The Optimists

The Optimists By AndrewMiller, The Optimists Clem Glass was a successful photojournalist firm in the belief that photographs could capture truth and beauty Until he went to Africa and witnessed the aftermath of a genocidal massacre Clem returns
  • Title: The Optimists
  • Author: AndrewMiller
  • ISBN: 9780156030557
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Optimists By AndrewMiller, Clem Glass was a successful photojournalist, firm in the belief that photographs could capture truth and beauty Until he went to Africa and witnessed the aftermath of a genocidal massacre Clem returns to London with his faith in human nature shattered and his life derailed Nothing work, love, sex can rouse his interest and no other outlook can restore his faith The oneClem Glass was a successful photojournalist, firm in the belief that photographs could capture truth and beauty Until he went to Africa and witnessed the aftermath of a genocidal massacre Clem returns to London with his faith in human nature shattered and his life derailed Nothing work, love, sex can rouse his interest and no other outlook can restore his faith The one person Clem is able to connect with is his sister, who has made her own sudden retreat from reality into the shadows of mental illness, and he finds some peace nursing her back to health in rural Somerset Then news arrives that offers him the chance to confront the source of his nightmares.In The Optimists, Miller explores the perilously thin line between self delusion and optimism.
    The Optimists By AndrewMiller,
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      Andrew Miller was born in Bristol in 1960 He has lived in Spain, Japan, Ireland and France, and currently lives in Somerset His first novel, INGENIOUS PAIN, was published by Sceptre in 1997 and won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Fiction, the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award and the Grinzane Cavour prize in Italy His second novel, CASANOVA, was published in 1998, followed by OXYGEN, which was shortlisted for the Whitbread Novel Award and the Booker Prize in 2001, and THE OPTIMISTS, published in 2005.

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    1. The leads in the three of Andrew Miller s novels that I ve read are plagued with emotional removal An Ingenious Pain focuses on, literally, an unfeeling doctor His second novel, Casanova in Love, is remote and cruel in its treatment of women The Optimists, which I read after its release in 2005 and again now, deals with a man, a photographer who has abandoned his craft named, with heavy authorial nod, Clem Glass and who is removed, because of trauma, from his entire world.Miller s goal is always [...]

    2. Definitely a 3.5 star review An intriguing story about a heart worn photojournalist returned from war torn Africa where he has seen, and photographed, unspeakable crimes against humanity, against individual humans whom he cannot get out of his mind Our main man, Clem s his name, is lurching around London in a bit of a fog, mostly emotional and psychological, although weather wise it s not that great either, when he gets a call from his dad, living in a cloistered religious society of about 20 ol [...]

    3. okay, it s not really a 4, but it s better than other books that i ve rated 3, sooooo only made me cringe a couple of times, and toward the end i did get the vibe that the guy just wanted it to endere were some real grasping at straws moments and, well, that s all i ll say, wouldn t want to give anything awaye protagonist is a war photographer trying to come to terms with the things that he s seenoddly coordinated with the terri gross interview yesterday of pulitzer prize winning war photographe [...]

    4. Deals with weighty subjects guilt, getting back to a normal life after major disruption, the personal vs the political, genocide, etc The various themes don t necessarily hang together all that well, and the tone of the book is like a very long short story than a fully engaging novel I like Miller s writing, and, while I didn t exactly enjoy the book, I didn t mind reading it I don t think I d wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone as a must read.

    5. WellI think this is the longest that has taken me to read a book I guess that just shows how unspecial this book was The entire plot felt messy, the dialogue felt messy, and the characters felt messy None of it drew me, but only some good things save it from me giving it 1 star I don t know what else to say about it Meh.

    6. I m not sure that The Optimists is a very fitting title for this book, since most of the main characters seemed to be very sad, pessimistic type people I enjoyed the part where the narrator took care of his sister, but it was unfortunately book ended by something very dark, where I didn t understand his motives and wished he would have let me in on what he was thinking.

    7. This is a brilliant book I love all of Millers books, he is brilliant It is your basic, is there any humanity left in the world kind of story It is shocking in some places, quite graphic, but has some good London scenes which makes the visuals very easy to imagine.

    8. It s been a while since I ve been this disappointed in a book I thought it was going to be a good one Prize winning author, great title, beautiful cover, interesting premisewhat s not to like The story is about a photographer who took pictures of a genocide in Africa and lost his faith in humanity Then he goes to the countryside to take care of his mentally ill sister Then he goes to Belgium to try to make sense of the genocide I say story because the pace is so painfully slow, the four parts ar [...]

    9. Optimisterna Andrew Miller vers ttning Ia LinISBN 978 91 85251 49 0 inb Stockholm Bromberg, 2007 Svenska 298, 1 s.Min recension En l gm ld men aldrig tr kig ber ttelse Titeln r lite f nig Temat r g r det att tro p m nskligheten, p godhet trots alla grymheter som sker i v r v rld Det r s l tt att falla i depressionens djupa h l G r det att leva ober rd Jag rekommenderar ocks Syre Oxygen av samme f rfattare.

