L'invito By Ruth Ware Valeria Galassi, L invito UN DEBUTTO EDITORIALE UNICO Giovane scrittrice Nora era stata invitata all addio al nubilato di una vecchia compagna di scuola Clare Nora non vuole andare non ha voluto tenere i contatti ed evidente
  • Title: L'invito
  • Author: Ruth Ware Valeria Galassi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • L'invito By Ruth Ware Valeria Galassi, UN DEBUTTO EDITORIALE UNICO Giovane scrittrice, Nora era stata invitata all addio al nubilato di una vecchia compagna di scuola Clare Nora non vuole andare, non ha voluto tenere i contatti ed evidente che successo qualcosa di brutto allora, ma poi si convince e insieme ad un altra amica del liceo, Nina, con cui rimasta in amicizia, parte per la casa nei boschi cheUN DEBUTTO EDITORIALE UNICO Giovane scrittrice, Nora era stata invitata all addio al nubilato di una vecchia compagna di scuola Clare Nora non vuole andare, non ha voluto tenere i contatti ed evidente che successo qualcosa di brutto allora, ma poi si convince e insieme ad un altra amica del liceo, Nina, con cui rimasta in amicizia, parte per la casa nei boschi che li ospiter nel weekend Ma qualcosa va storto durante un gioco di societ in cui tutti bevono troppo, vengono rivelati segreti e rancori del passato durante un temporale salta la corrente e in una seduta spiritica emerge un oscuro avvertimento nella casa c un assassino Niente come sembra e Nora dovr cercare di ricostruire i fatti e capire chi la vuole incastrare.
    L'invito By Ruth Ware Valeria Galassi,
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      Ruth Ware Valeria Galassi

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    1. Ruth Ware Valeria Galassi

      Ruth Ware grew up in Sussex, on the south coast of England After graduating from Manchester University she moved to Paris, before settling in North London She has worked as a waitress, a bookseller, a teacher of English as a foreign language and a press officer She is married with two small children, and In a Dark, Dark Wood is her d but thriller.Find her on twitter at twitter ruthwarewriter, on facebook at facebook ruthwarewriter or via her website ruthware

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    1. I don t think I ve disliked a protagonist as much as Nora, the main character in In a Dark, Dark Wood, in ages Earlier this year, I found Rachel, the protagonist of The Girl on the Train, to be annoying and very unlikable, but I didn t hate her To be fair, I didn t hate Nora so much as find myself repulsed by her She is a 26 year old woman who is still haunted by and distraught over a break up that happened when she was 16 Yes, 16 What kind of loser is so affected by an adolescent relationship t [...]

    2. this is a truly beautiful ARC, one of the nicest i ve seen it s all textured and graphically pleasing and nice to touch and hold but the story didn t really meet my expectations i m giving it a three, but it is a low three it is an incredibly fast read, and if you are looking for something in that vein a fast paced page turner mystery thing, this may well satisfy you but be forewarned it is not a creepy book, or even remotely spooky, as the cover and epigraph seem to suggest In a dark, dark wood [...]

    3. Honestly one of the worst books I have read this year, and I definitely cannot recommend it as a tense crime novel In a Dark, Dark Wood is the antithesis of what a thriller should be It s hugely predictable, very slow paced, has big plot holes, and was downright boring.I found the writing style to be quite amateurish, and the characters very immature and one dimensional These women are supposed to be adults, and in their mid to late twenties yet they came across as judgemental, bitchy, under con [...]

    4. 3 3.5 This book left me in such anger The beginning was so fast and I was so sucked in and then the middle left me feeling lethargic and as if I were reading as I was walking through mud Then the end The end totally blew my mind I couldn t believe it happened the way it did Would I recommend Yeah, probs The assortment of characters are absolutely uncanny Such a strange cast of characters but when written together it was absolutely perfect Ugh I liked it and then I hated it I love how it all came [...]

    5. This was a mediocre story that had all the makings of something better than it was I would describe it as a light mystery It wasn t a thriller It wasn t dark or scary The voice of the narrator was lovely, the music at the beginning and end creepy but the story itself was slow and a bit clunky at timeslled with constant chatting done by characters who were each a bit odd and behaved in a way that was both catty and juvenile It reminded me first of an Agatha Christie mystery, then of a show like P [...]

    6. 2.5 stars This was a quick and easy read I feel that my lack of enthusiasm for this book was largely affected by my expectations being set too high I really wanted to like this book than I did I really enjoyed this author, Ruth Ware s, second novel The Woman in Cabin 10 I was expecting of that heart pounding, suspenseful writing that kept me on the edge of my seat, however, I couldn t help but feel underwhelmed upon finishing this book This story dragged on and was somewhat predictable to the [...]

