Paradies in Aussicht

Paradies in Aussicht By D.W. Marchwell Julia Schneider, Paradies in Aussicht Fortsetzung zu Gut zu wissen Es ist fast ein Jahr her dass William seine Eltern verloren und sein altes Leben hinter sich gelassen hat um in seine neue Heimat Kanada zu ziehen Jetzt liebt William ni
  • Title: Paradies in Aussicht
  • Author: D.W. Marchwell Julia Schneider
  • ISBN: 9781623807962
  • Page: 401
  • Format: ebook
  • Paradies in Aussicht By D.W. Marchwell Julia Schneider, Fortsetzung zu Gut zu wissen Es ist fast ein Jahr her, dass William seine Eltern verloren und sein altes Leben hinter sich gelassen hat, um in seine neue Heimat Kanada zu ziehen Jetzt liebt William nichts so sehr, wie mit seinen beiden neuen Dads zusammen zu sein Sein Onkel Jerry hat ihn adoptiert und David Loewenberger geheiratet und William erf hrt endlich, wie es istFortsetzung zu Gut zu wissenEs ist fast ein Jahr her, dass William seine Eltern verloren und sein altes Leben hinter sich gelassen hat, um in seine neue Heimat Kanada zu ziehen Jetzt liebt William nichts so sehr, wie mit seinen beiden neuen Dads zusammen zu sein Sein Onkel Jerry hat ihn adoptiert und David Loewenberger geheiratet und William erf hrt endlich, wie es ist, Teil einer Familie zu sein,Doch obwohl die beiden M nner ihn mit Liebe und F rsorge bersch tten, ist William einsam Erst als er Cory trifft, einen Sch ler der High School und Trainerassistent in Williams Fu ballteam, f ngt William an, sich nach einem Bruder zu sehnen Er ahnt nicht, dass sein Wunsch tats chlich in Erf llung gehen k nnte Doch zuerst muss William einige wichtige Lektionen ber die Liebe und das Leben lernen.
    Paradies in Aussicht By D.W. Marchwell Julia Schneider,
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      401 D.W. Marchwell Julia Schneider
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      When D W Marchwell is not teaching future generations the wonders of science, he can usually be found hiking, writing, riding horses, trying new recipes, or searching for and lovingly restoring discarded antique furniture A goofy and incurable romantic, D.W admits that his stories are inspired by actual events and has a soft spot for those where boy not only meets boy but also turns out to be boy s soul mate After almost fifteen years of working his way across Canada, D.W has finally found the perfect place to live at the foot of the Canadian Rockies He still can t believe how lucky he is, and, as his grandmother taught him, counts his blessings every day.

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    1. 3.5This was a lovely follow on to book one.Jerry and David are still the perfect couple.William is still my favourite, and it was lovely to see him start to grow.Cory is an amazing boy man Instead of bowing to pressure and the ugliness of life, Cory tried to fight back Luckily for him he met William, and was given the opportunity to be the man he was destined to be.I would of liked to of seen a little on how things were handled with the school regarding Cory It just felt like Jerry and David le [...]

    2. REALLY not my cup of tea It wasn t a bad story although I would guess that the previous story was better but like a good few of these gay family contemporaries, it s so full of sugar that I felt i was going into diabetic shock The gay husbands did nothing but bill and coo and tell each other how beautiful they were, and how good a father they were to their incredibly short son, and they all spent all their other time either having mind blowing sex or telling said son how wonderful HE is.There wa [...]

    3. I m a fan of Good to Know and I enjoyed reading An Earlier Heaven It s nice to revisit of characters and a continuation of the storyline My reason for not giving a higher rating is that the two boys seem a little to perfect For Cory, a boy that has been beaten for the last six years by his father, lost his mother, and is subjected to constant ridicule by this classmates seem to polite, nice, and well adjusted He should be showing signs of psychological trauma Abuse Mood swings, outburst, abusiv [...]

    4. Good to Know was pretty amazing and this one certainly keeps up that momentum.William really doesn t have an easy time, but he s got two dads who love him to bits and that makes up for a lot.I see a D.W.Marchwell book and I buy it Don t even need to read the blurb.I know I ll enjoy it and lose sleep because I want to finish it so badly.

