The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing

The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing By Ilchi Lee, The Solar Body The Secret to Natural Healing Experience a powerful natural way to vibrant health that has transformed millions of people worldwide To participate in a Free Book Giveaway of The Solar Body with special bonuses visit solarbody A
  • Title: The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing
  • Author: Ilchi Lee
  • ISBN: 9781935127819
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing By Ilchi Lee, Experience a powerful, natural way to vibrant health that has transformed millions of people worldwide To participate in a Free Book Giveaway of The Solar Body with special bonuses, visit solarbody.A bestselling author and the founder of mind body practices with phenomenal success, Ilchi Lee now presents the secret to maintaining your natural healing power at an opExperience a powerful, natural way to vibrant health that has transformed millions of people worldwide To participate in a Free Book Giveaway of The Solar Body with special bonuses, visit solarbody.A bestselling author and the founder of mind body practices with phenomenal success, Ilchi Lee now presents the secret to maintaining your natural healing power at an optimal level.The secret is hot, because it s about raising your body temperature and keeping its perfect energetic balance In this condition, you let your body s systems work at their best.With the simple visualization, movements, breathing, and observation of the mind that make up Ilchi Lee s Solar Body Method, anyone can enjoy the vibrant health that we all deserve Like the sun that generates life giving heat without fail, you can craft your body into a Solar Body that self charges with limitless energy.This book contains Beautiful, full color illustrations A mind body practice already being taught to thousands of people in several countries Unique take on natural health Tap into the hot secret to becoming a Solar Body Get renewed passion and zest for life, and a glowing vitality that reaches beyond your physical health.
    The Solar Body: The Secret to Natural Healing By Ilchi Lee,
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      273 Ilchi Lee
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    1. Ilchi Lee

      From a young age, I struggled to find the answers to what I think of are life s fundamental questions Who am I and Why am I alive I found those answers for myself after much study and circumspection, culminating in strict fasting and meditation on top of Moak Mountain in South Korea than 30 years ago What I discovered opened up a new life and a new world for me Since then, I ve sought to find ways to help others answer those questions for themselves, and live healthier, happier, and fulfilling lives as a result All of my work is focused on developing methods for this and sharing them with as many people as possible I believe when enough people know their true nature and purpose and are empowered to live by it, the world will become a place of dreams heaven will be expressed on earth.This is the purpose and content of all of my books I hope they enrich your life by reading them.

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    1. The Solar Body Book, well why not, this is the age bursting with solar technology Finally a book that captures the healing momentum from nature s biggest energy producer the sun Meditation that involves movement Exercises that are simple to do as sun bathing Anyone can do these, even sitting and the circuit healing can be done even laying down And it really works I have been practicing the methods in this book and I have to tell you I am a person who constantly loses interest in exercise routine [...]

    2. I loved this book It was so easy to read and follow along with the instructions and exercises It also made a big difference in my body The plate balancing exercise was especially good for warming my body well, especially my core and helping my digestive issues By the time I was done the three exercises, I was warm, I could feel tingling in my body and overall felt much relaxed Amazing difference possible when you follow the three guidelines that Ilchi Lee talks about in the book And I especiall [...]

    3. Is there any better topic then learning how to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally I enjoyed this book because the methods are simple and I make me feel great The message about restoring our natural healing power make me feel in control of my life and have a new appreciation for everything around me The methods to Heal myself is all around me Thank you for this book.

    4. This is a really great book, so easy to read and so easy to practice but yet so powerful, its something that everyone should read and practice.

    5. Powerful and simple book So easy to follow and I was able to feel Solar Body after training with this book I recommend to anyone who wants to improve their health and overall life.

    6. In Ilchi Lee s latest book, The Solar Body , he reminds us all that we, as human beings, are part of nature and are thereby governed by the same principles of energy that the rest of nature s creations are bound Lee points out that our health is not a luxury item that can be commodified, but a naturally given gift that can be recovered when we reconnect to the Great Life Force within us.Lee coins the term Solar Body to describe someone who has recovered the natural healing power within themselve [...]

    7. Many of us think they cannot take care of their own health without experts help or drugs So health has become a product we must buy at very high cost from highly trained specialists At first, I liked the concept of the Solar Body The sun does not need anything else s help to shine brightly When I consider my body as a Solar Body, my body feels warmer, and I feel confident.The author Ilchi Lee states that our bodies want health and have the power to maintain their own health.Through the book, Le [...]

