His Crime

His Crime By Debra Kayn, His Crime Cam s obsessive hold on Christina erupts in a mind blowing conclusionOne breath leaves him weak Love hurts President of Moroad Motorcycle club and career criminal Cam Farrell gets a second chance at
  • Title: His Crime
  • Author: Debra Kayn
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  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • His Crime By Debra Kayn, Cam s obsessive hold on Christina erupts in a mind blowing conclusionOne breath leaves him weak Love hurts.President of Moroad Motorcycle club and career criminal, Cam Farrell gets a second chance at life He promises to keep Christina at his side and bring his son home alive But, when new secrets come out and club business sparks a war, Cam must learn that family co Cam s obsessive hold on Christina erupts in a mind blowing conclusionOne breath leaves him weak Love hurts.President of Moroad Motorcycle club and career criminal, Cam Farrell gets a second chance at life He promises to keep Christina at his side and bring his son home alive But, when new secrets come out and club business sparks a war, Cam must learn that family comes first or risk losing control of his club, his MC brothers in prison, his woman.Nothing is black or white Sometimes bad people win.Determined to make sure Cam stays alive and Jeremy comes home, Christina Nickelson stands up against Cam, the club, and society At her lowest, she s willing to fight dirty to make sure her unconventional family stays together Even at the risk of losing Cam s love.
    His Crime By Debra Kayn,
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      Debra Kayn is published by Grand Central Publishing, Simon Schuster Publishing, Carina Press Harlequin Enterprises Limited, and repped by agent, Stephany Evans of FinePrint Literary Management She has well over forty contemporary novels available worldwide where heroes and heroines come from the most unlikely characters.She lives with her family in the Bitterroot Mountains of beautiful North Idaho where she enjoys the outdoors, the four seasons, and small town living.

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    1. Well once again I felt like Merk got the raw end of the deal I hated the way Christina was with him I get why Merk did everything he did I agreed with him when it came to Cam and Christina s relationship Cam was still demanding, controlling, manipulative and I have to say I agree that Christina was brainwashed by Cam.I hated how Cam never will say his emotions but makes Christina say them to him I liked the gift she got in book 2 I believe and the inscription But still out loud is better.In the [...]

    2. Rating 3 Stars Slow Moving The third and final installment to Cam and Christina s story left met wanting I really enjoyed the first two books Our hero, Cam, is a very crafty manipulator and does not care who he steps on to get what he wants, which is Christina I don t think I have read a book yet with this kind of hero, the one who has plotted and schemed to get the girl from the very beginning He is a very unique character that I wanted to know everything about I was so sucked into the first t [...]

    3. Applause applause, Debra strikes gold again with this super awesome biker read Five golden stars to be precise Story invoked many different emotions, for starters rage, but ummm that s directed at Cam Pity and sympathy for Jeremy and Christina Loved all of the down to the minute suspense and action

    4. The ring she wore on her left ring finger with the inscription Dear Christina, I love you, Prisoner 18974 spoke the words he wouldn t let the rest of the world hear.Another 5 stars for this series I m really having problems actually articulating how much I loved Cam, Christina and Jeremy s story Cam is a true anti hero and will no doubt generate a lot of criticism Readers will either love or hate him He comes across as a self centered SOB who manipulates people to get what he wants and Christin [...]

    5. The thought of losing her debilitated him His hands shook, his lungs struggled to keep up with his breathing, and the weakness from not protecting what he owned overwhelmed him in a way nothing else bothered him Everyone knows I am a fan of DK She is a time tested author who delivers each and every time She writes stories that just keep getting better and better with every new release There are few and far between authors who I can say this about Whether you love her or hate her, she pushes you [...]

    6. I was given a copy of this book as a gift from the author in exchange for an honest review.5 HUGE stars for His Crime by Debra Kayn This is the third book in the Moroad Motorcycle Club series, and it is the continuation of Cam and Christina s story.Cam Farrell has survived being shot in the chest, but his life remains in chaos After Jeremy learns that Cam is not his biological father, he runs away from both his family and his club A major rule of the club is that no one leaves the club EVER, and [...]

    7. JOSIE S 4.5 STAR REVIEW PLEASE READ BOOK 1 Wrapped Around him and Book 2 For Life prior to reading this review, it will have spoilers and you are going to want to get to know these characters I am an MC Book whore, I love a good, gritty MC story and this one was that and much Debra Kayne has done an amazing job with this series and although this is the last book for Cam and Christina and I am sad to see them go, this is not the end of The MoRoad MC I have really grown to admire this author s wr [...]

