m not staying monologue At this point I m not sure if I want to read the next 2 parts I may actually give them a try in a couple of weeks, after all, I did enjoy the other characters.

    25. Ok, so I ve read all the episodes in this book Yes I cheated but I promise not to away any spoilers I LOVE this entire book It s very unique and different and not your typical run of the mill shifter series This is my first series by Tasha Black and she absolutely nailed this series This really is the best shifter series I ve read Oh for Pete s sake just go get it and see for yourself.

    26. The first 10% or so of this free book was a little slow, but I d recommend the reader keep going because it quickly becomes very hooky after that Big city girl returns to her small home town after her parents die and discovers she s heir to the pack she was never really part of The catch She doesn t want to embrace her wild side.

    27. Now this story is different Not finding out you were a wolf until your late teens Daddy s the alpha Try hiding what you are and what you ll become with the full moon Add a few sexy makes who would love to be alpha and a human who likes you and blends with you on so many levels But, what is it that is being sought after

    28. I found a new book boyfriend Erik is freaking hot This is a must read series It kept you wondering what s going to happen next Loved the very strong female character I can t wait read from Tasha Black I m hooked

    29. Great story but a pity there is an open ending.I was hoping somehow the story would be kind of wrapped up, but now I need to read the other books to find out what is going to happen next.Which is not bad at all since it is a good story.

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