    7. After a bachelorette Hen party, Lenora wakes up in a hospital bed badly bruised and confused with a bandaged head and memory loss and when she overhears a devastating police conversation outside her door, she begins to piece together the nightmare of a weekend that brought her there.Based on the title, In The Dark Dark Wood and the great eerie book cover, I was hoping for creepiness and devilment in the snowy outdoors, but instead received a fair to middling somewhat predictable crime mystery th [...]

    8. Warning Review may contain spoilers Damnnnnnnnnn WTF did i just read OMG this is so creppy and amazing D and mindblowing wow i m at loss of words This book is a crime novel an absorbing, genious thriller in which, halfway through, a big twist upends everything Spoiler alert I plan to discuss that twist below The story is being told by Nora s POV she is an author , insecure woman haunted by her past , one day she recieved an Email from Flo inviting her to clare s wedding , the bride Clare is havi [...]

    9. There have been many reviews for the regular book version of IN A DARK, DARK WOOD by Ruth Ware, but my review is for the audio version I have had the actual book for awhile now and for some reason, every time I picked it up I just could not stay with it due to my unfortunate yet seasonably short attention span As happens so many times, a beautifully made audio version of the same book will quickly suck me in, even if I just read the same words myself and they seemed so uninteresting in my own he [...]

    10. This is a tough one I had high expectations for In A Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware, but I must be honest I m extremely disappointed with this clunky novel I had 2 main problems The first being, the writing I will say I did enjoy the plot, even though the pay off was mediocre at best This is the story of a hen night bachelorette party for us Americans in the English countryside gone awry The beginning was fast paced and sucked me in, but halfway through, the plot started to cave in on its self I f [...]

    11. In a Dark, Dark WoodWhat originally lured me to this novel was the synopsis what should be a cozy and fun filled weekend deep in the English countryside takes a sinister turn , good enough Sounded like a nice to way to immerse myself in some fluffy, brain candy kind of story Unfortunately my enthusiasm was short lived.Perhaps I am on the wrong demographic for this novel, but I found this book tedious, repetitive and frankly not very original The writing was subpar bordering on mediocre, and the [...]

    12. I would like to thank Random House UK, Vintage Publishing for allowing me the copy to read and review This makes forcompulsivereading.Lee is a writer, she lives on her own.Likes to run.She gets invited out of the blue to an old friends hen do, from Flo the Matron of Honor Something happened between her old friend and herself.They have not seen each other for around 10 years.She contacts another friend to find out if she has been invited too And they both decide to go together.The place they have [...]

    13. Seriously addictive and with such a gorgeous flow that you could easily read it in one sitting if you have a free afternoon, In a Dark Dark Wood is definitely up there with the best psychological thrillers I have read.It is beautifully character driven to the point that even inanimate objects become characters in their own right most especially the dark dark house mentioned in the blurb which takes on a life of its own and is so deliciously creepy that there is a touch of cinematic horror story [...]

    14. Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum 3.5 StarsI haven t been able to break the 10 reviews behind mark these last couple of months and since this one already has 10,000 it probably doesn t need whatever idiocy I can spew out about it to help sell copies, so I m going to barf out something real quick here in order to hopefully not spend the first half of 2018 trying to play catch up In A Dark Dark Wood is a book that I spent the better part of the year waiting for my turn to come around at the [...]

    15. My sincere thanks to Edelweiss and Scout Press, a division of Simon Schuster for providing the e galley of In a Dark, Dark Wood to be published August 4, 2015.Have you ever had a falling out with a friend that you were really tight with That s what happened to Lenora Shaw Clare Cavendish had been her best friend since they were kids and then in their teen years all went to pot Imagine her surprise when out of the blue she gets an email from a woman named Flo inviting her to a hen do British bach [...]

    16. I thought this book would be a thriller and dark Instead it turned out to boring and the characters were chatty and got on my nerves Instead of calling it a Hen party, it sound have been called a Bitch party All of the ladies were bitchy and mean The chapters are short but the book still felt like it was a long read Nothing really happened until about mid way Which by than I was so over the characters that I did not care what happened to them I jumped to the last few chapters of the book because [...]

    17. A creepy hen party, a few unlikely invitees A secret agenda A spooky glass house An atmospheric forest Entertaining yesPsychological thriller yesPredictable yesProgrammatic yesCover magnificent A middle of the road novel A good read, and for some, a surprising ending But I saw the ending coming in the beginning The drawn out denouement was annoyingly contrived to keep the suspense up was just too obvious And the so called secret was also clear from the start Yawn.And that s it Nevertheless, a co [...]

    18. I was expecting something a little original when picking this up But sadly it fell into the same rote, formulaic structure of most unreliable narrator murder mysteries these days The writing was decent but definitely nothing spectacular, and it couldn t redeem the book from being anything but ordinary It s not a bad book by any means, but if you ve read Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train you won t find anything particularly special here Sure, it was enjoyable enough, but by the last third of th [...]