    8. His Crime Her Time It s taken me twenty four hours to work through my thoughts and opinions of Debra Kayn s latest book in the Moroad Motorcycle Club series, His Crime You know when you pick up one of Debra s books, you are in for a ride You have to mentally prepare yourself for whatever she is going to throw at you Sometimes you have it under control and sometimes you are just mentally screwed over Get ready for a mental explosion His Crime picks up one week later from For Life Cam Farrell, car [...]

    9. 3.5 Stars This is book 3 is the Moroad MC series and books 12 have been great I was really looking forward to delving into this instalment, despite being left with a sour taste in my mouth, a definite loathing for Cam s behaviour and a hitch in my breath.We pick up right where we left of and Christina is worried, for both the men in her life and she now harbours a deep hatred for someone too This hatred is such a foreign feeling for the sweet natured woman who has been thrust into such an alien [...]

    10. I was pleased with how Cam and Christina s story was wrapped up and especially the drama and emotional turmoil over Jeremy and Merk There was angst, clubs fighting for power and watching Christina develop a backbone at the beginning of the book was really great to readbut in the end, Cam came out with everything and everyone he wanted in his life and I am very excited for Merk s book and hopefully eventually Jeremy s own book.An exciting and seriously intense power struggle of a biker romance L [...]

    11. Cam really is a sentimental guy, I love the tender moments between him and Christina, not going to eff you I want your skin against me, so I know you re not leaving me Cam is not a shy man and shows his woman affection in front of his brothers, be back before dark Cam squeezed her a in front of the others Do you have your phone I m glad the characters got the ending they deserved and I want Jeremy s story so bad.

    12. Loved this trio but Christina bothered me in this final installment Her altruism is commendable but her na vet after 3 years around Moroad and living with Cam is hard to swallow They are outlaws plain and simple stop being shocked already.

    13. disappointing waited and read all of that and it just seems like reading book 2 all over again just a few tweaks oh and some revalations which cam is a complete arsehole

    14. In this third the last for CAM and CHRISTINA you d think we readers would catch a break from the non stop feeling that the clock is ticking away and that at any moment devastation will occur It was that way for books one and two, as well the constant feeling that doom was imminent Thankfully we get the HEA that these two hadn t been able to settle into because too many bad things were happening At several points in this book I thought CAM might suffer a heart attack or stroke because of the extr [...]

    15. 5 totally blew my mind starsI have had a hard time coming up with my review for His Crimer very good reasons And to be honest I am still seriously tongue tied It was just so incredibly amazing I am a spoiler phobe and it s hard to express what I loved so much about this book without giving away all three books, and my mind is just all over the place with this one So as they sayA Picture Says a Thousand WordsLet me start hereG that was un freaking believable I love Cam He s a hard ass, he makes n [...]

    16. One of the most amazing reads Cam Farrell has always had a hard life He was dealt a hard life as a child Then as he grew into a man his life wasn t much better He did find the Moroad MC to call his family He took this responsibility very seriously It was his only family for many years There was nothing he wouldn t do for his mc He has seen a lot of blood on his hands Now he has Christina and Jeremy as his family Things have changed in his life He now has to find a balance in his life Can he have [...]

    17. Received ARC in exchange of honest review I m numb I ve received the MOTHER OF A BITCH SLAP that I m pretty sure will echo for centuries, because of this book From the two previous ones, I already sold my soul to cam but this book, OH MAN This book suffocated me, pinned me against the bed and claimed me It s so overwhelming the feels I ve for this couple FUCK The story line is flawless, full of intrigue and mixed emotions The twists are oblivious to the reader, to a degree you feel like a truck [...]

    18. A wild ride and a mix of emotions This story will stick with you long after you read it Just when you thought a book series was good, along comes book three of The Moroad MC This one will really blow you away President of the Moroad MC, Cam Farrell has lived a rough life and lives by his own rules He doesn t care what anyone thinks and does as he pleases He is also very loyal and will do anything to protect his club and his family Christina and Jeremy have become his life and he will keep them s [...]

    19. Arc received for an honest review I m on vacation but took time to read this I ll have my review up in a day Review 3.5 starsUGH this is a tough one for me because I enjoyed the first two in the series so much and I didn t HATE this one but I felt a tad disappointed This is the third installment of the series and the story of Cam and Christina and it basically picks off where we are left in book 2 I felt that the issue surrounding Jeremy drug out a bit too far for my taste Cam continues to do wh [...]