    5. Good to Know begins with Jerry McKenzie, an artist who is known for being a recluse and anti social, gets a surprising gift on his doorstep his school age nephew, William Jerry has no idea how to raise a child, or even if he wants to keep him, so he grabs on to the first person offering help David David is William s teacher and wants to be sure that William is being taken care of after hearing his story so he does what every good teacher would do, he swings by Jerry s house for a home visit and [...]

    6. The star character of this sequel is William, who previously wasn t explored as much as I had hoped We largely saw him from the outside in and rarely got a glimpse into the difficulties of his new life He plays a large part here, as we see him struggle to understand the very adult situation that his friend Cory is going through and issues that he is finally starting to work through, like death It made me remember when I was young and wanted to know everything that was going on even though I was [...]

    7. It s been a while since I read the first story, Good to Know, and so maybe my comparison is a bit off flawed due to my memory, but An Earlier Heaven felt like it moved much slower all the way through Slow enough that I actually read some other stories while I was in the middle of this one, which I almost never do There were several internal thought type passages that felt relatively extraneous and repetitive, and their removal might have helped fix the pacing of the story for me.You don t get to [...]

    8. I loved the first novel in this series, Good to Know, so much that I was a little wary of reading this sequel because I really, really didn t want to be disappointed I wasn t The story picks up about a year after the first and showcases how the small family has grown and come together, even so far as adding an at risk teen to the mix While there is no great conflict to overcome, there certainly is serious and familiar drama that the family must face and help young William to cope with And Mr Mar [...]

    9. I actually liked the sequel better than the originalfunnily enough The charaters were rounded, I founded it easier to read the story as a whole and the only thing I could have asked for was a relaxed ending, it just felt a little rushed A good, relaxing story with all the ups and downs of real family life Nx

    10. Sometimes the sequel doesn t live up to the original story but I really enjoyed this second visit to Jerry, David and William Cory was a great friend for William and this lovely family just gets stronger and stronger I m glad to know I still have one book to read in this series and I m really looking forward to it.

    11. I really like the story itself, but there s something about the writing that just doesn t click with me If you re looking for a sweet story though, it fits the bill.

    12. sighs That is the happy sigh of reading such a great book I loved this sequel I loved reading about David and Jerry and the family that they made.

    13. Once again D.W Marchwell has shown himself to be a master at taking us right into the hearts of minds of the people that come to life in his books One of Marchwell s strongest points is the depth, emotional and otherwise, that we experience He s an observer and he knows people he takes us with him as he explores his characters and their lives, what makes them tick.I was somewhat trepidatious to dive into An Earlier Heaven, the sequel to his first book Good to Know, mostly because I didn t know i [...]

    14. Una famiglia felice soltanto un paradiso in anticipo.Ecco la frase incorniciata che d il titolo al romanzo ed ci per cui Jerry e David devono lottare quotidianamente ottenere un pezzetto di paradiso, di pace e serenit tutto per loro.Ritroviamo i nostri eroi quasi un anno dopo averli salutati in Buono a sapersi e ora Jerry e David sono sposati, Jerry ha ufficialmente adottato William e la loro nuova vita si sta assestando, anche se il ruolo di genitori una sfida continua soprattutto per Jerry, ch [...]

    15. Avis aux lectrices, ce livre est le tome 2 d une trilogie, je vous recommande de lire le premier bon savoir avant d entamer celui ci car vous risqueriez d tre un peu perturb es par certains passages qui reviennent sur leur pass commun.Dans le premier tome nous avions appris conna tre David et Jerry, hommes dans la quarantaine aux antipodes l un de l autre mais qui vont gr ce William se rencontrer, se d couvrir et surtout s aimer Nous retrouvons notre couple mari au moment o nous l avons laiss , [...]

    16. This book is the sequel of Good to Know, and you must read the first book to understand it Starting one year after the first book, it s another great story, of two married men and their eleven years old kid I recommend it to everyone searching a good romance, with any angst There is just a quick drama when a new character is added to the story Cory, a teenager and friend of Willian If I like so much why I m not giving than 3 stars and to be honest almost gave just 2 My first problem is all the [...]

