Threefold By Scott Hildreth, Threefold We aren t limited on how many children we love or to the love of only one parent Has society programmed us to believe we should only love one partner What if our heart fell deeply for two people Rain
  • Title: Threefold
  • Author: Scott Hildreth
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  • Page: 460
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Threefold By Scott Hildreth, We aren t limited on how many children we love, or to the love of only one parent Has society programmed us to believe we should only love one partner What if our heart fell deeply for two people Rain Bauer has had an awful life After living with her abusive stepfather for 15 years, she finally develops the courage to leave at 18 Now 22 and homeless, she yearns for chWe aren t limited on how many children we love, or to the love of only one parent Has society programmed us to believe we should only love one partner What if our heart fell deeply for two people Rain Bauer has had an awful life After living with her abusive stepfather for 15 years, she finally develops the courage to leave at 18 Now 22 and homeless, she yearns for change in her life As a young girl, she hoped for a prince, white horse, and a HEA, but it never came While sitting on a park bench contemplating change, her prince comes not on a white horse, but a Harley Davidson Ethan Hawthorne is a 32 year old Harley riding tattooed hunk After inviting her to his apartment for dinner, Rain learns Ethan and his roommate Cade are loving, caring, kind, and compassionate When she is invited to stay the night and wait out a terrible storm, the changes she has been hoping for begin to unfoldBut is she ready for what life is going to toss her way I had always hoped one day love would call my name and when it did, I d be able to answer I had no idea the call would come from two different directions at the same time Rain
    Threefold By Scott Hildreth,
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      Scott Hildreth was born into this world early and plans on leaving late Between his arrival and departure, he has written forty novels and has every intention of writing many .Despite falling in love with his wife, Jessica, late in life, Scott professes to be an authority on the subject of love, and his writing is a reflection of this belief.His preferred careers of being a biker, military hero, mafia boss, boxer, vigilante, and tattoo artist will always be favorites, but as writing has become a full time gig, he must live vicariously through the characters in his books who share his admiration for these professions.You can keep up with Scott s self published and traditionally published work here Twitter ScottDHildreth Face book OFFICIAL LIKE page for updates on released books and upcoming books facebook ScottDHildreth Facebook Author Page currently at 5,000 friend limit, but Scott invites you to come enjoy his contests, giveaways, and playful book banter facebook sdhildreth Website or to signup for Scott s newsletter scotthildreth

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    1. YAY, I GOT AN ARC M F M, Stand alone with a HEAREEFOLD BLURB Rain Bauer has had an awful life After living with her abusive stepfather for 15 years, she finally develops the courage to leave at 18 Now 22 and homeless, she yearns for change in her life As a young girl, she hoped for a prince, white horse, and a HEA, but it never came While sitting on a park bench contemplating change, her prince comes not on a white horse, but a Harley Davidson Ethan Hawthorne is a 32 year old Harley riding tatto [...]

    2. NO Rating.I find myself in a bit of aedicament at the moment, quite frankly I have spent the last ten minutes or so with my hands poised above the keyboardwith nothing actually happening on the screen.This very rarely happens to me.So, with that in mind, I m just going to say fuck it and lay it out there I had no business reading this book.Okaaaaaaaayyou say Then why did you read it Well, quite frankly, because the author asked me to.And, having read and enjoyed his book Making the Cut, I though [...]

    3. DIFFERENT TAKE ON A MENAGE The thought of having both of you in my life comforts me and makes me believe life happens for a reason.To think of only having one of you scares me RainTHE STORYRain was sexually abused by her step father from a young age,her mother wasn t interested so she left home at age 15 and lived with a friend for a while before ending up on the streets.Ethan has passed by the bench she sits on for weeks and one night when a Storm is coming he invites her home.His best friend C [...]

    4. Note this is a 3 person HEA MFM erotic romance novel So many erotic novels rely on gimmicks, strange sexual situations which would never realistically happen, or horrific tales of the heroine becoming yet another victim of Stockholm syndrome, and later falling in love with the man who kidnapped her yawn This novel is a refreshing change in that it presents the thoughts, feelings, and inner workings of three real people in one real situation In the manner it is presented, and when considering the [...]

    5. 4 Inspiring Stars The three most valid points in our life are when we re born, when we die, and when we fall in love All little girl s believe in fantasies, she s a princess and she will find her prince But what happens when a dream and a nightmare collide, in the form of a monster The fantasies of a little girl are crushed I lived with the false sence of security my castle provided until i was eight Rain She s a little girl lost, years later she is still lost She left one hell for a lesser hell [...]

