Somewhere Warm: A New Year's Eve Romance

Somewhere Warm: A New Year's Eve Romance By G.G. Andrew, Somewhere Warm A New Year s Eve Romance What if you fell for your best friend s ex the one that had made her life a living hell All Zoe had to do was pick up a box of her best friend Haley s things from Haley s brooding ex husband Evan She
  • Title: Somewhere Warm: A New Year's Eve Romance
  • Author: G.G. Andrew
  • ISBN: 9781310228933
  • Page: 362
  • Format: ebook
  • Somewhere Warm: A New Year's Eve Romance By G.G. Andrew, What if you fell for your best friend s ex the one that had made her life a living hell All Zoe had to do was pick up a box of her best friend Haley s things from Haley s brooding ex husband, Evan.She didn t expect her car to get hit by a snowplow She didn t expect for the icy Maine blizzard to start early She didn t expect to be stuck inside Evan s warm cabin alone withWhat if you fell for your best friend s ex the one that had made her life a living hell All Zoe had to do was pick up a box of her best friend Haley s things from Haley s brooding ex husband, Evan.She didn t expect her car to get hit by a snowplow She didn t expect for the icy Maine blizzard to start early She didn t expect to be stuck inside Evan s warm cabin alone with him on New Year s Eve.And, most of all, she didn t expect to come undone by the heat in Evan s eyes.
    Somewhere Warm: A New Year's Eve Romance By G.G. Andrew,
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      362 G.G. Andrew
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    1. Before I met Evan, I hated him Oh my gee I love a good love hate romance All Zoe knows about her best friend Haley s ex, Evan, is that he wasn t the best at the end of their marriage and she had to play middle man for the last Haley s belongings he still had Trouble with break ups is there is always two sides to every story Zoe finds out, not only about her best friend, but that this so called horrible ex might be just the man for her Doesn t hurt that she s kinda stuck at his cabin from a snow [...]

    2. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review Zoe thought she was doing her best friend a favor by picking up some things from an ex, but it turns out nothing is what she thought it was Evan isn t the evil man he d been portrayed as and in fact he s actually someone Zoe has known for a while, although only through his work and not directly If there was ever a bonding moment, her discovering who he actually is was it.Evan is incredibly sweet and hospitable even though [...]

    3. This short novel was so cute, everything evolved just perfect I like the Christmasy vibe it gives, but I also like how the author mentions long distance friendships, and how they can also be very difficult to keep up with And as we all have lived, fake friendship, that friend we trusted so easily can be destroy that same trust in seconds.Here we have Zoe, a very hopelessly romantic teacher, who is given the task to go to her friends ex and pick up some of her stuff, but once there, Zoe cannot pi [...]

    4. I really enjoy this authors novellas They re fun and sexy.This one was a bit tricky the girl falls for her bff s possibly abusive ex husband within a very short time span and I wasn t sure she could pull that off in a believable way especially novella length but she did

    5. The only thing that made me pause just a fraction and led to the loss of half a star was the incredible speed that things developed between Zoe and Evan The entire book is set over a handful of hours, I m of a build up to it over time girl and it s totally a personal preference thing rather than a criticism of the book or writing.So talking of the writing, it s brilliant I was drawn into the mood, atmosphere and setting of the scene immediately The story had me captivated from virtually the fir [...]

    6. Even with the synopsis I wasn t expecting this story I liked that their chemistry was hot and present I also liked that there was honesty Honesty isn t always what we think it is, especially if it s altered by emotions and loyalties Zoe had some big changes in her life and her closest friend, Haley, needed a favor That favor became a pivotal moment in Zoe s life The connection used between Zoe and Evan was clever because it gave a really important foundation and starting point for Zoe to sift th [...]

    7. Zoe thought she was doing her friend a favor by picking up some of her things from Hailey s ex husbands secluded cabin, but she didn t expect to get stuck with him She also didn t expect to learn things that could make her doubt her friendship and trust her friend s ex Somewhere Warm was a very quick read Hailey needs serious help, but I could believe the issues she had with her ex husband because I know people like her as well Although Zoe and Evan had some things in common that may have drawn [...]

    8. I have always felt no one but two people ever really know what happens with in a marriage, so when a marriage goes awry, whose version of the events do you believe This short, but wonderful tale, shows just how a break up and the stories being told by those that were affected can be distorted, leading to the hearer of such statements having a misleading impression of the other, within the marriage This is the first of this author s writing I have had the pleasure to read I will be chasing stori [...]

    9. Somewhere Warm was a cute read Zoe is in a bind She has gone to pick up a box of her best friend Haley s stuff from her terrible ex husband She knows all about him How mean Evan was and how horrible he was to Haley She just wants to get there, get her stuff, and get to Haley s new years eve party Only a snowplow hits her car stranding her with Evan.What is Zoe to do when things start to get hot with Evan When she starts questioning if he really is as Haley said he is This was a super quick, fun [...]

    10. High school teacher Zoe is in the Maine wilderness when her car gets mangled by a snowplow before a big snowstorm hits Zoe ends up trapped in the cabin of Evan, her friend Haley s hot ex Zoe s heard all about how mean and controlling Evan is but when Evan tells his side of the story, Zoe doesn t know who to believe Zoe s New Year s resolution is to find a hot guy who reads and Evan s that guy, but can Zoe trust him G.G Andrew delivers a heartwarming, sweet and steamy story full of twists for a f [...]