    17. Seguito del romanzo Buono a sapersi , troviamo ancora Jerry e David alle prese con l adolescenza di William, con l aggiunta di un nuovo personaggio, Cory, un sedicenne in difficolt.In questo romanzo, viviamo la vita quotidiana di questa coppia speciale che sta facendo di tutto per dare un adolescenza perfetta ad un ragazzino di undici anni molto pi maturo della sua et anagrafica.Direi che se la cavano molto bene, soprattutto perch affrontano diverse prove davvero difficili anche nelle famiglie e [...]

    18. As far as sequels go, this one was a really cute one I really liked seeing the family Jerry, David and William created I felt just awful for Cory, and I 100% do not get how or why they let that principle get away with being as nasty he was to Cory AND about David and Jerry If I were them I wouldn t have let him say such nasty things and treat Cory the way they did, I hate when the bad guys in books don t get the karmatic smack down that they deserve I also didn t understand the law where it said [...]

    19. I love this series, the idea of two older men, their relationship, a family with William, then how Cory figures into their family, the issues he has to deal with, how that affects William, and the fact that Jerry and David would love it if they did not have to expose William to anything unhappy if they could and don t we all feel that way about the innocence in life.These are great characters, very real situations, and I really like the way it is dealt with this is one of those books where I was [...]

    20. William is such a sweetheart I want to adopt him myself I have really enjoyed watching the relationship between William and his dads develop over time Jerry s love for William and insecurities about being a good father never failed to tug at my heartstrings I love these two Jerry s relationship with his husband, David, is sweet and satisfying as well, but didn t hold my interest as much I would have enjoyed this book just as much without any of the sex scenes That s actually a testament to how w [...]

    21. 4.5 upped to a 5 Great sequel to Good To Know I love D.W s writing style and the characters he created, they re like familiar friends in my life now It was great seeing things from William s point of view and adding Cory into the mix, as well Jerry and David are still a fabulous couple and I loved the strides they ve made in their relationship and the pride and love they have for their son I also have to admit to connecting so much with this book because of the location and the familiarity with [...]

    22. This sequel of Good to Know furthers the story of David, Jerry, and William as they continue their lives together.I had to stop many times while reading both of these titles, mostly because I can only hope that my life will find that happiness that David, Jerry and William found in each other This time around, the story is told from the perspectives of each of the characters William, David, Jerry, and a new face, Cory The troubles they go through will pull at your heartstrings and at the end you [...]

    23. I think I loved this sequel than the first book The story switched off points of view even including William s the son which provides greater insight into each of the characters Jerry and David are already an established couple in this sequel and there s no angst in their relationship The angst comes in the form of life s trials that affect their son and how they go about dealing with each of those The addition of Cory to the story was a welcome surprise as is learning there s one book in the [...]

    24. A continuation of the Good To Know series when we meet again artist Jerry who is now partner of David raising young William William though very intelligent has few friends and is somewhat shy The only friendship that William seems to have is with is polite and kind hearted teen Cory Cory is 16 and teaches William or Billiam as he calls him soccer and Cory seems to be hiding a secret about his home lifewhat could it be and how will it affect William and his dads Love this series and it s indeed [...]

    25. 4 1 2 stars I loved this book and can hardly wait to dig into ROOTS AND WINGS, the third book in the series Mr Marchwell develops such wonderful characters you just don t want to leave them behind when a book ends As a series, it s almost like memories that we love to go over again and again, to recall what happened next and how what looked like a terrible situation actually turned out well or at least all right in a different way Please see my complete review at mrsconditreadsbooks index March [...]

    26. The only thing that annoyed me was the numerous sex scenes I skipped those a lot because I really wanted to know what happened to Cory I love it when a good guy getting all the tough breaks gets rescued by loving people I just couldn t get there fast enough because Jerry and David kept mauling each other in detail.Overall it was a sweet and wonderful story with some heart breaking scenes from William and Cory.

    27. Very nice sequel to Good to Know I love Mr Marchwell s writing, it s flows so effortlessly and doesn t distract from the story The characters in An Earlier Heaven are very likable, entertaining, and fully developed I look forward to reading from Mr Marchwell I give An Earlier Heaven three stars.

    28. I liked this story although not as much as I wanted to The MCs are nice, likable men and William is a cutie but the Dad s really need to get over their fixation on just how short William is After a while the short issue was annoying to read I did however like the addition of Cory and look forward to the next story in the series.

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