    19. In a Dark, Dark Wood is a mystery thriller novel written by author Ruth Ware I enjoyed this reading experience so much From the first chapter, my mind was already trying to strategically figure out the who, what, when, and why of this slow to be revealed mystery There are two parallel time frames only a few days apart from each other, and in my opinion they both contribute a grave amount of suspense Something has happened, and snippets are revealed leisurely As you read, you realize the author i [...]

    20. I feel like the mystery wasn t shocking in any way, but Ware did a great job in building motive for every character so I was always wondering what the truth of things really was A few elements felt kind of dropped, but upon reflection I can see they were included in order to justify the characters actions and throw off the reader I do think it was a well constructed mystery, just not that mindblowing.The plot turned out to be something totally different than what I was expecting, but something I [...]

    21. This book started off with a bang quick fast paced then in the middle i felt that it went into a lull then at the end it just went BANG HERE WE GO i must say i hated al the characters but i could not stop reading i was obsessed with what was happening to who there was MURDER, jealousy secrets you name it this had it although i did pick the perp but that didn t bother me i did not think the characters jelled very well there was a lot of dysfunction throughout but was a compelling read Ruth ware s [...]

    22. 3.5 stars Really great for an airplane beach type read It unravels a bit towards the end and pretty early on it seems clear what s happened and definitely telegraphed by three quarters through , so I felt a bit impatient for things to be resolved , but it s a fast paced Agatha Christie ish mystery that keeps your attention with an enjoyable narrative voice Also well plotted and written overall it s hard to sustain suspense with first person narration in which the POV character knows something sh [...]

    23. After reading and reviewing The Woman in Cabin 10, I was intrigued enough by Ruth Ware s writing to seek out her debut novel Overall, it was an okayish read for my Saturday morning and I did gulp it down in one sitting, but I cannot say that I was scared in any way I guess I don t really understand why a person Nora would accept the invitation from Flo to attend the hen party bachelorette party for a girl Clare that she hasn t seen or talked to since high school.Nor do I really understand these [...]

    24. Tore through this one Sunday this past summer Flo chilled me to my bones I KNOW a Flo Tight writing, moments of levity sprinkled through out Great, delicious thriller to hunker down with on a cold, cold weekend

    25. Leonora Shaw is a solitary woman She writes crime novels for a living from her miniscule flat in London She is a runner another solitary pursuit She wasn t always a private, solitary person Back at school, she had a social life, a best friend, Clare AND a boyfriend, James Officially her name is Leonora, but Clare calls her Lee, and James always calls her Leo Leo, Clare, and James have a secret.Then James and Leo break up It wasn t her choice, he dumped her by text Even ten years later she has ne [...]

    26. Ooh, this was a fun, spooky novel, and it was a good read before Halloween The story is that Leonora, a writer who lives alone in London, is surprised to get an email inviting her to an old friend s hen weekend at a cabin in the woods since I am not British and had to look this up, let me share that a hen party is similar to a bachelorette party Clare was Leonora s best friend when they were children, but they haven t spoken in years Leonora is puzzled why she is invited to the girls outing, esp [...]

    27. , Independent hot , Top Ten Publishers Weekly, Entertainment Weekly, BookReporter New York Post , , , 400 , 5 10 88.0 .

    28. It was growing dark, and somehow the shadows made it feel as if all the trees had taken a collective step towards the house, edging in to shut out the sky This is an atmospherically oddball psychological mystery suspense novel that I likedd at the same time I fucking hated Like I m so torn Save me Here s the problem The main protagonist, Nora, is a fucking loser I m just going to put it out there She s a loser She s 26 years old and still pining away for the boyfriend she had when she was 16 Com [...]

    29. Nora and Clare used to be best friends but haven t seen each other for 10 years and so Nora is a little bemused when Clare invites her to her hen weekend, to be held in a remote setting in the Northumbrian countryside Against her initial misgivings, when she discovers a mutual friend Nora is also attending, she agrees to go and pretty soon we are immersed in a very dark, sinister story with characters who are wonderfully creepy You wouldn t really want to be stuck anywhere with some of these peo [...]

    30. Ve bir eviri daha bitti Muazzamd In a Dark, Dark Wood benim i in ger ekten iyi bir psikolojik gerilim rne i oldu Asl nda gerek izledi imiz filmlerden gerek okudu umuz kitaplardan a ina oldu umuz o ku u maz kervan ge mez yerdeki ev unsuru ylesine g zel modernize edilmi ti ki bay ld m O evin i indeki ki iler de farkl farkl kusurlara sahip, bamba ka insanlar olunca tad ndan yenmiyor yle ki daha kitab n kapa na bak nca birinin ld n anl yoruz Ama kim te, bu sorunun yan t n her eyin g zler n ne serilm [...]

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