    20. Really it really just me Am I really the only person that thinks Cam and Christina are two of the most fucked up people ever Why can t anyone else see it As far as the story goes, I m loving it, I enjoy the wars between Moroad and Reds, Blues etc I enjoy that Cam seems to outsmart everyone while simultaneously keeping his own people in the dark, what I don t like about this series is 1 Christina s fucking Obsession with getting rid of Merk when he did nothing to her Let s not forget that he shot [...]

    21. HIS CRIME by Debra Kayn was generously given a copy in exchange for an honest reviewFalling in love with the leader of Moroad Motorcycle Club was a hard fall but never has anything been so much fun HIS CRIME by Debra Kayn is the 3rd book in the Moroad series and focuses on Christina and Cam s relationship as they navigate life on the outside of the prison walls Mrs Kayn, while leaving a few loose ends to secondary characters, wraps His Crime up perfectly and leaves me with a big sigh of relief f [...]

    22. Finally, I got to finish the rest of Cam s story OMG It was sooooo worth the wait and lack of sleep It is worth than five stars If you haven t read the first two books, you need to stop what you are doing and go read them All three books give excellent details about the main characters and those around them I am left knowing Cam, Christina and Jeremy They aren t just names in the books They have become unique book friends They have been through a rough couple of years I had started to believe t [...]

    23. My Review of His Crime by Debra KaynMy Rating 4 StarsThis story of Cam and Christina was so full of twists and turns The emotion written in this story had my gut in knots at times I can honestly say there were so many times I felt so bad for Merk, His only crime was loving Christina We did get to witness a different side to Christina, she went all mama bear on Merk and then became distraught over the actions of Jeremy Cam as always is really only trying to give Christina all she ever asked for, [...]

    24. Debra Kayn takes readers on another thrilling ride with her latest Moroad MC book, His Crime I was riveted to all that was happening in this story and I could not stop reading until I reached the end This book continued with Cam and Christina s story and I loved how their relationship has evolved over time I liked that the author showed a vulnerable side of Cam in this book while still being the tough, badass MC club president In this book, I could see how much he truly loved Christina and Jere [...]

    25. I won this book in a giveaway from Daydream Believer Book Blog Been waiting for the third book in Cam s, Christina, Jeremy and the Moroad MC story for a long time and need to say that Debra Kayn doesn t disappoint WOW a very well written, fascinating, mind blowing, jaw dropping plot I became an MC Book Fan reading Debra s Bantorous MC Series and I like a daring, gutsy MC story but this one was so much darker, lot of tension and emotions running around the biker club All the secrets that comes o [...]

    26. The conclusion to Cam and Christina s story was fantastic This was my favorite of all The story had suspense, drama, twists and turns than book two I found myself at the edge of my seat wanting to find out how this amazing story of love, family and brotherhood was going to end.Cam is definitely not your typical good guy hero, but you cannot help but fall for him Yes, I said it I fell for him I was very frustrated with him during the first two books, but he won me over in this book Thats one of [...]

    27. I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review.His Crime by Debra Kayne was about closure was a few twist I have loved this series, this book was no exception Tension runs high in this book Cam somewhat settles down He is getting in a traditional family vibe Christina is different in this book, she has a strong backbone She is one determined woman when it comes to keeping them all together The steamy scenes were, well, they were less steamy This book ends Cam s story perfectly Merk s S [...]

    28. Well its good to finally see a conclusion to Cam and Christina s story and what a story it was Cam is far from your typical hero but a hero he is It s true what Ms.Kayn says that no matter what type of person you are everyone deserves love in their life I am a true believer that we are products of our environment and whether we choose to see that and make our lives better or functional for us As weird as it may sound even though Merk tried to kill Cam I felt bad for him Christina was really har [...]

    29. I received this book in exchange for an honest review for Bookalicious Babes Blog.This is book 3 in the series about Cam and Christina and like the other two books, this one did not disappoint I loved, loved, loved these characters I could not wait to get my hands on this book and devoured it in a day I yelled and laughed and yelled some at Cam As much as I love that man, I wanted to hit him But overall ended up loving the man again He and Christina s relationship is not all hearts and flowerso [...]

    30. Oh how I love Cam Farrell One of my top ten favorite anti heroes How can bad seem so darn good This book is aptly named His Crime doesn t seem to stop As President of Moroad MC, the bad never ends, but every now and again, good comes his way This book has a fair share of drama and twists It also has its fair share of steamy scenes I cannot help but love Debra Kayn Her books the three that I ve read are gritty, sexy and so well written I want to get lost in her books and live in that world I give [...]

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