    8. This book is really great Yet another rendition of the simplest tools to create a healthier lifestyle and incorporate natural healing into a daily and practical routine Not only great information but also images and instructions to help with exercises and meditation techniques The plate balancing exercise healed a lot of back pain I used to have after doing it for about 3 months Some people struggle a life time with chronic pain and in only 3 month I haven t had that pain again It works differen [...]

    9. A wonderful blending of some of Ilchi Lee s most effective curricula Brain Wave Vibration, Toe Abdominal Tapping into one book with the addition of his newest methods Solar Body Circuit Training.This book also goes in depth into the often overlooked concepts of the importance of temperature and breath as a component of proper health and being your own best doctor.I have been practicing most of the exercises in the book over the past six months and I can say that they have helped tremendously wit [...]

    10. Love this book Ilchi Lee explains in easy to understand language the medical science that supports the exercises laid out in the book The meditations really helps to clear my mind and body of stagnant energy I really appreciate all the personal stories also contained in the book on how the Solar Body Method helped all sorts of people with different health issues It gives me so much hope to keep myself healthy and happy in this stress filled world I ve already been able to lower my blood pressure [...]

    11. The exercises in this book have specifically helped me to build strength, stamina, and happiness I read this book to rejuvenate myself and feel hopeful I have ownership of my health I highly recommend this book for all ages, especially those who are looking for ways to better themselves naturally.

    12. The Solar Body book by Ilchi Lee is highly recommanded to everyone to read and a reminder to all human how our health can be maintained with an easy, natural method, and our quality of life can be improved.You can try thoses exercises for only 1 week for 30 min and see how positive changes can create in your body and mind.

    13. As with all the books by Ilchi Lee that I have read, this one is both intellectually stimulating, and very practically useful I have practiced some of the exercises, and i feel much better after I m looking forward to reading .

    14. You are going to become aware of so many easy to learn ways to care for your health, happiness and peace I am so happy I found this book Ilchi Lee is helping us create a bright future for all of us

    15. The Solar Body Book is like the dictionary for health and happiness, every home and office should have this book close at hand.

    16. It s really good information about health healing After read this book l m confident about natural healing l recommend everyone need to read.

    17. This is by far one of the best well being book I ve ever read The author, Ilchi Lee, explains incredibly well as to how our human body s innate healing capacity can be utilized in a very easy way so that everyone can get benefit from it Not until I read this book did I realize that the cause of all my health issues were due to an overstimulated sympathetic nervous system, and conversely, an understimulated parasympathetic nervous system over the years I had lost my body s innate healing capacity [...]

    18. I am a professional in the western medicine community who seeks complimentary and integrative methods for overall health care I was happy to discover The Solar Body, The Secret to Natural Healing by New York Times Bestselling Author Ilchi Lee This book seeks to revive balance and harmony, and, introduces methods for individuals to optimize their natural healing Clear information is provided about exercise and meditation, linking the power of the observing mind, breathing, and body temperature I [...]

    19. I found this book to be exceptional in the arts of self healing It outlines a simple system that re activates our innate ability to heal ourselves I have limited time and the exercises in the Solar Book are simple and effective I appreciate how simply the mind body connection is presented and I have gained valuable insight in taking charge of me well being I highly recommend this book it is for everyone.

    20. I ve heard people argue that many of his books are, well, pretty well padded In other words, there s only a few pages of actual important content and the rest being fluffy fill I could definitely see this criticism here, though it doesn t mean the content isn t worth actually finally getting to The exercises seem easy and reasonable, and it looks like it could easily be added to a yoga or chi gung practice.

    21. Ilchi Lee made the natural self healing method accessible, and its impact on public health is enormous As Dr Jim Westphal mentioned in his Brain Education lecture on Neuroscience, the necessity for this Solar Body method to be widespread and ubiquitous is of immense paramount importance I encourage everyone to be a strong healthy positive Solar Body

    22. This book was so very clear on the principles of creating and maintaining good health It gave simple techniques and exercises to do I am doing the 3 exercises recommended everyday Toe Tapping, Plate Balancing and Brain Wave Vibration This is not a book to read and set down It is to be used, reread and the training and ideas in it can be integrated into daily life.

    23. This is a simple and beautiful book explaining our current situation regarding health and the current medical system and offering solutions for everyone to start reactivating their natural given healing power The message is rooted in recovering our basic sense of connection to eachother, and applies to people of all belief systems Highly recommended.

    24. Excellent book The book is easy to follow and the practice is so simple Yet, amazing benefits can be felt by practicing a few simple exercises and paying attention to your breathing and temperature Highly recommend

    25. I loved this book so much I bought 10 copies and am giving it to my family and friends If you are looking for the best way to enhance all your efforts to be healthy, this is the most FUN and happy and warm way I ve ever found.

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