    10. I wrote the following Book Club Discussion Questions on this book 1 Do you have a brother or sister a Tell about a time you helped them.b What fueled Clem s desire to help Clare 2 READ THE QUOTE AT THE BEGINNING OF PART ONE.a Why do journalists choose careers where they witness atrocities b How do they deal with it 3 In the author s note, Miller writes that this novel is not about the Rwandan genocide Why do you think he chose not to make the massacre itself the center of the novel Do you think [...]

    11. Andrew Miller is a precise writer It would be easy for many readers to find in his words nothing but a trove of meticulous boredom, something that is obviously crafted with care but is also not all that interesting Miller works with the oft foggy contours of human nature, so than he does with the sharp details of inciting action or significant events His works are treatises on what makes us the way we are, and how if at all we are to change It s no easy task to write about such things, or even [...]

    12. I wouldn t say I loved the Optimists by Andrew Miller, but I found it interesting It s an oddly visual novel, as the protagonist is a photographer and his sister writes about painters many of the names I looked up The photographer was in Rwanda during the genocide and the novel is a story about how he tries to process his experience.There are quite a few references to Greek mythology as well, which I must admit to liking in a novel When she leaves the mental hospital, Clare refers to three of th [...]

    13. The optimists is written from the perspective of a photographer He has witnessed a genocide, returns to the UK embittered and cannot feel any During his mission to make sure the man who caused this is dealt with it poses a really interesting moral question Was the recent genocide any worse than what happened during colonialsim He is outraged at the atrocities carried out by this dictator general A woman he meets asks the question we have to ask ourselveswas it any different really than the atroc [...]

    14. This was my first read from Andrew Miller and from the reviews on the back, I was in for a treat In the end my rating is 2.5 and although I don t necessarily regret reading this, but I found the book tedious in parts.Andrew Miller is at times beautifully poetic but his ultra descriptive style felt overkill when documenting the characters movements.Example of the good The grounds, merely impressive when they first arrived, had taken on a brief late afternoon splendour The fountains played, the b [...]

    15. I have not read Miller s previous books, nor ever heard of him until this reading However I am very glad I impulsively picked The Optomists up from a library shelf Miller is a gifted writer His story is well told, his characters engaging and some of his descriptions are just extra ordinary Descriptions I have found in this book have a perceptivity which transcends the mediocrity of the over usage of the word extraordinary.Case in Point Pg 150 He had realized last night that the drawing room was [...]

    16. I almost gave up after the first couple of chapters, probably chiefly because I was comparing it to Ingenious Pain, which is in my top ten of all time It was a case of yes, yes, he s a photographer, he s witnessed atrocities, he s come home all scarred and disenchanted, wanders around, has an unsatisfying visit with a prostitute duh anything else And yet, in telling the story of a man who thinks that to go on living is impossible and then proves himself wrong by, in fact, going on living I can t [...]

    17. This was a great summer read Miller really puts you straight into the man s skin and gets you thinking about the cyclical nature of morality Here s an excerpt that really got me You re what I call a sins of the world type Obsessed with thoughts of moral chaos Everyone guilty because everyone s the same All of us with the mark of Cain on our brows Confessing gives you some reliefI see things here, you see Real rapists, real murderers People who do appalling things to other people And when I go ho [...]

    18. Loved this It started off slow but I really got into it It s about a photojournalist who witnessed a brutal massacre that took place in a church in Africa He is changed forever by this experience and the only thing that can begin to take his mind off of it is taking care of his mentally ill sister who has recently had a relapse until he finds out the whereabouts of the person who was responsible for the massacreDon t want to give away the whole story it is definitely interesting.

    19. The character of Clem is easy to identify with as he struggles with his past, present and future The optimism hinted at in the title takes some time to manifest, but although the story can be depressing at times, it is uplifting at the end in Clem s acknowledgement that he was not a criminal He was not a saint He could not take refuge any in the purity of extreme positions This epiphany makes sense of Clem s suffering in the rest of the story and offers hope to the reader.

    20. I thought this would be a beautiful, spare, sad but uplifting book about a man who returns from photographing horros in a Rwanda like setting, and slowly heals himself by helping his sister, who is climbing out of an extreme depression It was well done, but I never managed to truly connect with characters, so it was not very moving.

    21. Beautiful writing as usual, but I didn t feel that this came together quite as well as his other book Oxygen I struggled a bit to connect with the characters which surprised me, as I had in common with them than the characters in Oxygen , and their development arc didn t seem as natural I still enjoyed this book, but perhaps not his finest work.

    22. Typical Andrew Miller he catches those human passions brilliantly and you feel completely engulfed by them, even when you are not sure which passions exactly these are Tortured people, vague endings, some British countryside cottage life scenes thrown in I definitely recommend it for a gloomy day in a London cafe or on the top floor of Waterstone s on Piccadilly.

    23. Good, but not as good as The Crossing It showed promise, but then meandered for long periods as Clem and his sister each tackled their separate demons Surprisingly, she recovered Surprisingly, he didn t.

    24. I didn t like or understand this story Clem, a photographer from London, witnesses a massacre in Africa He returns and takes care of his mentally ill sister He tries to find the murderer.

    25. This one took a while to get going, but ended up being all right Story line was very different, but interesting.

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