    6. Ok, Ummm yeah, let s see here, ummmmm, yeah, I am pretty sure I am not going to do this one justice, because honestly I am truly kinda speechless I have read all Mr Hildreth s books and they have all touched me in some way, but this one I think, for today, is honestly my new favorite TRIUMPH That is the ONE word that I would use to describe this book.The story starts with Rain Bauer I will let Ethan start her description I have loved almost all of Mr Hildreth s female lead characters but Rain I [...]

    7. This was an incredibly unique beautiful love story So much love came from the pages The energy from it goes straight to and in my heart Wow my heart bursts out of my chest Great beautiful convincing storyline The story of love everyone should have in their life The love of three beautiful people and their perfect love The dept is huge and the story has how could it be otherwise an HEA A really mustread to everyone who believes in unconditional love

    8. Threefold was a very interesting read for me but I love this author s writing style so much he could probably write a story about two donkeys and a cat and I would love it I get lost in the descriptive prose and the philosophical analogies The story revolves around three damaged souls, all suffering from ingrained insecurities based on past experiences They are all three unique individuals with a huge capacity for love After finishing reading this book and thinking about it, all I could think of [...]

    9. For me society is stuck in believing that what is common is right and it is frowned upon to have for example 2 boyfriends Many people think it s dirty, perverted and greedy We don t just love one family member , one child or one friend so why would love be limited to one person whom we want to spend our life with I think Scott Hildreth has written an amazing book and I really hope it gets the praise it deserves.

    10. For a book like this there should be then a 5 star rating available Like most of all Mr Hildreth s books, this one invokes feeling and thoughts Feelings of sadness, compassion, admiration and most importantly unconditional love Thoughts of why people love the way they do, why people think the way they do, why people judge the way they do This book is about an unconventional type of love between three people When I first started reading this book, I was thinking it was going to be something tota [...]

    11. No RatingI ve written a review for this book three times and each time I deleted it This is number four I ve promised myself, no matter what, this one stays So, please forgive me if it s a rambling, incoherent mess I like the way Scott Hildreth writes He has a way of delivering tiny bits of wisdom to the reader as he tells a story While narrowing his focus to the characters and plot, he opens our eyes to the bigger picture of culture and society And how he did that with Rain s story broke my hea [...]

    12. This book was so good It was really different from the other m nage books I ve read, which was refreshing I loved the storyline and the characters It broke my heart for a while and there were some ugly tears, but it had an amazing HEA ending Definitely on my favourite list

    13. Love happens We don t choose love, love chooses us When the time comes, love taps us on the shoulder I think as long as we re not too preoccupied to feel the touch, love simply happens Life is a series of events, perceptions and receptions can ultimately change the outcome of these events and ultimately everything in life happens for a reason You are exactly where you are supposed to be, even if you don t understand it Threefold is a heartwarming tale of life A human being has the capacity to lo [...]

    14. Lately, I am doing lot of experiments with my reading I stay away from any book cover showing male chest so when this subtle book cover appeared in my update feeds, I felt myself drawn to it You know, omne trium perfectum is Latin phrase meaning everything that comes in three is perfect or every set of three is complete Actual quote from book Meet Ethan, Rain and Cade As I mentioned before I m experimenting and still struggled to understand dynamics of such relationship, regardless it was refres [...]

    15. I dont usually put words in when I rate my books, being a book whore I sometimes think I cannot be objective enough to give an opinion.Last night, this book, WOW If I had to put it in one word, as Rain and Ethan did with their lives in the book I would have to say, Depth Depth of charactersDepth of Polyamory relationshipsDepth of storyDepth of LifeFor the first time in all of my reading I actually coloured a note in, as it hit a new depth for me, as a deep person, that is not easy to achieve onc [...]

    16. Wellof course I LOVED IT This author took a unconventional, taboo topic love story and made it very tasteful and beautiful between 3 people that love one another I know there are those that love threesomes sexually but this was a love threesome and you can feel it through the words that was brilliantly written I m not going to lie I wanted a pregnancy out of this story just to see how they would handle it, heck I wanted Trent to move with them too, so I m just a little crazy for wanting everyone [...]

