Survivor By Octavia E. Butler, Survivor Know Thy EnemyThey fled from an Earth ravaged by plague and violence seeking to fulfill their holy mission to discover a new home for humanity But instead of landing in a peace filled paradise Earth
  • Title: Survivor
  • Author: Octavia E. Butler
  • ISBN: 9780451086730
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
  • Survivor By Octavia E. Butler, Know Thy EnemyThey fled from an Earth ravaged by plague and violence, seeking to fulfill their holy mission to discover a new home for humanity But instead of landing in a peace filled paradise, Earth s Missionaries find themselves caught between two warring civilizations the Garkohn and Tehkohn And only one of the people from Earth, a young girl and converted MiKnow Thy EnemyThey fled from an Earth ravaged by plague and violence, seeking to fulfill their holy mission to discover a new home for humanity But instead of landing in a peace filled paradise, Earth s Missionaries find themselves caught between two warring civilizations the Garkohn and Tehkohn And only one of the people from Earth, a young girl and converted Missionary named Alanna, has the proper survival training to see through the lies of their Garkohn hosts, who extend the hand of friendship to the humans only to enslave them Alanna alone can understand the necessity of becoming one with the Tehkohn enemy And, perhaps, she can find a way to release the Missionaries from the deadly bondage into which they have complacently fallen Yet even if she succeeds, will Alanna merely be saving them for a still inescapable doom .
    Survivor By Octavia E. Butler,
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      Octavia E. Butler

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    1. Octavia E. Butler

      octaviabutler Octavia Estelle Butler was an American science fiction writer, one of the best known among the few African American women in the field She won both Hugo and Nebula awards In 1995, she became the first science fiction writer to receive the MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant.

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    1. I had my first encounter with Octavia Butler last March when I read Wild Seed, the first book in the Patternist series I was completely blown away by her storytelling and her imagination I promptly went out and purchased the omnibus version of the series, Seed to Harvest I thoroughly enjoyed all the books Somewhere along the way, I learned that there was one book in the series that had been left out of the collection, Survivor Butler hated the book so much, she never allowed it to be reprinted O [...]

    2. Survivor lies tangential to the rest of the Patternist books, which I recently read in internal chronological order When you tease them back into published order, with Patternmaster being published first, all the subsequently published Patternists books exist to explain it.Survivor isn t as weird as Patternmaster, as promising as Mind of My Mind, as twisted as Clay s Ark or as brilliant as Wild Seed, so I suppose that in that way it is also the odd book out of the Patternist cycle, although I th [...]

    3. reviewstaphorosis 1.5 starsA one way colony ship of religious missionaries lands on an Earth like planet and find an immediate ally in a local tribe Alanna, a once wild young human woman, is captured by an enemy tribe When she is released she must find a way to sort out prejudices and enmities among the three groups.Octavia Butler is said to have disowned this story, and to have called it her Star Trek novel It s easy to see why this is not a good book.In terms of continuity there are minor ment [...]

    4. Octavia Butler is one of my favorite authors, and this book is famously her worst one she herself was seemingly embarrassed of it, requesting that it not be reprinted It s been out of print since 1981, so you can imagine my glee when I was browsing the local library recently and came across a copy of it one of only two Butler books they had on the shelf Even better, the last Butler book I read was Clay s Ark, the book preceding this one in the Patternist series So I got my hands on it and checke [...]

    5. Wow, I didn t know this book existed, and then it was virtually impossible to find a copy without paying 100 or I finally got it through ILL from UCLA It was so worth the trouble I enjoyed evey page It tied in nicely with Patternmaster and Clay s Ark I felt the main character s angst Finally fitting in Finding love and peace Being an individual Hard choices Loyalties divided.

    6. I can completely see why Butler didn t want Survivor republished The main character, Alanna, is forced against her will to sleep with an alien, Diut They then form a relationship and have a child together, and Alanna has deep feelings of love and trust by the end, convincing Diut to remain with her, like a marriage.Alanna doesn t ever think back to that first moment at all She doesn t have any doubts Which is bizarre because when Diut takes her, she is thinking of a previous time when she was ra [...]

    7. So I finally finished the patternmaster series Not really a series, as there s no big finale but all the books are linked I have heard that Butler didn t like this book and didn t want it to be printed again I m not sure why.The only problem I had with it was the changing narrator She went from 1st person with a human, to 1st person with an alien, and then to 3rd person It was a bit jarring at times Sometimes she would label the chapter with the narrators name but then she would change to 3rd pe [...]

    8. Went back and forth about whether I should read this, since she disowned it It s true that it s not as meaty, engrossing, or well written as her other work I knew it took place in the Patternmaster universe, but I didn t know that it also took place in the world of her novella A Necessary Being, which was discovered and released in Unexpected Stories a few years ago One of the two Hao characters from that story, Diut, is a main character in Survivor Not a must read, except for Butler completists [...]

    9. This book is in the Patternist series, chronologically fourth, but has very little in common with the others A group of humans has left Earth in an attempt to escape the Clayark disease, but have arrived on a new planet only to find themselves smack dab in the middle of alien clan wars This is a story of how intolerance and prejudice will bring a people down while acceptance of differences can lead to strength and happiness As always, Butler is the master of complex relationships and alien lifef [...]

    10. As always, Butler s character driven plotting and alien while still poignantly human worlds keep me hooked This is a pleasant read, full of thought provoking social commentary and plain old fashioned awe Plus references to her earlier work, Clay s Ark.

    11. this may have been Butler s least favorite book and, while it s not as enthralling as several of her other novels, it s still gripping and fantastic than many other sff books I ve read over the past five years if you re in nyc, you can read it at the Schomburg library.