    11. This is the first book I ve read by this author At first I found it a little odd, got somewhat suspicious about the actions of the friend I was very happy with the ending and look forward to reading of this author s books.

    12. Received a free copy in exchange for an honest review What I loved about this book is that it s a love hate romance I mean c mon, HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE THIS TYPE OF STORY Anyway I like Zoe s character because it shows that she is very loyal to Haley even though she only knows her for 6 months She took Haley s word for everything she told her about her ex and defended her until she found out the truth It also shows that Zoe is fiercely loyal to Haley when she and Evan kissed and she feels soooo [...]

    13. This was a really cute read A woman is snowbound at her best friend s ex husband s cabin She has been led to believe that he is a horrid man, but is slowly learning that she may have not been told the entire truthor any of it, for that matter.While Evan is rough and tumble on the outside, we catch glimpses of his vulnerability in his eyes I love the descriptions the author uses I can practically see Evan in front of me And Zoewow, I just loved her She s a high school teacher, so is respectable, [...]

    14. Received for review The only reason I give this book 4 stars is because I need I need Evan Zoe is picking up her best friend, Haley s from her ex Evan Evan is this horrible lying bastard according to Haley As any good friend Zoe belives her 100% Zoe shows up during this horrible snow storm Her car gets crushed and she asks the guy that drives the snowplower for a ride Because she is stubborn she decides to wait outside to get picked up because she will never be in the same room as Evan When Zo [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this one This was the perfect novella to snuggle up with on the couch and read Two strangers stuck in a snowstorm Perfect I was nervous reading this because it is about getting with a best friend s ex Zoe is sent to Evan s house to pick up Haley s things Haley and Evan had been married A snowstorm is brewing when Zoe arrives and unfortunately the snowplow hits her car The driver promises to come back when he is down plowing, but never does Zoe is stranded with Evan Zoe is new to [...]

    16. Loved reading this short novella about a woman helping a friend out and then falling for a man while stranded at his cabin in a snowstorm Excellent writing and a believable story for all of us book lovers and so perfect for this time of the year For something that had surprised me so, his kiss felt like a beacon on a stormy night, solid and safe I tilted my face and the kiss grew deeper, his tongue sliding into my mouth He tasted of bourbon and smelled like old paperbacks I inhaled and wanted , [...]

    17. This was super cute, super speedy, and just what I needed to kill an hour or so once the kids are in bed first day of Summer school holidays ugh Tasked with collecting a box from her best friend s ex, Zoe finds self stranded when a snowplow destroys the rear end of her car Evan, the ex, is a controlling douche or is he The Zoe and Evan talk, the she questions her friend Haley s woeful tales Loved the New Years resolution references and her past friendship Great ending, though I will warn that [...]

    18. This was such a fun and entertaining short read Zoe has only heard one side of the story regarding her best friend Haley and Evans breakup Now Zoe finds herself stranded in a blizzard at Evan s cabin trying to pick up her best friends belongings on New Years Eve Before I met Evan, I hated him We never know the real truth when hearing only the she said side I loved how the author brought on this hate love relationship and the dialogue and scenario was fabulous The romance was hot, the weather col [...]

    19. This New Year s Eve short new adult romance novel definantly the best I have read The only bad thing is that I really wanted this novella to be a full length story Zoe and Evan meet in the most awkward situation ever because of Haley Zoe and Haley become best friends after meeting at a coffee shop and there she tells here how bad her ex husband Evan is Zoe believes her completely but, then realized that there s always another side to the story I really would love to read about these characters [...]

    20. This was a short sweet read Zoe hated her best friends ex, Evan without evening knowing him, but as much as she tries to keep hating when she becomes trapped it gets harder harder by the minute to not want his hands on her Especially when she hears his side of the story I enjoyed this book and the writing style of their writer very much I was gifted a copy of this book for a honest review.

    21. I received a free review copy of this book.Zoe is a teacher and love reading All she wants is a guy who likes books She can t believe Evan is that guy Evan is Zoe s friend ex husband She went to his house to collect a box with Haley s belongings.The story is too short so the characters are not too developed what it is a pity because the book has potential Being that short everything happens too quickly for my liking but I have to say I did like most of the story.

    22. Zoe goes over to Evan s house to retrieve her friend s box Evan is the ex to her friend They hit it off and Zoe is not sure who to believe.This is a short story about trusting your instincts and enjoying the holiday somewhere warm I was pleased overall with the amount of substance packed in such a small package The story felt stilted to me in some parts, but overall was a sincerely sweet book This copy was given in exchange for an honest review.

    23. I received a copy of this book in exchange of an honest review.Although I am a fun of a bit of a storyline books, I actually enjoyed this short novella.It clearly shows that there is always 2 sides to the same story and you can not always trust someone until you really get to know them.It was fun and romantic, leaves you with a nice feeling.

    24. Such a cute story Sometimes these holiday stories are so cheesy but this was well written and I loved the characters I like how the story ended I m looking forward to other stories from this author.

    25. Great short story I d give it 5 stars if it was longer I know that s dumb, but it s the truth 5 stars means perfect to me and it s only fault was that it was too short Nice quick read New Years in a snow storm exactly what I know

    26. This book is a real quick read The description of the book gives away a bit of the story but it is a quick to the point novella that makes you smile when hate turns to and reality of friendships are finally realized.

    27. Loved reading this engrossing story, with a great mix of romance and sexual tension between characters who think they hate each other but are forced together during a snowstorm Perfect for cabin fever days.

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