    17. This was a really nicely done story about an unconventional triad pairing The relationships felt truly genuine, and there was nary a cliche to be seen in the personalities of each character There were some insanely hot sex scenes, but it wasn t a traditional erotica book by any means.

    18. loved it great job Scott ,, this was different from the threesomes i have read in the past wasnt what i expected but the unexpected in this story rocked

    19. Where do I even begin First of all, I am ashamed to say I was doubtful about this book I didn t know if I wanted to read something that could be about a M M F relationship That s not my cup of tea, if you know what I mean With that being said, I trusted Scott and I one clicked Having read most of his books, I knew the man could write I knew he could wring emotion out of me I never expected him to make me fall in love with these three characters This book is so much than just a M M F relationshi [...]

    20. Huh well this is unexpected I rarely read stories about relationships with multiple partners or that are knowingly open Not because I have an issue with it but because having had one of my most profound and cherished relationships be one where there were three of us, and having spent most of my youth firmly encased in open relationships of my choosing, I ve found that it s best to not read things that might make me feel judged Having now spent over a decade in a relationship that has always been [...]

    21. Scott you ve gone and done it again Every time a new book is released it just gets better At the end of every one I m left speechless You are unbelievably gifted and the master of your craft Just think if there we re people with your talent the world would be a better place The world is comprised of all different types of people Regardless of how well you think you might know someone, from time to time they ll say or do something that will completely take you off guard, and change the way you l [...]

    22. I don t know where to start or what to stay other than just WOW Once again the mind of Scott Hildreth is just incredible This story just like so many other books that he has written has a unique story line that will blow you away Always taking the rare and unique and making it into one of the most beautiful love stories of all time The love that is found between the three, yes that s right the three characters is amazing Rain is a beautiful and sweet homeless girl surviving life on the streets w [...]

    23. Three different people Three very different people of varying strengths and weaknesses coming together to make such a beautiful relationship But not the kind of menage you are used to reading No This one feels REAL to me The way it grows feels like it would be in a REAL LIFE situation It grows gradual, not all at once like they are just going to jump in bed together and decide this is the way it should be First, they discover the kind of love each has for the other Cade for Rain and Ethan Rain [...]

    24. As with all of Scott s books I have read this again was a unique story and had me hooked from the start He has a way of drawing you into the characters and their stories that you can t help but be hooked.Yes this is about a M F M relationship and has some HOT scenesbut is is not about a threesome having sex it is about them all finding love with each other and being happy with each other whether society see s it as a conventional relationship or not.Rain has had a tough life, suffered abuse and [...]

    25. Scott Hildreth, dude, you blow me away Every Single Time I think I have you figured out and then you throw me a curve ball like Threefold and I think dangit.did not see this one coming at all I devoured this book Read it in one sitting I know it is billed as an erotic story but I beg to differ This is a story about humanity About how a society treats people who are different About how friendships can turn in to deep emotional love It s about people who help us find meaning in our lives The story [...]

    26. Breathtakingly beautiful The story starts off in an almost whimsical way with Rain Bauer telling us about her childhood I can almost picture it as a movie in my head with Rain as the narrator I can see her skipping through the house with her barbies and tucking them in at night All the while, the monster is there In the dark and in the shadows with its glowing eyes, waiting to pounce Then one simple act of kindness completely changes the course of three peoples lives Ethan and Cade have been fri [...]

    27. Ok so I finished this book in like 2 days but I have procrastinated on reviewing it because I didn t know where I was going to go with it So here it goes Honestly I have come to the conclusion that threesome books aren t for me Not because I am a prude and can t read about it, it is just I usually like on of the characters than another so I don t see the I like them both equally thing So that being said I won t tell you who I was Teaming for but it happened However in true Scott style the writi [...]

    28. Love this book Wow I cannot say I am surprised with the quality of writing However, the diversity that this author has is amazing This book took me on a journey through a brief portion of the lives of three individuals Although their backgrounds were extremely different and sometimes horrific, they came together to find that love had no boundaries We do have the steamy scenes thank you, sir , but the book is quite a bit softer than the others I have read from Mr Hildreth I am glad I chose to inv [...]

    29. I have to say when I purchased Three Fold I was not so sure this was going to a book for me But since I love all you books I said what the hell When I started to read this book I was sucked in from page one I didn t move from the chair until I was finished I loved this book What a love story I have say my heart did break for Ethan You never fail to give me a great book to read I think this is your best book to date You hit it out of the ball park with this book I hope people enjoy it as much as [...]

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