    12. Well, that s what I get As I mentioned in my two previous reviews, there are five parts to Octavia Butler s Patternist series, but only four of them in print bound together in a set now called Seed to Harvest To get the fifth book, this book, the one Butler intentionally removed from print, you have to do a bit of back alley workarounds, either finding a PDF and reading it on your tablet, or doing like I did, taking said PDF and smashing it down into a Word doc and reading it on your archaic ere [...]

    13. Octavia Butler herself did not much like this book Because of that, it was hard to find since it is out of print due to her wishes I was hoping I would like it, but I did not I found the characters to not be very interesting, nor the story It is considered to be part of the Patternmaster series but the connection is minor and doesn t add anything to the other books.

    14. Octavia Butler referred to this as her Star Trek novel, and never allowed a reprint beyond the original hardbound and paperback editions That s a shame, as it s still a good story, very well written However, it does lack some of the cohesion of her other work This is an alien world story, but few of the elements seem particularly alien this is the Star Trek aspect that she didn t like Emotions are generally human, or, worse, aspire to be human This feels like an experiment, the author working th [...]

    15. This Octavia Butler novel, the 3rd book written in the Patternmaster Patternist series, was published in 1978 Butler had previously published Patternmaster 1976 and its prequel, Mind of my Mind 1977 , so it seems this would have also been the 3rd book in terms of the series time plot lines But interestingly enough, this novel was disowned by the author, and is left out of the Seed to Harvest omnibus containing the rest of the Patternist novels It is the 3rd novel I ve read by the author after de [...]

    16. I abandoned this about 80 pages in, after attempting to read it for 2 or 3 weeks, which is about how long it took me to get through Clay s Ark, the previous book in this series, that I also wound up really disliking I can see why Butler later disowned this book and didn t want it back in print Mostly as a reader I just couldn t get into the story and the themes Stockholm syndrome, addiction, race and interbreeding with other species races were unpleasant and unrewarding for me as a reader I coul [...]

    17. This book was awful by OEB s standards It was still better than a lot of sci fi out there, but that s not saying much Luckily, it was a very early novel and she clearly improved her technique later on There were some really interesting ideas and, as always, she made parallels to social issues we deal with today There was so much confusing lingo that wasn t explained in a timely manner that it took the fun out of the story That s another thing there was no fun in the story no beauty, just a stark [...]

    18. I enjoyed this much than I expected to given that Octavia Butler reportedly disliked it, deliberately chose to let it go out of print, and described it as her Star Trek story It s an entertaining adventure Perhaps without the layers of meaning one can find in her other works, but an enjoyable read I find it interesting how most of the sexual relationships she depicts are also power relationships.

    19. This is the one that Butler did not want to have reissued in the Patternmaster series I kept trying to figure out why, but there s no way to know It s bizarre and original like most of her stuff Alanna is the survivor who survives homelessness on a savage Earth, as a missionary child on an alien planet and as an alien amongst the inhabitants of the planet.

    20. The resistance and the love that are possible between people of unequal power, who are alien to each other.

    21. I don t understand why Butler disavowed this novel What was so seriously wrong with it that she couldn t stand for it to be reprinted or sold any I read somewhere that she referred to it as her Star Trek novel, indicating that her dislike stemmed from the story s lack of originality And perhaps that is true If it is, however, I haven t read enough, or invested enough, in science fiction to notice this includes Star Trek I can say that while I was reading, I found Alanna s character problematic S [...]

    22. 5 10 This book is out of print because the author hates it, but there are online copies She said it was her Star Trek novel with cliches of primitive space aliens being colonized by humans This could be a Star Trek episode, but I would like to see a Star Trek episode with an Octavia Butler spin on it It s a pretty good, albeit old style, science fiction story I like the three way conflict between humans and two different groups of aliens I like the insidious way the humans are entrapped by seemi [...]

    23. While this story is not what I would consider one of Butlers necessary reads, I did enjoy it quite a bit I d recommend survivor to those who love Butler s other works or to anyone who is fortunate enough to find a copy of it in the library Not quite as descriptive or dark as her other works and a much quicker read 4.5 Stars

    24. Maybe it s because I ve only read one other book by Octavia Butler, but I thought Survivor was pretty neat I ve read why she said she disowned it But I don t get it I suppose I ll have a better understanding once I dig further into the Patternmaster series.

    25. it was one of those so this is what happens next thingsGood setting but really to main human traits transfered to an alien for a story line that could have been set in a wild west western

    26. Trigger warning for rape in this book I had to dig this one out through interlibrary loan and then, for a copy to reread, eBay , because Butler didn t want it reprinted And I can see where she s coming from there s pretty dubious science involved, and it s certainly not a necessary read in the Patternmaster series, occurring as it does off Earth.That said, she still instilled it with the usual intriguing ideas you can find in her works My best summary of Octavia Butler is that she investigates t [...]

    27. Octavia Butler writing style differs from many other African American female writers since it is in a class of its own She is noted for writing science fiction fantasy But while reading also Lilith s Brood series, this book has many similarities and parallels to this series as an aftermath to me She intermixes biblical aspects with science, dominance of alien like creatures over human vessels, and sort of matrix like elements whereas Alanna learns that her mission is not necessarily following th [...]

    28. Alanna, once a wild human on earth, is one of the missionaries that arrived on another planet The planet is inhabited by two groups, the Garkohn and the Tehkohn Neither group trusts the other and to survive in one group, is to become an enemy of the other Will Alanna be able to survive this wild terrain, or will she die at the hands of an enemy that she thought was a friend This book is a spin off of the Patternmaster series I have to admit, that I didn t read the Patternmaster series before sta [...]

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