Beautiful Broken Things

Beautiful Broken Things By SaraBarnard, Beautiful Broken Things I was braveShe was recklessWe were troubleBest friends Caddy and Rosie are inseparable Their differences have brought them closer but as she turns sixteen Caddy begins to wish she could be a bit like
  • Title: Beautiful Broken Things
  • Author: SaraBarnard
  • ISBN: 9781509803538
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • Beautiful Broken Things By SaraBarnard, I was braveShe was recklessWe were troubleBest friends Caddy and Rosie are inseparable Their differences have brought them closer, but as she turns sixteen Caddy begins to wish she could be a bit like Rosie confident, funny and interesting Then Suzanne comes into their lives beautiful, damaged, exciting and mysterious, and things get a whole lot complicated.I was braveShe was recklessWe were troubleBest friends Caddy and Rosie are inseparable Their differences have brought them closer, but as she turns sixteen Caddy begins to wish she could be a bit like Rosie confident, funny and interesting Then Suzanne comes into their lives beautiful, damaged, exciting and mysterious, and things get a whole lot complicated As Suzanne s past is revealed and her present begins to unravel, Caddy begins to see how much fun a little trouble can be But the course of both friendship and recovery is rougher than either girl realises, and Caddy is about to learn that downward spirals have a momentum of their own.
    Beautiful Broken Things By SaraBarnard,
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    1. Not that I m complaining, but my life up to the age of sixteen had been steady and unblemished My parents were still married, my best friend had been constant for over ten years, I d never been seriously ill and no one close to me had died This book should have been right up my alley It s British YA about the jealousies, passions and conflicts involved in teen girl friendships I love books that explore this subject the way teenage girls get so wrapped up in one another, loving and hating each ot [...]

    2. AGH THIS BOOK But I have to say right up front this is a very well written and extremely hard to put down book I m not rating it particularly high, however, because this kind of story line always bothers me I don t feel like the book had any sort of conclusion And it left me feeling kind of grrr which is so ELOQUENT of me I know Okaylemme explain.This book is about friendship and growing up and trainwrecks Not literal trainwrecks FIGURATIVE ones So, because of that, it was hard to look away from [...]

    3. Beautifulhappy lovely carefree.Brokensad defeated lost.Thingscaddy rosie suzanne.I was brave.dull, nice caddy, interesting at last interesting enough, fun enough to be spontaneous to go out in the middle of night, and just talk to her best friend isn t that what everybody wants to be isn t that what being on the edge of 16 is like She was recklessabused fubar lashing out the only out suzie knew was to be different to not be herself to be free from the pain but was she holding caddy down We were [...]

    4. 5 Words Friendship, abuse, rebellion, school, family.Well, that was pretty heartbreaking.When I was reading this book, I couldn t help but think that I was reading something significant This isn t your usual story about teen romance Instead it s about all of the trials and tribulations of friendship And that friendship was so real, so complicated, that I couldn t help but smile and laugh and cry along with the ups and downs.The lack of romance in this book was refreshing The head on tackle of me [...]

    5. , this is when I need half a star so I give this book 4 1 2 stars, sort it outttttttThis book was lovely, it was quite refreshing to read a book that is centred around friendship rather than romance The friendship between the three girls is so real, you almost feel like you are part of it, Barnard is great at making you feel exactly what the characters are feeling.Suzanne made this book for me, however I think the fact that it was from Caddy s perspective made it even enjoyable for me.Bernard t [...]

    6. Beautiful Broken Things was a gorgeous read totally heartbreaking, totally heartwarming, happy, sad and all the things inbetween Yep up and down like a yo yo I was during the reading of this one And boy did I cry great big fat tears at the end I m going to miss Caddy, Rosie, Suzanne et al.Caddy and Rosie have been friends forever despite going to different schools they have their own rhymes and rhythms and know each other inside and out Enter new girl Suzanne Rosie introduces her into the mix an [...]

    7. You know when you start one of those books that you just know, you have an inner gut feeling This is gonna be a good un Well, let me tell you, this surely is.This brings out emotions in you constantly from laughter to tears of sadness.The main characters are Caddy, Rosie and Suzanne.You know or remember, those feelings you had as a teenager, wanting, noeding to be accepted by your peers Wanting everyone to like you.All those confusing thoughts that go on inside your head and worrying about what [...]

    8. BEAUTIFUL BROKEN THINGS is a book that the YA world desperately needs a book about the beauty, passion and extremities of female friendship Barnard perfectly captures the drama and chaotic emotions that contemporary girls experience in their teens and presents the reader with three complex protagonists whose relationships are built up and torn apart without reservation BBT is a deeply affecting coming of age novel free of clich , and I have not read a book in a long time that so accurately portr [...]

    9. This book is exquisite, and exactly what YA needs Books about female friendships I still can t get over how REAL this story was, every single part of it was perfectly realised It was so sophisticated in how it was written, with beautiful BEAUTIFUL prose, and yet it never once dragged and I raced through it It deals with difficult topics with sensitivity and humour, and doesn t once patronise the subjects it tackles I am so excited to see what Sara writes next This author is one to watch

    10. Wow I just need some time to get it all in This is such a heartbreaking yet beautiful writing, just like what the name has shown us Beautiful Broken Things It s a really brilliant story about true friendship and a lot of healings even though things get all messed up and in the end, we all realise how our best friends are, always coming back for us as they truly love who we are.

    11. If you re looking for books about female friendship, Beautiful Broken Things is an excellent place to start It has one of the most honest accounts of friendship I ve read so far It tackles that intense feeling experienced when one of your best friends becomes better friends with someone else and what it s like to see your friendship falling away and not knowing what to do about it.Caddy and Rosie are super close until new girl Suzanne comes along She s interesting and fun and beautiful Caddy is [...]

    12. An absolutely stunning debut by an exciting new author I was swept up in the lives of Caddy, Suzanne and Rosie from the very first page Stories about female friendships are hard to come by, especially ones with no romance, but Beautiful Broken Things fills that gap in an intensely compelling and passionate way Caddy is jealous of Suzanne, the new girl who seems to be taking her best friend Rosie away from her But this jealously ends up taking them all places they weren t expecting, when Suzanne [...]

    13. Hm Not sure how to feel about this book I didn t particularly enjoy reading it, but I felt it was important to read it.Then again, we tend to feel similarly about regular dentist visits Thus the three stars.I will say definitively and without a doubt that Beautitul Broken Things doesn t feel like a debut It felt, for all intents and purposes, like the twentieth book written by an established, confident, insightful author.Then again, we tend to say the same thing about academic studies Thus the t [...]

    14. My poor heart This is the story of best friends Caddy and Rosie and what happens to their friendship when their ranks are infiltrated by new girl Suzanne She is rebellious and restless She is erratic and emotional She is trouble and troubled She promises the lives and friendships of all those around her will never be the same again.On the surface, this seems a deceptively shallow and fluffy read I had wrongly assumed the emphasis would be on boy drama and an overdose of teenage angst In reality, [...]

    15. This review was originally posted on Young Adult At HeartA beautiful book that broke my heart, caused 1am ugly crying and hit too close to home on multiple occasions, Beautiful Broken Things is a story about that intense friendship you have in your teens and what happens when a best friend breaks your heart.I m not using my usual format to review this book because there s so much I want to talk about.First there s Caddy, our main character She s BFF with Rosie, who goes to a different school and [...]

    16. RECENZJA FILMOWA youtu 8Od7 TtgSqADa bym 5 5, ale nie mam por wnania do innych ksi ek w tym gatunku, wi c mog przecenia PZS zachowania bohater w, kt re znam ze swojego ycia porusza wa ny temat problem napi cie ro nie powoli, ale prowadzi do bardzo ciekawej kulminacji pierwsze kilkadziesi t stron, kt re trzeba przebrn NO I TO WYDANIE.

    17. The first thing that started to annoy me was Caddy s who the hell calls their kid Cadnam btw mild obsession with wanting a boyfriend and losing her virginity She s sixteen and her friends all seem to agree on this fact But this aside, Caddy was a nice character But that s pretty much all there is about her she s nice There s nothing wrong with that pers But I also didn t like any of the other characters They all seemed to have one main thing , Caddy was the nice one, Suzanne was the messed up ne [...]

    18. This was definitely a good contemporary that s very different from others Still not sure what to rate it though, need to do some thinking on this one.RTC

    19. I m a strong advocate for female friendships being represented in young adult novels, but this isn t what I had in mind Beautiful Broken Things irritated me and I feel this is one book focused on the female teen friendships that readers could have done without.The storyline is told through the eyes of Caddy, a wealthy private school student who s only complaint is that her life isn t interesting and her school uniform is hideous She has two parents who care for her, she wants for nothing but yet [...]

    20. I received this free from the publishers via NetGalleyDNF at 60 autiful Broken Things is about two best friends Rosie and Caddy whose friendship have been interrupted by Suzanne, a new girl in town Suzanne, in their eyes, is beautiful, mysterious, damaged, and exciting Suzanne s past slowly gets revealed, and things get complicated Caddy loves the new trouble in her life, and she s finally having fun I had a lot of high expectations of Beautiful Broken Things due to the many raving reviews about [...]

    21. A copy of this novel was provided by Pan Macmillan Australia for review.There was one main aspect of Beautiful Broken Things that I adored, and that was the fact that it was about friendship There is so often a focus on romance in YA books, and it s so refreshing to read about friendship, which is just as intense and important as romantic love.The friendship between Caddy, Rosie, and Suzanne was, in a word toxic In the beginning, Caddy is extremely jealous of Suzanne, because she s shiny and new [...]

    22. I love reading books set in Britain, and it s kind of a sad sentence Because despite living in the UK, and having a passion for books, I still find it difficult to find them set in Britain and written by British authors So, when I do, I snap them up pretty quickly.Beautiful Broken Things was no exception And, since it was in the Zoella Book Club last year, I thought it d be nice to pick up a book that supported a campaign to get young people reading, as well as hearing that it touches on serious [...]

    23. Beautiful Captivating Painfully real For big and bigger girls Pi kna Porywaj ca Bole nie prawdziwa Opowie o przyja ni dla du ych i wi kszych dziewczynek.

    24. She interrupted me I think it makes non sad people feel better Like they think it must be a good thing to be sad, because you re getting all this insight into real life and pain or whatever Like how people say tears are rain Fuck off Tears are just tears and they make your eyes hurt and they won t stop when you want them to.

    25. 3.5 starsThe main character isn t relatable Caddy was difficult to connect with She s determined to have some Significant Life Events because she thinks her life is boring as nothing sad or difficult has happened to her I can understand the teenage need to not be boring and to have some cool stories to tell that make you stand out, but her real craving for them wasn t always easy to understand Especially when she s comparing herself to her sister with bipolar and her best friend whose younger si [...]

    26. I have spent the last few months worried that I was going off reading Everything I picked up wasn t keeping me interested at all and I thought maybe I have saturated myself Then this beautiful little book came along.Beautiful broken things is a perfect example of why I love UKYA so much It has a brilliantly engaging story which I found myself unable to put down for very long because I was desperate to know about what was going to happen The main characters Caddy, Rosie and Suzanne drew you in f [...]

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